The Impossibly Glamourous Black Fawn!

Yes, it’s Black Fawn, international jet-setting supermodel! Maker of trends, breaker of hearts, always on the go! Breakfast in London, lunch in Paris, dinner in Milan! It’s just another day in the fabulous life of… Black Fawn!

Black Fawn! She’s ready for action!

Black Fawn! She’s ready for glamour!

Black Fawn! She’s ready for romance!

Sent in by the possibly glamourous Johanna S.!



  1. Wat eees wit deeese redekioloush ahksaaaant, Faon Noir?!

  2. Black Fawn, dressed for brunch in the East Village or dinner at Jean-Georges! Tres chic, tres belle!

  3. I never saw a black fawn before. Beautiful!

  4. I call dibs on “Black Fawn” as a band name.

  5. earlybird1 says:

    Faon noir must sleep in ze shadows eef she is wanting ze camoflaugshche. Ze nighttime predatores, zey cannot see her. Zey cannot smell her. She ees Prancing Ninja.

  6. Amazingly, these photos of this beautiful fawn were captured near my hometown of Austin, TX, and apparently, while very rare, they are mainly concentrated in Central Texas (geez, who knew!).

    Got this from Czech out zee linkee:

  7. Ere, sorry,, not (I haven’t had enough coffee yet, folks!)

  8. *gasp*! really?!

    oh, I am in lurrrrve with the idea of Black Fawn

  9. Wow. Just . . . WOW.

  10. Amy LeVien says:

    I wonder what the father thinks 😉

  11. Feh. Snopes. Zee Snopes cannot truly deeeevulge the nature of my beauty seeeekrits.

  12. Oh and in the second pic, where Black Fawn has her little hoof so delicately raised–is that not the most elegant thing you’ve ever seen.

  13. Mamma Deer says “Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer, she just turned out that way, luckily she doesn’t know she’s ugly with no spots and all the wrong colour”

  14. Black is sooo slimming.
    And gasp, what a beauty!

  15. Ze leeps ! Ze smile ! Ze eyelashes ! and yes, the delicately raised hooflette !
    Ees too moshe. Naomi and Tyra are faceeng ze steef competishon.

  16. Ze flared nostreels !

  17. Very interesting (and of course, beautiful). I never knew white-tailed deer had such a colour mutation. Heh, only quarter to eight in the morning, and I’ve already learned my something new for the day. 🙂 going back to bed… I’m done now. 😉

  18. Wow. Seemply wow… tres belle…

  19. @Zippy…..thanks for the Snopes link……..never heard of a black fawn/deer before…veeeeeery interesting…o, and beautiful

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “ze smooch” (looooooooooooooooove that!!!)

    (psst, NTM, your use of the spelling looks BEAUCOUP francais et aussi beaucoup glamourous…but…I hesitate to impose upon your breeeeeeeeeelliance…..mais c’est un fait, que dans la langue d’anglais, le mot, c’est ….”glamorous”, et pas glamourous.)

    (ducks to avoid all manner of rotted veggies and sewage)

  21. Wow :O Gorgeous!!

  22. LOL@Amy LeVien!

    Melanistic squirrels aren’t terribly uncommon. There are pockets of them around the Washington, DC, area, for one.

    Faon Noir, do not have zee romance avec ton frere. C’e n’est pas Kentucky.

  23. ROFL, Pheas!

  24. Dragonflye says:

    Re “glamourous” vs “glamorous.”

    Either are acceptable, it just depends on your geography. Canadians and English (British) will stick the “our” in there.

    Same with flavour, honour, humour, colour, etc….

  25. Bwa ha, I’m thinking about all the hunters who see this and need to change their pants. Or suddenly git relijun.

  26. Yeah, if NOMTOM makes a grammar error, we all win free cars.

  27. Ninja fawn is totally cool and going to kick some butt, if you keep photographing.

  28. LOL @ Amy LeVien & Pheas!!!

  29. When will my comment be set free, fom the bonds of the bullying moderator machine?

  30. Ugh. I’m sorry I read the Snopes article. At the bottom it quoted the photographer as saying the pictures would be published in an article in a deer hunting magazine. Presumably to enable hunters to be able to “bag” one of these rare beauties…

  31. @dragonflye

    >>Canadians and English (British) will stick the “our” in there.

    >>Same with flavour, honour, humour, colour, etc….

    brits have been prone to remove excess moisture from humor, as well.

    –sharpy, esq.

  32. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, she is ze beautiful!!!

    I’m lucky enough to often drive past the closed air force base in upstate New York that has a huge collection of white deer. Now I want to import these guys from Texas, so that it can become a black-n-white deer sanctuary instead.

  33. A hunting magazine? NOOOOOO! Bad photographer, Bad! Submit to National Geographic!

  34. ooo, I have noir squirrelios in my backyard! I can now say they are related to zee fawn noir!

  35. @Pyrit, that is awesome! I was hoping for tacos!

  36. Sweet! Love the commentary, and melanistic deer are pretty rare!

  37. I want to see a close-up of the first picture, is she smiling?

  38. PS She is impossibly glamorous, like Diana Rigg in “The Avengers.”

  39. PPS Fantastic again, NTMTOM!

  40. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (still ducking but sticking to my Grammar Police Heritage)
    @ Dragonflye: I post this response with no icky snarkiness intended.
    I wouldn’t have posted to His Honor NTM on a correction if I was talking ’bout a topic on which I’m fuzzy or uncertain. With all due respect, while the general overall tendency btw Canadian and American and British similar spellings, is a relevant aspect….even the Wiki link that you thoughtfully provided, is indeed fairly lengthy and has many “yeahbut” sections.

    This following is a direct line cut/ paste from the specific Wiki link that you referenced. (wince)

    American and British English spelling differences
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    American and British English spelling differences

    American and British English spelling differences are one aspect of American and British English differences.

    [edit] Historical origins
    In the early 18th century… (etc)

    Exceptions. American usage in most cases retains the u in the word glamour, which comes from Scots, not Latin or French.
    “Glamor” is occasionally used in imitation of the spelling reform of other -our words to -or.

    (Note the following, which is also a direct quote, particularly; sorry!)
    The adjective “glamorous” omits the first “u”.

  41. apparently one day momma was all “helllooo milkman”..
    and look what happened!

    tsk tsk!
    (This week on Maury)

  42. @Teresa: I named my jeep “Emma Peel” after Diana Rigg : )

  43. Padfoot_Lives says:

    I see a lot and I mean a LOT of deer in my neighborhood (yep, Central Texas), but have never seen a black one. She/he is really pretty! I guess I wouldn’t even mind if she/he nibbled on my trees and bushes….like the ones in the neighborhood generally do, grrrrrrrrr.

  44. Okay now i am hearing mission impossible music in my head with these pics..

    This Ninja Fawn is stealing your heart.

  45. What a gorgeous fawn! I’ve never seen a black one, either; thanks for sharing 🙂

  46. Coming soon FAON NOIR eau de parfum, ze exotique parfum from ze ouse of mamon nature. Notes of rose ambergris vetiver and musk, infact kof, kof, eets veray musky.

  47. Naturalady says:

    Deer are beautiful beyond words, in my opinion. I love seeing them thriving. The black ones are a beautiful mutation.

    But @yuki – that’s your o-p-i-n-i-o-n, and a popular one at that, but still not tolerance of many belief systems in the world.

  48. She’s beautiful!

  49. I have a black lab and a black cat. I want to collect solid black critters, that aren’t normally black. I guess I should say melanistic. Squirrels, deer, I’ve even seen a duck. Want, want want.

  50. @HonGlad..Heeee Heeeee 😀

  51. She’s GLORIOUS!

  52. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Black Fawn – She is going to throw her cell phone at you

  53. flutterbye says:

    Gawgeous, seempleh gawgeous!

  54. wow, so beautiful! 🙂

  55. @Pheas

    >>Faon Noir, do not have zee romance avec ton frere. C’e n’est pas Kentucky.

    LOL x 11 !

    oh, to hear that out loud.

  56. @chanpon

    >>Ninja fawn is totally cool and going to kick some butt, if you keep photographing.

    oh yes! the justice inflicted on snoozing hunters by ninja fawn would be delightful!

  57. @trabb’s boy

    >>Now I want to import these guys from Texas, so that it can become a black-n-white deer sanctuary instead.


  58. OMG!!!!
    way to gosh darned cute.

  59. nice

  60. key to cuteness take pics of black fawn

  61. I live in Minnesota and we have black squirrels running all over in fact we have a whole family of them and once in awhile we even get a white one but the black ones are more common but a blace fawn is a first that I have ever seen

  62. fatgrammafinn says:

    @sharpy… i don’t know much french but i did recognize your plea for black fawn not to have a romance with her sibling ! *snerk*

    hi guys!happy monday! *mwah*

  63. fatgrammafinn says:

    me idiot, @Pheas, mea culpa

  64. Omg.. it sounded JUST like you were describing Catcher Block.. you know, KNOW’s Magazine Star – Journalist, Catcher Block – Ladies’ Man, Man’s Man, Man About Town! Could it be that someone’s been watching Down With Love lately?

  65. Martha in Washington says:

    I resent that remark! We all know you meant Georgia! 🙂
    a Kentucky girl.

    @ everybody arguing about the “or/our” spellings–It’s because the Book World had a shortage of the letter “U” and decided to overcome it by making it a “regional difference”. Don’t you people read Jasper Fforde?!

  66. Wow, how gorgeous. I’ve seen pics of albino fawns before, but never a black one!

  67. So beautiful!!!!!

  68. @fatgrammafinn

    >>@sharpy… i don’t know much french but i did recognize your plea for black fawn not to have a romance with her sibling ! *snerk*

    oh, i wish i could take the credit. i was merely laughing at someone else’s clever plea to keep the gene pool clean. 🙂

  69. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought I was somewhat animal-knowledgeable but I have never heard of a black fawn! It’s just stunning! STUNNING, I say! thank you to the sender-inner!

  70. She’s beautiful! I’ve never seen this before.

  71. 😀 I did not know that fawns could be born black 😀 I hope someone makes sure that one is safe from hunters 😀 I would be interested to find out if two black deer mated would they produce black offspring or would their offspring look like the grandparents 😀

  72. frogboots says:

    @Martha – Jasper Fforde for the win! I *always* think of that when a kerfuffle over “ou” and “o” comes up….

    gorgeous little Prancing Ninja fawn. she’s so fancy!

  73. hopefully it won’t run for president and ruin the country for the rest of the deer…

  74. Naturalady says:

    @ ross – the country is already ruined, but luckily we have Cute Overload to put cute, lovely, cuddly, sweet in front of us and distract us from all that. Don’t need you to remind us here, where cute is the game.

  75. I’m curious, why hasn’t ross’s comment been removed?
    its highly vile.

  76. whoa ross – bigot much??

  77. Yeah, that comment is a bit uncalled for. None the less, the black fawn is beautiful! Never seen anything like it before.

  78. Lighten up, cuters, perhaps ross’s comment was “tongue in cheek”……that’s how I took it……

  79. Unfortunately for that fawn it probably won’t survive long with a coat like that left to its own devices. I can’t see that being particularly good camouflage.

  80. omg sooo adorables. but poor baby fawn is not gonna survive for long if the photographer is publishing the pic in a deer hunting mag :O bad photographer

  81. Pheas – the black squirrels in DC originally came from Canada. Someone brought them down to put in the National Zoo – and many of them escaped.

  82. That is the Audrey Hepburn of fawns! All she needs is a diamond collar!

  83. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Kim: BEST analysis of all 🙂

  84. @micki

    >>I’m curious, why hasn’t ross’s comment been removed?
    >>its highly vile.

    1. because i was trying to come up with a scathing reply.
    2. then i got distracted
    3. i’d have to delete your responses to his reply, which is more like censorship and …
    4. your responses are instructive.

    what do you guys say?


  85. @angel

    >>Lighten up, cuters, perhaps ross’s comment was “tongue in cheek”……that’s how I took it……

    that’s my usual response to iffy posts, but i think that was intended to be vile. see my other comment for my thoughts about keeping ross’s comment.


  86. Prancing ninja fawn hahaha

    Recently I saw a young deer whose back half was white, kinda like an appaloosa horse. neato.

  87. Beautiful! She is georgeous! I love the little leg up pose. My dogs will do that in our yard..although, I think they are pointing.

    Sadly, bigotry shows up even in the nicestly places.

  88. nicest places.

  89. @ross you are silly, go away
    @sharpy, yes ross is a silly person
    Black Fawn=best fawn Evah
    I have adopted Impossibly Glamourous Black Fawn as my PERSONAL TOTEM.
    You rule, Black Fawn!
    And, if you so wish, you may rule the U.S.of A. which, in my opinion, is not ruined. Gosh @ross I do think you suck.

  90. Peeps…she’s just plain hot! Wonderful photos and great, great fawn!

  91. Brittany F says:

    @Amy LeVien
    Borderline wrong, but sooooo funny, I ROFLCOPTER’ed bahahahaha 😀

  92. Naturalady says:

    @ those worried about hunters going after this black fawn. It is most certainly illegal to hunt or shoot a fawn anytime anywhere. The poor little black fawn could more likely be hit by a motor vehicle at night since the photographer says this doe and fawns live in a greenbelt near a neighborhood. Bad bad cars……………

  93. @susanova


  94. muttluver says:

    Black! Black! Black fawn! Love!! Love! Love! So much!

    I know this won’t be a popular thing to say on this site, but…. please don’t hate the hunters. My dad grew up hunting. Not only does it feed us some nights, it’s an experience for him that he loves, because he connects with nature in a special way while sitting in that deer blind. Y’all may think it’s stupid, but it really is a peaceful time for him, and he really does appreciate the beauty of animals like this.

    Now, if there were a magazine made for poachers or something and these pics were in there, I’d be outraged. Not contradictory– there are set laws that come with a hunting license that tell you what time of the year you can hunt, and how much you can hunt. If you shoot even one over the limit, or one day before or after the season, you’re breaking the law, even if it’s on your land. Following these rules helps to ensure there will be more deer in the future.

    And… I’m sorry, but…. ross is entitled to his opinion. Freedom of speech and all that.

    Not surprised they’re common in Texas. For one thing, there’s a lotta whitetail down here (when you get outta the city anyway.) For another, this state is awesome. ;D Oh, wait…. is it awesome cuz it has fawns, and not the other way around? I think YES, and my brain just melted so I no longer know quite what I’m typing bye.

  95. muttluver says:

    *know what I’m typing. (See? I’m vewy vewy tired.)

  96. relax, people, it was meant to be sarcastic and, of course, cute… funny how people make certain assumptions

  97. WHY are they not collecting these beauties for a protected sanctuary and breeding herds of elegant Deer Noire?????