A Complete and Total Snuggle-A-Rama

Trying to get to sleep tonight?

Warm meelks not working?

Try these images of kitten canoodling, and you’ll be counting sheeps in no time.

“And Sender-Inner Kim I. sat back and enjoyed what she created. A complete and total Snuggle-A-Rama.”



  1. falling asleep at my deskkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  2. first comment??? first comment!!!!

    *first comment dance*

  3. Felicityanne says:

    Pics 9 & 10…spot the difference!


  5. cat canoodling causes contented catnapping.

  6. “Warm meelks.” “Overlords.” *snort!* ;D

    It’s a gift.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    They appear to be tabby-point Siameses! OMG they are just absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster , are those guys adorable… I think I just squeed a little. Yep, I did.

  9. I want to wear the warm kittens across my face as a sleep mask…

    Is that weird?

  10. Seriously, those kittens were born for the camera.

  11. Softly, I will nom you softly
    For my heart would break if you should wake before I go

  12. Stand by me, stand by my cat!

  13. Double Indemkitty, starring Barbara Stanlick and Fred MacFurry

  14. Barbara Stanlick and Fred MacFurry = best kitten names ever!!!!!!

    You did it again 260Oakley, I bow at the alter of your magnifipunsence.


    And yes, Katy, the sleeping mask thing is wierd, but tewtelly understandable.

  16. I keep putting my ear against the monitor screen, but I just can’t hear the teeny purring!!! *pout* Meanwhile my big baby over here keeps purring at me as if to say “Hello! Adult cute kitty over here!!” LOL

  17. That, my friends, is the very definish of Cute Overload. You know, when something’s so cute your heart could explode and it’s almost painful? Yep. This is it.

  18. It’s so sad that they lost their mama. But at least they have each other. Love the way they take turns with the leekings!


  19. Two little kittens lost their mother
    A baby sister and her brother
    Without Mom to give them noms
    They began to nom each other.

  20. pic 5 = axis of snorgling

  21. gorgeous. love the black nosies and blue eyes.

  22. Stormcat – Good to know I;m not the only one whose adult kitties get exasperated when when I squee over kitten pictures. I compare it to a man getting caught with pron by his wifey. “What am I, chopped liver?!?!?!”

    In other news, such sweet widdle babies! If my own cats weren’t felv+, I’d be up to my ears in kittens right now.

  23. The tiny tongues and the little nibble make my brain go splort. Thank you, Overlords.

  24. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Matchingks” Tag, please?

    and also: “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!”

    also also: yay for pyrit’s wordsmithing!!!

  25. I shall leeck you!

  26. Ear chizzomp! NYANG NYANG NYANG!

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh good heavens. The huge, full looking tummy in the last picture is off the hook! I just damaged both my nose and my monitor in a snorgle attempt. *goes to put compress on nose*

  28. mandy_Reeves says:

    lack of comments means everyone’s brains splode’d from teh cute? I have brainzzz o steel I tells ya! I survived long enough to post my pleasure of these 2 black nosed baybeh kitteh’s ….oh…ohh….wait…. *splosion!* fdk ‘fjafjfjiafjaija


  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. *sews mandy’s brains back into her sploded head*

  30. LoL Pyrit!

    oh, and squeeeeeeeee!

  31. picture #7: “Ummm.. This is a private moment…>:(“

  32. Photo #1 ——-> BEEEEEEEP!

  33. @mandy_Reeves: Brain sploded? Pretty much yeah. 🙂

  34. Oh my god, its my kittens! They are stars! 😛

  35. Kat – They certainly are tell us all about them.

  36. westward ho says:

    *dances* these are my babies! i’m so thrilled to see them on here. thank you, meg! *bows to cute overlord* @pyrit, love your poem — but they’re both leedle boys. still, we can have the sex changed to fit. 🙂 @Mary (the first): their father was a feral silver tabby; their mother was a tabby calico. believe me, we don’t know where the colorpoint markings came from — but they’re getting more pronounced by the day. scan (as in “catscan”) is developing smudgy black polka dots in addition to his fawn/cream tabbypoint coloration; frey is more of a smoky grey on white. they sound like little geiger counters when they purr.

  37. westward ho says:

    lmao. kat’s my DIL. we live here together in a big kimmune, with kitties and kats and a very sad dog. 😀

  38. westward ho says:

    oops. and rats. sorry, forgot about the rats. (and the hamster.)

  39. All zeese pikshures need are… (yawn)… uhm… to be put together in a (yaaaawwwnn!)… montage wiz a lulluby as in this movizzzzz zzzz honk shoooo!

  40. Lewis n' Clark says:

    A DOR REE BLES. (Thunk)

  41. omg really wants to plant face in kitten belleh.

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    My favorite is the #7-“Gah! He’s choking me!” picture.

  43. Hee hee! The #7 picture actually makes me think of the Olsen twins – that whole surprise-eyed, pouty lip thing that they always have going on in their pictures!

  44. ttthhpp, tttthppp, thhhpp, ttthhppchomp

  45. Karate Mom, the secret of the Olsen twins’ pout is the word “prune.” Supposedly they say it when they’re being photographed. Try eet.

    Not that kittens need such tricks, of course.

  46. Emmberrann says:

    I, on the other hand, do not want to be counting sheep. I want to be counting kittehs.

  47. Pic #6… *THUD!* … there goes the day…

  48. pics 6,7,8
    Love bite, leek…get caught, and don’t care, just go away.

    @260– You are the best punster. You so crack me up. I doff my chapeau to you.

  49. 😀 I would be more than happy to snorgle those two little kitties 😀

    @RoseyPosey 😀 I agree with you 😀 In my case, I would have to talk my brother and his friend into letting me bring home kittens 😀 Otherwise, I would also be up to my ears in kitties 😀

  50. I.Am.So.Ded.This is toooo much cute … *thud*

  51. “Up to my ears in kitties.” I can think of worse fates. 😀

  52. 😆 I agree with you, Noelegy 😆 There are worse fates like having said kitties climbing up your pant leg meowing for attention 😆

  53. Milk tummy!

  54. If you scroll through the pictures fast, it looks like a cartoon.