Ooh, Such a Booping I Will Give You!

When I see a nose like that, I just gotta boop it! I can’t help myself, I’m like a maniac with the booping! No point in trying to fight it, Big Nose — you’re getting booped!

Found on Your Morning Adorable.



  1. I am fairly certain that is the cutest thing I’m going to see all day

  2. That was ADORABLE. So gentle, so gentle, that big, big head, widdle kittykins… awww….

    I know I like something when I lose my grasp of any kind of language…

  3. rapunzel210 says:

    All I can say is “Aw”! So SWEET!

  4. georgina0912 says:

    That pittie is gorgeous, and so sweet! And that kitten, that little thing is like 2 weeks old….sho shmall….

  5. What a sweet pup! Seems to genuinely love that kitten — it’s all over her face. She’s really giving pit bulls a whole new rep! *wuv*

  6. (I mean the love is all over her face… but come to think of it, so is the kitten, LOL!)

  7. d’awwwww… I want to give big smoochies to both of them…
    reminds me of that vid from a while ago of the pittie with the leetle cheeks…

  8. What a good, interactive, gentle babysitter!

  9. fatgrammafinn says:

    that is one fierce beast… the kitty, i mean

  10. So cute it brought tears to my eyes!

  11. Look out! It’s one of those ferocious Kit Bulls you’re always hearing about.

  12. Brings to mind the old WB cartoon with the big tough dog made mushie by the little tiny kitten that causes him all kinds of problems and gets him in lots of trouble.

  13. OMG Another vicious Pit Bull attack! A man eater! Quick kill it kill it. Ban them from the earth!!!

  14. I love the slo-mo, not really paying attention effect. I…will…chompyu. Bat…battie…bat… Look, my tail is…sorta…flicking. rawr.

  15. Yay for Pit Bulls and Baby Kitties!

  16. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Boooop boop a-doop!!!”

    Betty Boop
    (of course!)

  17. A great example of socialization, and heart melting too boot!


  18. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Kathy (# 12):

    The ‘toon bulldog was Marc Antony or Marc Anthony; previous entries on CO had huge stacks of us CO regulars, swooning over his escapades w/ dat kitten…. you’re in like company, ’round here!!!

  19. A little known factoid about Pit Bulls is that in the early 1900’s they were known as “babysitter dogs,” and people did leave their babies in the yard with the dog to watch them. It was only through cruel human intervention that these guys were perverted and forced to be fighter dogs. This video shows those gentle instincts are still there.

  20. Sounds like the kitten was watching Jerry Lewis yesterday.

  21. Yay for pit bulls! My mother’s pit cross was like that with “her” kittens, too. The kittens would steal kibble from her bowl and bat it around the kitchen, and the dog would just watch and sigh. This pair is absolutely adorable.

    And I’m with you, kitten: I couldn’t resist booping that nose either.

  22. how can the dog stand all those little pinpricks from kitten claws? I’d be wearing a burlap nose-cover if I were her. for that matter, how can anybody stand it? every time I’ve seen a kitten, its like I want to snorgle it, but I’m also terrified of those little pointy out of control claws.

  23. Andi in NC says:

    That just to to show you, “Pit Bill” doesn’t have to mean “vicious.”

  24. 😀 That Pit Bull thinks that kitten is his/her baby 😀

  25. Doggeh is so gentle with kitteh!!!!



  26. Oh for heaven’s sake, let’s just get a Marc Anthony tag already! We all keep saying that “this reminds me of the old WB cartoon…”

  27. Wuv twoo wuv gentle and abiding wuv….sigh

  28. My pit mix LOVES my foster kittens! She thinks she’s their mom and will sit outside of their room and sigh until we let her in.

    I love how this pittie just wants to snorgle!!! My adorable fix for the week has just been met.

  29. little kittie splay-foot at :55. The doggie’s ear flaps happily too. So. Freakin. Adorable!

  30. *melt*

  31. @desdemona

    i’m just going to jump in here and warn everyone:

    your comment, desdemona, is okay, but i’m going to pre-emptively take a stand right now: we won’t be talking about pitbulls. period.

    unless, of course, i change my mind.

    seriously, though. between the tigers with collars and this post, NTMTOM and i are going to have a little chat about nuff-baiting two times in a row. 😉



    the end by sharpy.

  32. I love it when Pitties have floppy earses! I kept waiting for kitteh to attack it!

  33. fatgrammafinn says:

    *waves hi at theresa* did you do the artwork for your avatar or am i simply an uncultured “fluffy” person? seriously thinking about changing my name to bmi28.34grammafinn!

    *waves hi at sharpy*

    *mwah at everybody else*

  34. Oh boop! Oh beep! So freakin’ sweet!

  35. Awww. I love how the dog dishes out such horrid punishments: a gentle nudge, a lip touch. The horror! Meantime the kitten is morally certain s/he is administering the ultimate beatdown.

  36. I’m not the only one who made ‘boop’ noises every time the nose got booped, right?


    I’m normal about that!

  37. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    Love the pitties.

    @Sharpy–honestly, didn’t get your post at all…just sayin’

  38. All I had to see was the doggeh with one erect ear and one floppy ear to fall in love with this video.

    And then the ferocious kitteh attacks–I just melted into a pile of squee.

    So adurabluhs!

  39. Now we know who put the “boop” in the boop-she-boop-she-boop…..it was that adorable kitteh!

  40. I never met a pitbull I didn’t love, they have a bad rap people, it’s just bad owners !

  41. I think that doggie is giving that kitten his/her version of “Squeeeeeee!”

  42. Breaking dog breed stereotypes… you’re doing it right. AND CUTELY TOO!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

  43. My kitty Alcoa saw this and was “ooohhh doggy”. She used to live with 2 pits and rulled the house…they wouldn’t walk down the hallway if they saw her there…and if they had to go to their crate for being bad she would dance in front of them to the crate, sit by it and smack them on the butt as they went in…Luved her doggies…her family had to move and couldn’t take her (still haven’t figured out “we can take the 2 pits but not the cat”) and she came back to me (had been a foster first) and here she stays…15 years old of attitude…

  44. @fatgrammafinn, it’s a detail from this painting:

  45. oh so ridiculously SQUEE.


  46. That’s why I prefer cute llittle kittens than people! OMG!

  47. 🙂 I have two pitties of my own along with two cats and it’s clear that the cats rule the household. Looks like the household in this video will have the same fate. 😉

  48. fatgrammafinn says:

    *doff of three musketeer hat* thanks theresa! i’ve had a jolly hour bopping from site to site. appreciate the info. gorgeous. i clearly need to put my not-entirely-relevant science reading on the back burner and catch up with the awesome range of human talent.

  49. Our Pit Bull manages to survive with five cats around him. He is just a big baby. They only get mean when they’re very scared.

  50. No one else has commented on the teeny, pointy, skinny kitten tail?!!?! So pointy!!! *DED*

    (@Theresa. I so *heart* the Pre-Raphaelites, especially Rossetti. I am going to make it to Wilmington one of these days.)

  51. Awwww, lack of prey drive! Such a beautiful thing! Tiny kitten vs. 60 lb. dog, kitten is totally winning, I love it.

    Actually that kitten is downright vicious compared to Mama over there. She’s a LOVER. What a chunky head!! I especially love the giant kitten NOMS on her face at :37 and :40. If a kitten did that to me the results would not be favorable, but she just takes it and keeps on kissin’.

    I volunteer at a pit bull rescue and they’re my favorite breed. They’re the sweetest dogs ever! We call them ‘Kissbulls’, because that’s what they do. So wonderful, and so biddable. The best and worst part of the breed IS that they are so biddable [obedient]. A pitty will do whatever it’s owner wants- if that’s fight, it’ll fight. But if you want them to love, they’ll do that just as well [better!]

  52. T



  54. Yay for pit bulls, which are mistreated, mistrained and have a bad rap. And they used to be called nanny dogs. Let’s take pit bulls back!

  55. I love how Momma Pitt could fit that whole kitteh morsel in her mouf at once, but she only opens her mouth a teeeeeny paw-sized bit so she can say “no claws, litte one.” And yeah, Momma’s floppy ears got me too. Sweet!

  56. @cambridgeratmom

    my comment about pitbulls? i was just hoping we wouldn’t have to get into a debate about pitbulls.

  57. Y’know, usually I don’t feel the asplodin’, meepin’, bleenin’ nonsense, but this time, I think my heart actually melted a little bit. Awww.

  58. Marc Antony and Pussyfoot!!

  59. And Pit Bulls are seriously sweet dogs.

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    @Cashew–I think the pretty pittie is maybe trying to get ahold of those tiny, needle-like claws for a gentle trimming there. Love kittens but hate their needle-sharp claws and teeth.

  61. @Jimbeaux: I just kept thinking, “Poke. Pokepokepoke. Pooooooke.”

    It’s what cats do.

  62. So precious! That sweet dog knows the kitten is a baby and plays so gently! Cats are my favorite but I’ll have to say that the dog is the cutest thing in this video.

  63. *swoon* I call omgshoshweetboopage, too! Plus a vote for the Marc Anthony tag, hee. My personal boop-noise is that old horn, the one with the airbulb on the end that you squeeze and get a honk on the exhale & inhale “honk-ahhh!”. I learned how to imitate that noise & boop my best male friend’s belleh & anipals nosicles @ every chance.

  64. What Amy said (#1). Life does not get any sweeter.

  65. @Jimbeaux and Evan Waters: I was thinking of it more as a *bof* *bof* *bofbofbof* *bof*. Or maybe even *pof* pof* pof* *pofpofpof* ‘ehn’ *pof* etc.

  66. You better get that death machine under control or the dog could get hurt.

  67. And Pit Bulls are such ferocious beasts. Riiiiiiiiight….

  68. Cambridge_rat_mom & Sharpy – I was puzzled too. Thanks for explaining, Sharpy.

  69. “If you’ll be my bodyguard. I can be your long lost pal.
    I can call you Betty Boop,
    And Betty Boop when you call me. You can call me Al…”
    nah, nah, nah, nah. nah, nah, nah, nah…

  70. MEEEWWUUUU, HOW CUTE IS THIS???? Just goes to show you not ALL pit bulls are nasty………….

  71. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    Patient doggy is patient.

  72. That’s not adorable. That’s bloody scary. Don’t you think they stopped video right on time before the horrible thing happened???

  73. Aleutie, I’m guessing the horrible thing you’re referring to is the pitty SNORGLING the kitty to death, right?

  74. I’ve been watching this over and over! So beautiful!

    Anyone else notice quick diaper change at :59?

  75. Thanks for posting cartoon, Linday!

  76. “World dominayshe” is just a matter of “cattitude”. Get started early when you’re still small and cute so people will be all “squee” and vewy vewy tolewant.. First thing they know, the kitteh rules the place and everyone in it. I speak from personal experience: I’m a slave to two cats. 🙂 Pity the poor pitty!

  77. Bat, battie bat, rawr…. cute cute hahaha wuv it

  78. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Pyrit aka Paul Simon: 🙂

  79. I’m in love with how gentle the pit is being with the kitten…who says they’re dangerous dogs?!

  80. Petri, certainly not anyone here. :mrgreen:

  81. MJ Manetzke says:

    Great post, love it! I especially love the part where the pitbull nudges/noms the kitten so much the kitten was splayed – I tell you, SPLAYED! – on its front paws as it over-boopped/bopped the pitbull’s nose for the fifteenth time. Happening, of course, ONLY after the kitten gnawed on the pitbull’s eyeballs, eyelashes, nose, snoot and oh, I think that was all that the kitten-teeth gnawed on, which I think shows…I digress. Seriously, though, watching the little kitten play “I’m a tiger! A real TIGER!” with the older 500-times larger pitbull who would have found the little kitten a scant hors d’oeuvre if it was so inclined, as it obviously was NOT, was adorable.

  82. I’m sure the pit was all ‘What is that little fly doing?” since they have such thick hides, lol! But it was nice to see how gentle and patient it was with the little guy and I had my best smile of the day when I watched this.

  83. I thought of Mark Anthony and Pussyfoot too. I squeed when the dog licked the kitten near the end. D’awwww.

  84. So cute it brought tears to my eyes! [2]

  85. Oh my land, that is the cutest. Melting heart.
    Yep, bad owners make mad/dogs. I once had to take my Lucy to the ER vet.
    In walks this huge pittie. Everyone froze. His name was Beast…anything but. He was a lover. My heart melted.
    Yep, a bad owner can make any dog bad.

  86. Now that is just too cute!!! Puppeh is so gentle!!!

  87. That big doggy is being so gentle with the little kitten ❤

  88. precious…

  89. People are so afraid of these dogs. Look at how sweetly that dog plays with the kitten, right at the kitten’s level. Viscous, obviously. Let’s ban all of them.


  90. Daphne Moss says:

    Two happy, sweet pets. Love this!

  91. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye! (The pup I mean… the kitten’s fierce rawrbites seem to be coming dangerously close to a Three Stooges routine at some points…)

  92. She looks like an american bulldog, or maybe american bulldog/pittie. i can tell by her pouty lips she noms the kitteh with.

  93. the owners of that cat are irresponsible. i would never let my cat around a pitbull like that. im sure in time that pitbull will kill that poor kitten. its in their blood.

  94. @sammah

    >>the owners of that cat are irresponsible. i would never let my cat around a pitbull like that. im sure in time that pitbull will kill that poor kitten. its in their blood.

    well, we knew this was coming. i’m going to keep this comment up as a lesson to us all.

    when using a contraction, as in “i’m” and “it’s,” the apostrophe is of the utmost importance.

  95. 😆 @ Sharpy!

  96. and also, *high-five*

  97. I’m surprised no one’s noticed/pointed out the “Life of Brian” reference.
    Doggie’s like “Stop iiiit D8 !”

  98. @sammah

    Either you had a personal bad experience with pitbulls, or else you enjoy assuming all stereotypes are completely true. (I’ll assume the former because the latter is just too unfortunate.) Rest assured most pitbulls are not vicious killers and, sadly, those that are have more-often-than-not been taught to be that way. It is very sad to me you have such strong opinions about such animals you feel the need to speak against them on a website about CUTE things. I strongly recommend you spend some time at your local animal shelter to see, in fact, violence is a poor sterotype of pitbulls.

  99. Sammah…did you even watch the video?

    Anyway. I’d be boopin’ that nose too, kitteh.

  100. Apparently Sharky the pitbull has an affinity for small cute things
    Sleepy Sharky and Bunneh Lookout