Play Dead, Nanook!

Okay, um… maybe not quite that dead…

Nanook is drop-dead gorgeous, Coria R.



  1. ogeminijune says:

    Awwww Nanook you are a beauty!

  2. OMG!!! It’ Reverend Jim “Iggy” Ignatowski’s dog!

  3. P.S. if you don’t know who Reverend Jim is:
    From the sitcom “Taxi,” Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) takes a test for his driver’s license. Also starring Judd Hirsch, Jeff Conaway, Tony Danz…

  4. That is awesome. Pure, unadulterated AWESOME.

  5. It was the cat in the foyer with the nunchucks.

  6. If that’s a deddog, it’s laughing much too hard. That ain’t no deddog, it’s a Sled dog!

  7. B-B-B-B-O-O-O-O-O-O-P-P-P-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A big nose deserves a big boop.)

    Great photo of a gorgeous pup!

  8. LMAO!! What a GOOF!!

  9. OMG the tongue, the tongue!!! 😛 😆

  10. Is everything in this dog owner’s life color coordinated in shades of off-white???

  11. fatgrammafinn says:

    ya gotta luv a smilin’ goggie- i mean, what else ya gonna do wif dem?

  12. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  13. Holy byootiful doggies, Batman.

  14. Maybe everything is white so you don’t notice the dog hair…Nanook also has very nice clean white teeth.

  15. two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

  16. Awwww, Nanook…just like in Lost Boys. Super cute!

  17. BEEEEEEP!!!! Mega-BEEEEEEP!!!

  18. Baroooo!…Definish of…

  19. PS: Please don’t step on Nanook’s tongue. :mrgreen:

  20. dawnkeyotie says:


  21. I thought this was a Halloween decoration!

  22. That dog is drop-dead gorgeous!

    Too soon?

  23. Ooh, my first “awaiting moderation!” *feels edgy*

  24. HEHhehehe Occula … you big baddie you!

    Doggie is thinking…. wow the world is sideways!

  25. OMG… this cute 😛

  26. fatgrammafinn says:

    @occula… you get a “firstie” dance!!! have fun but don’t throw your back out! we get all kinds of firstie awards- first awaiting moderation, first “first comment”, first post.

  27. Hee!! Thanks! *dances*

  28. Grandma, what big eyes you have!

  29. Okay, if this isn’t the funniest thing I’ve seen today! ROTFL!

    Thank you very much, Nanook & Nanook owner!

  30. AGH. ZOMBIE dog!

  31. Love crossed-eye action going there, too!

  32. I actually guffawed out loud. Must remember to cover mouth before opening site when at work! Nice digs ya got there Nanook!

  33. [binaca spritz]
    So, “Mabi”…
    [signals bartender for another Singapore Sling]
    I hear you’re into… cross-eyed action

  34. Great! Boop! And thanks for Rev. Jim’s driving test. My favorite!

  35. Erin Bishop says:

    I WANT THIS DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Erin Bishop says:


  37. OHMYDOG, that looks like the funnest (and prettiest) dog that ever lived! Or died, even.

  38. Nice teef.

  39. Maybe Nanook was so excited to play dead that he had to demonstrate. “Play dead play dead play dead?! Like this?!” 😀

  40. The tongue. The tongue on the carpet. It keeels me. Would that I could ever be that chillaxed.

  41. Anyone else quietly humming Frank Zappa tunes about Nanook and huskies? 🙂

  42. “I see Blue! He looks GLORIOUS!”

  43. Really cute doggy pic!

  44. so pretty!!! with that collar it looks like a severed head xD but i love how he matchs with the deco

  45. kibblenibble says:

    occula, I love that being moderated makes you feel edgy. I’ll remember that next time it happens to me. I’m usually thinking, “What naughty word did I use that I was unaware was naughty?” Then I just end up feeling out of the loop, naughty-wise.

  46. AHHA, ahaahhahaha! 🙂 Wow. wowie wow wow. that is amazing. I see the tunnel of light, too just looking at this pic. 🙂

  47. One definitely wants to feel IN the naughty loop! Imagine yourself in a black leather jacket with lots of zippers, making regular squares feel nervous. 🙂

  48. Why, Patito, thanks for the drink!
    [reaches over and misses the glass]

  49. our Dachshund used to do something similar. She would lie down on the walkway to our house. she’d roll over on her side with two legs sticking up in the air and tongue hinging out. more than once we get concerned people knocking on our door asking if there was something wrong with her.

  50. Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of creepy? lol.

  51. HUH-larious

  52. @ace

    >>Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of creepy? lol.

    it IS creepy, but that’s the only they learn. you tell them over and over and then one of them just thinks he can outsmart it and turns to the mirror with stupons set on stun.

    yes, it’s creepy. it’s ugly. but it’s a fact of life until they get it through their heads.

    just another senseless victim of self-stuponification.

  53. @n. fritz

    >>Anyone else quietly humming Frank Zappa tunes about Nanook and huskies? 🙂

    OMGOG, that’s a real song? and there i was, thinking an angel had whispered those sacred words of wisdom to me alone… to this day, i still have never eaten yellow snow. 🙂

  54. THIS is why dogs are so doggone wonderful!

  55. Oh my god, the tongue.

    Big Floppy Tongue is my most favoritest thing about dogs, ever. It’s especially cute when it’s flopping out of the side of doggie’s mouth.

  56. Happy Halloween my guests – please DONT STEP ON THE ACTUAL LIVING DEAD DOG, haha. Mystery Theatre in the making – HEY CALLING PBS. The eyes, tongue and creepy front door in the background photo is awesome. I dont know how you managed to capture this photo – but it is amazingly great. Are you really sure this attention seeking furrball – is going to make a bolt / dash for his kibble and water after posing for his/her Hollywood Glamor Shots ?

  57. I can’t go to vets Ize dead.

  58. You know what?

    I would love to have this face on a coffee mug. Lol. A pure white porcelain mug with that fabulous face on the side. With that bright, happy face and those fabulous eyes! What a cool thing to wake up to. How could you not begin your day with a smile? ;D Love this!

  59. Wow, Nanook has such a lovely house!

  60. Ha ha! He has the same expression as Odie on Garfield. Goofy, excited smile with tongue hanging out. Only sideways. 😀

  61. I second that, Marie! 😆 😆

  62. This pup has such beautiful eyes! What a happy puppy!

  63. “…awaiting moderation.” Did I post too soon!? *sigh* 😦

  64. Is there anyone else who would love to stand back and yell “squirrel” at this beeootiful goggy??? 😀

  65. @Sharpy, Hell yes it’s a real song!! Zappa’s Apostrophe album is one of my most formative junior high experiences … sheer genius!

  66. So how do they keep that carpet so clean with a dog in the house?

    And what a dog! Love him!

  67. Wonder how long it took him to get the carpet fuzz off his tongue?

  68. i am lost in nanook’s eyes. also, leeps. lastly, those are some cleeeeaaan pup teeth.

  69. The hover text is too funny!
    What a georgeous dog….I’d sure like to know how they got the dog to do that…

  70. @ Ntmtom, BTW loving the Nanook of the North Reference.

  71. Eeek Help Sharpy I am stuck in moderation Limbo!

  72. Great picture. That pup has some perfect white teeth.

  73. Icy U Blue Eyes!
    Had a gorgeous set of eyes like those in my life once upon a time. His name was Dusty.
    Husky Malamute Mix. Loved him Soooo much!

  74. N. Fritz, don’t eat the yellow snow!

    My husband and I share our lives with a beautiful blue-eyed blonde…she is a Husky mix named Whompa. And I can testify that yes, huskies really are this goofy. Woo woo!

  75. So sweet. I just need to shnuggle this pup!

  76. “Won’t you be my prisoner? Please? Please? Please?”

  77. @kittyadventures

    >>Eeek Help Sharpy I am stuck in moderation Limbo!

    i’m sorry! i didn’t hear your cries. i was off-duty. regenerating my superpowers. ironing my uniform and polishing the cold, cruel exterior of my mask.


  78. @MAL: Squirrel!!

  79. @ Sharpy Yay!!! Thank you I knew you would come rescue me as soon as you were able..


  80. Opps that was supposed to be a 😀

  81. Blue eyes… puppy’s got blue eyes… like a deep bloo sea… on uh bloo bloo dayh…
    Blue eyes… puppy’s got blue eyes… when the morning comes… puppy faints dead away…

  82. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. And I was in class too… oops…. 🙂

  83. This is one of funniest photos I’ve ever seen!! Made me laugh out loud for real! Doggy’s got a career in the theatre. What a face. Watch out Scooby Doo.

  84. If this dog was a human, it would have been a class clown.

  85. There must be some SERIOUS belly-rubbing going on just out of frame.

  86. Lerrinus, let’s hope the owners get to zazzle or cafepress very soon! I’ll be on the lookout. 😉

    (Wonder what cutie Nanook’s doing today.)

  87. Those are the whitest, cleanest teeth that I’ve ever seen on a dog. Not seeing any signs of tartar build up.

    My dentist would approve.

  88. HAHHHHHH! I laughed so hard when I saw that one!

  89. What a beautiful dog!

  90. OMG that dog is priceless!!

  91. Another victim of The Many Flavored Carpet… so sad, so young. I tried to tell them all. one does not mess with The MFC, unless one wants to seriously be messed with, dudes and dudettes. It changes you, man, like, you dont even know…
    *tries to stare sadly into a cloudy sky as a single tear runs down a sun-wrinkled cheek*
    *glances at picture*

  92. this is the best picture i’ve seen here, ever!

  93. awesome! I want a dog like this!

  94. don’t look at me like that dog

  95. Reminds me of my fraternity days.

  96. OMW! What STUNNING eyes you have, Nanook!!!

  97. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Nanook is hilarous! Playing dead with a big smile on his face & a look of mischef in his eyes!

  98. Makes me think of that song “Bright Eyes” … not sure if that’s the title, but words go “Turn around bright eyes.”

  99. Nanook, you are the BEST!!! You made me and my mum p ourselves with laughter. I would buy your channelled self development book any day 😉

  100. I haven’t laughed that hard at a photo in a looooooooooong time. And when i stopped laughing/crying and opened my eyes, he was still there, and it started all over again.

    At first, the creepy dead eyes, but then the hilarity!

    Thank you.

  101. This is *really* funny! You made me laugh and laugh! Thanks NTMTOM. I adore you.

  102. Amber MoonRider says:

    I made a signature with this! check it out: leeckit

    If you use it, please tell me 🙂

  103. Wow… this pic really brightened up my day!! Love it. Bookmarking for future bad days when I need a good laugh. 😀