Peeky McPeekersons Gets Schooled

Remember this Peeky McPeekersons?

Or Peeky McPeekersons Jr.?

They’re about to get schooled.



  1. Plz to be fixingks teh bleenin’ link! Kthxbai.

  2. why no video embed?

  3. Oh, God. Someone has started up with the wretched “bleen” nonsense. Where is Theo when you need him to get rid of those posts?

    Re the video: Boo!

  4. Theo would never delete Brinnann. She’s hardcore. Hi sweetie!!

  5. Hi Dora! *waves frantically*

  6. *sigh* I miss Teho.

  7. “Peekaboo…ahh…no, no..oh wait, yes…peeka..oh no. Yes. Yes, peekaboo. Hi.”

  8. Slo mo cats really make my day in every form and format!!!!!

  9. Me, too!! 😦

  10. {{{HUGS}}} DKN. Maybe we should start a support group…

  11. Gotcha!!

  12. slowww mooow……..slowww mooow… take 2 longggg : ]

  13. Yay Meg! Ze link, eet ees feext!

  14. I don’t think it’s Slow Mo because at the end of the video the camera falls in regular time. What do you guys/gals think? 🙂

  15. Xuxa, I think kitteh is in slomo, not the camera.

  16. I think it’s a stuffed cat, it never blinks and its ears never twitch. Unnatural.

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I suspect that Slowmo McPeekersons is really Cardboard McCutoutersons.

  18. NOMTOM, if so, that’s some serious attention to detail on the whiskers.

  19. If I ever experience a divine visitation, it will probably be like this.

  20. How is that even possible???

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    I wonder what is going on on this side of the window to fascinate the cat so. Love the huge peeky eyes!

  22. With Inception soundtrack.

  23. Me, after nine seconds: My god, is there a kitten in a bag hanging at the top left? You can hardly even see – OH OMG EARS

    I can still feel the eyes. Looking. At me.

  24. I don’t think so NTMTOM, the cat’s moves a couple of times and the ears are twitchy in spots.

  25. I think it’s cute.

  26. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Wait — I take it back. I watched it again in full screen, and I could detect a tiny bit of movement other than up-and-down. All the same, something about it doesn’t look real.

  27. Whoa. Land of the Rising Ears.

  28. My stomach is keeling me from laughing so hard. It’d BETTER BE REAL!!! LOL

  29. Cats are good at not looking real. And I think occula is right that there’s a critter hanging out in the bag that swaying back and forth at the top left corner…

  30. One more vote for something is amiss with this video! I suspect Slo-mo. Elmo’s more relaxed country cousin, obvy. Either way, its still funny.

  31. “Пиз”ец мне!”

    OMG WHAT DOES IT SAY?!?!??!?! Can anyone tell me what language it’s in?

  32. PS WHAT could he be looking at, so horrified-like? 😯

  33. l think the language is Russian: perhaps this was a KGB kitteh spying on us!!!!!!

  34. In Soviet Russia, video slo-mo’s you?

  35. I have to know the backstory on this one. What in the world is going on to make the kitty so stealth?!?

  36. I apologize to Estlin: A “bleen” AND a “Soviet Russia” joke in the same thread. I know, I’m hopeless.

  37. And PS, NTMTOM, I think you are right about something being off. The kitty’s eyes never move–they stay fix-focused in one position–that seems strange…

  38. @DKN, I clicked the link to your blog. I hear ya, big time.

  39. Brinnan, I think it says, “Pischa Pikovich.”

    For some reason, I was expecting the little guy to be hiding in the basin. But I’m sure that that’s what he wants me to think.

  40. Thanks, Theresa! ^___^

    LMAO @ Brinnann.

  41. HP, Google translator told me it says “Pease, er I.” Huh?

  42. Oh, wait! “Pikovich” = PEEKovich! Right!? Okay, it’s a stretch…

  43. Skvatt, love the addition of the soundtrack! 😆 Too perfect!

  44. Thank you Meg, I needed that laugh. 😀

  45. The shadow on the sill in front of the window doesn’t change, therefore fake! We should see something like this –

  46. The kitty eyes move right on the beggining, it’s not stuffed! it’s super sneaky only!

  47. Well, I tried. “-scha” is a Russian diminutive. (e.g., Mikhail = Mischa). “-ovich” is a Russian patronymic (Mikhailovich = son of Mikhail). So, if “peek” were a Russian word, then Peeky McPeekersons would be Pischa Pikovich.

    And since the first three letters up there are Пиз (Pis? Piz?), it’s almost plausible.

    Or at least that was my intent. Jokes are always funnier when you explain them, right?

  48. funny! did not expect that at all.

  49. @brinnann: Google Translator = fail. The caption is Russian for “FML”

  50. Sorry HP, I was never good at languages! I didn’t mean to ruin teh joke… 😦

  51. I think maybe someone is lying beneath the window, raising and lowering the kitteh.

  52. knittinkitten says:

    All these comments and not one peeping tom joke in the bunch!

    Cutsey Pischa Pikovich kitteh!

  53. HP: It’s one word – the quotes in the middle are special chars bleeping out the censored bit.

  54. No one expects the Russian Incatsition!

  55. I’m with y’all on this one: “That boy ain’t right!”

  56. I, too, expected Basin Kitty!

    I think the way the room looks, the Potential Critter In A Bag that the cat ignores, the fixed stare, and the slo-mo add up to a certain foreign horror film kind of look. I don’t know. It’s got a Russian Blair Witch kind of feel to me! I say that as a lover as horror films, so the look of it only adds to the appeal. Performance art?

    I’m at work with the sound off, so I hope there’s like a slow slide whistle as it comes into view. WheeeeeeeeeeeEEEEERT?? ascending. Then WHEEEEeeonk descending.

  57. “I tawt I taw a puddy tat.
    …I deed! I deed taw a puddy tat!”

  58. @birdcage

    >>I think maybe someone is lying beneath the window, raising and lowering the kitteh.

    ooh, even better: it’s someone raising and lowering the entire window in front of the kitteh!

  59. I asked’s translator what the caption said, and it came back as “That is partisan”

    So, I’m throughly confused here. And still giggling at the perfect, pink kitty ears that don’t quite get hidden…

  60. Brittany F says:

    I’ve seen how stealthy mcstealthersons my roommate’s fat cat can be, so I bet KGB cat is real, not fake. I have faith in you, Pischa!
    Looks like this kitty is rising to the occatsion.
    (I’m not so good with puns)

  61. Oh my GOODNESS I just laughed super loudly for about 17 minutes.

  62. Could they have photoshopped in an image of a cat taken elsewhere? There is something almost mechanical about the way the cat image rises and drops, but I also could see a little flicker of the eyes at the beginning, making it seem like a real, living cat.

  63. fish eye no miko says:

    Two things:

    1. Is there a little kitty in the upper left corner, like in a green and yellow windsock kinda thing?

    2. Am I the only one who though the cat was gonna jump at the glass?

  64. I see a bad moon a risin’.

  65. girlnextdoortn says:


  66. flutterbye says:

    Verrrrrry interesting, but not funny…just weird. ‘course, maybe it’s me that’s weird!

  67. Daphne Moss says:

    More creepy than cute fer sure. Abrupt action at end seemed hostile.

  68. Hyperbole alert…..Greatest video EVAR!! I laughed til I cried.

  69. Vat iss diss nonsense? Da?

  70. I almost hate to suggest such at thing but maybe it’s…a taxidermy shop? That would explain the kitty-in-a-bag too.

  71. i was waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen, then i bloody LMAO!!! omg

  72. at :35, you can kind of see an “expression shift” if you will. His ears kind of flinch forward a little bit. If you click and drag the timer, you can see it in “fast” time. I think he heard the person with the camera and came to investigate

  73. I think in Russian the word that sounds like “partisan” actually means something more like guerilla …. or stealthy operator. I am not really sure. I studied a bit of Russian years ago but I’ve since re-allocated those brain cells to other uses.

  74. @ Sharpy – I like the way you think.

  75. I love cats with all the love in my heart but this cat scares me.
    Please tell me it’s fake.

  76. Kitteh thinks*…If I move very, very slowly…..I am inveesible…..

  77. The words mean, “I’m f*cked.” Definitely less exciting than all of your guesses.

  78. 😆 Kitty is trying to peek through the window and not get noticed 😆

  79. Hahahahaha! Is is for reals?

  80. I think it’s real time. My girls will try to watch squirrels on the porch without being noticed and rise up verrrrry slowly to see over the windowsill.
    Also – the pupils do move as do the ears sometimes.

  81. Skvatt — that inception version was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Holy Crap, Batman. I am officially creeped out.

  83. Okay, I say it’s a BARN OWL in the upper left corner wind sock (in the kitchen, with a rope???)

    and… Jen8… actually, there’s a bathroom on the right! (random mondegreen mention there)

    This is one mysterious clip. NOMTOM, narrative, please!

  84. @ Birdcage – thats what i thought when i saw it…. that someone is raising the cat up and down and then it’s been slooo-mo-ed

  85. If I walk into the bathroom and my cat is in the bathtub, (she is working on her hydrology thesis) I duck down so the canna see me, and she peeks at me from the bathtub like this. Very slow, eyes dilated, ears flat. If I pop my head up, she ducks out of sight and begins again. It always cracks me up. I think the thingy on the left is a clothes pin bag or something — this appears to be a laundry area. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  86. Adorable! My cat Izzie does this nearly everyday from inside my bathtub…it just never gets old!

  87. I think there is another cat underneath
    “Come on boost me up”
    “What can you see?”
    “Theres some food”
    “I can’t hold you, much longer”
    “Hey boost me up again”
    “Nah yor to heavy”

  88. Watch the windsock thingy in the upper left. It gently sways, but very time the cat is about to make an appearance, it inexplicably slows down to near-undetectable speeds. The video was definitely slowed down, but just from the moment the cat’s ears make an appearance to when they disappear. The rest is at normal speed.

  89. At first I thought the kitteh was on some sort of hydraulic platform going up and down, LOL. 😉

  90. bookmonstercats says:

    I just think it’s plain funny. It started off looking like those set-up ghost videos on You Tube; the ones where suddenly somebody jumps up wearing a Scream mask. Even if it’s not a real cat, it’s very funny.

  91. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing!!! But it’s a good pain. Thanks for that, C.O.!

  92. So I asked Ivan Ivanovich (his real name!) here at work what the tag said, and he chuckled and said, “It’s not a good word.” When pressed, he said, “They abbreviated it,” which leads me to believe that “I’m f*cked” is about right.

  93. lol, thanks fansmom. and thanks to meg for posting this, and to all of you for your comments, in making laugh. i have no idea if it’s real or not, but like bookmonstercats said, it’s hilarious either way. i love this site!

  94. @corianne

    now that ivan ivanovich has solved the case, i think ‘that is partisan’ is a great shorthand for the real thing.

  95. Whatever is in the windsock in the upper left has a face. It’s not so clear on this version of the video but I’ve seen some others where it’s clearly a little animal head and face.

  96. Oh my god that is priceless! I got a huge laugh out of that one. I’d more likely call him Spooky McKookersons! What a maroon!

  97. As the cat was rising up, I was hearing in my mind the Thus Sprach Zarathustra music from 2001: dah… dah… dah… DAH DAH!

    And this is why Pallas cats have low-set ears: so they can peek better. This kid’s ears give the show away too soon.

  98. my cat always does that, she has been doing it every single day for 3 years and it still cracks me up each time!

  99. Catulence, he haz it!

  100. @rhea

    >>This kid’s ears give the show away too soon.

    perhaps the cat is employing the dreaded “twin shark” ploy? or the more insidious “shark chasing shark” ruse?

  101. That is so creepy, but I couldn’t help but laugh so hard!

  102. (Lessee if I can make deese work)

    A A
    = 0 0 =

  103. Crap! The ears are off center.

  104. funny. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is just not right.

  105. Before his head is completely showing, it looks like he has this wicked creepy Cheshire Cat type grin.

    I’m terrified of this video!

  106. Space Cowgirl says:

    Anyone keep hearing the theme from 2001?

  107. It’s faked, people. There’s backlighting from the window in the back wall. You can see a shadow on the sill of the inside window, but there’s no shadow of the cat, because the cat isn’t really there!

  108. omg! you guys are reading into this waaaaaay too much! can’t you just enjoy the absurdity of it??

  109. @laine

    i know, right?!

  110. kittenpants says:

    I REALLY need to know what happened after the video ended.

  111. i know i really need to know because it’s just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. That has to be the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long while, but it still made me giggle! I wish there were more posts like these 🙂

  113. I think the cat’s staring at the camera. Some animals just don’t like them.

  114. That jerky motion is exactly how my cat acts when stalking something then thinking she’s been spotted, so I don’t think anyone is lowering it/raising it. Plus you can see its slight shifts in focus. It’s obviously a real live cat and I’m positive the video is real, too.