Scene 4, Take 27

All right, camera rolling, let’s try this again… Now, Heather, you turn slowly… you see Rudolpho… he sees you… now you see him seeing you… and… you… kiss!

Now we dolly in… that’s right, keep kissing… Heather, close your eyes a little…

And we come in for the close-up, and — HEATHER! Your eyes are still open — again! Cut! CUT! Sheesh, Heather, how many times do we have to do this scene?

We may go over budget on this shoot, David N.



  1. dawnkeyotie says:

    Schnoz to fuzzy schnoz! Soooooooo cute.

  2. dawnkeyotie says:

    Firsties! ha!

  3. *sighs* I thought they borked silly ‘first’ post bragging here?

    Cute cute CUTE! I love sleepy rabbits but as usual the text makes the image!

  4. I think that Heather is still standing on the backs of the little people she climbed over to get to where she is today.

  5. Venerable Bead says:

    The hover text in pic 3 – BRILLIANT (as usual)

  6. He had her at “nom nom nom.”

  7. but…here does the disapproval go…

    THE single proshest thing I’ll see all day! The cap is tipped to CO, always out doing themselves they is!

  8. If this scene were in my house, with cats instead of rabbits: when the kiss is finished, they immediately begin smacking each other in the face.

  9. Ha! meant, of course *where*, not here : )

  10. Hey, he’s kind of cute. Maybe Heather’s prolonging this a bit intentionally.

    I take it this ends badly? They get sold to different homes because no body wants a girl and a boy rabbit together, right? Thus an across-town-Romeo-and-Juliet-with-a-PETA-protest-between-their-houses-and-a-ruby-jewel-smuggling-ring storyline?

    Eh, seen it too many times before.

  11. Heather and Rudolpho sitting pretty
    First comes love,
    Then comes nomming,
    Then comes a hundred babies bouncing!

    (That’s what happens when I’m bored at the office, I get silly)

  12. If we’re lucky, that rabbit will jump off of the purple food bag and we’ll have a musical extravaganza a la Bollywood about the love triangle in that case.

  13. @Skippymom, the eternal cycle: “Lick lick lick groom groom groom lick lick lick Wait what HOW DARE YOU DIE DIE DIE fight fight fight fight lick lick lick groom groom groom”

  14. It’s Liz and Dick on the set of “Cleopatra.” Cut! Cut! CUT, DAMMIT, CUT!!!

  15. ded. Fuzzy baby bunnies kissing!! squeeeeeeeeee. ded.



  17. They look a bit like those little plastic toys with the magnets in the noses.

  18. Bunneh keess! Squuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😀

  19. Now these are truly snuggle bunnies. Just adorable!

    @skippymom and Theresa: I think we must have the same cats. I know that cycle only too well…

  20. marty and mitch's mom says:

    can someone please notice the little paw going to touch the other bunnies face!?!?

  21. AAAAHHHHHHH! Keeesing bunnehs! Cutest thing EVER!

  22. fatgrammafinn says:

    “careless whisper, doo tee doo tee doooo” mwah!!

  23. and they called it
    bunny lu…uh..uh..uv!

  24. My Eddy and Chloe walk up to each other and do sweet kisses of love for about 20 seconds, and then it’s “I smack you in your face!” “Ha! I smack YOU in YOUR face!!” “Now I smack your face harder!!!” “I smack you very, very hard!!!!” and then they’re done and they walk away and go about their business.

  25. And by the way, who is the little one hanging out behind them who is not getting any kissing action? I will gladly volunteer to make kisses with him/her.

  26. @mel

    >>*sighs* I thought they borked silly ‘first’ post bragging here?

    why, i don’t see any of those anywhere, do you? 😉

  27. @skippymom – I think maybe the other bunny is the first runner up – should Heather be unable to fulfill her duties as a kissing bunny, she will step in.

  28. “Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits
    Let’s do it all day long
    Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots
    Say Mother Nature’s wrong
    And when we’ve had a couple’a’beers
    We’ll put on bunny suits
    I long to nibble your ears
    And do as bunnies do “

  29. lol @ skippymom #23. I would only add the sound effects: HISSSSSS HISSSSS SPITTTT SPITTTT!!!

  30. @Skippymom, I think that’s Roddy McDowell. :mrgreen:

  31. I made a whole bunch of jokes on this post that most of you are probably too young to get (facepaw).

  32. @Skippymom, my boys, Dante, and my late beloved Stinky were very funny, because Dante was a clueless goofball, and Stinky was an old-school gentleman out of a nineteenth-century novel. “You SIR, are a SHAMELESS UPSTART, and I shall give you WHAT FOR!”

  33. Theresa, I’m older than you, but that doesn’t mean I always get your jokes. You have such a broad range of references, don’t you know.

  34. Cues music…and actor in Bobby Vinton angel costume…

    You are my angel Bunny
    Sent from up above
    The Lord smiled down on me
    And sent an angel bunny to love (to love)

    You are my angel bunny
    Right from paradise
    I know you’re an angel
    Heaven is in your eyes

  35. @ceejoe, actually there aren’t any of those sound effects. They’re pretty calm about it. “This is what we are doing right now. We are smacking each other’s faces after kissing. Okay, now we are through.”

  36. dawnkeyotie says:

    Really? Is it that big a deal in your little subculture to post a “first” message? I mean, perhaps it’s silly, but is commenting on it any better?

  37. @ dawnkeyotie, your condescension doesn’t help either. “Your” little “subculture”? Way to be rude. “First” messages are silly and do nothing but spam.

    That said? I have just died of adorableness with these bunnies. DO WANT.

  38. But Rodolfo hasn’t got spinach on his teeth, kissing aint worth it
    unless you get extras,
    oh and he keeps going on about my tiny paw being frozen, I mean what’s that all about?

  39. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Does anyone else notice the little third wheel back there, behind Rudolpho? He’d better get out of the shot before bunneh!Christian Bale starts in on him…


  41. My local Atwoods, sometimes has the leetle shweethearts and I could just snorgle to my hearts content. Me love BUN-BUNS!

  42. Lovely, lovey dovey loving! And Theresa, I’m betting that at 70 I’m even older than you and I got everyone of those references and enjoyed each one. Am awaiting 260Oakley’s contribution to this one.

  43. I would go see movies in the theaters more often if they actors this adorable!

  44. @dawnkeyotie

    >>Really? Is it that big a deal in your little subculture to post a “first” message? I mean, perhaps it’s silly, but is commenting on it any better?

    in the spirit of yom kippur, may i simply say, it’s tradition.

  45. I spent some time at my local humane society yesterday and this photo reminded me of a bunch of kittens that were falling over each other – literally. I’m sure there’s been a picture like that on here at some point, but for some reason, I just felt compelled to share.

    When visiting the humane society, I find it hard to leave without something I didn’t arrive with.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  46. AAAAHHHH! I see the other “woman”peeking out behind Rudolpho! Furr will fly.

  47. PSA: Please consider adopting a rabbit from your local humane society or rescue. The shelters are full to overflowing; you would save a rabbit’s life.
    *steps off soapbox*
    CUUUUTE BUUNEHS !!!!! AHHHH ! *ded*

  48. @Theresa: I get almost all of your references almost all the time. That must make us peers or age-mates or kindred spirits or summat!

  49. @N. Fritz, or just a coupla weirdos. 😀

  50. @Theresa, we are likely about the same age, either that or we have been exposed to the same things. I mean, besides you, who else understood my Lily Pons reference?!? Keep the jokes comin’ sister!

    And I love kissing bunnies. My two spend their entire days either kissing, spooning or chasing each other. The post-kissing look is particularly hilarious–after Pallina is finished with her make out session, poor Pixie, who is a lionhead bunny ends up looking like Albert Einstein with her mane going pell-mell in all directions. It’s hilarious.

  51. Knowing rabbits, the gray one is probably chewing the other one’s face.

  52. @ Hon Glad #37

    Bunstruck, maybe?

  53. @Nikki, true that I have reached a certain age. But I have always seemed to know things I should have had no business knowing. I remember as a kid, confounding my father by coming out with:
    “He’s better than his brother Joe
    Dominic DiMaggio.” 😯

  54. You think I’ll knock it off with the Gordon Cole clip, and you are wrong.

  55. @Theresa, I STILL feel like I know things I should have no business knowing. Basically I am wildly inquisitive, have a memory like a sponge and a brain chock full of random and quirky information. Which is exactly why I love this site–it’s replete with kindred spirits! 🙂

  56. I feel bad because they’re in a pet store 😦

  57. But, but, but…bunnies don’t usually have leeps? How can they keess? How do they do eeet?

  58. @Chanpon, they have the MOST adorable little lips! Well at least they have really cute lower lips…

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG Twin Peaks!!!

  60. Crazy Bunny Lady says:

    Very cute bunnies
    But it’s very sad that these little babies are in what looks to be a pet store. There are very loving and beautiful Buns available for adoption at shelters. Please adopt, and spay or neuter your pet!

  61. that just killed me ded with the cute……..awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  62. Oh, his little paw reaching out!

  63. i go away for a week in the field and i come back to ….

    to this?

    :3 god i love this site =]

  64. This is so sweet, makes me happy….bunnies rules (at least my daughter’s Netherlands dwarf does in this hous) but also makes me sad…….My office has blocked my access to this awesome site that has gotten me through 4 years of not so good days.

    Why oh why oh why………I can’t live without CO during my work day! I try to make it all up on the weekends, but it just doesn’t last through Friday!!

    Any suggestions?

  65. OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I just got a bunny a few weeks ago. 🙂

  66. kibblenibble says:

    These buns are precious: Muted coloring, and a series of ovals. Oval earses, oval heads, oval bodies. And the smoochingks! ♥

  67. dawnkeyotie says:

    @CC Someone was rude to me, I was rude back. I didn’t open the door on rudeness. I was just excited (perhaps in a spazzy way) and made a “first” post. Either way, I don’t see how you have a dog in this fight.

    @Sharpy and Mel Maybe you could just let the mod(s) do their job rather than alienate folks. Just sayin. I wasn’t offended that the post was removed – I simply didn’t know it was against the rules.

    I don’t know how to made the little quotes and I just picked up from your posts that an “@” indicates who you’re talking to, so please try to bear with those of us who don’t know all the rules. Smacking us is sort of off-putting and I’m pretty sure the point of this site is to bring joy, not … whatever this is.

  68. dawnkeyotie says:

    I don’t want to be flaming the msg board, so sorry, but Sharpy, I’m not lumping you in. You weren’t rude to me or even smackish…just kinda funny. Clarifying for posterity!

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    Sharpy IS the mod, Don Quixote! We love her. Also, she likes pretty shoes!

  70. ElishaB, you should order the page-a-day calendar for next year!

  71. MadamX – It’s Rodolfo and Mimi in “La Boheme” Che gelida manina, how cold your hand is.

  72. PS I know Theresa has this in her files. hint hint. Arched browed emoticon if I knew how to do eet.

  73. @dawnkeyotie

    p.s. i love your name 🙂

    it’s true, i’m prone to in-jokes and CO is expecially bad for that. guilty as charged. “firsters” are a whole different breed of criminal around these parts. i didn’t have to remove it, i could have left it out there, dangling, waiting for the blindfolded kids with the baseball bats!

    keep comin’ back, we may play a little rough, but we don’t really have our teeth yet.

  74. kibblenibble says:

    dawnkeyotie, welcome to CO, don’t be put off too much please. BTW, I don’t use the @ sign, myself. I think maybe that’s kind of a cross-over from twitter. As for the “first” thing, I think the former moderator, Theo, had a pet peeve about that, and we all love Theo so much that we carry on the tradition in his honor. That’s my understanding, anyway. But how would you know that? Anyway, I think if you hang around a bit, you’ll find most people are SOOO nice, sweet, and quirky here. I hope you do!

  75. @Hon Glad, there are too many to choose!

  76. OK, try this:

  77. Joanne Wilcox Hudson says:

    Yes, it does end badly for these babies. They are BABIES; way too young to be away from their mom and for sale in a pet store.

  78. Theresa – Thank you. grazie molto. I hadn’t heard of the Tenor Neil Shicoff he aint too dusty,unfourtunately the acoustics of the recording make it sound as if it was recorded down the subway, I was expecting a tannoy anouncement at any moment.
    By the way cats don’t make very good mouse mats, stan lay on he table exactly where I use the mouse.

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad and Theresa: 🙂

  80. mandy_Reeves says:

    I have wanted a bun bun so long now…I hear they are not good around small dogs? Something about kicking and other pets being injured. These two are most prosh however.

  81. @Theresa and Nikki (and anyone of that ilk; you know who you are!): My father and I refer to that talent (knowing things one has no business knowing) as “being aware” We don’t set out to memorize these things, we just keep our eyes and ears open and somehow a fact takes up residence on a brain cell. Makes life interesting, don’t you think?! And such wonderful company too!

  82. @Hon Glad, it’s YouTube, plus compooter speakers– don’t really lend themselves to high fidelity. I really just use because it’s there.
    Schicoff was/is a wonderful lyric tenor– IMO, his biggest problem was that he was tiny and would get lost on stage. Or his lady interest onstage would be bigger than him (not the case here with Cotrubas).

    I just quickly selected this Boheme performance because it had my boyfriend in it: :mrgreen:

  83. *Waving to QoD*

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, I think I might be counted among, “that ilk” (yay! I’m ilk! Although I do not drink milk). N. Fritz: My dad never said anything cool like this, but the Major was still a cool man. He liked animals and would have loved this site. He was all, “dang-it! I’m a tough, mean Army guy…but oh, crap…look at the furry bunnies kissing! I love them! I must snorgle them! Yum! How sweet!” (This is what my dad probably would have said) 🙂

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Waves back and smiles at you!

  86. @QoD, Ilk? Do they travel in herds like elk? :mrgreen:

  87. howdy folks. Those are two cute bunnies.
    Sweet innocent smooches!
    Hope y’all are having a lovely weekend! They go by way too fast.
    Have a good one!

  88. Oh, yes, Q of D… you’re most definitely Ilk!! And Theresa’s suggestion of the collective “Elk” is brilliant! *doffs chapeau*

  89. @ Hon Glad # 70

    I know! I love that aria! Its just that I remembered that movie, Moonstruck, the scene where Nicholas Cage takes Cher to the Met, and she’s never been to the opera before, and it’s La Boheme, and she’s overcome with emotion and it’s SOOOOO romantic.

    Meh, I’m a sap for romance… and bunnies and kittens and soft, playful puppies…

  90. Unless I’m dreaming, I’m actually seeing a pair of rabbits smooching and making love 😀

  91. warrior rabbit says:

    @mandy_Reeves Generally, I’m more concerned about the bunny in any bunny/dog combo, even if it’s a small dog. Cats and rabbits tend to do better as housemates. Or bunnies and peegs (of the guinea variety).

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    N. Fritz and Theresa: This is the sort of thing that gets stuck in my head and won’t leave. Besides ilk, milk and silk, are there any other words in the English language which end in I, L, K? 😯

    Sorry for the off subjectness. (hides under bed)

  93. Bilk?

  94. warrior rabbit says:

    And filk.

  95. Queen of Dork says:

    Vanilk? (Vanilla wafers served with milk)

  96. Queenie – I think I am part of the herd of Ilk, I regularly watch University Challenge
    a knowledge quiz between universitys and I can usually beat those whipper snappers to quite a few questions, I’ll have to ad my score up one time then it will be Caius college Cambridge195 Merton college 205 Hon glad 40 🙂

    Theresa – I have seen that production of Boheme designed by Julia Trevelyan Ormand and found particularly the cafe scene over crowded, my sister saw your Bf on wednesday in Cossi fan tutti and remarked what a good actor Tom is.

  97. @Hon Glad, I saw it too, at the cinema in high def. He was wonderful. Now I must get back to my basement laboratory where I am working on cloning him. :mrgreen:

  98. PS: Hon Glad, did you ever see the Zefirelli Boheme at the Met? It makes the ROH Copley production look cozy, intimate and frugal. :mrgreen:

  99. Queen of Dork says:


  100. Bilk!

  101. warrior rabbit says:

    Bilk — Madame X got there first.

    I think we might be out of -ilks.

  102. Snilk! (That’s a silky version of “snerk”)

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    I really don’t think there are anymore. Except of course for sudameniphistacallystupendilockuflousyamayamaholypajamamestareredonculoussilk.

  104. Theresa – I saw the Zefirelli Boheme on TV A years ago ,I saw the Mets
    il Trittico on high def, as a throw away scence at the end of Gianischichi as the lovers kiss a whoe garden scene zooms up behind them, impressive or what.
    I think the Met apart from its size benifits from the charitable gifts and endowments.

  105. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, yes, of course. Except for that. 😉

  106. Queenie – You promised you would never reveal that word.

  107. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Oops!

  108. Hon Glad, the Met audience is going to get a big jolt with the upcoming Ring cycle. The audience and funders’ tastes skews conservative and BIG. Zeffirelli is their favorite designer (I am very sick of Zeffirelli)

    Remember Alberto Vilar, the guy who gave such vast sums to the Met and ROH (and is now in JAIL)? He’s so backward, he wanted to keep the Met from putting on “Peter Grimes, and all Benjamin Britten. Thank God he didn’t succeed, but I’m always afraid of someone with deep pockets coming along and trying to make things even more reactionary than they are. Things are just really crazy at the moment, even more so than usual.

  109. I gotcher Opera, RAHT HEAH says:

  110. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (to quote Queen of Dork): “he he”.

  111. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    me confuzed. me thot Bugs Bunny = wabbits.
    me thot opera= opera.

    me di-unt mean, nothin’ bad?even tho my pseudonym sign-in name is kinda roughshod?

    then me see nobuddy write.

    me don’t unnerstan’ hoomans sometimes. If me offended, me apologize?

    puzzled but not intending enny harm.

  112. Paws down, Bugs Bunny rules!!! Thanks peeps!! And my fix for no CO at work will be as many CO calendars I can find…..they will be plastered all over the place.

    Snerk, snilk, barooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  113. @theresa, hon glad

    can i just say? i’m feeling super fancy right now. all this opera talk is making me feel very sophistimicated. i wish i could go to the met!

  114. @Sharpy: Why do you feel so sophisticated in the bathroom? Your-a-peein’ :mrgreen:

  115. @Sharpy

    Operas are just the rock concerts of the 19th century…

  116. AAAA bunneh love! Does anyone know what breed of bunneh they be?

  117. How the heck did we sequeway into opera?

    Visually though, I think opera’s more exciting than Broadway these days. I mean froma set stance, although some of those performers….

    I’m not convinced that showering nude barihunks onstage is essential for interpretation but I’m not exactly complaining. I blame Billy Budd myself.

  118. @Kari, don’t blame Billy Budd, blame producers who have to rub every bit of subtext in your face in case you’re too dumb to get it. 😛
    Here’s a dressed Billy, and a damn fine one, to boot. (Full disclosure: the great Sir Tom in his day did appear nearly nekkid in “Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria”)

  119. dawnkeyotie says:

    Thanks, y’all! I’m not going anywhere, I love the cuteness too much! I might stay out of the comments though. *snicker*

  120. Theresa, true, you don’t have to take your clothes to have a good time.

    But hey, on the other hand, I can understand the need for eye candy if it gets meat in the seats so to speak.

    I find it funny that Nathan Gunn’s children aren’t allowed to google or search for his name online.

  121. I’m not clicking that link. I’ve seen Nathan in his costume, thank you very much. 😛

    I’m kind of old school. I certainly like a nice-looking baritone (cf. my undying love for Sir Tom), but I’m from the days when gym memberships were not strict requirements. 😳

  122. I can understand why people would think that the emphasis should go on the voices, absolutely. However, I can also see why people say that this is theater so the visual component is important. You also have to have some plausibility so the fat lady’s been fired. Literally.

    I think I enjoy the energy from these younger performers who can pull off a lot of physicality while singing. It also is a good sign for opera overall imo in that there are crops and crops of talented young people interested in the craft.

  123. @Kar: Ah, it’s all so elusive. Given two singers with equal vocal abilities and dramatic skill, naturally, I would take the sexy one. But what is sexy? In my (now rather embarassingly vast) experience, it’s not always the buffest one, or the most babelicious babe. For me, at least. So around and around we go.

  124. There’s a reason why Video killed the Radio Star and Valentino’s days were numbered.

    If you can do more than look pretty or sound good, or even do both, it’s going to appeal to the new, broader markets. I can’t afford opera (not that there’s a lot where I live) so I look for downloads and borrow stuff from the library. Mostly stodgy camera shots on the Classic Arts channel or the upteenth version of the Ring Cycle. We really need a netflix for this stuff.

    When I look though in Opera magazine I’m kind of stunned by the huge, abstract sets and fx. People aren’t willing to settle for nice period pieces anymore apparently. And those videos! They look like they’d be shown on MTV, if MTV showed music anymore.

  125. catherine farr says:

    omg sooooo cute i love this website and i love how it gets bigger and bigger