A Correction and Apology

As longtime C.O. readers know, we can’t get enough of trick pool shooting, and love to showcase new talent. And so we thought we had when we featured “Lightning Vinnie” Garbanzo, who seemingly cleared an entire rack in a single break.

Alas, it was a fraud. In this slowed-down version of the original video, you can clearly see that an accomplice was used. We regret being taken in by this base deception, and wish to assure readers that this will not happen again.

Our thanks to alert reader Eleaq for bringing this to our attention.



  1. I love the happy tail. He must be having great fun.

    I want him soooo bad!!!!!!

  3. Most excellent.

  4. I still don’t see it…?

  5. That is the single happiest pup I’ve ever seen.

  6. my head just esploded from teh cute tailio wags and growlies…

  7. Pocket Pet surely?

  8. Dog is totally cueless.

  9. Vinnie Garbanzo? Or the late Rodney Dangerfield’s friend Dr. Vinny Goombatz?

  10. He must have fleas, he clearly scratched.

  11. Best deception accomplice EVER!!!! If only all deception were this cute! Lurv his happy tailio and excited little growls. He is having the best time and it just made me laugh and smile.

  12. @Kate: You took the words right out of my mouth! That is an adorable dog who clearly is having a marvelous time. Nice, shiny coat, too–kudos to the owner for taking such good care of him/her.

  13. Dog brain= “BALLS BALLS BALLS!”

  14. That may be the most fun I’ve ever seen a dog have.

  15. Dawnieangel76 says:

    Minnesota Fats lives again, folks!

    He’s just so CUTE!!!!

  16. The growls, the joy, SPLODE ! (my head) My cats need a pool table !!!
    Anyone know where I can get a pool table covered with kevlar instead of felt?
    ( 7 cats are kind of rough on felt)

  17. OMG My Cheeks hurt feom smiling so much…. He is the fats Domino of the dog world!

  18. Oh this happy pup just made me smile!
    I love his wiggling tail and obvious happiness.
    The accomplice must have done the break, pup doesn’t have the wrist action.

  19. He’s a pot shot pup!

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    1) It makes me joyful, just to think of the term chihu-ah hu-ah,
    the way people recently have begun pronouncing the name of this breed.

    2) I think this lil’ guy/ gal, could convince even the citizens of
    River City, Iowa …. No trubbles heah!!!!

    (yappity yap yap yap!!)

  21. SQUEE!!!! The tongue action is pretty spectacular too! What a happy happy happy puppy!

  22. What is the dealio with all of the “awaiting moderation” lately? New software?

  23. Okay seriously, what’s up with the feline pine background? I must’ve gone there a dozen times by now on accident. Please tell me it’s not a permanent giant background link. Or maybe it’s just my computer..?

  24. I want heem!! There is no joy quite like chihuahua joy. ♥♥♥♥♥

  25. fear not, @HC. this too shall pass.

  26. Vinnie’s accomplice needs a little more training if you ask me (I know you didn’t but *if* you did) since he pockets the cue ball (2:02).

    Bad dog.


    *Yet Another Mike

    ** Yes it is very cute.

  27. You know, the Feline Pine advertisement seems rather appropriate with this post. A dog is playing pool, so why shouldn’t a cat be shooting craps?

    (giggling like a pre-teen and begging everyone’s pardon)

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    Shameful! Absolutely shameful cheating!

  29. What a cute doggie! I want!

  30. My min pin makes that same noise when he’s on a rampage after something. SOOO cute.

  31. Utterly cute…. I now want to go home and cuddle with pooch…. 🙂

  32. WooHOOOO!!! My submeeshon was posted!! So excited! Almost as excited as this adorable little doggy!!

  33. mtkees FTW!

    If this video doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul. Take that, all you peeps who think dogs should stick to poker!

  34. Lol @mtkees. They look cute, but you know…cutthroat.

  35. Too, too cute. Now what will I do for brain cells? The audio was overwhelming. I love the little comments the goggie makes while sinking the balls.
    Ah, well I’ll just sit here and grin stupidly for a few hours…..

  36. My apologies for the threadjack here. I’m trying to help place a rescue and am considering keeping her myself, which would move me from two dogs to three. Could you folks provide me with your experiences from moving from two to three? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  37. I normally don’t like chihuahuas much, but that was VERY cute. Thank you!

  38. Oh SQUEEE!

    WIN WIN WIN!!!

  39. Is it a chihuahua? I think it’s a pooldle.

  40. Wow, I haven’t see anything look that prissy pummeling something since the last time my Pomeranian found a moth. Even then he didn’t make those those cute “imma gonna beat it up” noises. Just lots of sneezing

  41. Darnitt! Now I have to go get a pool table for my Squee Chi’s

  42. Puppy in the side pocket

  43. Illsim I suspect adding a third dog would be a whole lot easier than adding a third Cat. ;D

  44. Bravo @pyrit, bravo. Took me a second to catch it.

  45. Hmmm Hey Sharpy I am stuck in moderation Hell again for a very innocent comment… HELP!!!!!!!

    What? I am innocent…At least i am not a pool shark like this cutie patootie

  46. Ohhhh….so he doesn’t have opposable thumbs and couldn’t do this? Sniff….!

  47. *Bank* it. Or it’ll burn a *hole* in your *pocket*!

  48. TrixandSam says:

    @260Oakley: BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!

    You are SO pardoned for that one. (slinks off to the Snickering Lounge… “shooting craps…” heh-heh…)

  49. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY pyrit # 38!!

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    Well gosh this is not very impressive. He put the white ball and the black one in which even though I’m not real pool-experienced, I know you aren’t supposed to do.

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    (if anyone is wondering, I was tongue-in-cheek. I love the happy dog and his pool playing skills!)

  52. You guys are keelling me!!

  53. Fleurdamour says:

    That’s WAY more fun than regular pool.

  54. Stressfactor says:

    According to their other video his name is Amadeus. So…. it just has to be done…. “Rock me Amadeus!”

  55. Oakley that was HILARIOUS! You are soooo silly….

  56. Well, this teeney-tineey pool-shark impressed the heck out of me;
    (Since I know absolutely nuffin about pool, for all I know, he could have been playing the proper way) …. anyhooo, his liddol snarfles and growlios, along with constant tailio-wagging, made him the happiest pool-player on the planet…
    (nevermind the score…..I’m sure it’s up there!!!) 😆

  57. I don’t see it!

  58. Also, this video is the regular version, not the slowed down version..

  59. LOL I just got home and got to hear the little growls and whines and OMG it is even cuter that way!

  60. Rats now I have two comments in Moderation!

  61. NTMTOM is a little off today, I guess. The joke is: Vinny’s a dude, not the dog. The dog is the accomplice. Get it?

  62. I love the little move he does at around :31. The focus and determination!

  63. Well, that was pretty great until he scratched (i.e. pocketed the cue ball)… ha! I kid! We had a kitty who would do that but she would stop after 2 or 3 balls, and didn’t have the hyper-fast wagger that this little guy does. So prancey!

  64. LisaHoneychan says:

    Cutest Wawa EVER! I’m not a fan of little dogs (my German Shepards like to attack and chew anything small and moving) and i’ve never seen THIS cute of a Chihuahua (sp?!) ever! No pop/beady eyes, or messed-up face, nope, just a cute, very very happy puppy. Makes it even better his name is Amadeus! Love the happy growls and the almost supersonic tailwagging!

  65. I must be blinded by cuteness because I don’t see it

  66. fatgrammafinn says:

    if mr chee- hoo -ya- hoo-ya gets any more excited, you’ll have to re-felt the table!

  67. Even though he gets a bit tired near the end, he keeps going. What an adorable pup, so eager to please, and so fast at pocketing balls, even if not always accurate…

  68. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m beginning to get a complex here from all the moderation!! Could we publish a list of “naughty” words or phases please? I promise not to use them anymore. 😦

  69. Man, I got moderated once. I got hurt real bad. I never wanna go thru that again.

  70. i love him! this dog can make a fortune in the local pub!

  71. The little Myrmidon says:

    I take it this is the rarely seen “Billiard Terrier” known for it’s pool table herding techniques.

  72. Some Commenters are getting mixed up – they think the CHIHUAHUA had an accomplice, and were confused as to why they didn’t see it in the video. But what the funny remarks meant was that the original human guy who made the first shot had an accomplice – which was revealed to be the Chihuahua in the “slowed down” video!

  73. I’m in LOVE!

    And, yes, this dog plays pool better than I do.

  74. Dear Sharpey… you are the best.. Thank you!

    Here have a ice cream drumstick!

  75. My dad loves the movie Amadeus, but always refers to it as “I’m a Danish.”

  76. That has to be the prettiest chihuahua I’ve ever seen!

  77. Okay, it’s officially happened. MY MIND = BLOWN.

  78. I don’t even like Chihauhaus, but was utterly charmed by this little pool shark. How do you even train a pup to do this??

  79. Little prancy legs… happy tail-io, little growlies! Ahhhhnnnnnnn.

  80. Man, can that doggie play pool!! I do believe there will be some jealous cats around, You know how they love to play with anything rolls and this doggie has it made. He is a cutie 🙂

  81. Ah, that darn 8-ball is always the toughest one to pocket. This little guy could teach me a few tricks.

  82. Ahnn, now there goes a doglet who loves his work *head tilt*.

  83. kibblenibble says:

    Mel, (comment 13) I’m surprised your comment didn’t get moderated! *giggles*

  84. kel mcnichol says:

    I like his committment to seeing the specific balls through to the pockets. Even when another ball gets in the way, he is still focused on his original ball…smartie!

  85. As each ball is pocketed it gets a special tail wag 🙂

  86. Love it! *bounces with giggles*. That was the cutest video I have seen here since little marmie kitten. 🙂

  87. How adorable!!! Love him/her. So incredibly cute.

  88. A pup having fun – that made my day!

  89. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I too did not see it at all (an accomplice).

    This dog is awesome. I LOVE the growling!!! And how he happily prances around the table.

  90. I don’t see an accompliance, and I dont care! This is good stuff.

  91. Not only did he pocket the cue ball, but isn’t the eight ball supposed to go in last?

  92. that is an incredibly happy puppy.

  93. “Wait…am I stripes or solids?”

  94. but what happens next!

    does he get a treat? do a backflip? tell the other dude to rack ’em?

  95. I’m terrible at pool. Next time, I’ll try that technique instead.

    Might not be so cute, though!

    Such! A! Happy! Pup!

  96. Argh! I meant to look at this video at home last night because YooToob is blocked here at the office, but I got busy with other stuff and didn’t get around to it.

    So here I sit, still not having seen it!

    (Folks, Mr. Pool Shark Doggy Pants IS the accomplice. You’re seeing it just fine!)

  97. Vile trickery. I had to watch it three times before I caught on.

  98. flutterbye says:

    My internet is so slow and the video so herky-jerky, that any trickery there was not witnessed, but what I did see was a happy goggie gleefully pocketing those balls and teh grrrowkingks and snarrlingks keeled me ded!

  99. This is the happiest goggie in the world right now. 😀 He’s all “FUNS OMG FUNS FUNS FUNS I HAS FUNS OMG OMG”

  100. Cuteful deception

  101. THIS was so cute!! I am giggling through the whole thing. He/she is having sooo much fun. If that tail has wiggled anymore he would have buzzed around the room.
    I thought perhaps it was a terrier mix. It reminded me of a rat terrer. So big for a chihuahua. Those little growls.

    @260oakley…you so crack me up!!

    I wish I had a billiard table… my dachshunds Lucy & Ricky would so love to do that.

  102. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ mplsdeb: two canines? Lucy & Ricky?


  103. @260Oakley LOL! terrible joke but i laughed so damn much.

    Awsome little dog i must haves 🙂

  104. What do you mean?? I don’t get it!

  105. That 1 ball in the side pocket was great! He made some good combos. He should have had that 4 ball in the corner on the first try, but I like that they way he scooted it along the rail to go for the other corner. Overall fairly good, but needs better ball control to hit the center of the pocket so they don’t bounce out so much, but good enthusiasm.

  106. @O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! — They are my two babies.
    Lucy is a brindle smooth coat mini dachshund. Ricky is a black/tan wire haired.
    Lucy has a crazy personality and if she could talk it would be a mile a minute.
    Ricky is very laid back, and if he could talk he would be very much the surfer dude…he is a snuggler too. They are 6 & 4 years old respectively.

  107. This dog sucks at pool.

  108. Folks, folks, folks… to those who are confused about the identify of the accomplice, please keep in mind that you are watching the suuuuper-sloooow-moooow version of this shot. At full speed, this video is about half a second long, and the pup is invisible to the naked eye.

    Also, please note that Vinnie is not shown in this video, for his own protection.

  109. Aww, his waggy tail! His little growls! So cute!

  110. Okey, theese dogs are the yippiest kind still thats cool

  111. Hilarious! I love how the dog keeps looking offcamera, like “really? You want me to keep doing this? OK, but I don’t get it.”

  112. Mana Knight says:

    Can someone please point out where it is? I’m not seeing it at ALL! 😦