Family gathering

Sender Inner Melinda M. was impressed by Labor Day Squirrel Family Photographer Joan G. and sent it in via the famous Marily T. over at National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel!



  1. The next picture will obviously be more squirrels, and more squirrels, until we pull back and realize the earth is merely a sparkle in a cute groundhog’s eye.

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Pretty fur. And BEF to the power of infinity.

  3. reminds me of the squirreladges in Boston Common. They come running up to you from afar just for single peanut.

  4. what kind of squirrels are these? they look like prairie dogs.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Awwww. Looks like “Meerkat Manor”, American-style! 😀

  6. Arrgh, they look like little alien squirrels to me. Take me to your mothership.

  7. Agreed, they definitely remind me of meerkats!

  8. SouthieGal says:

    1 -2 -3 Prairie Dogs!

  9. They are evil mechanoids from the planet Grahflageldon. Those furry covers don’t
    fool me.

  10. They look like meerkats to me but they sure are completely adorable.

  11. i fink its a wyoming ground squirrel…..uber-cute!!
    wanna squeeze it a lil!

  12. It’s the squirrlpocalypse! Run! On second thought, don’t run, just carry a pocket full of peanuts.

  13. The way they are posing with their little front feets dangling reminds me of impossibly cute zombies. Brrraaaiinnnssss….

  14. Skwerlios? Where are their bushy tails?

    @Trisha – I am proud to say I’ve contributed to training that annoying behavior in skwerls in the Boston Common since I was a wee girl. Annoying tourists and visitors for decades… *looks proud*

  15. Prarie dogs

  16. Awwwww! Too cute! 😀

  17. Mr Burns dangling front paws. “Eeeexcelleeent”…

  18. Ground squirrels are closely related to prairie dogs, but they are NOT the same thing!

  19. They look more like Prairie Dogs, what kind of squirrels are they? 🙂

  20. it looks bad to call in ded after a long weekend! oh well…*starts dialing*

  21. Obvs they’re aiming their Group BEF right at me because I am utterly paralyzed by these photos.

    And, “let me Google that for you” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-tailed_ground_squirrel

  22. Richardson’s ground squirrel, aka (but erroneously) gophers.

  23. Their rounded nosicles and teensy ears have killed me ded.

  24. The BEF is off the charts.

  25. Ok, I never made this particular comment before, but here goes: “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  26. BC_Fuzzykins says:

    @ Trisha & chanpon – I’ve done my time conditioning the little beggars on Boston Common, too.

    I don’t so much, these days, because of the Red Tails Hawks in the area. It’s rather depressing to coax a little fuzzykin out for some dinner, only to have him/her become the main course.

  27. @elenion
    The way they are posing with their little front feets dangling looks like they’re drying their nails. =)

  28. Awww are they waiting for the school bus. Like the chunky one in back hes in pre k lol.

  29. First time I’ve ever thought a squirrel was cute. But then again, after watching Mr. Ratoski Batharoni the other day, that’s the first time I’d ever thought a rat was cute, too. First time for everything.

  30. 2nd squirrel from the right has an invisible Yo-Yo, lol

  31. aw that last picture is great! they look so itty bitty!

  32. Mm-hm. Prairie Dogs, fer sure. (Not that they’re any less cute being called squirrels. A rose by any other name, etc., etc.)

  33. Happy little family! I just love their dainty dangling paws…

  34. …And the noses! My gosh, those are adorable little noses!!

  35. Definitely ground skwirls. We have ’em by the thousand around here in Arizona! They do look like wee prairie dogs, though! But much teenier. About five, six inches long — and cuter than cute. Love the family portrait. Saw some babies the other day playing under my sage bushes the other day. About three inches long and deadly precious. Mother nature does love her cute.

  36. You spelled it wrong. It’s SKWERLS!

  37. It’s almost the von Trapp family choir!

  38. These look like gophers to me! Prairie dogs, gophers…but definitely NOT squirrels!

    Hope they escaped from the Gopher Hole Museum* in Torrington, Alberta before becoming part of the exhibition!

    * a true place, you can look it up on the internet – it’s hilarious!

  39. knittinkitten says:

    I think those are prairie dogs. Not squirrels. But cute anyway!

  40. It’s a buffet of adorabuhls. nom nom ang ang ang

    Holy meermonks!

  41. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, I knew it couldn’t have been MY family portrait, ‘cuz all of them have their eyes open (I always blink at the precisely wrong moment) and their mouths closed (I am always the one noshing on something just as the shutter clicks)! Oh, yeah, and they are WONDERFULLY cute!
    P.S. What happened? I thought we were through being tortured by the ‘feline pine’ adverts?

  42. @Dash: Oooooh! You’re sooo lucky to have such cuteness by thousand around your place! I am jealous. I see more cars where I live than animals (pets & wild critters combined). That’s it: I’m moving to Arizona! Adieu ma Nouvelle France!

  43. BC_Fuzzykins says:

    As the link Katey posted shows, they are Ground Squirrels:

    Not to be confused with Prairie Dogs:

  44. fatgrammafinn says:

    i spent MY labor day mediating a truce between the Stellar Jays and the Douglas tree squirrels in their fierce skirmishes over the peanut dispenser. the jays teamed up and learned how to tip it over backward because the squirrels learned not to lift the lid because it gets stuck. the squirrels figured out how to lift the acrylic window up far enough in its tracks to get the peanuts out from the bottom. and then the crows came in behind the squirrels and dug up the newly planted peanuts. yadayada peaceable kingdom, muttermutter harrumph go to the feedstore AGAIN!

  45. YAY! FIRST! Time getting anything accepted after several years of sending things!
    They are Round Tailed Squirrels as others have pointed out. I think they should be called Round HEADED Skwerls! Go read Joan’s caption at flicker. She had a really neat experience when getting this photo.

  46. Sorry! Yes, SQUERLS, not squirls. Actually, to the coyotes and owls, they are “appetizers.” Sadly. But important in the circle of life. (sings that line and waves hands in the air.) And yes, they are in fact NOT prairie dogs or gophers — much, much smaller. They are sized more like chipmunks — but even a skosh smaller still. They litter the place out here. Everywhere. Running around, making holes, peeping up, popping back down. The babies truly define “precious.” Go ahead! Look it up!! In the dictionary! Right there! Precious: Baby ground squirrel. See?

  47. They’re so cool, they look like little aliens in the last pic!

  48. did you see their teensy ears? earies, teensy-weensy-earies…

  49. Want to hug the wittle wne.

  50. Yes, little . . . . er . . . wittle . . . . meerkat-like aliens. Cuuuuuute.

  51. I believe these are chipmunks. Squirrels have long bushy tails.

  52. Prairie dogs are a type of ground squirrel. Groundhogs, chipmunks, and marmots are also types of squirrels.

    C’mon, guys, there’s really no excuse for being wrong on the Internet. Wikipedia’s a few clicks away.

  53. “OMG Skwrls!” is all I can think of. My brain is mush.

  54. Meerkats!

  55. squiggles!

  56. Prairie Dogs….they are so funny. They have a good size community at the MN Zoo.
    Cute as the dickens. Something definitely has their attention.

  57. Wow. Related to meerkats much?

  58. Actually, they aren’t related to meerkats at all. Meerkats are carnivores in the mongoose family… Richardson’s Ground Squirrels are rodents in the squirrel family…

    Just FYI.

  59. Them be Prairie Dogs ahoy may-tees!! “Scourge of the Plains,” “Rancher’s Bane” they is, what with their burrowin’ and grass clippin’… Or, some call ’em the Bread Loafs of the Prairie Market… yar… since near every other creature et’s ’em. Ay.

  60. That really is an overload of cute! I’m making it a mission to share this everywhere!

  61. deez r fur people. See May Sarton book of same name ( I think.) Dey R reawy peeple. I mean it!

  62. I meant “Fur person” Wondrous tale re: tom cat who becomes a cat of peace.

  63. Martina Lubosch says:

    They are 100% Prarie Dogs 🙂 The best are the squeaky sounds they make, and especially the whistle when the sound the alarm!! Too cute!

  64. Janice Ristow says:

    These must be marmots. My husband got scolded for leaving the path on our mountain here in Seattle to get a better look.