Off the Wall!

It’s time for Parkour! Also known as freerunning, Parkour is the edgy urban sport of getting from point A to point B as creatively as possible: Leaping from rooftops, climbing up walls… basically, acting just like cats. Observe:



  1. I hope don’t catch my boys climbing the walls, I’d have a heart attack or have to follow them round with a matress incase of falls.

  2. Dawnieangel76 says:

    @1:17 – Ahhh! Floor is lava! *LOL*

  3. BRILLIANT. The last little one made me guffaw obnoxiously.

  4. I found it interesting how… loose cats were when I was in Europe. Especially how it was considered very normal to allow them access to roofs if you were in an upper floor of a building. Me I would FREAK OUT!!

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    I (heart) Hon Glad! I hope your little guys are fine and not threatening you with law suits as mine does. I’ve as recently as today, seen my neighbor’s cat, Boots, (formally thought of by me as Loretta) walking nonchalantly around on the other next-door neighbor’s roof! Also, I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard French rapping.

  6. I do not mind French rap at all but… the subject of this song is totally unrelated (talking about all the sorrows of the world).

    … Although, coming to think about it, I’d probably relate a great deal if I allowed my two kittayns to live dangerously like that and one met with a tragic death as a result. Oh, I’d ruther NOT imagine this!

  7. You could rename it ‘Cats Who Climb Stucco’. Less creative, of course. Can I squeeze a ‘Don’t declaw your cats!!’ shout out in here? Please? They obviously need them.

  8. Ha, take that all you human wannabes! The best technique is the cat who doesn’t even roll over onto his back in a simple way. *applause*

  9. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Cat. JAMES Cat.

    Shaken, Not Stirred 🙂

    (PS: I have NEVAH YET watched, even one Bond film)

  10. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (pps: @ NTM, re hovertext: ….”or do. See if we care!” = snerk!!!!:) )

  11. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (there was a smileyface attempted there…me keyboard is boycotting me today)

  12. This is funnier if you’ve seen the kinds of stuff this is a parady of:

    And just for fun:

  13. I’m now rethinking a rough stucco finish for my walls (inside and out)–too tempting for kittehs!

  14. OMG. I need to go take an anti-anxiety pill and lie down now. Only one of my cats is allowed outside and, thankfully, there aren’t not too many buildings around here. Just trees, lots of trees.

  15. My wife’s kitty used to climb the jute wallpaper. Served her parents right for having jute wallpaper in the first place.

    Anyhoo, it’s natural, innit? Stucco isn’t that far away from tree bark, structure-wise, and cats climb trees all the time.

  16. *sigh*

    And is there a version of this vid without Sony Music Entertainment blocking it?

  17. Take that you Parkours… KITTYS PWN your sport!

    The Ninja Kitties

  18. The real cats are far better than the silly CGI advert ones, and I love the lazy cat at the end!

  19. Such show-offs and yet so cool about it. I LOVE cats!

  20. fatgrammafinn says:

    i give white kitty at the end 9 style points, and a bonus point for doing it slowly and catterly- just a perfect segue into a nap

  21. ow can’t watch the movie because of sony music is not allowed in my country.

  22. The cat that jump on top of the cat Penny did that in the middle of the night on my bedroom door.

    The sound of her claws on the door woke me up and I jumped out of bed to get her down from there because I was afraid she would fall down.

    After watching this video I feel like an idiot but I would probably do it again anyway.

  23. “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    Copyright cat strikes again.

  24. Clawed Monet says:

    Anyone know the music title and group? Awesome video!

  25. earlybird1 says:

    This reminded me of THIS:

    And then I was ROFL!!!! “HARDCORE PARCOUR!”

  26. earlybird1 says:

    um… just saw my own spelling mistake. Oopsie.

  27. So many wild moves zipping up walls, bouncing off railings and flying through the air… I think these are Matrix kitties!

  28. For all of the non-USians, here’s a link to what I assume is the same video: Now with 100% more copyright infringement. Mmm, delicious!

  29. MY cats don’t do ANY of that. In fact, I stopped rubbing Nesbitt with my left hand to type this, and now he is acting like he’s being tortured.

  30. Let’s see dogs do THAT! Ha!


  32. And it looks as though Minou does too… PS minou is a french word that is the equivalent of “kitty”. I found the song rather hard to follow – the singer said his heart was knotted with sadness when he thought of stressful situations… wierd, huh?

  33. I think the cats in France have MAD Spidey skills.

  34. I’m a francophone and I cannot believe it took me 5 minutes to realise Parkour is actually a variant spelling of Parcours, which means trajectory or course. :foreheadslap:

    Those kitties were making me nervous!

  35. cats are just….awesome.

  36. My son says that cats do not ‘do’ Parkour… they ARE Parkour!

  37. A few months ago, I had to go to my friends’ neighbor to let them know they had a dog on their roof. Turns out it wasn’t parkour, though; they have a sweet rottie who figured out how to nose open the attic window and just likes to lounge on the roof when it’s warm out. He comes back in when he gets hungry or tired. I thought, what a great way of life… Wish I had an attic!

  38. Proving, once again, that gravity does not apply to cats.

  39. WTF was that soundtrack?

  40. Regular bunch of Levi Mew-enbergs.

    (“Meeuwenberg” if you need to know the reference.)

  41. Ah, quels minets audacieux! Quel courage! Quel culot!

    I had to let some French out after all that! :-b

  42. I once lived in an apartment with stucco walls. My first (intensely insane) cat used to climb those walls with disappointing regularity.

  43. Hi Arbed!!!!!
    I think Kitties actually invented Parkour!

  44. Purrkour! [esp. the last slow somersault into a backflop . . . and he . . . STICKS the one-point landing!]

  45. if parkour was just what the very last kitty did, then I am totally a parkour expert. if i have to leap off buildings and climb drainpipes, then i’m s.o.l.

    i think all cats are french, deep down.

  46. Wow, that was beautiful. Sure, cats are cute, fluffy and extremely warm and cuddly. But we forget they are athletic, strong, prey animals. What a great video and perfect music. I am in Canada and I could see that video, so no blocking here. Who did the music?

  47. No, no, no! They are predators, not prey animals!

  48. Martha in Washington says:

    My cat just sat here and watched the entire video with me! She has NEVER done that before. I think she was disapproving though. I think she thinks that takes too much energy to do stuff like that. And it is very low-brow.

    And the French rapping is as annoying as American rap.

  49. Martha in Washington says:

    My son just said “Ninja Cats!” He thinks they need ninja stars.

  50. S_S — Yes!

    Martha in Washington: I’m with your son, but re: French rap: You’re missing the point.

    Cat at end of clip — awesome.

    For the original Parkouriste, look up David Belle — and also the film District B13 and also Casino Royale for opening Parkour scene.

    Here’s an awesome ad he’s in:

  51. LOL! Love it! 😀

    Could have done without the *French* rapping though. :O

  52. Guess they must not have doors in France. 😉

  53. The Cat Foundation says:

    Not available in my country due to Sony Ericksson’s copywright stuff!!!!

    Can someone delete the Sony E. bits and show the CAT?!?!? Please….

  54. Non mais vraiment! J’adore ces chats! et meme que Parkour existe en vrai, et il y a des professionels qui le font, et ces chat le font en temps libre! Juste comme ca! Sans souci!

    Yeah, i’m a frenchie person.

  55. Big meeting of ALL the francophones in the commentary!! NOW!!!(and no one will pay any attention to this)

  56. Shaz: I’ve had dreams in which I am able to do that.

  57. 1:54!!
    Catflip! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  58. My cats prefer the sport of lap sitting.

  59. Cats climbing stucco walls! Just amazing. Somehow I had more confidence in these little athletes’ survival than the guy who climbed that skyscraper in San Francisco yesterday.

  60. Emerson: It’s pretty awesome and scary. The man is a machine.

    Me, I have dreams of flying…

  61. catlover: Pourquoi pas!

  62. Minou: they used this specific song in the video because it’s popular with les traceurs/traceuses, and is exactly the kind of song you hear in videos of humans doing parkour.

    Clawed Monet: the song is Si Triste by Le 3ème Oeil.

  63. Thank the lord for Sony blocking me from watching that kitteh, or I wuld’ve missed the David Belle video, and frankly, my day just got a WHOLE lot better after watching him move! Thanx Shaz for turning my YouTube lemons into lemonaid! =D

  64. @Justine : Merci pour l’explication. One can tell I am not familiar with “parkour” things and the music culture that goes with it. I just thought it was somewhat depressing, the topic of the song. Oui : je suis francophone mais pas française (de France). Je suis du “Kouébec”. 🙂 Un beau bonjour aux francophones (et francophiles) de cette liste!

  65. Yep: cats MUST be latin somehow. So intense and yet so laid back.

  66. velociraptor says:

    My tortie cat is named Parkour for just these reasons…can’t keep her off of anything in the house. Fortunately, she generally is only trying to find a warm spot and has zero interest in the plants.

  67. Cats are scaling walls now? *looks around*

  68. 😆 This video just shows that cats will climb anything 😆

  69. Ah, tu viens du Quebec? Moi j’ai un parent qui vient de Lyon. L:’autre vient des Etats-Unis. Mon grammaire francais est nul…

  70. Yes, Ninja kittiehs. Makes total sense that climbing stucco would be so easy.

    @Shaz– that fella is amazing. I think the music that was with that video would have been good with the kitties too.

  71. See? I’d be running away and climbing up walls too if I had to listen to French rap. Mon dieu. X-(

  72. Cute little kittens climbing up our pants leg is only the beginning.

  73. The Cat Foundation says:

    C’mon peeeeeeps!!!! I can’t see this vid due to some stupid rules by Sony.

    WHAT happens in this vid?

    Can someone narrate, pleeeeeeeeeese…..

  74. Cats climbing to very high altitudes without oxygen, or a sherpa. Daredevilish flipping out and canyonesque jumpinks. With background bombastic boom-bappery.

  75. I mean…where do they learn that? At what point are they like, “oh yeah…i can scale that flat surface”?

  76. How the hell have these creatures not taken over the world? Oh wait, they sit around, eat and sleep and occasionally chase phantoms around the world while we dote on them with a constant stream of toys and food.

    Why bother?

  77. Mama Wrench says:

    Guess I’m the weird one out, I really like the song in the background — my French is barely passable, but I understand them better than most American English-speaking rappers.

    Both my cats are lazy. I think that if they were free-spirited European cats, they’d be into this kinda crap. But they’re lazy American cats, so the most excitement they get involves jumping up on the bed and playing footsie with the baby.