OK, Twinkle Toes

[Say in whiny piglet voice]

“I will NOT let my precious toes be sullened by your dirty farm! I’m off to get a mani/piggy.”

Polly the piglet (see Rhinestone collar for name verification) via Telegraph UK and sent in by Erin B.



  1. Piggy pretty in pink.

  2. WHOA!

  3. Wallowing in her Wellies! 😀

  4. The latest in Viral Vinyl footwear: Swine Shu! Comes in PeptoPink, AchooBlue, SneezyGreen, and CoughCrimson.

  5. This is the very definition of “redonkulous”. I can almost hear the wee piglet saying it now.

  6. Awww, Thursday, that would’ve been so much better than the Crimson: RedOinkUlus!

  7. I hereby annouce that CoughCrimson has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the aforementioned RedOinkUlus.

  8. I would like mine in oink-tuous yellow please.

  9. New Category:
    Hogs ‘n’ Clogs

    Or Hogs ‘n’ Togs if he were wearing a t-shirt. Or Pigs in Digs if he were in someone’s apartment.

  10. What a fuzzy leetle peeg! Are those the Paris Hilton hair extensions?

  11. Is it Swine Shoe season already?

  12. @260Oakley: You are on a roll!

    Adorable little miss princess Polly has a straight tail. I was under the impression that piggy tails were curly, but perchance I am mistaken in that.

    I love the term mani/piggy. If I ever get one done at a salon, I will have to use that phrase. And I will of course wear pink wellies to the salon, although only one pair.

  13. We have potbelly pigs and their tails only curl sometimes but they are always wagging. They only like to get muddy when hot so they might like some boots too.

  14. @Thursday, that would be “red-oink-ulous.” :mrgreen:

  15. Whoa, Brinann beat me to it. Oink!

  16. Polly is the perfect name for a little piglet princess.

  17. I’m really not liking the bright, blue-ish pink of those galoshes and the collar (altho the rhinestones are to die fer! – eeepp!)
    Perhaps a peachier tone would harmonize nicely with the wee piglet’s hair (bristles?) color. Loving the moistee nohzhe.

    Is there a C.O. spelling tutorial??

  18. I think you mean ‘sullied’. Eeeeee…..piggy toes!

  19. @ Brinn You are on Fire… LOL..

    poignant Porker poses for paperatzie. petulantly plodding through puddles!

  20. These adorable piggies are trending! Welli wear indeed!


  21. Actually this one is my favorite because the piggy did not like getting her feet in the mud… what a nice mum and dad she has to rescue her tootsies. 🙂


  22. She’s off to a swine-and-cheese party!!!

  23. @260Oakley….
    bursted out laffinks. Move next door to me, plees.

  24. It’d be funnier if they were on all four feet….

  25. I agree with Fuzzbutt: four feet would be funnier. Still funny, though. @260Oakley you are genius, as usual!

  26. Nice bokeh.

  27. She looks like she is exhibiting some Diva-esque behaviour! I think she’s saying ‘Where’s that kid with my latte? I ordered it 20 minutes ago!’

  28. Polly loved to slip into some comfy flats after walking around all day in sty heels.

    And my humblest apologies to brinnan, whose treatment of the Swine Shoe epidemic was much more creative than mine.

  29. Is ti me or does this seem like the lead-in for a bad joke? “How do you get a pig to wear galoshes?”

  30. Peeg is missing the boots on her other trotters. And why is her tailio not curled???

  31. If you loved ‘Babe’, please give generously to the Red Cross for the 7.1 earthquake in New Zealand

  32. “The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!”

    It’s Pigmalion.

  33. I LOVE HER!!!!! :::smooches::: Look at the collar people, LOOK AT IT! Oh, if only I had a barn…. 😦

  34. poor wee pigget.

    the humidity has taken all the curl out of her tail.

  35. I had no idea piglets were so… hairy! But in a cute way of course.
    (And btw- Hooray for the return of the cute pink and yellow CO background!! I missed it so.)

  36. This is way way waY wAY WAY too cute. I feel bad for this other two feet that don’t get booties.

  37. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    (saying this in whiney piglet voice): “I wanna pink rhinestone collar necklace…”

  38. pig boots

  39. flutterbye says:


  40. Maybe we could try squeezing this Porcine Cutie into a shocking pink Barbie convertible;
    If Peegie is too big, perhaps her front feets will at least fit……!
    On second thought, the pink wellies will definitely not not fit;
    (Perhaps it would be best to shelve the whole Barbie convertible idea totally
    and instead tie a gigantic fuschia bow to her collar……!) 😆

  41. Hay peeps have you seen this dog swimming with a dolphin yet

    he does it almost every day!

  42. okay I found it on youtube

  43. Awesome vid, Kitty!

  44. @kittyadventures

    o i love that, thank you!

  45. okay. dog swimming with dolphin. totally wowness.

    but that guy should be the picture next to “smarmy pillock” in the dorktionary

  46. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate:

    The Feline Toilet Debacle seems to be over (figuring,now that we are in “September”, the contract expired? )..anyway,

    “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” yet again.

    The End.

  47. “Tory Island”?
    Is this a little enclave populated by monarchist, fox hunting, toffee-nosed high church Anglicans who were raised in Inja by their ayahs, and have names like Julian Sinjin Whistlefart-Thwackem-Psfykes?

  48. @ONHSID, is that all the way home? 😉

  49. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: given the Piggie Pic,
    that was, INDEED, what I was imagining! You’re so cooperative!! 🙂

  50. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (and also *snerkity-snerk*, now that I’ve read the prior entry, with the
    elegant name …Thwackem-Psfykes !!!!)

  51. Figures, the only pig that doesn’t like mud

  52. Wouldn’t Polly’s feet be SULLIED instead of sullened? Regardless, those boots make me squeal with delight!

  53. sooooooooo cute

  54. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

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  55. @O NO

    >>spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

    so much for my vacation.


  56. tamlovesspam says:

    There was a piglet from a a couple of years back that was afraid of the mud. It’s owners found better-fitting wellies (from keychains).


  57. @tamlovespam


  58. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ sharpy: NICE SNOOPY!!!

    and helpfulness also (If I coulda inserted the melody into my earlier comment, from the MPython “spam” skit, I woulda had that in there, too)


  59. That’ll do, Babe. That’ll do.