You Call This A Circle of Life?!

“… and so, Simba, the gazelles eat the grass, and then we eat the gazelles, and then we poop out the gazelles and they go back into the grass. And then a baboon smears Welch’s Grape Jelly on your forehead and that’s how you become king…”

That’s a song cue if ever I heard one, Andy R.



  1. Magestyyyyyyyyyyyyyomgcute!

  2. Simba: Why’s it always gotta be about food, dad. See? You’re licking your lips RIGHT NOW!

  3. …and it mooooooves us alllllllllllllllllll…

    Actually, he looks like he’s about to sing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King!”

  4. The cub looks so teeny next to its (presumably) dad! Look at that and remember that in a year or two he will be just as big as Dad.

  5. *snickering @ the hovertext*

  6. Love this picture!

  7. 😦 I don’t get the hovertext.

  8. Hey pop, the way you keep licking your lips, it’s getting me worried.

  9. OMG so STINKIN’ cute!!! *chucksbabylionfits*

  10. Kimba…I mean Simba

  11. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    @Brinnann: see the Cats against Clay embedded ads.

  12. PS: Dad lion says, Hey is that Elton John? Tell him to come over here a minute . . . 😈

  13. That li’l guy is mighty cute, and I ain’t lion!

  14. What a spectacular photo. Really. Just wow.

  15. OHHHHHHH. Duh. Thanks Jimbeaux.

  16. Oops, I mean MamaDawn! Jimbeaux’s comment was last while I was typing.

  17. *looks back and forth*

    I can’t believe *that* turns into *that.* Wow.

    *looks some more*

  18. “Sure, this ‘do looks great, but it’s a bitch to manetain.”

  19. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    …simba looks unconvinced ….

  20. “Son, you must learn to take pride in lion around all day while the women hunt for food, roar you’ll never be king.”

  21. Aww babeh cubbeh looks pissed!

  22. @mick

    nooooooo! there is a kimba and he was my favorite!

  23. @Sharpy, thanks for the earworm 😯

  24. fatgrammafinn says:

    bebe gotz to work on hiz majestic and fierce poze, chester over at “disapproving” is FAR scarier, for now!

  25. MellyBelly says:

    This post is SCREAMING for a bebeh lion extreme close up.

  26. @Sharpy, I was actually talking about Kimba the white lion the other day. My friends thought I was making it up. I loved that show! Ah, childhood memories…

  27. OMG Mick & Sharpy ! you know Kimba too ?! You’re the first people to know that little guy besides me that I’ve ever heard of ! YEAAAAAA!
    I LOVE this place !!
    As a potter I have to disagree with the embedded ad that says cat hate clay.
    I have first hand knowledge that cats LOVE clay! Especially soft clay items that are just the right size for a kitty to curl up in or walk on or deform while still on the wheel. It’s not so bad when it’s a flat slab of clay on a table but a 24” across the top bowl does NOT make mommy happy when she sees a kitty curled up inside. Grrrrr! Have any of you tried to clean wet clay off an unhappy kitty ?
    Helpful tip : Bring help & lots of Neosporin

  28. OMG Mudbug, that visual was hilarious! 😆

  29. @theresa

    don’t complain. i’ve had it since i was 8.

  30. knittinkitten says:

    Eeee! I’ve been trying to remember what show that was! Everyone I described it to thought I was making it up! Now there’s proof.

    I too think there should be a close up of teh cute kitten!

  31. @kimba fans!

    YAY! i knew if i posted something here i’d find others! no one ever believed me, either! oh, i loved kimba so much! where did you guys grow up? i think that’s the clue. if it’s where i think it is, you might have social security numbers beginning with “5” 😉

    i actually made my own kimba t-shirt!


  32. OMG NOMTOM… the hover text just about killed me!

  33. Saw this awhile back. Just as good as the first time. Can’t stop marveling at the sheer magnificence. Hope they have a long, happy life!

  34. omgomgomg… my college roomate and i had a kitten that she named Kimba from Kimba, the White Lion, but I had never seen/heard that before… thank you! memories… I’m going to email the clip to her…

  35. YAY!

  36. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”

  37. The baby lion looks SO grumpy…

  38. I know the song, Dad. It’s the ring tone on my cell phone.

  39. Dad is telling the story and licking his lips, mmmm, gazelle.

  40. Daddy Lion-King: “See Simba: all this will be yours when you become King after me;

    Simba: “But Pop! All I see is lotsa African plains;
    unless you include that big Disney film crew that’s camping down there……! 🙄


  42. I’m still snorfin’ at the “and then we poop out the gazelles…”

  43. omg that so cute and the baby looks pissed lol

  44. Some day, lad, this will all be yours!

    What, the curtain?

  45. @arr arr

    >>I’m still snorfin’ at the “and then we poop out the gazelles…”

    oh i’m so sure. that is SO immature.

  46. That is an incredible photo. It is very uncommon to see a male lion with a cub, who took it? Where is it from?

  47. Kimba!

    How is it possible that there are people on the planet who do not know Kimba the White Lion? Next you’ll be telling me there are people who didn’t grow up watching Astro Boy!

  48. Ok, barring the fact that I’d probably end up mushmeat when he was done, is there anyone else in here who would love to run my fingers and my face through that gorgeous mane???? *sigh* What a beautiful picture!!!!

    And I grew up in over 2 dozen different locations and I too, remember Kimba… I used to cry whenever anything would happen to him… *sniff*

  49. AuntieMame says:

    LOL @ Paunchie!

    And the huge…tracts of land, too?

  50. @pixy misa

    i know that kids in the midwest didn’t get kimba. probably because it was a lesser-known japanese cartoon, unlike speed racer.

    but does anyone remember…. MARINE BOY?!

  51. @Sharpy: Meeee! Meeee! Marine Boy, probably on whom the Flock of Seagulls hairdo was baseed.

    I don’t know if I should admit that. :blush:
    Aaaaaanyhoo: I used to wonder why Speed Racer, Astroboy, Marine Boy and Kimba all had the same soap-bubble eyes. And why there were so many pointy things, like that pointy thing on the Marine Boy submarine.

  52. The little guy’s expression is just… awww!

  53. KIMBA! What a flash-back, however, my SS# starts with “0”. Marine Boy, hmmmmm. Did he have a tail with green scales? It’s familiar but I can’t get a clear picture.

    Thanks for the memories!

  54. ooohhh… *faint*

  55. Ees so TINY!!

  56. re: Kimba video – at 23-25, isn’t he being pursued by the gazelle? Isn’t this backwards. Is Papa Lion wrong?

  57. This tiny lion is officially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Too sweet!

  58. @fern

    well, “5” is the west coast, “0” is the northeast. either kimba played in the NE or you moved. but enough detecting. is that a green frog i spy?

    (yer welcome) 🙂

  59. @theresa

    EXACTLY! why the same eyes? why the pointy parts? and why so many words with only one open mouth? and why only a few feet of horizon during fast parts?!

    and (just one more) why did marine boy have a sidekick named “klee klee?” or am i remembering it wrong?

    ***~~**~*** oohhh ~*~*~*~ SUPER WAVY WAYBACK MACHINE RAYS ~~~*~~ oooohhhhhhh ~~~*~****~*~*

  60. @kathyp


    it was a different world back then. everyone ate leaves and beans. animals just ran around out of happiness.

  61. “Listen, Dad, if I went around declaring myself King of the Jungle every time some kooky old chimp flung grape pigment at me, they’d put me away…”

  62. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeee I love lion king~

  63. WANT!!!

  64. Kimba absolutely played on the East Coast. In NYC, anyway – I can’t speak for anywhere else.

  65. @theresa

    man, that intro is LAME! no wonder i don’t remember it. (and no wonder i love space ghost.)

    thanks for digging that up!

  66. wait until you guys discover that lions kill most of their cubs

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve never heard of Kimba, Marine Boy, etc. But on the other hand, this is a gorgeous photo!

  68. Mary (the first) says:

    ack Terrance! I deliberately only skimmed some comments because I didn’t want anyone to tell me anything like that! ACK no no no no no.

  69. AuntieMame says:

    They do nothing of the sort.

    A new lion taking over a pride will kill his predecessor’s cubs, but lions in general do not “kill most of their cubs.”

  70. Funniest. Hovertext. EVAR.

    I actually lol’d.

  71. No, terrance, a lion might kill a rival’s cubs, not his own. And why bring that up, anyway? What a lovely picture, gorgeous Papa, and adorable baby.

  72. Rafiki is a mandrill, not a baboon!

  73. Now that you mention it, I remember Kimba, and I grew up in Ohio.

  74. @terrance

    oh do shut up.

  75. @redz

    hmmm… my theory is crumbling. though ohio is slightly east of the great culture clip-on tie of the midwest.

  76. i just died. bye. *goes to heaven and pets baby lion.*

  77. …if i wasn’t such a good whistler…

  78. I saw a show called Leo the Lion which is somehow related to Kimba the White Lion. I think I prefer the Leo the Lion theme song such as it was . I used to watch it along with this other cartoon about a boy and his Great Pyrenees, Belle.
    Anyway, great photo, I love the toughie face on the little one.

  79. I can say for a fact Kimba also showed on the west coast in Calif. but it wasn’t on the VHF channels it was on UHF (let’s see who’s old enough to know what I’m talking about !)

  80. EET. EES. SO. TINY!

  81. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMGar. So tiny. *thunk*

  82. len – Yep, those would be the sequel to the original Kimba, and a show named Belle and Sebastian, respectively.

    And also yep, the photo is awesome.

  83. This is the best. photo. ever!!!

  84. *laughing like hell at the text above the pic*

  85. Yeah, britany, I love the text above the pic. hilarious. Although the jelly looks more like strawberry to me.

  86. Yup I remember Kimba. And a few of the others too. Now who remember Unico?

  87. Fleurdamour says:

    That bebeh lion looks sleepeh.

  88. @ Mudbug I do.. but then i am over 50 and all the unusual shows were on UHF. Get out those bunny ears.

  89. That cub is all, “I’m a big ferocious lion. Check out my ferocious face.” But nobody takes him seriously because he’s so cute.

  90. @len

    >>I used to watch it along with this other cartoon about a boy and his Great Pyrenees, Belle.

    i’ve seen the band Belle and Sebastien but never the cartoon. local programmers must have thought California kids preferred Marine Boy. did they have market research in the days of UHF?

  91. shoooo cuuute

  92. omg sooooooooooo cute where else can u find these things

  93. That is a fantastic photo.

    @260oakley…you are so punny!

  94. Hmmm, I dunno why everyone is assuming that the cub is a boy. Cute cub though!

  95. WillowDusk says:

    Look Simba! Everything the light touches is our kingdom…

    I wanna watch it now! but i dont have it 😦

  96. I remember seeing Kimba on saturday mornings in Washington state around 1985.

  97. @mere

    kimba lives!


  98. Queen of Dork says:

    Beautiful picture but I’ve never heard of Kimba. Peeps, I was just watching this show on Animal Planet about vets treating animals. A kitty in the show had to be put down after being attacked by a coyote. This made me really, really want to hug my cat. So I picked him up but he wasn’t in the mood for cuddling at the moment. He actually put up his paw in my face in this total, “talk to the paw” manner and yelled at me to put him down. Sheesh. I was just trying to be nice.

  99. Some credit to the photographer:

    The whole album is lovely and worth having a look at.

  100. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ mudbug: (I’m waving my hand around, like Hor-SHACK from Welcome Back, Kotter: “Ooooh!!! Ooooh!! Mr kotTER!!!)

    I remember vhf/uhf and I’m just a few hairs younger than KittyAdv’s….in college, my “tv” was about 7 inches square, black/ white only and no cable. I did the “Youngest of Five” college plan….ate dirt and was grateful for it…walked uphill to school and uphill back home again…

    (remembering Theresa’s cuing up the MPython skit/ Yorkshiremen
    “WE were EVICTED, from OUR hole in the ground!!!!” etc.)

  101. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Q: “Talk to the paw”

    (he he)

  102. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ps/ also Q:

    re. Kimba: see Sharpy’s graphic, comment # 97
    Also…kinda think in less-dramatic (not such obvious
    whooooooshing / drama sounds) version similar to Underdog ….. but old-style Japanese animation.

  103. What an amazing photograph. I’m totally in awe.

  104. Ok, I should have rolled this all into one comment, but I’m slow today…
    ‘Dads’ mane is magnificant, then you scroll down….and there’s the wee cub…the juxtaposition is awesome.