At the Whack-a-Mole Auditions

“… thank you, gentlemen, that’s some very good jumping, and the squeaking is top-notch, really. However, we’re only seeing moles today, terribly sorry. But do leave your pictures with the stage manager on your way out. Next, please?”

Lizzy C. says she made this noise when she watched this video.



  1. Squeak, squeakin’, squeak, squeakity. (Feed us, please.)
    Squeaker, squeak, squeak, squeakin’? (Where’s the food?)
    Squeak squeak squeak, squeak, squeaker! (Feed us. feed us. feed us NOW!)

  2. “OMG, it’s Justin Bieber and he’s coming out of the mall!!!!!”

  3. Mark E. DeSade says:

    That sound is otter-ly ridiculous.

  4. Otters! omg Otters! Want!

  5. @chanpon

    Fangirls…*shakes head*

  6. I never knew they sounded like that!

  7. Scarleybelle says:

    Otters, want!, indeed & agreed! They’re whole schtick is to play-play-play all day. But dashing about and squeaking en masse? Utter otter overload!

  8. @Chanpon, it’s much less violent than that. :mrgreen:

  9. LOVE this! Such silly and bouncy little otters. Squeak!

  10. PS, are these Asian Small-Clawed otters?
    Just the name is insanely cute. 😎

  11. knittinkitten says:

    “Pick me!” “No pick me!” “No, not that otter one, pick me!” “Me!” “No, me!”

    It’s otterly redonkulous how cut these leetle guys are!

  12. Eeep! I was gonna submit that last night. Guess it’s the ottery zeitgeist

  13. I really want to see what was happening off-camera that made them do that.

  14. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. WHEN WE EXPLODE FROM CUTENESS!!


  15. YES!!! So glad they finally posted this! I was one of many people begging, I’m sure.


    I can’t take it. (Ok, that’s a lie, I’ve watched this maybe 10 times in the last two days.)

  16. Eeeee Eeeee Eeeeeee…. Thanks for all the fish.

    LOL that is so funny cute and annoying all rolled into one!

  17. I’d say they’re Asian otters, Theresa, they’ve got a pair at the Lakes aquarium and they squeak just like that!

  18. My husband saw this on last night and asked, “Why hasn’t this showed up on Cuteoverload???”

  19. I want to pick them up and cuddle them until they squeak!

  20. It’s like they know they’re so cute that they make themselves “SQUEE!”

  21. I love otters! I had no idea they squeaked!

  22. They remind me of the leaping Nuns of St Looney in the cream bun and jam.

  23. :D!! *sender-inner-credit happy dance… which looks suspiciously like this otter happy dance*

  24. I just asploded into rainbows and candy

  25. Swedish Otter says:

    Heres the same Otters but from a different angle: They are waiting for food 🙂

  26. D’awww, otters look like they’re doing the wave! This is Cute beyond words. 😀

  27. Happy hopping squeaky toys!

  28. I am in the process of dying from cuteoverload, head and heart cannot handle the impossibly cute, unbelievable little squeaks from those precious hungry little tots !

  29. Holy Crabapples! The noise their making! THE NOISE!!!!!!

  30. Er… the noise THEY’RE making… sigh…

  31. It’s hard to tell if they’re asian short-clawed or european otters – they aren’t as rare in the wild as they used to be, though, so I don’t know if there’s still much call for captive breeding nowadays.
    The noise is awesome…but the jumps! I had no idea they were so…bouncy! Pop goes the (water-based member of the) weasel (family)!

  32. I want to go to there. ^_^

  33. @ruth

    that sound is a perfect ear worm cleanser!

    it should also be the soundtrack for just about every single CO post. maybe like a button on the sidebar that is always available for you to push when you can’t squee enough on your own!

  34. @lisal

    i, for one, am thankful you realized the error of your ways. it’s a peeve of mine. probably my pettest peeve. along with “your” and “you’re” but not as bad as saying “expresso” and “excetera” and “off-ten.”

    and yes, this is what i’m doing on my holiday.

  35. I submitted this weeks ago. 😦

  36. i’ve already watched this like 20 times, and it gets me every time! they sound like the little fluffy birds from Pixar’s “For the Birds” short!

  37. @Panda, they totally do!

  38. Way cool! Thanks for sharing!

  39. O NO! He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….er….HonGlad…? Do Ita Shimaste?

    Please to elucidate further??? re. yours of # 22.
    Ya ni panimayu. Je ne comprends pas.

  40. Hmmm ! Looks around with shifty eyes….


    … Ducks rotten tomatoes and dashes off while giggling maniacally!

  41. @ONHSID, Hon Glad is (deliberately?) conflating two immortal moments in Brit-Bat#$%-Crazyness.

    This is one of them:

  42. This is the other:

  43. PS:
    @ONHSID: Pazhalsta! :mrgreen:

  44. Anybody else’s comments getting eaten? (as if you could comment if they were)…
    I click ‘submit’, the screen fliggles (yes, it fliggles), the Purina One(tm) banner ad appears inside the comment box, and then the page reloads… without my precious words. My precious, precious words.

  45. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ theresa:

    je te remercie pour l’information et aussi pour les (I HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST CLUE HOW THEY SAY) internet links qui s’expliquent!!!! Bon nuit, Mme!!

  46. as much as I love the squeeking, I cant enjoy the weird behaviour of animals in zoos – this should be under cute’n’sad.

  47. @patito

    too many posts spoiled the spam filter.

  48. Now you know why, when things get crazy, people say ‘It’s been like feeding time at the zoo around here today’. Except that it is NEVER that cute.

  49. Thanks, Sharpy– I thought the internet had me on ignore again.
    Me and my precious, precious woooooords.

  50. Yay! I can see the vid now!

    They all reeeeally wanna go to iHop!

  51. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    aaand pyrit WINS THA INTERNET!!! 🙂

    (btw, pyrit, didja see my response, to YOUR response, over in one of the earlier pics/ comments streams?? don’t presently remember which pic….)

  52. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    Somebody, just give them what they want, for Pete’s sake!

    The desperate squeaking is killingk me!

  53. O NO – Yes, beautiful, I did.

  54. If you think that’s squeaky, check them out when they’re babies, lol

  55. As a longtime fan of cuteoverload, I was shocked to see the phrase “whack-a-mole.” Are you serious? Do you actually think animal torture is a joke?

  56. Ooo babies! Though I still think the adults are squeakier (not to mention bouncier). Otters have slightly disapproving faces too sometimes! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  57. Dee Sargent says:

    as adorable as the otters are that are jumping and squeaking, isn’t it kind of mean to tease them to get a laugh? aren’t they hungry? it looks like they are looking for food.

  58. @linda

    linda, you might be unaware of the popular arcade game, “whack-a-mole,” in which players with large, comical hammers try to hit eerily inaccurate puppet versions of moles as they surprisingly pop out of different holes in a wooden box. no harm is ever done, nor is harm even implied to actual moles or, more importantly, otters. surely as a long time fan of cuteoverload, you recognize our sheer love of fun and cute and abhorrence of all things cruel.

  59. @dee

    i’m winning at “whack-my-forehead.”

  60. Theresa – Your knowledge of the intertubes and British comedy is Sans Pareil.
    The BBC in ther infinite wisdom, dumped a lot of the recordings of classic comedies.

  61. *looks over some of the comments*

    Cuteness Overload is Serious Business now.

  62. Cute wild things!!!! The noise woke my kitties up…that takes some doing.

  63. Yes…that name is bad. Whacking anything is not a good idea. Please get rid of the name and keep the video of the cute babies.

  64. I think I need a baby otter. For my sanity. One that grows up to squeak.

  65. (and no, for the nuffers, I do not in fact think anyone should have wild animals as pets… )

  66. aquasaline says:

    Anyone else’s dog just go bonkity bonkers at the sound of the squeaky toys?

  67. Gee, the nuffers are getting desperate for things to gripe about.. CO is clearly behaving itself too much! Bring on the random once-a-year pic of–*gasp*–a human baby!

  68. Surrealle: To that I say, “Pasickie!”

  69. I concur! Pasickies for everyone!

  70. They sound like the squeak toys my dogs destroy. The first they go after is ripping open getting the squeaker. Then taking every bit of stuffing out. All our ‘toys’ look like they belong at the boneless chicken ranch from the Farside.

  71. I think being an otter might be the happiest life of any organism on this planet. They might not be as smart as, say, humans, dolphins, elephants, or gray parrots, nor do I think they have particularly long lifespans, and I’m sure that they have moments of fear, pain, grief, etc, but it seems like overall otters spend more of their time enjoying themselves than any other life form.

  72. Mariah's Mum says:

    Gee Thanks! Now my newly adopted retired greyhound thinks my laptop is a Squeaky toy for her to play with!!! 😦

  73. Oh yes, nuffers, zoos are just a terrible place. How horrible that the breeding programs they do actually keep some species alive that are completely extinct in the wild. How monstrous that they get top rate food (If you ever go to a zoo kitchen, you will be jealous) and great healthcare. Not every zoo is amazing, but if you do your research and visit AZA accredited (or the equivalent for your country), you will not be disappointed. These are well taken care of animals who live great lives, especially when compared to being poached in the wild or thrown into the wild when they have been hand reared. These otters were probably being visited around their normal feeding time, and just like any animal including yourselves, they were excited!

    I’m sorry to rant, but do your research before you knock someone’s profession. People who work in zoos do it out of passion and love, there is no crazy money to be made out of it.

  74. I loved that video, but my dog really did not enjoy that sound.


  76. @panda

    as little as i like seeing animals in cages, it’s better than seeing no animals at all. zoos are deeply engaged with the IUCN, the most powerful species preservation organization on the planet. zoos aren’t just prisons for animals and i’m not saying they’re perfect, but they really are the storefront displays for conservation science. The money raised by exhibit animals does more good than you can imagine. zoos are where children fall in love with animals.

  77. I had no idea there were animals that literally sounded like squeaky toys. That is hilarious.

  78. @Sharpy

    I hope you realize I was being sarcastic in the first part. I am going to school to work in zoos, I know all about the things you talk about and it is my passion. Did you read the whole post at all?

  79. @panda

    yup, i got that. i was agreeing with you.

  80. BatBlaster says:

    Hey, i want an otter shaped squeaky toy for my kitties

  81. Good points, Panda & Sharpy. And there are lots of other very effective nature conservation organizations, that protect endangered species.
    It’s great that children can go to a good zoo and fall in love with the animals. Ideally, children will grow up in a world where all animals live in their own natural habitat.

  82. Sometimes you come across a video that just makes life worthwhile. This, my CO friends, is one of those videos. I even sent it on to my sister, who has been very sad lately, knowing it will bring a smile to her face.

  83. Hey that’s my local zoo! The otters always put on a good show! x

  84. ps – Chester Zoo is a fantastic conservation centre, a million miles from the images of sad lonely lions in barren cages. Those otters are probably excited because the keeper is coming along with some fishie treats, The last time I saw them feed this is what they did and it was definitely a dance of excitement, not a cry for help. x