Look Yonder, Past Your Separation Anxieties, Carl

Witness the majestic landscape that surrounds us: The blue skies. The lush ravines. The deep, clear waters. Carl, the world is your oyster…so stop being such a damn barnacle!!!

Forwarded by Brinke G.



  1. Which one is Carl?

    And what is the other one’s name?

    I need to know.

    Otherwise, the sheer ottery-ness will prevent me from functioning intelligently for the rest of the day.

  2. @AuntieMame: I’m going to go with the one on the left being Carl. The other is clearly a Stanley.

    Yaaaay more otters! Now excuse while I give their noses a mighty booping. BOOP!

  3. I love how lil’ otter on the right is looking at camera.

  4. Are you sure those aren’t Siamese twin otters?

  5. Eminently snorglable muzzlepowsches!

  6. those faces! aaaaaaagh!

  7. OMGOMGOMG! *ded from cute* *thud*

  8. mama said don’t leave the front porch Carl!

  9. knittinkitten says:

    Teh cuteeees! I agree there are two of the most boopable noses ever! Beep! Beep!

  10. oh my gosh, their faces!! I would totally kiss them on the cheeks (and I’m sure they’d react much as my cat does: “Ewwwwch, gross, mom!”)

  11. Ohmygod. Otter. Lips. *dies*

  12. hmmmm, venture out into an unknown, cold world…or snuggle cuddle and snooze the day away with your warm, furry otter family?

  13. @ Lizzy (#2) – you forgot the second boop. so BOOP!

  14. OMG!! Zee wittle otter lips!!
    Is it wrong for me to want to put pink lipstik on them??

  15. Suffering socatash matching muzzle pouches.

  16. Looks like it’s up to me:


  17. Enjoy this rare moment of serenity while you can. Saw a family of river otters at Monterey Bay Aquarium recently. These little guys can’t stay still for even one second. Amazing speed on land and water.

  18. Venerable Bead says:

    I’d go for one being “Carl” and the other being “Elmo” – my dad’s name – b/c he HATED going outside of his comfort zone…but once he did he had a blast.

  19. otterknowbetter says:

    Dear C.O. – I’m getting dangerously close to a head ‘splode thanks to your persistence in posting otters. Just thought you otter know. Thankyouverymuchharrumph.

  20. Wwwwwhisssssskerrrrrrssss! 🙂

  21. fatgrammafinn says:

    i didn’t know otters did pensive. especially teenage otters. petulant, maybe? those bottom lips have me very worried.

  22. Thee leeps! OMG, thee LEEEEPS!

  23. Stefonavitch says:

    @wuyizidi: I could be wrong but, I’m pretty sure these are a type of river otter and the ones you saw at MB Aquarium were probably the larger (but still very snuggly and frolicky) sea otters.

  24. Wotters!? Otters!

  25. @VenerableBead– ELMO is your dad?!!

    Is Mr. Noodle your uncle?? 😯

  26. @ Stefanovich there are river otters at Monteray Bay Aquarium too .. there is a whole section devoted to the otters and their plight! Land otters are endangered all over the world due to lose of habitat.

    They also have the sea otter exhibit. which has been featured here on Cute overload.

  27. PS: Two-headed Ottére!!??

  28. Fleurdamour says:

    I want one or both of them to kiss me.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    @Gigi–seeing as how their names are Carl and Stanley (or Elmo), I’m thinking the pink lipstick might be wrong. I’d go for a more mauve-y color perhaps.

  30. Human Lips!!! So kissable….

  31. Look at dem leeps! look at dem!!

  32. Every time I see a picture of otters here, I’m convinced CO is trying to kill me ded. BTW, it works every time.

  33. Venerable Bead says:

    @ Theresa…yup Elmo is my dad. Well, no, not really, but after years of threatening us with certain and painful death if we EVER repeated his middle name (he HATED it), I got brave one year and gave him nothing but Elmo gear for Xmas. Complete with an Elmo bike flag for his riding lawnmower.

    My uncle was affectionately referred to as Mr. Green Jeans (he was a farmer)

  34. Wheeskery keesses!

  35. fatgrammafinn says:

    i am so lucky to live in w. wa, you can go sea kayaking out of westport at 10 in the morning and see sea otters, and then go river kayaking on the skykomish at 2 in the after noon and see river otters. same with waterskiing in the pacific (dead of winter but we grow em tuff out here) and go snow skiing in the cascades 4 hours later. do i do these things? heck no, there are books to be read and tv shows to be watched and clothes to be shopped for and comments on CO to be made. my boss lady’s nephew came to visit from denmark a couple weeks ago, she took him kayaking on puget sound and they got surrounded by one of the local pods of orcas… in denmark and the rest of scandinavia orcas are not on an endangered list and nephew was more than a little freaked out. they are kind of like ocean going tyrannosaurus rexes 30 feet long with big HUGE moufs and 6 inch long teeth. you are supposed to not go nearer than about 100 yards, but if they want to come flirt with your kayak there’s not a lot you can do to dissuade them.

  36. OMG those faces!!!!

  37. Proof that otters are quite possibly the cutest animals in the universe. This pic gave me a serious case of the warm-fuzzies. ❤

  38. Awwwwww! Love them!

  39. Monterey Bay Aquarium River Otters

  40. And Another one
    These are from one of my many visits there

  41. Omigosh, twin cuteness. Boop boop. Hey, lucky me, I live in Monterey, near the Aquarium! Hah!

  42. You know, CO should have a “Leeps” tag.

    Just sayin’. X3

  43. Wonder twin powers…activate!

    WANNA NOM NOW !!!!!

  45. No!! to cute!! My mom once said “cute is a cup suger.”

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    @fatgrammafinn–I know! Isn’t it wonderful to know that you CAN go do all that stuff if you want to or you can just sit on a beach somewhere and just LOOK at the mountains! Us Pacific Northwesterners “are the luckiest people in the world” * sung in my best Barbra voice*

  47. divine dueling muzzelpowschies! luffff, sigh.

  48. I also vote for “Leeps.”

  49. Okay, these are positively the cutest otters I have EVER seen!

  50. Baby otter faces!!!

  51. Frick & Frack. Pete & Repeat.

  52. @kittyadventures

    i went to the monterey bay aquarium after it first opened. i was completely hypnotized by the otters eating clams and floating on their backs in the kelp. i thought they were sea otters, though–?

  53. ymkma- Arbed – is your avatar your sploded brain or a walnut chocolate ?

  54. @Sharpy- if you were there after it first opened, it was sea otters that you saw (they’re one of my favorites!). The river otter exhibit is relatively new (a few years now?) Now you can see both kinds of otter there – double the cute!

  55. at sharpy if you go to my videos there are three, one of the sea otters and then the other two I posted here are the river otters
    as dmaufer mentioned they have had the river otters since at least 2007.

    The river otter exhibit is in a seperate area from the sea otters.
    The sea Otters are in teh middle and teh river otters are at one of the ends of the Aquarium… It is a really cool exhibit.. but very noisy. Not for the otters they are behind thick glass but for the humans for sure LOL.

    Best time to go is whwen they are being fed but then they are pretty chipper no matter when you show up.

    I love the otters.

  56. Or mebbe…mungojerry & rumpleteazer? 🙂
    these two are definetly looking for something to get into!

  57. Hurro?

    How r u?
    How r u

    U have food?
    U food

    Stop imitating me plz
    Stop imitables plzeez

  58. I vote for a Leeps tag too!

    Also, this is one of those pictures that, when I see it, I think “how in the hayle did the photog not DIE of cuteness while taking it???”

  59. They are adorable. Love their faces.

  60. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeears!

  61. They look like little old men. Sort of Wilford Brimley-esque. 🙂

  62. All these cute otters lately are keeling me!!!!

    I just want to huggle, snuggle, and kiss their little heads. That will be my dying wish…

  63. Guess I need my eyes checked: I’m seeing double and I swear I am not under the influence of any liquor or some drugs. Unless… wait now! It may be the cuteness that has this effect! I just knew it’d have eventually an effect on my faculties!

  64. what a cute couple

  65. Want to kiss them both on the forehead.

  66. So very prosh! Caution… watch out for the rainbow-colored puddle I left due to too much cute. Overloaded my circuits and haid ‘sploded!!!

  67. fatgrammafinn says:

    flutterbye… so glad you mentioned your spodin’ head, i was afraid you had squeeeeeed your pants

  68. Twin otter, disapproval level = moderate.

    Too cute. My day is now complete.

  69. fatgrammafinn 09.15.10 at 3:26 pm – Enjoyed your post ! : )