Cuppa Bun for Bunday?

Look what our good neighbor Tracy C. done brought us: “I found two baby bunnies on my front porch. I put one of them in a measuring cup to show how tiny it was.”

That’s funny, they don’t look so tiny after a… Cute Overload Extreme Close-Up!



  1. awww
    adorable 🙂

  2. Tracy C doesn’t tell us that it’s actually a 1 GALLON measuring cup. That bun is HUGE! And…um…so is the person holding the cup.

  3. Quick! Someone make a joke about a rabbit recipe! (Cuz I can’t think of one!)

  4. Winterbymorning says:

    Why don’t I ever find baby bunnies on my porch?! 😦

  5. DO WANT!

    *grabby hands*

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m gonna asplode!

  7. Mix two anerable buns, add fresh snozzle, and a teaspoon of floofiness, and what you have?

    That’s right: a whole lotta PROSH, that’s what you have!

    When baked at 250 degrees for 45 min., natch. (Note: do NOT try this at home w/real baby buns).


  8. Jordawesome says:

    Cute: yes!
    Irresponsible: maybe. See the link below for why:

  9. ::runs to balcony in search of baby bunkins::

    (several seconds pass)

    ::sits dejectedly in front of laptop after finding no baby bunnies on porch::

    ::resumes browsing Cute Overload for cheerings::

  10. Beeg head, tiny bun = CUTE

  11. A friend just found three of these while tilling his garden, so he is trying to keep them alive. I feel so bad when things like this happen, but they are so darn cute.

  12. Hovertext: Loving I am, the Yoda-like NTMTOM syntax. :mrgreen:


  14. This is actually probably a baby hare or jackrabbit! When rabbit babies are that little, they’re blind and helpless. Hares are born basically ready to go, eyes open, full coat of fur, etc.

    Regardless. Cuuuuute.

  15. Needs more bun, the cup is not quite filled. And how do you level off a cup of bun for baking?

  16. This cuppa bun brings back memories…I found an injured baby bun about two months ago in my front yard. Rushed him to a vet tech friend and it turns out the poor baby had nubs for 3 of his legs!!! The vet said they thought it was a lawn mowing accident. I live in an HOA and our lawns are mowed every Monday. 😦 We tried nursing the little boy back to health for adoption, but Captain Nubbins did not make it. Baroo!

  17. Jordawesome: I would think “on their porch” would be an inappropriate place for the baby buns, as far as that link is concerned. Just off the porch in the grass would be one thing, but on the porch would be out in the open, ripe for a hawk or owl 😦

    They are frigging adorable though 🙂

  18. Long time looker, first time squeeee’er!! I think I broke a glass when I saw this… Reminded me of the time I rescued a wee squirrel from a neighborhood cat…he was a bit smaller than the bun.

  19. Adorable, but yes, I concur with Jordan above — unless they’re obviously in trouble or danger, they’re best left alone, as bunny mummies come and go, and “abandoned” baby rabbits or hares are often not abandoned at all — and interference by well-meaning people can actually be detrimental.

    Very cute, though.

  20. Such a little teener weener beener! So entirely adorkabuhls!!

  21. OK, muttlover, since you asked:
    They are obviously making something sweet. My guess would be either a bundt cake, or cinnamon buns. I just hope they are wearing a harenet while they work.

  22. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    …”Fuzzee Wuzzee, is [was] a Hare ….”

  23. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    OMG 260: you are an incredible punmachine.
    But I s’pose you’ve already “herd” that before (giggle) !!!! 🙂

  24. @260Oakley rushes in with a right, a left, a right!!! BAM BAM BAM!

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    Not to detract from the bunny, but this cracks me up. Have we seen this before?

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Arrgh. How come sometimes it displays as an inline vid and sometimes as a link?

  27. Bun looks a perky litle feller, just wait till the woes of the world decend on him,
    he will assume the mantle of disapproval and brandish the sword of harumph and the sheild of disapointment.

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Oakley, that was bunderful!

  29. Cute and adorable, yes… but like others have mentioned, really irresponsible, especially as bun-moms often leave their babies alone and come back looking for them. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that baby buns are highly stressed out (to the point of being physiologically compromised) by excessive handling… and I’m not sure if bun-moms are one of those animals that abandon their babies when they smell human hands.

  30. *squeals incoherently and attempts to pet screen*

  31. *OHHHH,
    a spoon full of rabbit maaakes the medicine, go down,’
    theeee medicine go doowoown, medicine go down*
    *waltzes off into the chimney top skyline*

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    OK NTM, now you’ve got
    Beans waltzing among the chimneys, kisekeilia (did I manage to *almost* spell that keerectly? ) squealing incoherently and attempting to pet her computer screen….

    Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

  33. Must be making a bunny-mustard dipping sauce, or maybe some bunny-lemon tea?

  34. Rule of Cute #???

    If your head is as big as your body, you’re cute.

  35. Her cup bunneth over!
    (What is it about rabbits that make them the most punderful of animals?)

  36. So, …pretty soon she’s going to have a bun in the oven.

  37. And then a li’l bundle of joy!

  38. Excuse me but do you have any Bun Poupon?

  39. O NO He/She/it DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY Decca!!!!

    (and everybunny else, 2!!!!)

  40. Kin I borrow a cup of cuteness? I’m makin’ sweetie-pie.

  41. It’s a cup o’ coney! Coney = rabbit under one year old. Not sure if the same terminology applies to hares, but meh!

    Why do I never find buns on MY porch? Oh wait… cuz I always find KITTENS under my porch, right…

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    *snerk* “five-gallon Drum-O-Bun” someone’s been shopping at Costco again! (I would SOOO buy that!)

  43. Rodents of unusual size? I do not believe they exist.

  44. starling: rodents, maybe. Lagomorphs, yes 😛

  45. I too, worry about the little bun-buns missing their Mom… BUT, I’m going to pretend that after this person took their measurements, that they put them back where they found them… Then Mom-bunny came by, picked them up, scolded them gently for wandering off, then took them back to her Bunny Home for crackers and jam… That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…

    (Hey, I’m happy in my own little world here, where the sky is purple, and my Kitties actually do what I tell them to…)

  46. Sugar? No thanks, I’m sweet enough.

  47. Ditto – adorable but they need to go back outside where their bun mom is probably frantically looking for them. They are wildlife and we have no business taking them from the wild. They could possibly die without care from their mom. If you don’t see the mom after a day or two, you could then call a local wildlife rescue, but it isn’t unusual to see baby rabbits left alone while the mom is out seeking food.

  48. StormCat: I like your world. Can I come?

  49. Stormcat may I live in your world too?

  50. @RoseyPosey (#41): Ooo, so Coney Island is Rabbit Island!
    *The more you know*

  51. oh

  52. ACK! I want to go hold a little bun bun now.

  53. While you’re at it, Stormcat:

  54. Zhimbo 09.12.10 at 11:41 am
    Tracy C doesn’t tell us that it’s actually a 1 GALLON measuring cup. That bun is HUGE! And…um…so is the person holding the cup.

    Fee fie foe fum,
    I smell the blood
    of an English bun!

    (But how the heck did it climb the beanstalk?)

  55. @mie #50

    You are correct!

    From wikipedia – The Dutch name for the island was Conyne Eylandt (Konijnen Eiland in modern Dutch spelling),[2] meaning Rabbit Island. This name is found on the New Netherland map of 1639 by Johannes Vingboon. (New York State and New York City were originally a Dutch colony and settlement, named Nieuw Nederlandt and Nieuw Amsterdam.) As on other Long Island barrier islands, Coney Island had many and diverse rabbits and rabbit hunting prospered until resort development eliminated their habitat.

  56. Cup full of bunlovin.

  57. Aubrey Peters says:

    For godsakes people, if you find baby animals, leave them the heck alone. Baby bunnies are often mistaken for “abandoned”; however, Mama Bunny is nearby, but far enough away to draw predators away from her babies. She only nurses them once every 24 hours, and must eat constantly to produce the rich milk to feed them so that’s where she is and what she’s doing. Leave the wilderness alone and go adopt a shelter rabbit if you must have “squee”.