Would you please stop making biscuits on me

Watch the claws.


Have a good evening Peoples. Via DListed!



  1. aww…. I love those little cute faces (and paws too)…

  2. kibblenibble says:

    The only flaw this video has is that it’s not long enough. I could watch cozy sweetness like this for hours. (Probably need more of a social life, he he)

  3. That is so funny! It looks like they’re really on a massage table! LOL

  4. I would agree with kibblenibble (great screen name by the way) but have collapsed on the floor ded from cute

  5. “It looks like you’re holding a lot of tension right here…”

  6. Just put it on a loop, and watch it over and over . . .

  7. i wish i could train my cats to do that, right on my shoulders and neck where I always get tense. instead, they want to do their biscuit making on my face or belly, where it actually kind of hurts.

    this is adorable. i like how the white kitty’s fluff gets pulled around like the tabby is making taffy or cotton candy out of her.

  8. As a licensed massage therapist I applaud this kitten’s use of petrissage.

  9. “How’s the pressure? Let me know if you’re feeling any discomfort. Now just relax….”

  10. “Your lumbahhr, she iz… so tenze! Allow me to help youz…”

    So much cuteness! I love kitteh biscuits. My kitteh doesn’t do the biscuits. I try to show her how – not by moving her paws, but by doing biscuits on her… and she just gives me funny looks.

  11. warrior rabbit says:

    Looks like a fight was a-brewing, but they were distracted by the camera noises. (And I can’t believe how quiet it is on this post. I guess everyone was massaged into a trance.)

    Great video! I guess this is an example of McLuhan’s “the media is the massage.” 😉

  12. Aaaaaah, I’m all drugged with cuteness!!! 🙂

  13. paulajeanne says:

    My Molly lies on my chest and massages my left upper arm. I’m all like, “oh so cute”, “ouch”, “such a sweetie”, “OW”, “you love me”, “watch the claws!” Meanwhile my whole upper arm ends up with little scabs. But I keep letting her do it, again and again.

  14. OMG. *thud, and dies happy* 😀

  15. Queen of Dork says:


  16. Such sweetness! But be careful if you go over to DListed, I got a nasty virus there once. Can’t recommend the site.

  17. Nice one, warrior rabbit, and thanks for the warning, Dealio!

  18. Now if only I could get my cat, Felix, to massage my back, instead of ,a href = “http://jtwoo.blogspot.com/2010/09/do-i-look-like-cat-bed.html”>velcro-ing himself to my lap.

  19. Now if only I could get my cat, Felix, to massage my back, instead of velcro-ing himself to my lap.

    [Ed: Please delete my previous comment, #20. Thx!]

  20. The kitties knead their mama’s tummy to stimulate milk production, and many kitties never completely forget that. This little kitty is like ” I know this worked before, maybe over here, or over here? “

  21. All it needs are little purringk sounds…

  22. I read that cats do this to deposit their scent on you and to smell
    your scent!

  23. That is the cutest chiropractor I ever saw!
    I am assuming the insurance company pays him in the form of tuna fish and kibbles.

  24. What a great way to start my day! Cute kitties ^.^

  25. I use to have kitty that use to do that all the time – he’d come up to you with this look and then climb into your arms like a little baby – the only difference is that as he was kneading your chest he would drool soo much that your shirt would get soaking wet :o)

  26. Dante is a frantic kneader of my thighs. He grabs a mouthful of my jeans in his teeth, and whales away. Little screwball.

  27. Tabbeh iz making an awesome loaf of cute!!!

  28. “Ah that’s great Watch the claws, Watch the claws, ah over bit, you clutz I said watch the claws, do you want a smack in the mouth cos your going to get one soon”.

  29. fatgrammafinn says:

    Chef t’Abbey developing a new recipe for Red Lobster- White-Satin-Tuxedo-Bay Biscuits

  30. I’m generally more of a dog person—in no small part due to my kitteh allergies—but I really, really wish that my dog knew how to knead things. It’s a-freaking-dorable.

  31. As long as he kneads me I know where I must be
    I’ll cling on heedlessly as long as he kneads me

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad: YAY Oliver!!

    one-uh mah FAVE-o-rite storeez and myoozikels uv ALL TIME.
    + YAY “knead”/”need” punnage!!

  33. O No – Lionel Bart also wrote “Sparrows Can’t sing” Sparrers carnt Sing the title song
    is pretty good.

  34. I don’t like this format. I just want to look at the pictures and videos without having to scroll through people’s opinions. I don’t have time for that. The pics and videos put a smile on my face each day before I have to face what’s “out there”.

  35. OMG! I’ve been ill and unable to look @ Cute Overload for several days. I REALLY dislike this format!!!

  36. Jassy – It is quite simple to just look at the pictures, there is no compusion to click on comments.

  37. compulsion

  38. 😀 You can do kitty biscuits on me, kitty 😀

  39. Jassy: WTH are you doing wrong? There’s no need to look at all the comments.
    That should be a list of posts, no comments. Also; why feel the need to be so crappy about it? Someone would have helped you regardless, this is a blog of fairly nice people. If you really hate it that much, there’s other blogs.

  40. Ok, take a deeeep breath & just let the tensions of the day go.
    Let me know if the pressure is too hard, or not hard enough, K?

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Jassy: I’m sorry you’re ill and hope you’ll feel better but, huh? I just cracked up at how you said you don’t have time to read the comments but you obviously did! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  42. So cute- I only wish the audio captured Stripey Kitten’s purring… Sometimes my cats will knead on my back and shoulders, but only by accident. Wish I could train or bribe them to do it all the time.

  43. LOL @ Jassy
    as others mentioned .or if you got into the comments inadvertently go to teh top of the page and click on the HOME tab and you will be back to the main page and not reading comments just looking at the pictures and videos… PS… Hope you feel better soon.

  44. Peeeeples are funny! I enjoy the comments most of the time, until the nuffers attack…otherwise, CO is a mandatory daily fix for the blues, blahs or whatever ails ya!

  45. snoopysnake says:

    I put kitteh beds at the foot of my bed on top of the bedclothes and when my cat Cocoa kneads the kitteh bed I get a lovely foot massage.

  46. Tiny Toenailing Tabby!

  47. @Jassy,
    I know you hate to read comments but I do hope you read this: Hope you get well soon and hope you have a sweet kitten to massage you till you do feel better.

  48. OMG, so cutesie! ” As long as he kneads me” is so LOL!!!

  49. The sweetest massage!

  50. (singing…)

    Kitties who knead kitties
    Are the luck-ee-est kitties
    Int thaaa worrrrrrlllld!


  51. @erica… I like it!

  52. Must nom those cute little babies!

  53. @mplsdeb

    Thanks! That song was a big hit for feline recording artist Purrbra Meowsand back in the 60’s. ^_^

  54. These are my kittens!!! They are all grown up now, a year later – see how happy they are at http://www.youtube.com/MsBTigress!! I adopted them from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (http://www.orphankittenrescue.com). They do great work – please support them!

  55. PS. Their names are Clea and Oreo. 🙂

  56. This video was on Ellen Degeneres Yesterday!!!!!!

  57. OMG! there soooo cute i have 4 baby kitts,Tobby,the orange,Patten,the black,Coconut,the brown and white and Princess the white….psshe has yelloish linng a crown looking mark around her head!

  58. i mean she i also have a full grown pit that loves and nurses them ….wierd huh?

  59. Those are 2 very happy kittens, and very comfortable with eachother 🙂