Saturday Night Schnozzle

Koalas really own the Schnozzular space. Seriously, who else has a schnozzle like that? Answer? No other animal! Koalas are mayors of Schnozzleville:

So Dad, when can I go surfing?

Schnozzular and Koalular by Photopakismo!



  1. Shnozztastic!

  2. Boop!

  3. Father nose best.

  4. A rare photo of eucalip readers in action

  5. Is that a photobomb finger there on the right over Dad’s paw?

    260Oakley, “Father nose best”, my compliments to you!

  6. hay Que cute!!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re giving the bunnehs a run for their money in the “disapproving” category, too, if you ask me.

  8. Mary (tf) I *so* agree. My grandmother used to have that same expression on her face most of the time.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    I love the tinge of peenk you can see around the eyes, chin, and Dad’s ears. Peenkness = Qteness, in my book.

  10. It’s like how much more schnozzular can they be, and the answer is none. None more schnozzular. :mrgreen:

  11. LittleInsaneDrunkenAngel says:
  12. I’m sorry, but according to foursquare I am the Mayor of Schnozzleville.

  13. Also:

  14. knittinkitten says:

    Too boopable! And teh floof factor is looking pretty high there too! Teh cutes!

  15. Let’s get schnozzular, schnozzular . . .

  16. I like what the photographer has the baby saying on flickr:
    so Dad, what do I get if I don’t tell mom that you came back very late last night?

    Dad’s mouth has a definite “egad” shape to it.

  17. Queen of Dork says:

    Schnozzle. he-he. Schnoz.
    Theresa: The headband. Lord, help us…the head band…(gulp)

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    @Patito’s video link–WTF!!! And I have never said that before (at least not out loud).

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Re: Patito’s vid: Cool! Loving the…teeth and suits and the thing with the…

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    WHY did I watch that video right before bedtime??!? I’ll have nightmares for sure now!

  21. Patito Gigante – As Foghorn Leghorn would say – What the hayull, I said what the hayull, is thayut boy.

  22. Patito: What they said! What is that video about???? Tell us more, we beg you.

  23. Hold the phone- what about the noblely-schnozzed and majestic Tapir???? HMMMM?

    Hi everyone! I send my affection and love, ee-vennnnn!

  24. Hi Katrina!!!

  25. LOL, executive koala! I’ve heard of the movie, but never thought to try to find a clip of it. You win patito.

    we now return to schnozzle-beeping…

  26. Vidios have noting to do with these cuties!!!

    junita & bobo is what I’d call them!!!!

  27. I lurves me some koalas. Their sole purpose on earth is to bring us teh Qte.

  28. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ patito *edward everett horton voice-over* “Shamelessly Overacted Theatre brought to you courtesy of Viewers Just Like YOU! Stay tuned for scenes from next weeks production of “The Flying Tigers”, starring James Shatner, “Pinafore” Chinchy, Overly Dramatic Ground Squirrel, and Biscuit Eating Marmot in the role of General Togo”

  29. fatgrammafinn says:

    besides schnozz, they also own the rights to STERN STERN STERN. must be Calvinists. (yes i did read the WHOLE wiki entry!)

  30. AH, now that ONJ song is stuck in my cranium! GAH!!

  31. @Theresa – ya’ll always crack me UP! LOL

  32. I couldn’t help but think the of the movie Singing In the Rain. There is a song that Gene Kelly sings with Donald O’Connor… there is a line about noses.
    If I could, I’d put the video of it on.
    Moses suposes his toeses are roses But Moses supposes erroneously And Moses, he knowses his toeses aren’t roses As Moses supposes his toeses to be Moses suposes his toeses are roses But Moses supposes erroneously A Rose is a rose A Nose is a nose A Toese is a toese hoopty doodle doodle . Moses suposes his toeses are roses But Moses supposes erroneously And Moses, he knowses his toeses aren’t roses As Moses supposes his toeses to be……

  33. That clip is from the 2005 film “Executive Koala”, directed by Minoru Kawasaki (♥Japan♥). Now, I haven’t seen this film yet (the dvd is in the mail omg omg omg) but I do know that it’s about an ordinary divorced salaryman who happens to be a koala and is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, which leads him to question his own sanity. By all accounts, the film gets much weirder and stupider from there.

    If Executive Koala lives up to my expectations I might actually die of happiness, in which case I’d like you all to know that at least I didn’t suffer.

    And I know you’re wondering if there’s a theme song. There is a theme song.

  34. Patito: you are weird, but I’ve known this since I watched your really, really great films (the one with the sandwich etc.). And I salute your weirdness, it rivals my own!

    And, Japan heart!

  35. Koala 1 to Koala 2: Do you have some Grey Poupon? [Remember the commercial with the two limos side-by-side?]

  36. so..shnozleville…is it a facebook game? it should be. feed the shnozle, collect shnozles and earn coins for BOOPING the SHNOZLE…
    thank you, that is all!

  37. I don’t know about owning the Schnozzular space… check out THIS guy…wombats are seriously in the running…

  38. If you noozle them in the nose, it opens a magical portal to Koala-Wala land!

    *Doot doot doot, dooda doot doot doot, NOOZLES*