It’s not going to swing itself you know

Come on! push me! These feet are NOT HELPING with my swinging leverage!

PUUUUUUUUUSH Julie J.! Via WuTangClam



  1. Push! How can you resist such a sweet face? Push, I say!

  2. bwahhahahahaah Little corgi back paws! of COURSE he can’t reach the ground!

    the ears/tongue/dopey expression really just set the mood here

    (I’m also now thinking of a way to bribe my lanky greyhound into getting in a swing… d’ya think it’ll work?)

  3. I’d volunteer to push him

  4. corgi cuteness!
    Those stubby front legs aren’t much help either.

  5. Um, where is this cutie’s right front leg?

  6. What a pleasant little face.

  7. Ohhh, swinging doggies. Love them!
    Here’s another:

  8. This is all just too cute! LOL


  10. I just love the video! 🙂 SO CUTE!

  11. Corgis always seem so pleased to be Corgis.

  12. Leave it to that troublemaker Theresa to bring back the video of that poor terrified dog being tortured in the swing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  13. Yep, I reckoned I was asking for moderation.

  14. bookmonstercats says:

    Corgi-tocks. Ya gotta love ’em.

    @wuyizidi, I suspect from the angle he’s sitting at, his right front leg is in his “lap”. No worriez there.

  15. Corgi footsies! TOOOOO cute!!

  16. Another look at testing going on at the CO pet propulsion labs.

  17. That smile is too cute.

  18. @wuyizidi, I did a double take when I read your comment. He really does look like an amputee with what looks like a jagged shoulder @_@?

  19. @Akshay – well said!!

    I guess having royal favor does that….

  20. Maybe the legs won’t help, but if a wind catches them ears….

  21. If that’s not the cutest face in the entire world, then I don’t know what is. Holy cow!!!

  22. Um, Rachael, with all due respect, Skippy has the cutest face in the entire world, actually.

  23. fatgrammafinn says:

    i think Corgi is Welsh for “Goofy dogs who never stop smiling”

  24. Woohoo, I’m out of moderation!! I’m doing a happy little dance!

  25. Hahaha! Got this in the email this weekend and knew it was a matter of time before it got CO’d! Just where it belongs. Awesome photo. You can literally feel the cute oozing all over you.

  26. Boy, would that hurt if that were a Cardigan Corgi! Fabulous Foto!

  27. Andi from NC says:

    Love, love, love gorgis!!!!!

  28. “Spare some change for a one armed ex Royal Corgi”

    I think it was biting the Dook of Edinburgh that did for him 🙂

  29. @tracylee

    >>(I’m also now thinking of a way to bribe my lanky greyhound into getting in a swing… d’ya think it’ll work?)

    okay, this might be a stretch, but how about putting your greyhound on one of the metal merry-go-round rides in a playground and see if s/he likes leaping all the bars as the spin?

  30. @akshay


  31. @skippymom

    you got me up from my place in the skritching line for that?


  32. (hanging head in shame)


  34. Awesome!!! That made me laugh so hard – what a great shot!

  35. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Skippymom: will this help, a’tall??

    (shaking cheerleader Pom-Poms– as opposed to shaking Pomeranian Puppies)
    YAY , Team Skippymom!!!

  36. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….and if I might make one Philosophical Point of “Alternative Logic”:

    Speaking/ writing as a Person of Limited Verticality and thus in synch w/ Corgis :(one teacher once used the fairly diplomatic euphemism, that I am “closer to the sidewalk” — 🙂 — )

    the mechanical/ logistical ADVANTAGE of being a Corgi in a swing, is:

    them stubby feet aren’t gettin’ in the way, draggin’ in tha dirt, don’tchaknow!!! 🙂

    The More You Know

  37. Can you imagine a Corgi trying to build momentum by swinging those stumpy legs? Poor bebeh, I will push you.

  38. I could spend the whole day pushin’ this li’l guy! It looks like waaaaay too much fun! And then we’d go on the merry-go-round and get some ice cream and…

  39. kibblenibble says:

    I ♥ Corgis more and more each day. Wish I had one. 🙂

  40. You’ve got them treating you like you’re their child! Good work!!! Love the 😛

  41. @skippymom



    perhaps the great and powerful moderation machine can sense some deep, dark, subconscious psychic malady or personality affliction in YOU, skippymom!

    i give up! i can only remind everyone of the sign posted to the entrance:

    “do not taunt the moderation machine.”

  42. last week i had a dream that i was in a park going past the swings, and there were three dogs (one was brown, like a chocolate lab; the others were either yellow labs or golden retrievers) in the swings, swinging away.

    in the daytime, after I had been awake for hours, I couldn’t remember if i’d dreamed the swinging goggies, actually SEEN them in person, or seen them on the internets.

    alas, it was only a dream.
    but they do say that dreams really do come true, so….a park full of swinging goggies is in my future!

  43. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    nothing bad in skippymom

    she’s my hero!!!

  44. Such a dear!!!!!!!

  45. Sharpy, with enough gravy-covered hotdogs, I think that just might work!

  46. OMG his expression cracks me up! 😆

  47. He wants an UNDERDOG!! LOL

  48. Ooooh! I want a doggie to pooosh on the swing!

  49. Its weird his face is resembling someone I know. Picturing a bball cap.

  50. My two like to sit on my lap on a swing but not alone. Life is generally good when you are a corgi, hence the sweet expressions and big smiles. Except for toenail-trimming time, of course.

  51. I think this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Stubby legs and butt floof!

  52. @Akshay – Well Corgis are Generally pleased to be Corgis and feel sorry for everyone else who isn’t.. because Corgis are awesome! Speaking of which I’ve got to follow Her Royal Stumpiness’s orders and give Bed Time snuggles.

    Yes Ma’am.. I hear and obey.

    Though really the best part of snugglin’ a corgi.. Corgi Kisses.

  53. Looks alot like my brother!

  54. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    corgis am cyoot!!!

  55. Yeeeeeah, corgis always have this expression. Goofy and adorable.

    *looks at sleepy corgi pup*

    Yup. Always goofy.

  56. lol Theresa, I was just going to say we needed some video. That’s good enough. 😀

  57. Hahaha the butt poofing out…..

  58. Thought you might enjoy another video of a super cute dog in a swing with a baby!