Miracles of the Insect Kingdom

Of all the wonders in this tiny realm, few are more inspiring than the transformation of the humble doggerpillar. In the first stage of life, this plain brown creature is content to crawl along the ground. Then something amazing happens…

Guided by a centuries-old instinct, the doggerpillar knits a cocoon. The work is tedious and slow, mainly because the doggerpillar has trouble holding the knitting needles. After many hours of work and trips to Yarn Barn, the cocoon takes shape — a shelter that will protect the doggerpillar during the metamorphosis to come.

The work completed, the doggerpillar sleeps. Perhaps it will dream of the new life that awaits when it emerges, resplendent in color, as the majestic pupperfly.

Photographer/knitter: Michael Wade



  1. Stylish.

  2. fatgrammafinn says:

    earth tones for fall! now, either that hat is for a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG head, or that weiner is a tiny little thing. either way, I WANT!

  3. Ahn. I sure would larva doggerpillar/pupperfly of my own.

  4. Dog-cozy?

  5. warrior rabbit says:


  6. All we need is the Hinterland’s Who’s Who theme in the background.

  7. Oh, and can someone please knit that pupperfly some wings and send in a follow up pic?

  8. NTMTOM I love you ’cause you make me laugh.

  9. Wiener had a rough time sleeping in the hat. He found it too cloche for comfort.

  10. scale of the knit throws off perception of the size of the dog.
    It’s awesome.

    (must live in a DOLL HOUSE, right?!)

  11. I freely admit that I snorted coffee when I read, “…mainly because the doggerpillar has trouble holding the knitting needles.” Too funny, NTMTOM! Some day I’ll learn not to drink coffee while visiting CO.

  12. Either that’s really teeny dog, or he lives with giants. 😯

    Doggerpillar! BWAH!


    I wanna come in and hibernate too!

  14. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….it seems somewhat more akin to s’thing from the Canine Kingdom ….but I’m feelin’ the whole knitting theme. Theo, on the other hand, might have some objections…… but then Theo no esta en la casa!!

  15. Awwww. Did a guy knit this then? Check out the emerging pup!

    Puppy Dogue Snoogy - For Cleo

  16. As soon as I saw the heading, I knew it was NTMTOM, who gives us these True-Life Adventures. :mrgreen:

  17. Whilst he sleeps a miracle takes place. The bodies constituent parts break down into a chemical soup and begins to reform. The casing splits and from it emerges half a dozen prime pork sausages.

  18. It’s quantum physics. Yes, that’s what it is….

  19. Until next time, enjoy our wild America!

  20. PS:
    1. You can’t fool me. That’s not a cocoon, that’s my grandma’s hat. She used to make hundreds of them. It needs a few sequins.

    2. @Hon Glad: *snerk!*

  21. OMG!!!
    THAT”S CLEO!!!
    this is so awesome.
    i know a dog-celeb.

  22. So this Mike who does the knitting, and the pikcha-taking, and the puppy-wrangling– would that be not Not That Mike, not Not that Mike the Other Mike, but Not that Mike, Not Not that Mike the Other Mike, the Other Other Mike? :mrgreen:

  23. Oh noes, what did I do?

  24. *sigh*
    Lil’ doggerpillar, can I please join you in your warm cozy coccoon? 😦 I always get so sad when the weather turns cooler. I would love to hibernate for the winter.

  25. You have the picture sequence backwards. After metamorphosing in its cocoon, the larvae emerges as a beautiful weiner-dog!

  26. @ 260Oakley… you know every day you amaze me and I realize how much fun you must have playing with words….. You Ma’am are a queen. Please tell me you write novels or short stories that I can go find and read.

  27. NTMTOM and 260Oakley – a match made in heaven!

    What CO needs instead of a calendar – a book written by NTMTOM with many comments/footnotes by 260.


  28. The strange proportions in the comparative size of the hat/knit/dog/furniture are making me feel vaguely uncomfortable. But sweet snuggly dog!

  29. @KittyAdventures and BB/VA
    You are too kind. I doff my fools cap to you.

    As far as my literary output goes, I’m strictly a pun trick pony and I could never be more than a footnote to NTMTOM, who is a veritable general of all genres.

  30. Ah, yes, the Pupperfly. A very sad creature.

  31. The reference to the Yarn Barn made me gasp — is the renown NTMTOM from our very own Lawrence, Kansas, where the fabulous Yarn Barn has sat, resplendent in gorgeous textiles, lo these many years?! But a quick check of Google lets me know there is a Yarn Barn in Connecticut, a Yarn Barn in San Antonio, and so on . . . dang!

  32. I knit a kitty-cozy once but my cat ignored it and chose to sleep in the clothes hamper instead. Sigh, I miss her so much.

  33. this is too much, I’m laughing so hard. I love CO! I love all ya-all, and all of your wonderful animals. Thank you thank you thank you,

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    @Penny, I bought a kitty-cozy at a shop once, kind of a big knitted bowl. You couldn’t pay my cat to get into it. I tried to put her in, in case she just needed to experience the joy before deciding, but she was royally “p”d off and jumped out immediately. Finally had to give up. But as for the pupper-fly, here’s another demonstration of why Doxies are on the short list of possible doglets I may have someday.

  35. Aghh! Dachshund/dogerpillar/not being able to hold needels/knitting man/NTMTOM/head exploding/.

  36. I got so excited, I spelled needles wrong. Need nap.

  37. @neopatra

    yay! yay

  38. @everyone!

    AUDIO WARNING: EXTREME BABY TALK! Do not watch this video with the sound on if you can’t handle ewby-wewby-schnooby-widdle-beebee-wuzzy-woo-woo soundtrack!

  39. @BB/VA

    or just keep coming back to cuteoverload, where we feed and clothe at least one of them!

    we love our writers and commenters! commentors! how the hell do you spell that word?!

  40. fatgrammafinn says:

    @sharpy -comma-n-taters? yeah, that’s the ticket! we’re all comma-n-taters!!

  41. @Sharpy: Why I just WUV ewby-wewby-schnooby-widdle-beebee-wuzzy-woo-woo!

  42. PS: Woo woo woo!

  43. Am I the only one who hears this in his head in the gently authoritative voice of Sir David Attenborough?

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    Might Cleo have fleas? Looks like she’s picking knits.

  45. @ G. ….what a face on that pup! Part “Yea, my wings are pink, so?” , part “For kibble I put up with THIS?!?!”

  46. Haha, add narration from David Attenborough, cue Elton John’s “the Circle of Life” and we got ourselves the next addition to BBC’s “Life” series.

  47. You guys qwack me up! 260Oakley, you qwack me up! How did I ever live without C.O.? How indeed!

  48. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: my long-deceased pup Skipper awoke in his grave and said “WT****” at yer squeakie cutesy-baby voice.

    (wide-eyed emoticon that I still can’t figure out; the closest I’ve gotten gave me a sunglasses emoticon; wrong mood ….)


  49. That is so awesome. Where can I get the pattern??

  50. Dachshunds are the cutest dog around if fact I own two of them there even smaller than my big cat, but they all get along fine and play together. So seeing the little dog sleeping in a warm little cover is no surprise there always looking for a warm place to sleep

  51. I am coming back at this late hour, because I have been lying awake thinking about this. Is there really a real “Insect Kingdom”? Do all the insects have a monarchy? Is it hereditary? Is it constitutional, parliamentary, or absolutist? Who is the insect king s/o queen anyway? Is there a system of nobility– dukes, earls, lords, all that stuff? Are there insect honors for distinguished insects??? 😯

  52. PS: Shnibby nobby wuzzy woo!

  53. pupperfly *snicker*

  54. @sharpy – I just feel that NTMTOM and 260Oakley’s words should be preserved for the ages.

  55. Theresa – I am in accordance with your sage remark Shibby nobby wuzzy woo.
    I would only add Schlub scronk fuddle wooznit, to make myself clear.

  56. Does anyone know if there is a pattern for this? I want to knit one for my puppy!

  57. That’s my lil baby, Cleo!! She certainly is a doggerpillar, burrowing into anything she can find, with a snort and a sniffle. We’ll have to see how she emerges.

    In the past she has emerged as a nun.
    Cleo as a Nun.

    And as a floating saint.
    AVFKW Hanami

    and as a bunneh!
    Marcel Oliver the French Angora Bunny
    just kiddin’ that’s her brother!

  58. I prefer to think he’ll eclose as a furry, coppery, Canis Moth. Moths are so much more interesting (and more adorable!) than butterflies.

  59. @ Donna if you go to the link above you go to the guy who knit it’s Flicker page and you could easily send him a message request there.. It looks like he is a hard core knitter.

    This is a four strand large needle project and I am guessing you could knit it up in no time.

    It looks like from his comments that it started as something else and ended up being turned into a cosy for the puppy! So sweet!

  60. SIgh Apparently Cute overload thinks I am a BOT … Drums fingers waiting for Sharpy to release me from prison!

  61. Doggie knitting itself a coccoon with knitting needles? Come now! Only NTMTOM can spin that yarn.

  62. @Hon Glad, and a wuffleschnooz to you.

  63. This is too cute. I have two adorable dachsies. Lucy & Ricky.
    They both love to burrow. I will go to make the bed…and the pillow will weigh much more than it should…out crawls Lucy annoyed that I woke her up. Ricky burrows under the covers. I can make the bed oh so lovely, and a few minutes later Ricky will have burrowed under the covers and all you will see sticking it out is his black nose. When they sleep, they must be under something.

  64. He is a master in cuteness!

  65. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ mplsdeb (sp?)

    AND YET you perSIST, in re-arranging the linens??

    WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES, woman??? Haven’t the Lord and Lady of the House made their needs *QUITE CLEAR*, thankyouverrymuch?????

    Indignant (not really) Animal Advocate

  66. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ps @ mplsdeb.
    Don’t “‘splain” (!) to Loocy or to Ricky…but I really *WAS* justkiddingk, yaknow??

  67. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ooooh and Minou is giving 2600 a run for tha monnae!!! GOOD one!!!

    (Crowd ROARS its approval and does the WAVE)