THIS JUST IN: Spot the Leopard

Most leopards have lots of spots, but this one’s just one big spot. It’s an Amur Leopard cub, getting physical (make that getting a physical) at the Serengeti’ Safari Park in Hodenhagen, Germany. Bonus video after the jump!

Oh, that’s right, we don’t have jumps.

Photo: Christian Charisius/Reuters, spotted by David C.



  1. adalheidis says:



  2. He has a spotty future!

  3. Crazy whiskers, man.

  4. That is some feisty cute!

  5. LOL I don’t think those gloves quite protect enough from the tiny leopard Noms.

  6. Also rarr
    i are Ferocious!

  7. The pink collar is too prosh.

  8. knittinkitten says:

    Somebody does not like the paparazzi! Leetle cutie! Is she a girl? I thought I saw a pink collar.

  9. nom nom nom on the fingers… look at those claws… yikes!
    and blue eyes!
    anyone want to translate what the doctor is saying about this cutie?

  10. flutterbye says:

    Needs disapproval tag.

    Luff doze kwazee wheeeeskerz. Babeh is most definitely not the cuddly type! Sez I shall chew yer arm off if you persist with this!

  11. Ooh, what a ferocious scary lion you are! Look how scared I am! Aaaah!

  12. Looks like shes had her whiskers in the fan blades. 🙂

  13. “I’m attacking your arm PAY ATTENTION TO ME !!!”

  14. Eine Kleine Kyoooootie Pie!

  15. Must definitely be named “Aimé d’Amur”. Already a star with all those photo shots! Rooaaar!

  16. Naturalady says:

    @ Hon Glad – I got a good chuckle from your fan blade comment. I wonder what did happen to the tyke’s whiskers.

  17. Rawr! I am feroushus!

    Also: The thermometer goes where?!

  18. The Cat Foundation says:

    Just look at those CLAWS! Whay to go, kitty!

  19. Poor leopard, everyone goes through a goth phase, it’s okay

  20. I haz a fierce!!

  21. The Amur leopard is the rarest of the rare among the big cats. What a beautiful little (for now) animal.

  22. Love how even some of the media people are smiling.

  23. ~You bet your deadly ambush I’m a leopard!~

    Do we get to name it? 🙂

  24. I’d never seen a black Amur leopard. There are only about 35 left in the wild, and 300 in zoos…. They’re beautiful, big furry leopards like Amur (Siberian) tigers.

    If someone were taking my temperature (that way) in public, I’d bite them too. And nothing against the nice German lady, but tell the editor that she needs to be doing most of her talking in a voice-over so we can see more of the leopard….

  25. Amur leopards can be black???? I dunno………

  26. NTMTOM, did you say we have “no jumps”?

    What about THESE??

  27. fatgrammafinn says:

    i’m gonna need a bigger stocking this christmas

    “Dear Santa, this year i want a furry black thing that might eat me for his Boxing Day dinner….”

  28. a quick and rough translation (sorry for mistakes):

    “the problem is that the mother and the siblings do have the normal coloring while he is born as a black one.
    and because of this – i am not sure if this is the cause – he is quite small compared to his siblings.
    he lived with his mother for 12 days and then his siblings – which are much bigger and stronger – pulled him away from the teats. (they pulled) their claws over his head so he couldn’t reach the teats of his mother.”

  29. I yam the fewoshusest, uhh, the most fewoshus, uhh, I yam the most wildest bitingest cat in the whole werld! Nyang, nyang, yay, Meat!

  30. Thanks for the translation Lyssa! I will gladly take him and bottle feed him and hug him and kiss him and pet him and and love him and call him…er, her, Georgia!

  31. (We decided pink collar = “her,” right?)

  32. baileysgrandmom says:

    @brinnann…I’m afraid the last part of your future plans might include the ER, rather than just “er!” (Methinks there is a reason zoo lady is wearing leather gloves instead of the usual latex.) But you may call this beautiful cat anything you wish, since I’m sure s/he will react exactly the way all the cats in the world do, by ignoring you totally. It will just be a BIGGER, FEROSHUSHER ignore!

  33. I’m willing to take my chances!

    *adds “bandages” to shopping list*

  34. Mini rawr! Love the assymentrical whiskers, baby!

  35. *asymmetrical. Herp, and indeed, derp.

  36. *She* is a he. As the nice lady was explaining, and Lyssa translated it correctly above. So, it’s okay to call him George.
    Which reminds me, in the “Five” books, there was a girl who was named George as well. So regardless of whether one is a boy or a girl, George is okay in English. :o)

  37. Nyerhe, Mister Terrifyingly Fierce Leopard, please do not eat my face! I will do whatever you want! Anything! I cower before your extreme scary viciousness!

  38. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    In addition to her furry fur-ocity!!!

    how many CO readers are curious about the stuffy toy, which has been left sitting on the table???
    Perhaps this explains the critter’s annoyance….

  39. Me wants one. Me wants one bad. Here kitty, kitty.

  40. *furrowed brow* Whyfor did they put a pink collar on that poor boy? He’s already smaller than the other kids. Now they’re really gonna make fun of him. I suppose he shall just have to come live with me where he won’t have to worry about that…

    Question to the grammar peeps: Did I use “shall” improperly? Are you only supposed to use “shall” when referring to “I,” or is it acceptable after any noun/pronoun? I was never sure about this one.

  41. brinnann, perhaps this is a “Boy Named Sue”-type situation. With a pink collar, he will have to be extra tough.
    I think your use of shall is just fine.

  42. Skippymom, now that I think about it, once upon a time I had a boyfriend who had a pink shirt (much the same color as George’s collar). He was kind of a rough guy, so when he was feeling, um, let’s say, less than friendly, he would wear his pink shirt hoping someone would (unwisely) comment on it. Just so he could pick a fight. Yeah, thankfully that one’s long gone. 🙄

  43. We may not have any jumps, but we have hops a-plenty!

  44. Kzin cousins?

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    Gorgeous, for sure! Another reason to name him George! (Or is that the first reason? I don’t quite get the “.. shall name him George” reference.) I also wonder what happened to his whiskers. He looks a bit unbalanced.

  46. Ernyberdy erlse sterk ern merderashern? grrr.

  47. @Brinnann, I’m really glad to see pink on a boy (leopard), because one of my pet peeves is that I want to see pink de-gendered. Grown men, most of the time, can get away with wearing pink, but little boys still can’t wear pink if they want to without getting *#$@ from other kids. I want to see little girls wearing other colors, and boys wearing pink if they want.

    In fact, I really want a world like the CO Dream Office. :mrgreen:

  48. PS I think I would give up five years of life to scratch that belly.

  49. What’s German for “OWWWWWWW!!!!”? Judging from the leopard’s feistiness, I think we’re about to hear that and I want to make sure I understand it correctly. 😉

  50. @Pyrit, you’re reminding me of a waitress at a college hangout of mine, who spoke without opening her mouth. She would come up to your table and say “Cn I tk yr rdr pls?”

  51. Theresa – Mebe she had dodgy choppers (Bad dentition)

  52. @Hon Glad:

  53. Thank you for the translation, Lyssa! Perfectly nice and clear. What a beautiful baby. Kiss (ouch).

  54. I loves me a black cat with white whiskers. That’s the arrangement my boy Mr. Whiskers has.

  55. What a gorgeous kitty.

  56. Mary (the bleen): It was from a cartoon, maybe Looney Tunes. I forget the details, but there’s a big dumb dog (I think) who wants a pet so he can love him and squeeze him and pet him and call him George. I think it may be a play off of Of Mice and Men: Doesn’t Lenny keep rabbits or something in his pockets and do this to them (though in a sad way instead of comically)?

    Or, I could be totally wrong on all counts.

  57. @TUM, my Dante, too. It makes him look a tiny bit insane. 😀

  58. Theresa, you have good point there. I don’t know why it’s acceptable for men to wear pink, but boys are NOT ALLOWED.

  59. Except he’s a German kitty, so his name would be Georg (sounds like “gay-org”).

  60. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ pyrit: I feel yer pain (and actually, I really DO; “Ah ben stuck en the Big Green Moderashun Machine”, more times than I can quantify!!!

  61. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ brinann: as a Human Biped with Grammar in the DNA, I’ll take a quick measurement about the will/ shall bidness.

    W/out having done an offishul check of Wiki or other sources….
    my memory wants to claim, that “will” and “shall” were distinguished from each other not in tense or person (1st/ 3rd person) but instead by purpose. In other words, there were supposed “rules” or guidelines about “I will do this” however my intentions are that “I SHALL choose to do that” ….or some such.

    Again, I ain’t checked no buks er nuthin’; jist goin’ bah mah “MEM-ries….like the corners of mah mind….” (etc)

    (earworm, ennyone? 😉 )

  62. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    And @ Theresa re. # 52: You really ARE
    in charge of all footage in /on the Internet, ain’tcha?????

  63. O NO – Oh no. Not you too. 😦
    It’s a new wrinkle in the CO universe and I hope it is ironed out soon.

  64. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ pyrit:

    I recently informed QoD of my new Policy re. Technological Gadgets Including the Internet:

    “Computers are not my favorite people.”

  65. Melts at random white hairs in the pawsies. Awwwww…..

  66. When I was a little kidling, I went to the local zoo for ‘take your kidling to work day’. I got to see some newborn leopard cubs and their mama being taken care of in the zoo hospital (the cubs had just been born a few days earlier). They were sooooooo adorabuls! They would growl when your back was turned, but when you looked at ’em again, they’d give you a pitiful, “It wasn’t me! It was the other cub over there!” look. Too cute!

  67. brinnann:
    In “Of MIce and Men”, it’s mice Lenny keeps in his pockets. Lenny’s friend and traveling companion is named George. I’d guess they were doing a comic take on what is, in the orginal, stark tragedy.

  68. WOW! I have a small version of that–and just as ferocious. However cute, I did notice those CLAWS that this lovely feline brandished readily. I am still getting my little kitty PO’d at me and bearing the signs of his anger. I would hate to see what this one has for anger in a year or two. I pray that it grows up as pampered as it is today. Nature can be so cruel–if it wasn’t for the zoo caretakers, that cub would have died in its “strangeness.” Yea Zoologists and kind hearted caretakers!!! Oh–thanks for the translation. I’m definitely not fluent in German.

  69. Thanks Donna. It’s been years since I read it. I suppose I don’t quite remember because I wasn’t particularly interested in it when I had to read it.

    As I am not proficient in the Google-fu, I don’t know how I would search for the cartoon. Does anyone else know what it was?

  70. @brinnann

    It was an Abominable Snowman (no kidding). Both Bugs and Daffy had run-ins with the character who would grab them rather tightly and go “I will love him and stroke him and pet him and call him George…”. Bugs and Daffy would, of course, do their best to avoid said abominable snowman.

  71. Love the black-on-brown spottage, the micro-rarr! at 0:08, and of course, the white hemi-demi wheeskairs of DOOOOOOM!!!

  72. 😀 AWW 😀 I am glad that little Amur Leopard cub is getting the love and attention he needs 😀

  73. Yowza! Did anybody else get an ad for an archery safari on top of their video of adorable wildlife? Disturbing…..

  74. bookmonstercats says:

    @Kallisto, glad to meet another “Five Go To….” fan. “George” is short for “Georgina”, when it’s a girl. She was a tomboy, as I recall. Rather disturbingly, I often wonder how they would all have grown up (checks grammar carefully, since the grammar peeps are on the prowl). Did Anne become a radical feminist, did Julian take to drugs, did Dick become leader of the free world, did George meet a handsome prince and live happily ever after? Or did they all grow up to type?

    Perhaps I ought to get out more often.

    Lovely leopard. I thought he might be a panther at first – aren’t panthers black leopards?

  75. Very nice, but what happened to the whiskers on one side? They looked almost chopped off.

    I hope his whiskers grow back to their full, bristle-like, glory soon. 😀

  76. Now I’ve got “Georgy Girl” stuck in my head. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  77. My son makes the same face when he has to get a shot. German kitty not happy. HA HA

    He is a beautiful animal.

  78. @ bookmonstercats
    It’s funny you should ask what became of them: BBC 4 radio had a “weird” series once (this year actually) of “Whatever happened to [insert fictional character here]?”
    And I happened to listen to the one about George, where she, still George, not liking ‘Georgina’ one bit, tells of what happened to her and a little bit about the others (they grew apart, it seems, but Dick did become an alcoholic and died in his forties, if I recall correctly). It was a monologue spoken by a woman who sounded like she was in her fifties. It was quite an interesting concept, this radio show.

  79. Did she say “schizoid disorder” at the end? No? ah.
    But the baby is all “I’m biting you, you’re terrified, I’m ferocious and stuff!”

  80. Thanks Danbenzvi! Here we go!

  81. Zoft zoo freugen zuegen. [My, what a cute panther you got there]

  82. No, she did not say “schizoid disorder” but “daß er nicht ans Gesäuge sollte”, which basically means “[they, his siblings] were trying to keep him from his mother’s teats”.

  83. I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m reallly bad…yep, that’s right I’m really bad.

    Isn’t that one georgeous little face.
    @Lyssa…is that really true, this little goomer was pulled away by siblings??? That makes me so sad :*(

  84. @Theresa – from Wikipedia (

    “In Western culture, the practice of assigning pink to an individual gender began in the 1920s.[13] From then until the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color, or related to the Virgin Mary.[14][15][16] Since the 1940s, the societal norm was inverted; pink became considered appropriate for girls and blue appropriate for boys, a practice that has continued into the 21st century.[17]”

  85. Black kitteh, white whiskahs! If he had to make a living in the jungle he would show up, as our friend Kipling (you DO remember Kipling, don’t you, O best beloved?) like a bar of soap in a coal scuttle. Better camouflage needed here.

  86. Just noticed the white claws (from video), which matches the white fangs.

  87. AH LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ILOVEITGIVE ITNOW!!!!!!!


  88. I WANT HIM!!! Gorgeous eyes and whiskers!! Wonder if he’ll make friends with my ratties………