Blind Taste Test

We’ve taken our hidden camera inside the New York’s exclusive French restaurant La Cuve de Chiots, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they normally serve with Folger’s® Crystals. Let’s watch the reaction:

So we’ll put that down as a “maybe,” Amy R.



  1. Poor baby.. wait until he discovers shots, it’s all going down hill after that.. O___O

  2. Looks like he could sure use a ‘lil chaser of mama’s milk!

  3. am i the only one who thinks it looks like he’s choking?

  4. that is the best “ewwwwy medicine face” eveh!

  5. He doesn’t look like he’s choking, sara; he looks like he’s gagging. That stuff must taste pretty disgusting! Poor little guy.

  6. 1. La Cuve De Chiots=The Tub of Puppies!
    2. This is pretty much me first thing every morning. It takes me about that much gagging to deal with being up and having to face the day.
    3. Must get a boxer puppy! The cats will just have to deal with it!
    4. We have a pet pharmacy that provides medications with custom flavorings. It’s been a godsend when we needed it.

  7. While I’m awaiting moderation (sigh), let me add: awesome text! I remember those commercials!

  8. Poor baby! When I give medicine to my pets, I try to mix it with something that they like so they don’t taste the icky stuff as much.

    I see that this baby boxer isn’t the same color as his/her siblings. Does that happen a lot with boxers?

  9. Poor li’l flaily guy! Give him hugs and a drink, stat!

  10. dawnkeyotie says:

    hehehe poor wittle fella. get him some banana flavoring or something! cutiepie

  11. He needs to be cuddled on my lap all day long while I’m working, poor baby.

  12. “Le Gross”.

  13. lol, poooooor babeh!
    I use chicken baby food to give a couple supplements to one of my cats every day…

  14. Something tells me it does not taste all that well…

  15. Poor pup. I don’t appreciate gag gifts either.

  16. Why don’t they give the puppy something good right afterwards, like peanut butter? Or a treat? Anything to take away that horrible taste!


  17. Not want!

  18. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    There is a famous story in our house about a meal of lemon chicken that went horribly wrong in translation. The kids took 1 bite and make the same faces… even the husky wouldn’t touch it. I think he got some of my lemon chicken.

  19. AWWWWWWWWWW! poor baby !!! let me make it better …..

  20. O.k. , since it’s such a small pup maybe I should say a finger tip barely dipped in sugar.

  21. You call this coffee.. ackkk ackkk…This stuff tastes like poo-poo…Beleghhhh! No I take that back, This stuff tastes worse…Gag Blechhh Ack!… I asked for a double shot Mocha Latte and you give me this drivil .. Really i expect more from a french Restaurant!

    Said in Teho Voice

  22. How about putting the awful tasting medicine in a syringe without a needle… put it to the back of the throat and feed it that way… bypassing most of the taste senses on the poor pups tongue. Good grief.

  23. Why don’t they give the poor little thing a wittle bit of water or something to wash its mouth from the horrid taste? Certainly, there must be nothing against that.

  24. As a child this was my reaction to an iron tonic I had to take, luckily they changed it to tablet form

  25. This is how I react when I take medicine. 🙂

  26. Aww… poor puppy! So cut and sad at the same time.

  27. Pleh. Pleh. Pleh. Pleh. Plehplehplehplehplehplehpleh.

  28. I’m annoyed at this couple! That medicine obviously tastes extremely nasty and is making the pup gag and salivate… how hard would it be to give him some water or milk afterwards, or to use a plastic syringe to squirt the stuff down his throat, not directly onto his tongue?

  29. Haha! Oh wow, that was hilarious. This is officially my favourite “DO NOT WANT” reaction ever. ^^

  30. I read somewhere that President Lincoln was at some event and was served a hot drink. He tasted it and then said, “If this is coffee please bring me tea. If this is tea please bring me coffee.” Every so often I pause to ponder the logic there.

  31. I agree about giving the baby some water or something to wash it down with!! They are actually being mean.

  32. Ok, I hate to be a care troll but: “Poor bebeh! Use a dropper pls!”

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    So… why can’t they make it beef flavored or something? Sheesh.

  34. @belphebe it happens all the time boxer can have puppies off all colors that puppie is white wich can happen too and albine too

    i have seen this puppie before he looks like me when i had the flu and had to drink like 3 different cough medicines lol

  35. @belphebe sorry didnt noticed i didnt posted all lol my boxer had 5 puppies 4 of them were brindle and one was fawn, i have seen litters were they are all fawn or brindle

  36. So cute! And his nose-scrunching at 1:29 looks so human. LOL

  37. It looks like a Muppet! I shall call him a puppet, no wait…. pupeet

  38. @skippymom

    >>I read somewhere that President Lincoln was at some event and was served a hot drink. He tasted it and then said, “If this is coffee please bring me tea. If this is tea please bring me coffee.” Every so often I pause to ponder the logic there.

    this must be the story that spawned the ditty,

    “lincoln, lincoln, i’ve been thinkin’,
    what’s that stuff that you’ve been drinkin…”

  39. What Valentine said about the syringe. It is a cute video, but especially with a baby it’s never a good idea to pour medication in their mouths, for the same reason you wouldn’t do that with a human baby. Serious choking potential. 😦 I hate to be a nuffer, but the technician in me fears chokies in the babies future. They look equally as cute sucking on a syringe!

  40. PrincessFiona says:

    As a hoomin healthcare worker and recent recipient of naasty stuff…you gotta do what you gotta do, to stay healthy. If you think we medical folk give shots and nasty stuff to babies and puppies because we enjoy it, you gotta nother think coming. What’s a couple of minutes of nastiness if it saves you from long term harm and illness? Note: I cry when I have to give babies shots, but I do it, because they need it.

  41. The little toofless mouf is the best!

  42. @Skippymom: The 16th Pres was quite the wit. My favorite quote is in a book review he wrote. “For those who like this sort of thing, this is just the sort of thing they like.” 😆

  43. There is a Canadian cough medicine called Buckley’s which advertises its brand as “It Tastes Awful. And It Works.”
    My mom would never let me have anything after swallowing cough medicine (to get the taste out of my mouth) because she though water/liquids would dissolve the syrup thereby making it ineffective.
    This person is not being mean to the dog and my mom wasn’t being mean to me. Just a part of life. Sometimes things just taste awful, but they work.

  44. @Sharpy:
    Looks like water, tastes like wine,
    Oh my gosh, it’s monosubstituted methylcyclohexane. :mrgreen:

  45. fatgrammafinn says:

    poor ‘ittle goggie. hope he gets better soon so he doesn’t have to drink anymore of that bad baad BAAAAAD stuff.

    I had chronic bronchitis for a long time. dr. prescribed something brown. it tasted brown, as in, well, ummmm, brown. i think that was why i only weighed 89 lbs at high school graduation. HEY! great idea!. Market that brown stuff as a diet aid!

  46. Sara, #3, you’re not the only one…he is! ):-(

  47. @fatgrammafinn, I think I have figured out that your picture is a bird, a raven, maybe? But when I first saw it I thought it was the Grim Reaper walking toward us and that the beak was his scythe!

  48. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That’s what I thought, too, Rooanne!! He DOES look like a Muppet! XD

    But you all have to admit, this is way cuter than any baby eating a lemon video!

  49. @theresa

    that last line was always a show-stopper in jr. high glee club.

  50. @ffleur

    besides, how many nuffers would nuff if pupdog had a big tube shoved down his little throat?!

    p.s. don’t tell anyone that spaying and neutering isn’t done by wee faeries.

  51. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….found the vid …reasonably worth it ….
    (which considering the usually nearly endless joie de vivre from CO, isn’t a bad sum total for two years….Kids, there are only about maybe six websites that I even TRUST on my hard drive, so ….CO RAWKS)

    but wow

  52. @ermine

    as a former vet tech, i can say your advice makes ME a little gaggy.

    have you ever seen a dog estimate the size of his own windpipe? if i weren’t around to stop them, my goggies would inhale trees.

  53. Arachnophile says:

    @ fleur – I totally thought of Buckleys when I saw this. I make that exact face when I use it but it’s the ONLY cough syrup I’ll use. XD

  54. I have never cared for pups of that tender age, but I have had to administer meds and nutrition to tiny, tiny birds and I know that it’s much harder to do it properly with a syringe than it is with a spoon or cup method. With a syringe and a wee baby bird, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to have the wee bebeh aspirate the food or medicine.

  55. I think this is Master Thespian’s dog.

  56. @skippymom it is a painting called the krahe (in boots) by rud Hurlzmeier. =) he has other surrealist paintings of birds, but the crow with the boots and that “hmph” expression is my favorite. =)

  57. @hex, thank you–I’ve just looked at a larger picture of that. It’s…interesting.

  58. Lol awwww, poor bebeh puppeh! Awful medicine must taste awful, but I’m sure it’s making the pup nice and healthy.

  59. lol at the look on mommy boxer’s face: “What you doing to my baby?”

  60. fatgrammafinn says:

    @skippymom… The picture is titled “Krahe”, by Rudi Hurzlmeier, born in Germany 1952 (same as me). If you can find a larger picture to look at you will see he is wearing high heeled black boots, and some sort of black cape, and has a piece of wheatstraw in his beak. My husband says it is actually me in disguise. I was thinking of using a detail from “The Diving Pig” by Michael Sowa as an avatar, but the crow suits me better most days. 90% moodily gleeful and determined vs 10% the heck with it i’m playing hookey

  61. PS, Folgers Crystals really does s*ck. 😛

  62. fatgrammafinn says:

    @theresa *pathetic little sniff* that’s all i drink! *even more pathetic little sniff* i’m gonna go eat worms *pathetic little shuffle out to compost heap*

  63. fatgrammafinn says:

    the secret to folgers crystals is you gotta use a whole lot of it, the thicker the better

  64. I make that same face when I take Nyquil 🙂 Give that baby some water!

  65. Trabb's Boy says:

    fatgrammafinn, I have that picture in my bedroom! I lurve it almost as much as this poor puppy hates Folger’s crystals.

  66. @fatgrammafinn Get some fat ones. Put ’em in the burrito with Skippymom’s guacamole. :mrgreen:

  67. fatgrammafinn says:

    fat ones… like the 3 ft long Palouse Giants that were thought to be extinct but were discovered again just last April? There are some excellent wiki photos. YUM!

  68. Love of animals knows no language barriers!

  69. Anonymous Coward says:

    huh, guys, just to let you know… the people in this video are not laughing in french, but in spanish. as the expression goes, “just sayin'”…

    btw, cute puppehs… and i agree, folgers tastes awful (and that’s being polite). now, what in heaven’s name is in those “flavour crystals”, anyway? is it something truly scary like the white stuff found in twinkies?

  70. This is what happens when you forget to spay and neuter your pets.

  71. I love the pan down to the momma (or daddy) with the look of.. “oh.. I remember that stuff…”

  72. Aw, poor puppingskipups! Blech indeed! And the Spanish actually makes the vid even cuter: “oh que muy feo!”


  73. Poor little puppies.

  74. Funny, that’s exactly what I do when I inadvertently eat cilantro.

    Seems like a reasonable response to me.

  75. If looks could kill… we would all be dead. Seriously, That puppy just gave us the evil eye.

  76. Maybe he’s related to Bill the Cat. Right now, though, he looks more like Opus.


  77. Clawed Monet says:

    What the heck did she give him anyway? I work in a Vet Clinic and I’ve never seen any of the meds we give puppies get that kind of reaction.

  78. I wholeheartedly agree with the folks talking about Buckleys. Jeez that stuff is horrible and my reaction is the same as this puppy’s. But, it does work. Just make sure you’re over a sink when you take it….. What a cute little pup.

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    BLECH!! (I’ll bet this puppy grows up to be a Drama Queen)

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    *goes out to compost heap to find fatgrammafinn, brushes worms off her hands and serves her a dish of home made apple pie*

  81. DO NOT WANT!!!!

    How adorable/sad.

  82. fatgrammafinn says:

    @QoD- thank you for the pie! Care for a worm? Some Folgers to make the scaley parts go down easier? Reminds me of the “Sidewinder”, REM song… ” black eyed peas, some nescafe and ice”

  83. Queen of Dork says:

    fatgrammafinn: a worm served with a cuppa Folgers sounds delightful, thank you! I like my coffee with milk and sugar, please, and my worm earthy. 🙂 Also, please pass the pie as well.

  84. @fatgrammafinn (do i really have to call you that?) 😦

    folgers crystals are good for only one thing: coffee-flavoured milkshakes. NOMS!

  85. This isn’t cute.

  86. @clawed

    >>What the heck did she give him anyway? I work in a Vet Clinic and I’ve never seen any of the meds we give puppies get that kind of reaction.

    now i’m getting concerned! maybe it’s a latino concoction! darn you, nuffmonster!!!

  87. Meriweather says:

    >now i’m getting concerned! maybe it’s a latino concoction! darn you, nuffmonster!!!

    I really hope there’s a joke I’m not getting there and not casual racism ‘for the luls.’

  88. Must be cherry flavoured. :S

  89. Sweet puppy is woke up wif a nasty taste and looks even more exhausted after trying to spew it back out!!! This is funny, cuz we all know puppehs can eat some of the grossest things that are not considered medicinal.

  90. LuvFurBabies says:

    I’m with the little puppeh…..Medicine is gross!
    Love the little spit bubble on the side of his mouf… ☺

    Mummy was so gentle with him…and so loving ♥♥♥♥

  91. @ffleur & Arachnophile
    Totally Buckley’s face.

  92. Aw – poor lil feller looks like he wants a new tongue – this one tastes awful!

  93. His dome looks like a cone! What a cute baby box. I only wish I could’ve seen our box Bob at that age. His reaction reminds me of Harry and Lloyd during the pepper scene.

  94. im with bob (85) this is not cute at all. watching others suffer dosen’t make me feel good.

  95. I’m with Clawed Monet… I got really bad vibes on this one. Everything I know of that you’d give a pup that age is usually pretty palatable (e.g., wormer).

    I was even sadder since he’s the only white pup, and could be deaf, and people sometimes cull them, and… 😦

    Let’s just say the initial cuteness of the situation wore off pretty quickly.

  96. Liz the Librarian says:

    It isn’t sad; the puppy needs medicine, the medicine tastes bad, but we’d rather have the puppy be well, so it is worth the minute of “ewwwww”. And it isn’t going to last forever people!

  97. Yes, I agree. It looks like the pup is gagging and its not funny at all. Especially when it sneezes and shakes it head. Puppies do that when they suckle too quickly and get milk up their noses.

  98. Jeezus! Give that poor puppy a chaser!

  99. fatgrammafinn says:

    *passes pie to QoD, passes milk and sugar, dusts compost off own mouth* Pie was yummy! Apple, my favorite! And i will henceforth save for you all the earthiest of worms! It is so hard finding a true connoisseur!

    @ Sharpy… it is kind of a long moniker,isn’t it ! i am a “Lynne with an E”- rather a rowdy club, but VERY exclusive.

  100. not sure if anyone pointed this out, but I dont’ think its french they are speaking. Its spaneesh. I was surprised that I was understanding most of what they were saying, at first I thought it was italian, then I understood word for word when he was talking to the adult boxer.

  101. @nicole

    really? you think the woman in the video could go from dabbing his mouth with a napkin and cooing to him to “culling” him?


  102. Awwww. Poor little puppy. Innocence doesn’t last long.

    This looks like the Buckley’s medicine ads. It tastes awful but it works!

  103. i thought the video was cute and didn’t see anything wrong with the puppies.

    i just think that people here overreact too much, reading some comments it seams like they were mistreating the dog and i’m like seriously? :O

  104. “i just think that people here overreact too much…”


  105. What suffering puppy??? I see a puppy that just didn’t like the taste of medicine. One minute of blech for a lifetime of healthy? Please, enough of the nuff. Puppy looks fat and healthy to me, and is being very tenderly held by momma. And that has to be the cutes yuck face I have ever seen!!!

  106. back @sharpy…

    Yes, I think it is reasonable to think if someone had to do such a deed, they would feel terrible about it and would be loving up on that poor puppy like there was no tomorrow. Especially if they were going to do it in a much kinder way than people have done it in the past. Anyone who has had to euthanize their pet knows you want to make those last moments as nice as possible for them.

    I’m not calling the people in the video puppy-killers. I’m just saying that puppy was VERY cute, but what was happening to him was not, and I couldn’t help but think the worst for that poor thing.

  107. I had kittens, kittens had respiratory infections, vet gave me liquid meds for kittens to give to them via syringe. Despite adept syringing of meds, kittens got taste of meds and went ACCK ACCK THHPTPTPTPT GLORK GLUCK ACK PTOOOO SPUT SPUT FEH PTOOO ACCCK SPLUT!

    Vet said NOT to give them water or milk or treats at this point because they could choke while acccking. Acccking was NORMAL. Medicine was yecchy but effective.

    Puppeh’s owners aren’t being any “meaner” than folks who might laugh at a baby making yuck faces at strained beets.

  108. fatgrammafinn says:

    for what it’s worth, when i put Kitty’s advantage on her neck, if i don’t get it exactly midline, she turns into the 7 lb, 18 year old , droolmonster from heck, i mean, you’ve almost never seen such slobber, unless of course you’ve had an american bison slobber your side view mirror off (Sequim animal farm, former home to BEN of grizzly adams fame). And i’m definitely not a bad mom (at least not to Kitty). please don’t ask my human kids.

  109. @nicole

    yes, i see what you’re saying. the problem is that i automatically assume that if a post is on cuteoverload, it’s already been vetted for cruelty. i’m always amazed when people see negligence or malice. i saw nothing of the kind with that puppy. my doggies make strangled, i’m dying if you’ don’t give me that, oh i’m calling the humane society if you don’t come and let me out right now faces all the time and i know i’m not being mean when i wait a millisecond or two before i acquiesce.

    so i see what you’re seeing, but i don’t agree with your interpretation of the human’s motivation. there’s enough cruelty out there already.

    this reminds me of a dog calendar my workmate and friend wanda and i used to ogle all the time. it was a black and white picture taken with a fisheye lens of a skinny dog sticking his big black noes into the camera. it was redonkulously cute. it was a favorite long past the year the calendar was printed.

    the caption said, “this is our dog, dash. we don’t know what kind he is, we just know he is a very nice dog.” we recited that line like the pledge of allegiance, so i think i remember it right!

    that’s what i think of cuteoverload.

    i don’t know what the rest of the internest is about, i just know this is a very nice place.

  110. Wow, what did I say. I’ve never been ‘waiting for moderation’ before.

  111. rubber duck says:

    Fatgrammafinn, The Diving Pig is my favourite!

    If I remember right, there’s both a summer version and a winter version. Although the summer version is the cutest – so relaxing.

  112. @bonzogal

    i feel much better now, thank yew!

    i might have to copy and keep “ACCK ACCK THHPTPTPTPT GLORK GLUCK ACK PTOOOO SPUT SPUT FEH PTOOO ACCCK SPLUT!” for future reference.

  113. Da puppies da puppies da puppies says:

    SO Cute. poor litel guy. but we all has to have our meddisons.

  114. “Bleeech!” Poor bebeh.

    Yes, I’m just certain that these cooing people who take videos of their puppy are going to cull him for being white. It’s totally the next obvious step here.

    Sometimes I think certain people get more stress out of this site than they do ‘awww’s…and sometimes I think they LIKE that.

  115. @mplsdeb

    just trying to gently nudge the conversation along from the puppy taking medicine… 🙂

  116. thank you, Sharpy… the funny thing is, when I had to give my Cockatiel medicine ( three different varieties, twice a day), he was so mellow… just swallowed it down, almost like he knew it would help him. this from the bird who tries to take my fingers off when I give him his food bowl, just because the fingers are touching his food bowl.

  117. Yuck, yuck…poor baby. Just wait for that first vet visit.

  118. fatgrammafinn says:

    mplsdeb… you get a “firstie” dance! if you hurt your back, i think i can talk QoD into making you some pie! and while you are resting up, i bet Theresa would love to share her insights on pre-Raphaelite art. Not kidding!!!! (thanx again Theresa)

    bonzogal… i was taught that GLUCK always precedes GLORK. but then again, my SSN starts with a 5. went to school back when we had to do our sums by firelight with charcoal on the back of a shovel. just like Abe.

  119. Poor little thing. At least she kept saying, “sorry, sorry” while she was dabbing his mouth. She was really quite sympathetic to the little pup as the video progressed. I don’t think they were making fun of him. Poor little thing.

  120. @fatgrammafinn


    forgive my intrusion, but since i’ve ruined my life stuffing my head with useless facts such as these, might i point out that the “5” in your SSN indicates the region of your birth, not the era. the higher the number, the farther west you were born. so 0 is east coast and … wait for it … 5 is west coast!


  121. fatgrammafinn says:

    *recurtsey to sharpey* feel free to intrude. must be for issuance, then. my husband was born in maple valley wa and his number is nearly identical to mine. first husband was issued here but he was born in canada, and i was born in WI but had my ssn issued here. my kids are all 5’s, grandkids, too. i am so amazingly ignorant.

    a post some time ago was perhaps dissing people for being left coasters- something along the lines of “i bet your SSN starts with a 5”, i thought they were talking about AGE!!! which is illegal.naughty naughty i’m telling. west-ism is, however, still legal!!!!

    please continue stuffing your brain, and i’ll carry on making mistakes. ttfn

  122. fatgrammafinn says:

    @rubber duck.. i’ll have to find the winter version, my daughters won’t stop arguing over the summer version. i love Sowa’s stuff, so subtly funny. i kinda like the bunny that is admiring himself in the mirror… wearing divaesque animal print boxers… that are way too big. there is a book out, with 50 prints of his, called “an enchanted bestiary”. i think that’s going on my christmas list

  123. I get sick and take Nyquil Nighttime – that makes me almost want to hack up my stomach. Dont – get discouraged – You are doing a great job and trying to take care of each little bundle of joy with momma / papa dog to sneak in and supervise their youngster howls. Humans are so catered too – What flavor do you want to add to your childs medicine ? See for more Info add $1.95 for each flavor – Where are the pets flavor of choice for medicine – Tuna, Beef, Chicken, Steak, Salmon, Veal, hey I want Turkey or Catfish flavor to make the medicine go down better ?.

  124. @fatgrammafinn

    >>it is kind of a long moniker,isn’t it ! i am a “Lynne with an E”- rather a rowdy club, but VERY exclusive.

    well, i for one, think it would be very prosh to call yourself “Lynn with an E,” but i’m a tad scrambled in the humor department. typical “5,” if you know what i mean 😉

  125. @meriweather

    >>I really hope there’s a joke I’m not getting there and not casual racism ‘for the luls.’

    i was suggesting that the spanish-speaking peeps in the video might have a different tasting medicine that we don’t have here! i DID take a leap of faith on the “latino” thing. was that the wrong word?

    i should have stuck with the language of the universe, esperanto:


  126. Just throwing two cents in: my mom’s cat had to take medicine for a while, and it made her do the same thing, including the spitty bubbles at the mouth. For whatever reason, not all medicine can be mixed with yummy flavors, or it has a really bitter undertaste that the yummy flavors just don’t cut.

    Puppy is not being tortured.

    Although, to quote my friend with a sick baby, after she cleared the snot out of his nostrils, “He was ready to call Amnesty International when I was done.”

  127. Puppeh so adorabuhls!

    When my older orange tabby was a kitten he had a series of respiratory infections. I learned two things the hard way:
    1. If you do not immediately clamp the mouth shut after administering liquid antibiotic (yes, I gave it with a dropper and he HATED it anyway), the kitten will shake his head and liquid antibiotic will be sprayed everywhere.
    2. The pink liquid antibiotic will stain the wall and never come out. Give up and hang a picture or paint over it. 🙂

  128. Queen of Dork says:

    In regards to SSNs, Cool! I was born way on the East Coast and mine starts with a 0! So I guess you peeps know how that whole “on the grid” thing works! 🙂

    P.S. I haven’t read all of these comments and am kind of wondering how this subject came up in the first place. I LOVE the randomness of the things talked about on this site. But I won’t go off subject anymore. ANIMALS ARE FLUFFY, FUNNY AND CUTE! (And they don’t have to have SSNs)

  129. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ sharpy, a lovely suggestion! but, how about “O.E. Place near a waterfall”. not at all shorter, but still pressess.

    @QoD. SSN thread grab ALL MY FAULT! i was trying to be pressess about my age. didn’t work out the way i intended. i was hatched, like all good dinosaurs. i’m not a cute and cuddly dinosaur, i am a largish loud ferocious cuddly dinosaur. with featherettes. turquoise, cuz i am a december hatchling.

    *mwah! big sloppy dinosaur smooches. happy saturday, all*

  130. fatgrammafinn says:

    when my husband and i were raising Discus, one got an impaction, and we had to give him injections of laxative.

  131. Queen of Dork says:

    fatgrammafinn: MWAH!!!! (smoochies, hugs and smiles.) 🙂

  132. Poor puppers, I know how you feel. I was doing the same all week after taking the Robitussin for my cold. Ick, ech, bleh….who makes this stuf??

  133. @saffron

    >>The pink liquid antibiotic will stain the wall and never come out. Give up and hang a picture or paint over it.

    isn’t that the purpose of faux painting?

  134. Queen of Dork says:

    chanpon: Medicine made by: Tasteteryuks. Medicine that works, but tastes bad. (Brought to you by Mutual of Omigahh)

    (run commercial)

    Tasteryuks…antioxcident things for the health of the body and things such as that…(say in really, really fast male voice): side effects include (but are not limited to): redness of tongue, face freezing that way, inability to taste vanilla ice-cream for half an hour, cheek puffing, eye squinting and watering due to nastiness of flavor, moderate squirming for a minute or two, professional grimacing in the mouth, nose and eye area of the facial region, a minute or so of not-liking-the-taste-of-thing-in-mouth but happy, overall, future health of the self. (This commercial moment brought to you by And now, back to our regularly scheduled stuff and things…

    Also, I hope you’re feeling much better, chanpon!

  135. If it helps at all, the Spanish-speaking medicine-administrators are all ferklempt about the poor puppy too.

    In the meantime, I suppose I’m going straight to hell because this made me cry, I laughed so hard… especially the quick cut to the mom’s worried face when they ask her if she wants some 🙂

  136. rubber duck says:

    Fatgrammafinn, I went to look for it and this must be the one I remember –

    – although it isn’t actually a winter picture after all, and the landscape’s different, too. It’s pretty as well, although kind of lacks the wonderful calm of the summer version.

    I used to have a postcard of the summer version that was cropped to only show the diving pig and not much of the landscape. Interestingly, it managed to look a bit like an extremely strange Renaissance painting 🙂

  137. I get that same exact reaction out of my cats when they have to take clavamox (which is, oddly enough, BANANA flavored). Why one earth did they make a medicine for CATS, flavored like BANANA? When was the last time you saw a cat nomming away on a banana? (Weeeeeenston doesn’t count… he’s an alien in a cat suit.)

  138. fatgrammafinn says:

    rubber duck- gorgeous and moody. thank you for finding that and publishing the link.
    little piggoletto getting the most out of the season! reminds me of the bittersweet lyrics to “Nights Wimming”, also on the “Automatic…” album by REM.

  139. Hola,hablan castellano por lo que oí…ese cachorro es un sueño,y es tan dulce tu manera de tratarlo,me conmoví cuando le dijiste-perdón…te felicito por el amor que le prodigas.Somos iguales en mi familia.Amamos a estas mascotas que dan amor a cada instante.Felicidades !

  140. Queen of Dork says:

    Must try to translate susy wire’s thing. hmmmmmmmm. ‘kay. Is this Portuegese? Let’s try. Hi. ummmmmmm. My friends…um…love the (something). My friends, my friends, I love you all and my cats? This instant? Yay Friends? Did I get that right? 🙂

    Love you Susy wire!

  141. ACKCH. Poor bebeh.

    Reminds me of when I was little and used to get strep throat all the time. I had to take this liquid called Biaxin and it tasted like nail-polish remover, plus it was thick and white and chunky and the little grains would get stuck in my mouth and UGH. I wasn’t allowed to take water after it, either. 😦

  142. warrior rabbit says:

    @QoD, Google translate says it’s: Hello, speak Castilian by what I heard … that puppy is a dream and is so sweet the way you treat it, I was moved when he said “sorry … I congratulate you for the love she gives. We are equal in my family. We love these pets that give love every minute. Congratulations!

    You know, online translations really have come a long way. I remember that they used to spit out things that were… not anywhere close to what the original speaker said. We use Google Translate a lot at work, and as long as the language uses the Roman alphabet, it does really well. Ideographs, Cyrillic and Hebrew, though… pffft.

  143. warrior rabbit says:

    Moderation! Sheesh. Someone go kick the machine that goes ping, wouldya?

  144. Queen of Dork says:

    Ellen: That sounds really disgusting. I remember when my mom used to make me take Peptol Bismal (sp?) sometimes and that was so gross. One time when I was about 4 or 5, I told her if she made me drink that crap, I would spit it out. So she spooned it in and I spit it out on the kitchen floor. I got in alot of trouble for that. Mom was NOT happy. She used to tell me stories of when she was a kid and how her mom made her and her brothers and sisters take this stuff called castor oil. Grandma would give it to them every year in the fall. My mom told me it’s the worse thing EVER and grandma used to actually have to chase the kids around the house and yard to spoon that icky stuff into their mouths. My mom said they would actually HIDE when it was castor oil time. But grandma was nice and would give them an orange to eat afterward to get the gross taste out of their mouths. Yuck. To this day, I myself don’t like to take medicine.

  145. He sure looks like he is choking to me!!! Poor thing…and they’re laughing!

  146. Waiting for moderation means they will not post it if they dont agree with it. Like my post about them choking and this not being cute. I guess this wont be posted either since I’m not saying how cute this choking puppy is.

  147. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m so not getting the nuffing on this one. Sorry, peeps, but I’m not. I even just watched it again to try to see the horror others are seeing. To me, it looks like an adorable puppy who took some medicine he doesn’t like. Then, the lady taking care of him seems so sweet and caring. He seems healthy and well loved. I don’t get where all this, “HE’S CHOKING! HE’S DYING!” THEY’RE LAUGHING AT HIM WHILE THEY ARE MURDERING HIM!” is coming from. It just looks to me like they gave him some yucky tasting medicine he didn’t like. Why is that so horrible?

  148. @jax

    actually, “waiting for moderation” means waiting for moderation.

  149. That is one lucky puppy to have people caring for it. Loveing it enough to give it medication. And it os both funny and cute to watch the poor baby’s expression. Makes me wanna go ” awwww… “and snuggle.

  150. Deaw puppeh:
    I totally undowstan. Maycine tayst yukkeh. But, it is to make u bettow. Seems like it bad, but it’s not! It keeps yew helsey.

    (composing like a four-year-old, and I’m ten times that!)

  151. Queen of Dork says:

    Misa: I just cracked up at that! “composing like a four-year old” indeed! I too, am in my 40s and LOVING IT! CAN’T WAIT FOR 50!! WOOOOHOOOO! Oh, except for the aches and pains part. 🙂

  152. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! And Mudbug: Thank you! I know you posted that a couple of days ago but thanks for the Mary Poppins video! I meant to say that to you. I am a HUGE, HUGE Julie Andrews fan so that really rocked my world!!

  153. Nuffers? Here’s a little perspective for you.

    My house is currently home to a rescue puppy named Fate. Picture of her:

    She’s 4-6 weeks old. One of our friends rescued her from his workplace, where he found her half dead. She was caught by her leg in the door of her cage for two days, trapped away from her food and water. She is so skinny you can count her ribs. The worst part is that after the first day of starvation, her untouched food attracted ants, which then ran all over her. Her little tummy was covered in ant bites, some swollen as big as a pea! She has a swollen leg because the cage wires punctured her and the wound got infected. When he found her, the infected leg was about four times the size of her other one.

    We have to give her an antibiotic solution with a dropper twice a day. We’ve put tons of sugar in it, we’ve tried chicken broth, and she still makes that face.

    Some things just taste NASTY. But you know what? It’s medicine. She’s being made well. That is not cruel.

    The a**h*** that left her in a room to die? He’s cruel. Ignoring her cries, not checking on her, leaving her to be killed and eaten by a swarm of ants? THAT’S cruelty.

    How dare you compare truly horrible and heartless human beings to people giving a puppy MEDICINE.

  154. (The Original) Mel says:


  155. @ Sharpy
    I am reading into what ‘waiting for moderation’ is used for and it seems like it is for censoring. They did not post my first comment and I assume it is because they disagreed with it. It’s their site and can do what they want with it.