How Cuteness Can Save The World

From times prehistoric to present, life has been defined by the conflict over scarce resources. The strong too often dominate the weak; the many oppress the few.

As we seek the elusive balance, consider the example of our lowly housepets. Blissfully untroubled by matters of size or strength, they are equal souls, sharing without contention or complaint, instinctively seeking the perfect equilibrium of…

… oh, never mind.

Bowzer (dog) and Kodiak (kitty) seem to have reached an understanding, Allegra O.



  1. Oh the unfairness of life. Come on Kitteh give poor Bowzer a place.

  2. Kitteh is matchingks teh pillow!

  3. FinnMacCool says:

    Looks like what my cats try to do to me… know push me out of bed so they can have the whole thing to themselves. Seems about right.

  4. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! So typical!

    Bowzer’s just humoring Kodiak. Really…

  5. Obviously the kitteh is entitled to the matching bed. Bowzer doesn’t coordinate at all. Maybe he should check out the orange rug next door.

  6. Hi AuntieMame – Was it you who warned against Mountain Dew, I should have heeded, it’s yuck I had to throw it away.

  7. My dad used to say of my brother and me that our cuteness saved our lives, he would have dropped us out the window. 😛 Now that we’re no longer cute, we’re too big. :mrgreen:

  8. @NTMTOM, who you callin’ “lowly”?

  9. See the pictures date? you can’t get fresher 🙂

  10. Theresa – I am sure somewhere behind your cats eye sparkly glasses, your still cute :}

  11. Ahhh I looooove it!!!! 🙂

  12. Can we please have a “Marc Anthony” tag?

  13. The Cat Foundation says:

    This is how it is supposed to be: cat the ruler and dog the follower 🙂

    All can rest in peace..

  14. Kitty sez, “Fetch my toys! Carry me to my food bowl! Stop lying down on the job! We need to discuss your attitude.”

  15. (peenches Hon Glad’s cute cheek)

  16. fatgrammafinn says:

    kodiak is a pretty big name for kitty to live up to, but i am sure he/she is up to the task. but bow, sir? poor doggy! automatic sheepishness, as evidenced by the engagingly cocked eyebrows. a stealth baroo!

    MY dad used to chase my sister and i out the door to play in the rain saying “neither one of you is made of s*** or sugar, you are not going to melt, GO OUTSIDE!”

  17. Pyrit – Well I do declare , blushes.

  18. as usual, kitty calls the shots…..

    ps. I have 2 so i know….

  19. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    In response to requests over several posts, I’ve created a “Marc Anthony” tag, and applied it to this post and the kitten/dog video from yesterday. I’ll try to remember it whenever we see a “big dog/little kitten” situation. 🙂

  20. Pic 2: “O.K. o.k. photo op is ovah, kindleh remove your haid from mah throne…”

  21. Our alpha-pet male cat intimidates our very meek, mild (and elderly) dachsund/beagle mix by snuggling up next to him and starting to root around in his ears. Then he takes the warm spot left when the dog leaves. And yes, he owns the dog’s bed as well.

  22. If Bowzer were sleeping in that position, the bed wouldn’t be big enough anyway. Obviously Kodiak has this bed and Bowzer needs a bigger one– I’d suggest the bedroom.

    Anyway, with a name like “Kodiak”, what do you expect? She’s the 900-pound bear in the room.

  23. ahahaha! Just like my cat – taking over the middle of the bed! So typical.
    Why Marc Anthony? I must have missed something…… also typical.

  24. how sweet:)

  25. As Garfield so aptly put it:

    Cats rule! Dogs droole!

  26. If kittehs only had opposable thumbs, we would all be their servants . . . er, wait, we already are . . . 😕

  27. see the timestamp on the photo?

    it’s an odd day

    on even days, the cat sleeps on the dog

  28. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Rooanne: “Marc Anthony” is the name of the bulldog who befriends a tiny kitten in a classic Warner Brothers cartoon. We seem to see a big dog/little kitten relationship in our posts from time to time, so I created a tag for it.

  29. Mmmmm… Equilibrium? This is the perfect representayshe of the “Tyranny of the weak”, Kitty says: “You can’t hurt meee, for I am so shmall and vul-norabuhl… Don’t mind my taking the whole bed and all that I puh-lease…”

  30. The kitten is the pillow’s bellybutton.

  31. I am here to second the cats Rule and dogs drool sentiment.

  32. Thank you NTMTOM! I actually went to the other thread to watch that adorable video again… and I saw the cartoon! I remember Looney Tunes but not Marc Anthony. I was thinking of the singer…

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Hon Glad, it could have been me. Mountain Dew is some nasty stuff! (But then, I think Dr. Pepper is nasty stuff, too, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.)

  34. Kitteh needs a Matchinks tag for matching the pillow, methinks…! 😉

  35. @ AuntieMame – Are you kidding?! Dr. Pepper is the elixor of the Gods!!! *holds up half empty bottle of DP* All hail the Doctor!!! *giggle* Sorry, I love the stuff… I don’t drink much of it anymore, but it is the treat I go for…

    Now Mt. Dew? Ewwwww

    As for these two, how qte can ya get?!?! Love it!

  36. Thank you Mike! We so needed the Marc Anthony tag.

  37. Ha! The look of resignation on Bowzer’s face is priceless.

    @NTMTOM, YAY for the marc antony tag! Will you please also tag the winthorpe post which screams marc antony?

    Love this theme… 🙂

  38. Cats and small children has perfected the art of making their side of the bed the middle!!

  39. @StormCat:
    Dr Pepper always kind of scared me. Maybe this is why:

  40. Grease for peace y’all.

  41. Minou, when I read your comment #28, I hear it in the voice of the Siamese kittehs from Lady and the Tramp (I think that’s the right movie).

  42. @HonGlad, sure, but after a few Mountain Dews, with a Dr. Pepper chaser, I’m downright grisly. :mrgreen:

  43. weird how the tiniest kitties take up the most bedspace


  44. @Rooanne said: “I remember Looney Tunes but not Marc Anthony. I was thinking of the singer.” And I was thinking of the Roman General, but never mind . . . .

  45. This exact situation played out in my living room last night, with my cat Frank stealing Rosie the Aussie’s bed. Frank’s considerably larger and ganglier than this little morsel, though, so it wasn’t nearly as dramatic.

  46. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ CZ: YAY for that link! Most excellent exhibit!!!

  47. A familiar tableau in my household.

    Woo hoo to Marc Anthony tag. My fave looney toons ever.

  48. Nerdy Comment alert from a Looney Tunes Nerd and child of the 60s: the actual name of the cartoon character is Marc Antony (with no “h”).

    However JLo’s hubby and the Roman general are indeed Anthony-with-an-H.

    Nerdy Comment Alert over, we now return you to your regular programming…

  49. *snort* Yeah, that looks about right.

  50. Bowzer has learned life lessons that Kodiak has yet to learn. It’s give and take regardless of size. Two adorable cuties here!

  51. @Nikki, if you want to get really nerdy, the Roman general’s name was Marcus Antonius, either Anthony or Antony are acceptable translations.

  52. (To all and sundry, in Marnie parrot voice) WHEEEEEE! YOU’RE SO CUTE!!

  53. KarlainPDX says:

    It is as it should be!

  54. @AuntieMame – must try Dr Pepper as a cooking ingredient. It’s sooooo worth it. Mix it with one beer to braise any cut of beef in and you will never go back to anything else…

    Also, this pic reminds me of my small chorkie and large rhodesian – she ALWAYS has the bed and he the floor. (She MAY let him use a corner as a pillow, MAYBE..)

  55. Am I the only one who thinks it’s notable that Kodiak is curled up counterclockwise in the top photo but clockwise in the bottom one? Feels like there ought to be a term for that, something like “ambicurlextrous”.

  56. I think the little kitty used it’s evil eyes (notice the red eyes) to hypnotize the doggy (blue eyes) into moving. My kitty does this when she wants me to get off the couch and turn on the bathroom faucet for her to get a drink. I always feel compelled to obey.

  57. AuntieMame says:

    @KittehMamax3: Cooking with it would probably be ok. At least that way you couldn’t taste the nasty licorice-y flavor. Pleh!

  58. @Theresa, you are the best. Thanks for keeping me company over here in Nerdtown, USA! 😛

  59. What kind of dog is that – shepherd and retriever?

  60. StormCat, years ago I found a Dr Pepper knockoff called Dr. Schnee. I know that the word is German for “snow” but this cracked my friends and I up considerably. It’s even funnier when I recall how one of my friends even said it in a German accent: “DOK-tor Schneeeeeeeee!”

    And yes, being Southern, I agree that Dr Pepper is the elixir of the gods.

    Cute li’l kittensquee.

  61. P.S. My parents have a snowshoe-marked kitteh that looks just like this. My mother has christened him “Quizmo.” Not Quizno, Quizmo.

    And just to annoy me, my fingers nearly typed “quistened” instead of “christened” just now.

  62. Not-large and in-charge!

  63. I resent the implication that that kitten is cuter than that dog.

  64. Naturalady says:

    Someone’s taste buds need discernation upgrade – Dr. Pepper is a taste delight. Licorice is not.

  65. matchinks!! the kitteh and the piller

  66. Hey there

    While I visit CO all the time I typically just read all the comments but too shy to leave one 🙂 but can someone explain what the Mark Anthony reference refers to – Id appreciate it. Oh and both pictures are totally cute!

  67. Tracey;

    Marc Antony was the name of a bulldog from old Looney Tunes cartoons who was in the thrall of a tiny adorable kitten:

  68. Lillith,

    OMG thats right – its one of my favorite favorite cartoon episodes – didnt even think about that – thank you!!!

    Ok so when not that Mike says he applied a tag to it – where would I see that? Sorry Im a newbie.

  69. The little Myrmidon says:

    They have achieved détente.

  70. We’re not sure what kind of mix Bowzer is– probably lab/shepherd or lab/rottie– whatever he is, he’s the best not-breed out there! Thanks for the comments– I think they’re pretty cute, too!

  71. Cats rule and dogs drool.

  72. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Hi Tracey — look at the upper left 1/3 side of the page & see the blue words all listed out in different sizes. CO has the Tag words there and each one on which you click will give you all the items listed under “Disa-POINTed” or “Marc Antony” or about 15 other choices; then all items throughout history of CO, will be stacked together on your screen !!! Enjoy the Meg!!

  73. I can SOOOO relate to da pooch! My kitties take over my 6-ft couch with regularity. It’s not that they’re large or anything…they are just highly skilled in the sprawlage depaprtment! 🙂

  74. uhh..that’s department, of course 😉

  75. Super cute!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 😀 I just LOVE to drink Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper 😀 We do get the stuff here in British Columbia, Canada 😀

  77. 😆 The dog looks like he/she is saying “This kitty is my baby and this is his/her bed.” 😆

  78. Pepperhater says:

    Mountain Dew is bland, synthetic, saccharine crap, but compared to Dr. Pepper it’s like heaven’s sweet nectar. I find it incomprehensible that there are people who are able to drink Dr. Pepper at all, let alone liking it. One sip of it was enough to literally make me want to puke, and I probably would have if I hadn’t washed my mouth with several glasses of water. I have never tasted anything more horrible in my whole life. The continued existence of this disgusting excuse for a beverage must be a defiance of the laws of physics.

  79. snorglepup says:

    Don’t be hating. Must be an acquired taste, like coffee or beer…love one, not the other.
    Dogs & kitties: love them all.

  80. Change the pet colors (but keep the sizes and the exact same bed) and that could be my house! I always ROFL when I see this happen. I’m pretty sure my German Shepard is a little depressed about it, though… :-/

  81. Mmm, I think today I will sip a Dr. Pepper through a licorice straw. Yay!

  82. TrixandSam says:

    That’s a whole lotta vitriol being spewed by one pepper hater. I’ll be joining pyrit in enjoying a DP through a licorice straw, followed by a handful of snaps.

    I don’t have a cat right now, but my two pups do this to each other all the time. It’s amazing how much energy they spend trying to out-position each other.

  83. I have a big-dog/little-dog scenario in my house. My 15 pound female queen b***ch of the universe Cavalier spaniel and my so-sad 120 lb. male akita. She walks up between is gi-normous feet and actually takes his toys OUT OF HIS MOUTH, then saunters away with a disdainful flick of her tail. AND HE JUST SITS THERE!!!

  84. That is too cute. I am sure at sometime there was a huuuuge sigh..and then a plop down on the floor.
    As for Mt. Dew..Dr. Pepper…I am a water girl. Although sometime during the day while at the PC (here at work) I will take some water & pop a no doze for a caffeine fix. I dislike coffee with a passion…much to my families chagrin.

  85. It reminds me of a pair of dogs I refer to as “the Odd Couple” at my local dog park – a huge male Weimaraner who is led around by a very assertive teacup chihuahua. That little one rules the roost!

  86. Kim, where is your dog park? This sounds suspiciously like someone I know…

  87. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (watch me start a REAL commentroversy here)

    @ mplsdeb: WATER??? PLEH.

  88. :>) I don’t drink municipal water (blehk) ..but, I gave up pop at the ernest suggestion of my acupuncturist…the aspartame was really messing with me.
    The BEST city water I have ever tasted….NYC! No kidding! I couldn’t belileve it when I visited my daughter. I have told her when she comes to visit, to bring some with her :>)

  89. @Kim Curious, is the chihuahua female?
    My dogs (both dahshunds) have definite roles…Lucy dominates Ricky. But, that is quite normal in dachshunds.

  90. My parents have well water, which I pretty much grew up on. I always hated it. I still won’t drink it, or even brush my teeth with it. I use a jug of inexpensive bottled water. My new boyfriend (squee!) has it too, though his isn’t as bad. I still prefer to brush my teeth with bottled water, though.

    Conversely, having grown up with well water, I can’t drink city water (that’s how us country folk refer to it). It tastes and smells like chlorine to me, which is a smell that I really hate.

  91. Oh, and I hate it when you buy bottled water, only to find that it tastes (and sometimes even smells) just like city water! What’s the point?!

  92. ONO, look what you’ve done. Tsk tsk, starting commentroversies. Kids these days, why I oughta…

  93. @mamalana and rooanne

    >>@Rooanne said: “I remember Looney Tunes but not Marc Anthony. I was thinking of the singer.” And I was thinking of the Roman General, but never mind . . . .

    and i was thinking of marc almond.

    i think we’d better just keep this to ourselves.

  94. @nikki

    >>Nerdy Comment alert from a Looney Tunes Nerd and child of the 60s: the actual name of the cartoon character is Marc Antony (with no “h”).

    the wiki entry says that the name on marc antony’s dog dish is “marc antHony!”

    such mystery!

  95. @pepperhater

    ‘Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.’

  96. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    brinnan: 🙂

    (can you tell, I was the youngest kid in our family’s “buncha coconuts” ??? 😉 )

  97. My son refuses to give our dogs city water. He gives the water out of our PUR water filter…well, I would that too.

  98. I swear Bowzer looks exactly like our “mystery mix” adopted rescue dog – they could be cousins. We’ve heard guesses of any combination of husky/rottie/shepherd/lab mix.

  99. Theresa WINS at the interwebs for posting the I’m A Pepper vid. Is it too nerdy to state that I have David Naughton’s song Makin’ It on my ipod???
    …probably 🙂

    (this vid has some annoying text on it, but it cannot obscure the feathery haired awesomeness of The Naught)

    I remember drinking a faux Dr. P called Mr. Pibb.

  100. The cats have not just owned the humans..they have owned the dogs too!