カピバラを連続ヘブン状態に (Scratching many capybaras)

[Roll over on belleh]


The best part is when the little behbehs roll over too, Cindy G.



  1. i shall keel you all with mah scratchy finishing move!

  2. I think you mean roll over on side or back… they’re already on their bellies and are turning belly-up. 🙂

  3. It’s like a spa for capybaras!

  4. Darling Creature says:

    Love the ear twitching!

  5. I so jealous of this capybara scratcher!

    I also love the little moufs.

  6. grandefille says:

    OH NOES!

    The cruel, cruel man! Killing those poor capys with his evil wiggly skritchy fingers! One brave capy (No. 4) tried valiantly to fight the advances of the cruel, evil skritchy killer, but even he was finally overcome!

    The HORROR!

    [Hee hee hee. When this happens in our house — with kittehs, not capys, though we’d dearly love to hug and skritch them too — it includes a soundtrack of “Oh, no, poooor dead kitteh, poor dead kitteh, steenking up the house, it’s so terrible, poor dead kitteh ..” (skritch skritch)]

    Thanks for the link, Meg, Cindy and the Original Skritchy-Killer!

  7. HOW do you get a job as offical capybara scritcher?!?!? Where do I apply?!?!

  8. Is this that guy’s JOB?

  9. “Scratching many capybaras” = great band name :mrgreen:

  10. (The Original) Mel says:

    Yeah, but when are the capybara’s gonna scratch his belleh?

  11. I wish MY yoga instructor would do belly skritches during savasana…

  12. Nuuuu! I shall not succumb! (sits back up)

  13. Sooo cute! The first one was all like, “Hey! Why’d you stop?” I get that look all the time from my dog, who could have his belly scratched all day!

  14. Hey! How come the one down by the pond didn’t get any scratches? What is he, chopped liver?

  15. awww. who knew capybara were such docile critters? Watching this lowered my blood pressure instantly.

  16. – – Like cow-tipping; only ….. easier. And much, much cuter!!

  17. Dang, that made me verreh seepies…

  18. By the way, this job may look easy, but this guy had to earn a MSCS degree before he was qualified to do it.

  19. warrior rabbit says:

    @skippymom I think if the anonymous skritcher had skritched the last one, he wouldn’t be anonymous any more.

  20. Want that job. Love those little guys, with the AutoMatic Rollover Feature!©

  21. Anne Boleyn says:

    They really don’t seem particularly appreciative.

  22. Where is this land of peaceful slepping capybaras? I must go there… to skritch…

  23. My 3 cats have the same sort of reaction when I scritch them. 🙂

  24. Love the zoned-out expressions on #2 and #3 post-scritch!

  25. I feel a little bad for the poor guy by the water who missed out on the scritches!

  26. Do you think that guy was hired just to scritch capybaras? That’d be one helluva job.

  27. Is anybody else really disappointed that they didn’t squeak like Guinea Pigs whilst being scritched?

  28. I’m thinking maybe my sheltie/chi boy is really a capybara. I need to go home and test that theory, stat!

  29. I don’t care what anybody thinks – that job beats the crap outta my job.

  30. How surreal. The vague pan flute music in the background. The anonymous scratcher. The sonomlent mysterious creatures. Please, can Sergio Leone come back and do just ONE more film? This would make a great scene.

  31. Doesn’t this person understand how to give a really good belly rub??? Looks more like tickling than belly rubbing.

  32. Is it wrong that I would sell my sister for a capybara?

  33. scratching agent?

  34. Capybaras’ faces show looks of extreme approval. 🙂

  35. Are those cappies spoiled rotten, or what ? Daily scritchies AND South American music so they won’t feel homesick. The bebbehs getting a chin scritch are adorabuhls.

  36. Does anyone else think that the R.O.U.S.’s (Rodents of Unusual Size) from “The Princess Bride” were modeled after Capybaras? These are much, much cuter, of course.

  37. He needs to hire that making biscuits kitten

  38. This is a vision of paradise. I particularly love the soft South American music in the distance.

  39. This is EXACTLY what it’s like in my house right now, and this is EXACTLY how I spend my days. Except replace the capybaras with cats.

  40. I could watch that all day.

  41. @ ceejoe: According to the YouTube description, those capybaras live at the Nagasaki Bio Park, Japan 🙂

  42. Happybaras.

  43. I how I want that skritchy job!!!

  44. @Linda–GASP! You’re absolutely right! I knew I’d seen these creatures before, only slightly charred and smoking and not quite so serene as we see them here. This must be the most peaceful place on earth. So happy.

  45. It’s the ear-twitching that gets me. I could take or leave the video but for the title and the ear-twitching.

  46. Glad I watched the entire video or I would have missed the baby ones.

  47. Capybaras and Hippos go to the same school of ear twiggling to get that move *just* right.

  48. Katrina and the Floods. (great name for my band, huh?) says:

    there must be a vegan replacement for “chopped liver”.

  49. I want to be a capybara scratcher. I have experience. And capybaras are my favorite critters. And I own lots of South American music. And I … and I … I’m out of words.

  50. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    suggesht “sleppy” Tag.

    (honk and shu)

  51. Once again, I turn from the pain of my job to CO, and once again I see someone with the best job in the world. Why not me? I have long fingernails. So what if I snatched up a couple of bebbehs and ran off! I….can’t….stand…it…..THUNK.

  52. bookmonstercats says:

    I want to be a capybara scritcher. In fact, I would probably pay them to let me scritch their capies (somehow, that sounds so very wrong…… discuss.)

  53. The ear twitching! So cute!

  54. ok, so i love the capies. love them so much. but does anyone else think that there is something kinda…creepy about this video? the way that he is scratching them is so…off. and how he won’t show his head, like maybe he is a fugitive? i think that anyone of the CO readers who have replied to this video and wish they could be the capy scratchers should get hired IMMEDIATELY and replace this creepy and incompetent belly scratcher.

  55. Seriously. Where are their kindergarten-style nap mats? And clearly I have taken the entirely wrong career direction. ENTIRELY WRONG. *sigh*

    Could watch that video all day; would only feel more happy and content.

  56. My kitty behaves just like this when the scritching starts. We call her a “slut for tummy rubbins”

  57. fatgrammafinn says:

    I hear that Hahvahd is offering a Masters in Capybara skritching. Will be taught by Peter and Walter Bishop. Astrid is T/A.

  58. Keep those hands above the equator, bub.

  59. Is this the famous “belly-itcher,” in place of whom we want a pitcher? :mrgreen:

    PS Hey batterbatterbatterbatter

  60. I wonder what the job description was ‘Capybara scratcher wanted to facilitate the Capybaras in there enjoyment and stimulation of tickle senses, must have own finger nails.’
    Anyway I know what to do should I be faced with a rampaging herd of Capys, start scritching like billio.

  61. Andi from NC says:

    @occula – I’m totally with on the nap mats!

    I rate this video a 9 out of 10 on the “tie-tie” inducing scale – I sooo want a nap right now!

  62. lol @ HonGlad – must have own fingernails…

  63. @fatgrammafinn: #18 above–Master of Science in Capybara Scratching!

  64. Very nice, everyone. I suspect that capys may have the Rabbit Disapproval thing going for them. That way they can get scritched and have no sense of either gratitude or reciprocity.

    “A rampaging herd”-people would pay good money to see that, Hon Glad!

  65. @theresa

    >>Is this that guy’s JOB?

    what if he was just some zoo nut running loose? slow, but loose.

  66. @susanova

    yes, even the wind on the microphone seemed to be a major plot point.

  67. @gracie

    >>Is it wrong that I would sell my sister for a capybara?

    1. no.
    2. it would be extremely funny.

  68. Oh, HEAVENS — check out the YouTube channel: it’s All Capybara, All the Time. Apparently there is a petting zoo somewhere in Japan that features capybaras.

    And you missed the best one: “Scratching Child Capybara”

  69. Scratching child cappy charming but 5:16 mins, nothings that cute.

  70. But the fuzz! and the eye capsules!

  71. I want to go scratch some capy tummy. Jealous doesn’t even describe it. I guess I’ll just go hang out with my piggies until I can afford airfare. Or find some nuclear waste* so they can be giant piggies with superpowers, which would quell my desire to pet a capybara.

    *I wouldn’t actually do this, for the record, but could you imagine?!

  72. They remind me a little of the Fainting Goats. Somnolenting Capybaras! What, it’s totally a word.

  73. @Gracie, I don’t know, I’ve never met your sister.

    BUT – I am the only applicant so far who is stating WILLINGNESS TO RELOCATE TO JAPAN for this job! Just don’t tell my husband. Now I just need to know how to write “WILL SCRATCH CAPYBARAS FOR FOOD” in Japanese.

  74. Seriously, is that, like, his J_O_B??

  75. Skritching many capybaras, nappybaras, happybaras,
    Skritching many babybaras, skritch, strettttch, Ahhhhs!

  76. I am I the only one who thinks cappies have really weird feets? Cute . . . but weird.

  77. Martha in Washington says:

    It looks like the aftermath of some kind of tragic capabary explosion! Call the EMS (emergency medical skritchers) immediately!

  78. Martha in Washington says:

    Sorry “Capybaras”. They are so cute they killed my ability to spell properly.

  79. Bappycaras. Rappybappas.

  80. Pabbyracas.

  81. Chupacabras? 😯

  82. Eeeeeeeeek!

  83. Capybaras + ocarinas + equal opportunity skratchingks = slo-mo thud bliiiiissss

  84. Capybaras + Ocarinas = Capyrinas? Ocabaras?

  85. I love how the video is excactly as the title describes.

    Also, the bizarreness of the barely audible south america-y music in the background.

  86. So completely redonkulous!!!! I’m so jealous of whoever is doing the scritching!!!
    Too funny how all of them do the same thing and just roll over.

  87. Ok, the five minutes of scratching the baby capybara has officially keeled me. Je suis dead. Adios.

  88. I am slightly disturbed at the two capybaras who need butt-scratching to induce the proper rollover for a true belly scratch. What the…? That wasn’t part of the job description!

  89. “Sequentially sending capybaras to heavenly condition” is a reasonably accurate translation of the Japanese caption.

  90. fatgrammafinn says:

    their little bizarro splayed feeties keeps them from sinking in the ooze on the bottom of the ponds/lakes/riverbeds where they do most of their foraging. except for being on totally opposite continents, they would be right at home sharing treats with Mr. Gorilla from a previous post.

    *Goodnight, Children* *Goodnight, Mrs. Finn* *MWAH*

  91. Poetic KUDOS to dub1 (#75) for best happy poem ever!!! And props to Loris (#42) for inventing the word “happybaras.” Yay!!

  92. the bug man says:

    “Me? Oh, I’m a freelance journalist. I mostly do ad copy these days, but I still dabble in travel writing and food reviews for the local dailies. What do you do?”

    “I systematically skritch the capybaras at the zoo while listening to Andean pan-flute music.”


  93. Dare to dream of a day when I can lay by the pool like a mini water buffalo, erm, capybara, sip mojitos and get skritched by the pool boy….<>

  94. Shadowtiger says:

    That’s…those are the most blissful capybara faces I’ve ever seen. Usually capybaras look even more disapproving than bunnies, but I think I actually saw some smiles.

  95. Sooo…..apparently this is not his job, but this guy just REALLY loves, loves, loves capybaras. He writes that their dreamy expressions just brighten up his mood. Apparently goes around to zoos all over Japan just to scritch/view the lovely capybaras and uploads videos to increase members of the capybara cult…I mean, fanclub. Dayum.

  96. @all

    >>Apparently there is a petting zoo somewhere in Japan that features capybaras.


    omg, which shoes to bring?!

  97. Wow. So if what Simi says is right, this guy has found the most interesting hobby ever. I mean, I know some people with some strange hobbies, but of them “Scritcher of Capybaras” has to be the most relaxing and least harmful of any I can name.

  98. My thoughts exactly, MJ.

  99. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Me: reading Theresa and several other commenters and considering capybaradom and associated discussion:

    BWA HA HA & etc.

  100. Uhhh..Theresa? How many rainbows did you sniff today? You gots the sillies! 🙂 Luckily, sillies are required to fully appreciate te qte! I thank you for your verbal ‘splosion of linguistic ledgerdemain !! 😉

  101. These are lucky lil rodents…and to think some people EAT them!!

    Are those claws at the ends of their feets, or little hoofs?

  102. And of course these guys are living in Japan, where they deep-tissue massage their cows, and give them gourmet beer.

  103. Trip to Ireland next year? OUT. Count me in on the Capybara-Road-Trip to Japan.

  104. warrior rabbit says:

    Bunnies can be tranced. It’s like these guys get tranced, too, but their reaction is to roll over. Huh. This guy’s like a capybara whisperer. Since capybaras are a little bristly… I guess he’s a coarse whisperer.

  105. Aww, they all remind me of a big wire-haired Jack Russell cross I walk at the SPCA…he’s all wiry and floppy just like that!

  106. Yay! I’m going to Fukuoka, Japan next month and will be sure to also book a trip to Nagasaki Bio Park which isn’t that far from where I’ll be staying.

    Capybaras, here I come!

  107. When I die, I want to come back as a well-scritched capybara. T’would be sheer heaven!

  108. My favorite part is the ear wigglin’ after the belly rubbin’! So cuuuuute!

  109. ROUS scritches! 😀

  110. @ fatgrammafinn: “I hear that Hahvahd is offering a Masters in Capybara skritching. Will be taught by Peter and Walter Bishop. Astrid is T/A.”

    I totally got that reference, but I’m worried about what else Walter would do to the poor capybaras, other than scratching them. :^(

    @ joools:

    “will scratch capybaras for food” = 飯のために、カピバラを引っ掻かる事が出来る。 You’re welcome. I’m not paying for your plane ticket or cardboard for your sign, though! The rest is up to you!

  111. Gaaaaaaaaah!

  112. I shall scritch your belleh little capybara.

  113. Thems big rodents!

  114. PlaidPyrate says:

    Okay, remember this clip, people, for when the Capybara Armies come to conquer us. It’s our only chance to keep from being overrun with cute!
    /And don’t scritchy until you see the … um… tan of their backsides! Yeah. Or something.

  115. Well, it’s not every day you get to see a passle of gigantic rodents bliss out.

  116. You realize that fella’s probably a phd candidate working at the zoo? I’m trying to imagine his doctorate paper on the response time for ROUS to roll over for belly rubs.

  117. Is it…could it be…Jamin?!!

  118. Malle Babbe says:

    This would be a great art installation at some contemporary art space. A big open room filled with dozing capybaras, with visitors being invited to give them belly skritches…

  119. They look like reaaaaaallllyyy slooooooooowwwww fainting goats.

  120. I love capybaras! They always look so grumpy!

  121. @brittany I asked my DH “how many times bigger would my cat have to be before you were afraid of him?” and DH sayd: “8”

    @sharpA pointyones, and fluffyones (shoes, that is)

  122. Hahahaha!! No. 4 is like “I will reseest you….oh, oh…maybe not…[rolling ensues]. And the nose and ear twitchies on No. 1 at 2:20 – sqeeaallll!!

  123. @susanova

    >>pointyones, and fluffyones (shoes, that is)

    i’m assuming you mean in every color.

  124. little baby!!!

  125. I’m getting sle e e eeee ee eee p y……

  126. Ooooooooh I love the capybaras! Here in Brazil we have a lot of them!
    They’re so cute and frendly!
    And the Child Capybara is deliciously cute.

  127. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ roketto… i think Walter’s just fine, its the red headed one armed woman you have to look out for. I mean, the cows doing great!

  128. Oh mai,

    Those have to be the most content creatures on the planet! I wanna be one of dem!

  129. ilovemyguineapig says:

    I love Capybaras, and this is a cute video, but I did some research on the zoo they are in in the video, Nagasaki Biopark, and saw pictures of the other animals. They do not appear to be kept in very good conditions, with concrete-like ground under their feet. According to gianthamster.com (another peeve with me…should not be pets!!!) people are allowed to put cow-horn headbands on their heads, and a capybara was stolen from this same zoo by a man planning to sell the animals for quick cash. The capybara died. (Japantoday.) These are adorable creatures, but I’d appreciate it if they (and all animals too) weren’t just treated as cute novelties, and as living, breathing beings.

  130. @ilovemyguineapig

    Your report, although possibly a cause for concern, has nothing to do with this website nor the context in which this video was posted. Posting about it here does not help in any way, because this is not the place to raise awareness regarding mistreatment of animals. This is a place to appreciate animals being cute and adorable. Sure, the people here might be concerned about what you said, but there’s already resources for addressing these issues, which, need I remind you, are NOT here.

  131. Hmm…perhaps this is training for scratching the chupacabra?????