Stuff Dreams are Made of

A behbeh monkeh riding a behbeh peeg.

Makes sense [turns over goes back to sleep]

I hear tiny galloping sounds, Mira M. Want to see more? an insane video and theme song awaits you.


If I Could Walk That Way, I Wouldn’t Need the Genius Grant

Can you walk on air? Someday you might, thanks to research at the Bethesda Locomotion Extended Ergonomics Network (BLEEN), where scientists have developed a unique way of walking without one’s feet touching the ground.

World’s Top Eater Fail

When he began the challenge, everyone assumed it would be a non-gut buster considering he regularly snacks on the easily digestible triple-cheese inner tube with a side of pickled fire hydrant.

So when the final verdict was handed down, the shame and surprise were heavy: Jaws “Kobayashi” McNugget lost challenge “Candied Chickpea Bundt Cake”.

Looks like he’s going to Rowlf, Caye H.

Lil’ Stink Eye is All Talk…We Think.

Buddy, if you snap or make kiss-y noises at me just once more, I swears you’re gonna find yourself passin’ that camera in just a few days time.

Apparently you’ll both be sleeping with one eye open, Nicole H.

She Tastes Like Talcum Powder, Rainbows…and Disease.

“I swear I  just turned my head for a second,  and when I looked back – I was crippled with fear! My God, all those germs! Dr. Veterinarian, please tell me my baby isn’t going to lose his tongue…”

Isla’s adorable and that puppy is lucky to have her, Pammy O. Photo by Luly.



Also, bonus Privacy Tail Action.

Sender-Inner John B. says “Here is a video of one of my foster kittens. She curls up and relaxes when when I scritch her ear and head.”

WAIT—Cats Can’t Do Pilates!

Hey, Shirley? This may be the “cool” way to do things, but wouldn’t it be easier if you just hauled your ass the five feet into the living room to do Pilates, you know, next to me?

Surely you’re joking @Bailey!

Check out this little poop machine

There is something about this pup that makes me think he is a little poop machine. Look at him! Waddling around like that. There is no pooping in the video.

By the way, did you know October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month!? It is.

The Amazing Hamboni!

Ladeez ann gennelmen! At this time, I direct your attention to The Amazing Hamboni, who will be launched from this enormous cannon, soar over your heads, and land in this bowl of tapioca. Maestro, a drum roll, if you please…

Shot (you should pardon the expression) by vic15.

Attack of the Deadly Pug-ranha!

Caution: The Pug-ranha is considered cute and extremely dangerous! Although they may appear small and harmless, a school of pug-ranha can snorgle a full-size adult into submission within minutes! Beware!

Note: We can’t embed this clip, so click the picture to watch at YouTube.