You don’t understand, I really need my beauty rest

JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES! [slaps alarm with paw]

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  1. If you don’t sleep enough you get wrink– oh. Well, carry on anyways.

  2. omg cute

  3. I want to know what right you people have to be taking pictures of me first thing in the morning!


  4. *sticks a Breathe Right strip on his nose*

  5. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    one of my BF’s has a sharpei (*hi sharpy!!!*) that thinks
    he RULES THA UNIVERSE. So his name is ANGUS.
    (hates to be given a bath, of course)

  6. I want one! I want one!

  7. hahahaha! What a schnozz (I saw that in an affectionate way).

  8. Tiniest of Snores…. ZZZZZ….ZZZZZ…..ZZZZZZ!

  9. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

  10. Get the poor pup some breathe-right strips STAT.

  11. Wow – that nose has a life of its very own!

  12. Oh Sharpy! Wakey, wakers!

    Hee, now we know why our comments stay moderated so long!


    Herding peeps is hard work.

  13. I slap the alarm with my paw every morning. Wish this little guy could take over that duty for me.

  14. debg is right about this.

  15. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    THIS PUPPEH NEEDS A sleppy TAG!!!!!

  16. LOVE this.

  17. this is, hands down, the QTEist honk-shu I have ever seen on CO; Congrats!!!!

  18. Cute…but those dogs actually can’t breathe because theres too much skin.

  19. Yes cheshirekittehkat, that one is for the ages! I appreciate the nose wrinkling and the tiiiiiiiiny noise, just too, too!

  20. CPAP, er, CPUP machine, STAT!

  21. Now if only they had taken a video of the front end of the dog…..

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    Is it a chow? Lofs chows but this one doesn’t seem to have a ruff.

  23. What is that?

  24. fatgrammafinn says:

    ees dees a mamaal or a see creeaychure? eetheyr waay, i eees skeeeeredededed!

  25. For those wondering it is a Shar pei

  26. lol at CPUP 😉

  27. Funniest Frickin’ thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  28. Check out those gigantomous paaaaws! 😀

  29. I was giggling just over the freeze frame shot before you hit play on the video.. Looks like the Seal of Approval post, plus a hundred or so years. (And paws, but who’s counting)

  30. Nose Exercises!!! And a One.. Two.. One.. Two.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. convenient napping dog yoga pose too

  31. LOL!!!! Oh my god that’s too funny. What a cutie!! I love Shar Pei. They’re just so…. wrinkly and droopy!!

  32. girlnextdoortn says:

    If you stare at it long enough it stops being a dog….

  33. OMG. Where to start? The giant pawsies, the tiny earsies, and the snuffling nose … aggggh. Cute overload head explosion!

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    @Carolyn–*snerk* that was also my first thought.
    My second was “I want one!”

  35. Sharpy now we know what you look like. Oh Sharpei is it. Runs and hides.

  36. **squeals** I so want to kiss that squishy face!!

  37. Holy carp, that is AWESOME. I could watch that for like half an hour.

  38. @chonpon.. Breath right strips is exactly what came to my mind too.
    @carolyn.. Cpup…too funny!