Happy and Crabby! (Wait, What?)

Says globetrotting Lauren M., “While hiking the Kumano Kodo trail in south-central Honshu, Japan, I happened across many freshwater crabs near trickling mountain streams. The markings on the shell of this particular crab were especially cute.”



  1. aw, someone’s got his Happy Shell on ^_^

  2. I have an overwhelming desire to scream: Picachou!!

  3. omg…the big dark eyes…the waving “hands”….the big smile. Very cute crab. Thanks, Lauren, I’m afraid that many invertebrates that are actually very, very cute do not receive much attention on CO except for an occasional “yuck”.

  4. That crab looks like a Pixar animation.

  5. Japan, land of the cutest of cute, where all kittens are born with little bows in their fur and the crabs rock smiles.
    “No, waiter, I’m not hungry, but could use some good cheer. Might you have a plate of clattering, waving, smiling crabs to bring joy to my life and accompany me to the beach?”

  6. That is the most incredibly square shell on any crab that I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe the Japanese are breeding crabs that fit better on fashionably square plates now or something.

  7. “Crab” requires moderator approval?

    Oh don’t go there….

  8. I agree with Meaghan, that crab DOES look like Pixar’s work.
    If forward eyes and cute work for babies, then why can’t the cute work for crabbies?

  9. “I peench.”

  10. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    Carolyn + Japan + Cute = 200 % Perfect

  11. fatgrammafinn says:

    a nice counterpoint to the Heike crab… see Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” for the explanation… great pointer-outering and photographering and hikering and all those other ererering

  12. As a fellow Cancer the Crab, I can say without a doubt that we sensitive, home-loving souls are generally in a good mood, except when somebody hurts our feewings. Cuz den we gotta curl up in our shells until we all betters again!


  13. What a cutie-pie! I wish more people would begin to see crabs as being animals too and not just something served on a dish. And no, I’m not preaching, but my God we waste sooo much seafood. If you’ve ever been to a buffet in Las Vegas you know what I’m talking about. I say it’s time we leave the oceans alone and pull back on harvesting food that rightfully belongs to sea creatures. Oh, I guess I am preaching. And to the choir, no doubt. 🙂

  14. Nice smile; googly eyes.

  15. I like his eyes. He’s like,
    “hey guyth, I got a leaf!”

  16. Cute Overload has ruined me .
    The paragraph above the pic said “In south- central Honshu, Japan…”
    I read it as “Honkshu” . I must have seen too many sleeping puppy posts !
    (at least that’s my story & I’m sticking to it !) ;oD

  17. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa (specifically in re. Comment # 9)–ooh wait — that’s even BETTER!!
    “Number Nine, Number Nine” (Beatles’ song, anyone??)

    ANYway, does that comment, mean that YOU, Theresa, peeeench;
    or that the crabby person peenches??? 😉 …I have MY guess…… 🙂

    also @ Kar (re comment # 6): You are aware, are you not, of the wonderful Japonais development of Cute (square) w’melons???? If not, I delight in
    presenting the following, from Wikipedia 🙂

    Museums Online South Africa list watermelons as having been introduced to Native Americans in the 16th century. ,,, Native Americans… in the Mississippi Valley. Many sources list the watermelon as being introduced in Massachusetts as early as 1629.

    Southern food historian John Egerton has said… African slaves helped introduce the watermelon to the United States. Texas horticulturalist Jerry Parsons lists African slaves and European colonists as having distributed watermelons to many areas of the world… also… being farmed… in Florida (1664) and the Colorado River area (by 1799). [other dates and locations edited from my notes from the Wiki article]

    Charles Fredric Andrus, a horticulturist…in Charleston, South Carolina, set out to produce a disease-resistant and wilt-resistant watermelon. The result was “that gray melon from Charleston.” Its oblong shape and hard rind made it easy to stack and ship. [I didn’t take the time to see the footnotes for this, where a date is prob attached to this statement in the Wiki article]

    Square watermelon from Japan

    Today, farmers in approximately 44 states in the U.S. grow watermelon commercially, and almost all these varieties have some Charleston Gray in their lineage. Georgia, Florida, Texas, California and Arizona are the USA’s largest watermelon producers.

    In Japan, farmers of the Zentsuji region found a way to grow cubic watermelons, by growing the fruits in glass boxes and letting them naturally assume the shape of the receptacle.[5] The square shape is designed to make the melons easier to stack and store, but the square watermelons are often more than double the price of normal ones. Pyramid shaped watermelons have also been developed and any polyhedral shape may potentially also be used.

    Moral of the story: Les Japonais sont tres clevaires!!!!

    and they do cute very very well. Not cheap, but very very well!!!

    My family lived in Japan at 2 different times during the 1950s/ 1960s.

    The End.

  18. Well, they also use clear plastic molds for other fruits so that they’re cute shapes like Buddhas and kittens.

    Now even Disney’s growing ear shaped watermelons. Why can’t they just swap animators like they used too?

  19. @ONHSID, remember?

  20. PS: Incidentally, I do, indeed, peench. :mrgreen:

  21. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa:

    oddly ’nuff (will that be moderated?) I DON”T know that Honda ad.

    Probably the 8000th “cool pop reference” to which I’m the least-savvy person on this here planet Earth.

    Need any French translated? I’m probably yer gal.
    And yup, I figgered (spelling purposeful & mischevious!!!) that you do peeeench when necessaire………

  22. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Theresa: je vous ai repondu….mais…the Big Green Moderashun Machine di-unt like one of me abbreviations….so tune in again later or Friday ….to see item # 21….it isn’t anything actually bad. but we know how reactionary the BGMM is.

    *sigh* aka Woe is Us.

  23. @Theresa…Are you peenching my head or are you peenching my face? 🙂

  24. As a crab I smile
    and use my guile
    for you to fool
    come by my pool
    I’ll slowly inch
    and then I’ll pinch.

  25. the bug man says:

    Sadly, given crab anatomy, what this lil’ guy is thinking is probably: “Why does everybody standing behind me keep giggling?”

  26. I’m betting on these being simular in evolution to the crabs that Carl Seagan talked about in Japan, due to human selection. When the fisherman would bring in their nets, if the crabs presented a particular likeness to a samuri, they would throw them back. These could also be ones that they just didn’t want to keep, cuz they’re just so gosh darn cute!

  27. bookmonstercats says:

    He looks as though he’s wearing his breakfast on his shell – piece of toast anybody?

  28. @Brie, I don’t think crabs care for their own young, do they? That’s what cuteness is for, to make parents want to take care of their little ones. Crabs lay eggs and beat feet, and the babies hatch ready to take on the world. I’m guessing at artificial selection or coincidence.

  29. awww he’s soo cute i loff him 🙂

    and of course he is from japan *eye-roll*

  30. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Um Editors, the date is now the 17th and my answer to Theresa has been tangled up in the Big Green Moderashun Machine fer awhile ….and I don’t THINK that any of mine is actually objectionable?

    Hayulp!!! Hayulp!!!! Rescue Me, OB Won Kinobi (or however that phrase is correctly spelled)!!!

  31. i dont care if hes cute…wheres the butttter ok I cant do it!! he is smiling at me

  32. O No – Its “help me, Obi one Kenobi; you are my only hope ” I know this, not because
    I’m a rabid Star Wars fan but it was one of a few quotes used on a radio film music programme.
    Hayulp Hayulp seems more Perils of Penelope Pitstop 🙂

  33. Miss Twitch says:

    Non-actual-nose boop!

  34. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad.

    1) thanks
    2) yer right, as USUAL!! 🙂

    yay team.

  35. Happy crab is happy!!

  36. Carl Saga on Heike crabs:

  37. Carl Sagan on Heike crabs:

  38. Animals are cool says:

    As this great picture demostrates, animals EXIST FOR THEIR OWN REASONS, not just to fill somesomes stomach.

  39. @Ali baba, I peench whatever drunk frat boys on spring break stick near me to peench, and then post it on YouTube. :mrgreen:

  40. @Oetc

    >>Um Editors, the date is now the 17th and my answer to Theresa has been tangled up in the Big Green Moderashun Machine fer awhile ….and I don’t THINK that any of mine is actually objectionable?

    >>Hayulp!!! Hayulp!!!! Rescue Me, OB Won Kinobi (or however that phrase is correctly spelled)!!!

    geez! can you give a gal a second to get through your 700 other comments first?! not to mention the additional time it takes to decrypt your secret language! 😉

  41. Ahh! It’s cute but scary!

  42. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Sharpy: sorry? (gulp) ?

  43. @O NO

    i forgive you.

    and now, with my little white, non-kid-gloved hands, i administer a little dab on your forehead with my sparkly wand.

    go forth and frolic.

  44. @Antikyther
    Oh, I meant I would be sucked in to take care of this crab due to cuteness.

  45. Lol mudbug, you’re not alone, I was thinking it would be perfect if it was Honkshu too..

    And Sharpy, they poke fun of me at work for when I say I want to go out and frolic somewhere.. I’m soo stealing your “go forth and frolic” line!

  46. @surrealle

    oh, i am a HUGE fan of xtreme frolicking!

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    @Teresa re: Honda Element commercials–Ok, that was several minutes of my life I will never get back. Thank you so much. Now I have to go buy one of the stupid things!

  48. It’s *not* “Honkshu”? :blush:

  49. How they get him to smile?

  50. warrior rabbit says:

    Frolic? Pfft. I like to gambol.


  51. This is just a survival mechanism, he gets in real close with his charming smile, then… PINCH!

  52. omg, he’s just so awsomly happy 😀

  53. “As a fellow Cancer the Crab, I can say without a doubt that we sensitive, home-loving souls are generally in a good mood, except when somebody hurts our feewings. Den we gotta curl up in our shells until we all betters again!”

    @Big Gripes it hit me and this is true