If This Bed’s A-Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’

At first it looks like the possessed Hostess Cupcake from Hell, and then we step up and — hey, what do you know! — it’s just Carnitas the mini-peeg, rooting around in the teensy bed, looking for the car keys!

Another quality Carnitas video dug up by Barbarella F.!



  1. Barbarella F. has to be THE most awesome screen name ever.

    Carnitas is just like my Boston, Kayla, trying to get under the sheet for a good snuggle. She’ll nose and paw and finally head-butt me to let her in.

  2. knittinkitten says:

    Carnitaaaaaas! He’s back! Teh cutest peegy ever!

  3. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:


    “in the corner” (giggle # 2)

  4. Phooey. The vid was just 40 seconds of the bed shaking with a brief aerial view.

  5. That’s it, Carnitas… find me some truffles!


  7. 260Oakley says:

    There is a pig in-bedded in this video. No snout about it.

  8. So THAT’S how their noses get like that.

  9. knittinkitten says:

    Love the fact that he’s a portable sized peegy. *shifty eyes, picks peeg up, scampers away*

  10. No payoff 😦

  11. You know . . . I think I want one of these.

  12. Piggie sighs.. fluffers these days just do not do a proper fluffing of my piggy bed… and then i have to do it myself!

  13. But..what is he doing?!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    He’s hogging the covers, of course.

  15. fatgrammafinn says:

    i luv i need i want de peeg

    and do those comfy beds come in fat gramma size?

  16. Everything I’ve read, says the “mini pig” is a fraud, and a rather cruel one…. Mayhap Carnitas is merely an uber adorable baby peeg?

    He is uber adorable….

  17. Car keys? I would’ve guessed looking for the remote myself.

  18. After seeing this video, and the other previously posted one, of this cute little pig, my boyfriend and I are seriously considering getting one of these when we get our first house :oD

  19. I’m in the middle of a horrible conference call. Watching this video MOS is helping me through…

  20. “There’s GOT to be a nipple here SOMEWHERE!”

    (Eugenia–that’s what he’s doing. He’s just a baby who wants to nurse in the worst way. Just like my three-year-old cat who’s convinced I’m her mom. Sigh.)

  21. that reminded me of somthing…

  22. Francesca says:

    You know I have a purse he could root around in………. (snatch & scamper) PIGGEH!!!!!!!

  23. rootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootroot – I weel find the nipple in there somewhere – rootrootrootrootroot

  24. Oops! Juno found eet before me.

  25. The neepple, that ees.

  26. Oooh, rooting for TRUFFLES, perhaps?

  27. fish eye no miko says:

    “looking for the car keys!”

    So she can go to market?

  28. Power rooting! Go pigs!

  29. Once again…there is no such thing as a micro pig. This is merely a baby pig who will grow to be at least 150 lbs plus. Like most people who “buy” one (and you can’t buy an animal really because they aren’t shoes or property), this one will probably end up being dumped in a shelter once the person realizes how big this cute little pig will grow to be. Animals deserve better. People need to be more informed. Mini pigs are billed as such by disreputable breeders who just want to make money off the backs of animals. Some people starve (to keep smaller) and breed baby pigs who then have under weight pigs and try to sell them as “micro” or “mini” pigs. Thanks to fools like Paris Hilton, this is what happens. Why does Cute Overload keep posting things like this that only confuse the public? Am curious as to whether CO will even post my comment…I hope so for the sake of the animals.

  30. @knittinkitten


    all right, miss. do you know why i pulled you over today? i’ll need to see your license and proof of insurance… oh, and yes, hand over the wee peeg.

    ma’am? put the peeg down. please stop squealing, ma’am.

    *shifty eyes, darts away with peeg, takes off with tires squealing.

  31. Pig needs a blanket to be in.

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ sharpy:

    I think knittenkitten took instruction from Metz, who *has allegedly* been known to snatch a cute critter, around these parts…..You might want to consider
    pulling a 3 am raid at Metz’ place…..

    (Mumbling: “sorry ’bout that, Metz!!”) 😉

  33. Is anyone else writing a doctoral thesis on the custom of naming pet pigs (and other barnyard domestics) after the… er… “food items” the species in question commonly… um… “provides”?

  34. I love this pig.

  35. @faith

    >>Am curious as to whether CO will even post my comment…I hope so for the sake of the animals.

    am curious if you read CO regularly. teeny peegs were discussed, nuffed and de-nuffed very recently.

    now that we’ve posted your comment, will you please just take a nice deep breath and relax?

    people here are already pretty darn well-informed.


  36. You’re cute, Pig!

  37. Kirsten D. says:

    I hate posting a nuff so soon after someone else has, but I promise that this has nothing to do with the adorable peegy.

    Nuff alert: Can we please, please get rid of the damn felinepine ads in the background? It’s really starting to spoil my CO experience, and I’m sick of accidentally clicking the background when trying to scroll down and having this annoying ad popping up all the time. If you really most advertise, can’t you at least have it be a little less, er, inconspicuous, like the ModCloth ads and so on? This takes over the entire background! I’ve resorted to using adblock, but it doesn’t make a difference, because even if I block the image, the same thing occurs. It’s just so… in-you-face.

    End nuff. Please resume your browsing of teh qte. ❤

  38. @kirsten d.

    i feel your pain. i don’t know how the ad rotation works, but i’m pretty sure it won’t be much longer. i’ll pass it along to the overlords, nevertheless.

  39. @Sharpy

    THANK YOU! The feline pine is probably nuff worthy in itself, but the ads are atrocious and invasive.

  40. LOL, I used that same music (from iMovie) for my video of trains and such (the music in question starts at about 2:14). But more relevant to CO readers is my goldfinch video. I hope to film a peeg one day.

  41. Cutest mini-peeg ever! I think I speak for everyone hear when I say “We love Carnitas! Please continue sending in stuff Barbarella F!”

  42. Heyyy that’s no mini cupcake! They’re trying to trick us! It’s really a biiig cupcake isn’t it! It’s the confusing cupcake con!

    At least Carnitas knows the center is the best part.

  43. At this point I instantly scroll down as soon as I land on the CO home page so as to not be forced to watch the pooping. These ads are really gross and have effectively “potty-trained” me to skip them completely. Too bad for whoever your next advertisers are.

    The peeg is adorable.

  44. “Possessed Hostess Cupcake from Hell”????

    That image is just so, so, so NOMTOM.

  45. Rooting pig nearly turns himself over. Hyup-har.

  46. @Gaz, yeah but *I* am the original one (Barbarella F. probably wasn´t even born when I was already out there cute-spotting, no offence Barbarella F, hahah!). There´s always room for more Barbarellas, cause we RULE!!!

  47. Stressfactor says:


    And Carnitas’s owners have stated that their parents own a farm and have assured them that if Carnitas grows too large to live in their house then Carnitas will be welcome to come live on their farm for the rest of his natural life.

    No matter what Carnitas will be well taken care of. And as a matter of course, um animals ARE property and you DO own them. That’s part of animal husbandry. You can go to a cattle rancher and buy 100 cattle from him and start your own ranch and according to the law you own those cattle. If someone else tries to take your cows that is theft in the eyes of the law because those cattle are your property.

  48. I just re-watched the kunekune video and recognized that same up-and-down head movement by a pig who seemed to already have the nipple. So now–not knowing anything about peegs–I’m guessing it’s the equivalent of feline kneading. He’s trying to get the milk to FLOW already!

  49. Carnitaaaaaas! Welcome back, leetle peeg!

    Such a cute video. 🙂

  50. OMG. A peeg named Carnitas! That is sooooo wrong! I love it!

    @Faith – You’re obvy on the wrong site. Lighten up.

  51. My friend with a similar piggie says Carnitas is trying to flip the bed over to cover himself – he just wants to be cozy!!

  52. Hey, everyone! Regarding the size of mini pigs, here is a great mini-pig guide that lays out how big these guys will get: Mini Pig Guide As you can see, Juliana painted pigs (Carnitas is mostly that, with a little Vietnamese pot-belly thrown in) are the smallest at adult size. And he’s not looking for a nipple there (he’s been on hard food for a while), that’s what pigs do, they dig with their noses looking for nutrients, which is why they make such great truffle hunters! I’m happy you think he’s as cute as I do!

  53. I don’t find all people on this particular posting to be well informed if someone thinks animals can be owned. Just because an antiquated law says so, doesn’t make it so, or right. We share the planet with them. Since I do animal rescue, I see what goes on in factory farming, with people who have dumped grown up pigs. So, no I won’t relax until people get it. Apparently, some on this site do not. We are animal “guardians” and they are our “companions”. They are not property. This line of thinking is as stupid as those who used to believe slaves were the property of the white man. And I agree that the Feline Pine wallpaper background is annoying as hell. So there!

  54. aquasaline says:

    darn, my coffee is cold and we have a commentroversy brewing!
    (love the peeg rootin’ for milksmilks)

  55. Faith, there are so many things wrong with your post, I’m not sure where to even start. “Just because an antiquated law says so, doesn’t make it so…” Oh really? I’d love to see you try that argument in a court of law. You may not like the fact that people do OWN animals, but it is what it is, and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to get up on your high horse and talk down to other posters here on this website. Attempting to compare pet owners with slavery and racism is completely ridiculous, and if you can’t see why, then might I recommend a great doctor who could probably prescribe you that lithium that you appear to so desperately need.

    Oh, and just because you “do” animal rescue, it does not give you the right to make rude, insulting, patronizing, and might I add, inaccurate assumptions about the people who are raising this pig.

    I highly recommend you check your attitude.

  56. HAHAHA love it man!!!!!

  57. @Patito Gigante: Naming your pet for the food product you can get from it is certainly black humor, but it’s so much fun. My brother used to have (about 64 years ago) a crocheted pig that our mother made for him. The pig’s name was Peter Porkchops. I think the crochet directions are still available.

  58. A pig happily engaging in an instinctual activity.
    They should train her to find truffles! (Oh, wait, they’ve switched to dogs for that task because the piggies EAT the truffles!)

    Temple Grandin found an easy treat for pigs is to give them straw to play with. They’ll destroy it, of course, but it’s good fun to do so! Enrichment activities.

    Wonder how a little pig would like a Kong treat ball?

  59. As to ‘miniature pigs’ and all the hubbub. A full grown potbelly pig will be about knee high. A full grown pork producing pig will grow… how big? Big. Boars are HUGE.

    But there are ‘mini pigs’. Not sure this is one of them. But whatever, she has a home when/if she outgrows this one.

    And what were the potbellies developed for? Not pets, that’s for sure.
    CUTE, yes. Cute is an artifact of our society. Enjoy it, but also, get a clue, people.

  60. I concur that the “potty-trained” kitteh is somewhat distasteful, but I have to ask: Has anyone ever tried the Feline Pine? My cats seem to like it, and the scoopable is really easy to keep clean. It seems like it’s easier for the girls to bury their business with it than the clay stuff. It did take a little bit of time to get used to the pine shaving smell, though.

  61. Faith…sweetie…just sit down and eat a hotdog or a pork chop or something. It’s just a cute funny video of a little pig acting silly.

  62. Luckily the Feline Pine ad doesn’t come through my ad-blocking software, apparently.

    That said, I use it for my rabbit! Rabbits (once speutered, of course) can be litterbox trained, but clumping clay litter is bad for them. They will get it on their fur and then ingest it while grooming. Unlike shavings, pine-based litters have most of the nasty phenols baked out of them so they are safe.

    An even cheaper option than Feline Pine (at least for bunnies) is wood stove pellets. They are made of sawdust and are essentially the same thing in a slightly larger pellet size. Hardware stores stock them in winter (at least in places where it gets cold) and you can get a 40lb bag for $5! I get 4-5 bags at once and I’m set for the year. You just need to make sure that there are no accelerants in your brand – just 100% sawdust.

  63. @kathyp
    I just put my sister’s 6-month-old in a t-shirt that says “THEY SHAKE ME!”

  64. What a hoot…or should I say root.
    Reminds me of our dahshund Ricky…he does that to the blankee on the couch many times before he turns around 2-3 times then he plops down with a sigh a proceeds to slumberland.

  65. I miss Aubrey.

  66. @patito

    >>I just put my sister’s 6-month-old in a t-shirt that says “THEY SHAKE ME!”



  67. My thesis addresses the complex anxiety we feel when confronted with the edibility of pets. Meat-names simultaneously acknowledge the fear of chowing down on our companion animals and the fear of becoming emotionally attached to that cute li’l fella we’ll be tossing on the grill in a couple of months.

    “Porkchop” has lost its power through overuse, but “Carnitas” is like a punch in the face. It makes me wish there was a culinary term for cat legs so I could rename my little Momo. That would be hilarious.

  68. Sigh…so much anger over a cute little piggy video. No matter whether you believe animals are property or strictly companions, we all love animals and that’s why we’re all here. Let’s try to remember that and be kinder to each other, okie dokie?

  69. Am I the only one who had to look up “carnitas”?

  70. Juno, the only reason I didn’t have to look it up is because Taco Bell has those new Cantina tacos, one of which is Carnitas. One of the advertisements mentions that it’s pork.

  71. @brinnann

    >>Juno, the only reason I didn’t have to look it up is because Taco Bell has those new Cantina tacos, one of which is Carnitas. One of the advertisements mentions that it’s pork.

    yay, tv!

  72. Taco Bell makes… [vomit percolating in the throat] …carnitas?
    Though it can’t be worse than McDonald’s (mercifully short-lived) “McNudo”…

  73. Great music and very cute, but I think the piglet is looking for his mother’s milk source.

  74. Carnitas? Really? Wake me up when something original comes along.