Back to School Photo

What did I do over my summer vacation?


Flickerererer BeardyFace captured this perfect 4th grade moment.



  1. Hmmm his hair is not sticking up in wierd anfgles we nee dot fix that… because no school portrait is complete unless your hair is all sticky uppie or you have magic marker on your face some where or your shirt isn’t on striaght

  2. Ooops I should have checked my spelling LOL

  3. Also Tree Kangaroo! Eleventy One

  4. KittyAdventures: your crazy spellings cracked me up. I just assumed you were high!

  5. Also, adorable Kanga! Want to snorgle beautiful furs and boop the pudgy pink nose.

  6. HI SkippyMom LOL

    NO I was just hurrying so I could be First! HEheheh.

  7. If that doesn’t look like a plush toy I don’t know what does. Perfect paw posing!

  8. First day of school and I bet he’s wearing his Superman Down-Underoos!

  9. “Activities: school newspaper, yearbook, and key club.”

  10. That is one mighty cute animal.

  11. Note to all the kiddies out there: “just say no” to bamboo, man.


  12. He’s so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It’s cute, but what is it?

  14. Tree kangaroo!

  15. That is as two-beep a nose that I ever did see. beep beep

  16. This looks just like an ad I remember in the late 80’s for the “Glamour Shots” at our local mall!!! You just know after this he ran to get a Cinnabon and large Orange Julius…..

  17. stop it. i can’t handle the cuteness. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one.

  18. Missing the picture day cowlick, but he does have the slightly goofy smile.

  19. fatgrammafinn says:

    is this the sweet but nerdy dude who always ran the projector? you know, the one who was always just a hair from being a suck up to the teacher, but managed to redeem himself with some endearingly awesome self-deprecating comment.

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    BEF, anyone?

    (different from BFF)

  21. fatgrammafinn says:

    ok, i’ve changed my mind. instead of turning into the hamster obsessed mom in “garden state”, i’m gonna have tree kangaroo habitrails all through my house. i’ll only charge a quarter for admission, so you can all come and play.

  22. Such beady glisteninks in the eyeball area!! He just looks so sweet :3

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    And this wasn’t taken right after recess when his hair is all sweaty and his face is all red. Well, nevermind about the red face, it is still perfect. I hope nobody draws a moustache and glasses on it in the yearbook.

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    @fatgrammafinn–I’d pay 50 cents!

  25. He seems to be whistling something or are they pursed lips of disaproval.

  26. Martha in Washington says:

    @Hon Glad–perhaps he’s waiting for a kees! Pick me! pick me!

  27. Yes, that’s eet, waiting for a kees ! Smooches and nosebeeps, bebbeh tree roo. (And to the pouch roo of the other day, too.)

    And this was the warning message I sent my seester this morning :

    Slightly miffed, though, because I sent in tree kangas a long while ago and now they’re being *deescovered* at CO… Oh well, the main thing is that now we can all enjoy their intense, doofy, nerdy übercuteness.

  28. fatgrammafinn says:

    *waves hi to Martha in WA* do you like to garden? i think i would have to plant a eucalyptus orchard and i HATE gardening. and you can be vice president in charge of nose booping. i hear harvard business school has started an advance degree program in booping. booping ANY NOSE/NOSES on a regular basis could cure all the world’s ills.

  29. @Oakley “down-underoos”! haha haha haha haha haha dang thats good!

    I just wanna scritch those kangaroo ears!!!!

  30. I remember this guy from 4th grade! I’ll bet he was in your class too.

  31. He doesn’t remind me of anyone I went to school with. He does, however, remind me of Ron Weasley – the earlier years.

  32. Thats not real is it? He is adorable, colors are cool…great for back to school.

  33. Perfect picture! Mine never turned out that good.

  34. Widdle ears need to be nommm, nommm.

  35. to Oakley… your genius knows no bounds… really that one was so clever it made me gasp!

  36. the only thing missing is the acid washed denim jacket with the color turned up. soooo cute.

  37. Does anyone else Beep the nose every time thay look at the picture?


    Just me then??

  38. KittyAdventures, I don’t boop it, but I do gently rub the nosicle with my cursor.

  39. kittyadventures – that’s usually the first thing I think of – beep!

  40. Skippymom!!! You know what? It’s Steve Lipscomb! 😀

  41. Me, I’m into the chubbilicious paws! The nose booping, not so much. Go figure.

  42. He has almost a camel nosicle thing going on.

    Too, too, too, freaking adorabuhls!!!!

  43. Oh my goodness…I didn’t realize we were in Ashdown Forest. It’s Roo!

  44. Did someone say Roo?

  45. Had to come back and look again.

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    *waves back at fatgrammafinn* Yes! I do like to garden and I will help plant the trees. I’m not sure I’d make it to Harvard tho. Does ESC have a school of booping? Then we could be Geoducks! “VP of Nose Booping”–I like that !

    My new motto: Make Boops Not War!

  47. You peeps are funny! And this photo rocks.

    @fatgrammafin: I’d definitely come see the tree kangaroo habitrails. I’d even help you clean them out, provided I got to snorgle a tree kangaroo as a reward.

  48. Photographer also eats shoots and leaves.

  49. Gotta get a Gund!

  50. Perfect school album “pikshure”.. Legend under photo reads:
    Name: Roo Larue
    Favourite subject: recess
    Favourite sport: climbing trees
    Career ambitions: heartthrob

  51. It’s Tess! She is the female Tree Kangaroo from the Bermuda Aquarium and zoo, I can’t believe she made it on CuteOverload!!! I will be sure to tell the zoo crew, they will be so proud =) If anyone is near the Toronto Zoo, her joey “Harrington” lives there now. It is a lot easier to get to than Bermuda 😉