Rule of Cuteness #47: Feathery or Furry Fluff is Cute

Why? Because it’s a “Bury your nose in me!*” magnet!

*Except this owl will peck your face off so don’t do eet

Teresa M. sent in this Tumblr gem Hungover Owls



  1. Oooh, pretty!

  2. Oh, sweet owly! I know this was meant for me. ;D

    Totally needed the boost of cute. Thanks, Meg!

  3. I had to double check that you said “fluffulence”. I love new words! Beautiful owl, too!

  4. Awww, Hedwig. ❤

  5. what a regal bird

  6. Oh. Em. Gee!!! The fluffulence! The sheer unadulterated swoon-inducing snow-white utterly-snorglable FLUFFULENCE!

    *dies, is dead*

  7. Also, “Hungover Owls”? I have a new homepage.

  8. all harry potter fans will be happy to see this =)

  9. I lurrrrrve owls. They are wise and wonderful.

  10. I feel like he is saying something like ‘I find your views on existentialism irrelevant to this argument’.

  11. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thought of Hedwig first thing.

  12. He may peck my face off, but I think I’d have to snorgle the fluffulence anyway…

  13. 260Oakley says:

    “Owl be baaaack”
    (said in best Governor of Caleefornia voice)

  14. Beautiful picture, wonderful owl, and interesting pictures on the link Hungover Owls, but way too many needless swear words there. It detracted from the loveliness of the pictures IMHO, not that I’m a prude or anything, but still. The owls deserve more respect.

  15. Funny that the younger peeps thought of Hedwig first thing and my mind went to Twin Peaks line of dialog “the owls are not what they seem”.
    Anyway I love Owls and collect them, they are the embodiment of wisdom for me.

  16. bookmonstercats says:

    I stroked a wol a few years ago (a sort of tame one who was collecting money for her sanctuary). Her feathers were so light and fluffy I couldn’t even feel them – but paid up anyway for the priviledge.

    Vicki G – very apt. He does look like a very stuffy, puffed up university don.

  17. bookmonstercats says:

    PS Just visited Hungover Owls. Like KC, I think the language is a tad unneccesary, even though I occasionally give vent to some good old Anglo-Saxon myself. They could learn a bit of wit from teh Peeps, methinks, and be the better for it.

  18. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    The Snowy Owl.

  19. Owl be seeing you in all the old familiar places
    that this heart of mine embraces
    all day through.

  20. Ignore the prissypants above! I’d never thought that when nocturnal creatures are in bright light, they look (and here’s the thing: SOUND) like someone drunk in college, especially in a mirror.
    My new favourite phrases, courtesy of Hungover Owl:
    “I’m like a drumstick made of shame!” and
    ‘Don’t mention fooblarghhhh!’,
    and pics:
    the shower of shame, ‘She’s never going to forgive me after that!’ and the ever-popular:
    ‘Wait . . . why am I naked?!’

    Thanks, Meg!

  21. Meg, I just love your posts.

  22. Oh, he is so all that. Look at him wearing the fluffulence proudly. Oh yeah . . .

  23. God, I love owls. I can’t explain it, but I just do. All owls — big, small, brown, white, creepy-looking, sleepy-looking, ear tufts, and no ear-tufts. Owls were just made right.

  24. LOL, Vicki G!

    KC – I agree with you.

  25. Nikki – I totally agree. I’m honestly not schmoozing. I love her style.

  26. Let me join the owly luv-in! They are so awesome!! 🙂 they look like they know the secret of the universe & also find the whole thing redonkulous.

  27. 1. W00T! This was ME! ME! Theresa! (not Teresa) *Sender-inner victory dance*

    2. @Bookmonstercats– Well, they are hung over.

    3. O RLY? YA RLY!

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi: I love the owl in the Harry Potter series. But I’m so old that pictures of owls always bring to my mind Winnie The Pooh.

  29. My favorite from HungOver Owls (“HOO”) is the Aug 17th one. “Owl? You don’t see an owl here. Nobody here but us tree branches.”

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Yay! *joins Theresa in the sender-inner dance*

  31. And here we are!

  32. flutterbye says:

    Luff teh face fluff!

    Also joins celebratory dance for Theresa ~ you GO girl!

  33. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    1) ALSO joining in on the sender-inner dance (is that similar to
    the Touchdown Victory Dance? ….not clear on the concept)

    2) NICE job by the makeup artist, on the eyeliner!!
    OWL around the eye!

    3) Perhaps could use a “Disapproval” Tag???

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I just attempted to do this dance in my living room. Now my butt hurts but it was fun!

  35. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    (oooooooooooooooo so THAT”s how the dance goes)

    (not convinced that my version will be as ….articulated, but…)

  36. flutterbye says:

    My version is pretty repetitive: One shake of ample booty starts VIBES{{{{{{{{{{{ for dance and the rest of me just keeps on a shakin’!!!!

    Not a pretty sight like in video, but proper feather placement helps a bit LOL.

  37. All you dancers, shake a tail feather baby.

  38. flutterbye says:

    ^^^ ***{{{{}}}}}}***(((***)))^^^….. feelin’ teh vibes, or rather small body-quakes!

  39. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ flutterbye: THAT”s a GREAT idea !!!

    I just need to find a whole bunch of feathers!!
    Then my mistakes will be decorated and fluffy!!!

    of course, ONLY those feathers
    removed after a bird has naturally died of its own lifecycle
    (none harvested from birdies enjoying life presently)

  40. knittinkitten says:

    This is certainly the most regal and handsome of birds. I love owls and have been lucky enough to see several in the wilds of my neighborhood. They are always so beautiful.

    @ONOHE/SHE/IT-what about molted feathers? I know someone who makes feather jewelry and that is how she gets her feathers. Doesn’t hurt the bird one bit!

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    Teresa, doing the victory dance for you. Like flutterbye I do the one shake of my English pear shape and the rest just follows through

  42. fatgrammafinn says:

    *hippy hippy shake shake* yay Theresa
    owls are the ultimate in zen, like the 7 most important words, “I don’t know and it doesn’t matter”

    went to the hungover owl link, just skip the TINY captions and overdose on the pix…

  43. Oh god that hungover owls site.

    Anyway complaining about the captions is a boring, boring person.

  44. LisaHoneychan says:

    Hungover Owls?! BEST SITE EVER! Def going to be a daily visit, just like CO. Words are just words, and they are funny ones, at that.

  45. @QoD : the Real Wol recommends
    A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard forever! Disneyfication is to be deplored.

    @Kevin : HungOver Owls – HOO ! 😆

    @Ali Baba “they look like they know the secret of the universe & also find the whole thing redonkulous.” – 😀 my sentiment exactly.

  46. The owley wouldn’t peck, he would nibble gently. At least in my fantasy of the snorgle. At least that’s what my birds do. Anyway, he hasn’t got a “peck” (pointy) type beak. (And I’m just going to ignore what type of beak he does have)

    @O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! Orrrrr, you could just wait for those feathers to moult out and collect them. I have a ton around here somewhere. Wait! Does a ton of feathers weigh more than…. 😉

  47. Many years ago, in the stone age, my brother nursed an owl back to health. While it was sitting on the perch he had made for it, if you tickled the feathers just under its beak it would nibble your finger gently. It soon got to the point where the owl would take a couple of daily circuits around the rather large room it was in, a finished basement where my brother lived. It was beautiful to see, and silent. Shortly after that the owl was released.

  48. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ knittenkitten & anodyne:

    See what I don’t know?? Thanks for the humane decorative advice!!!

    Fluffiness to all!

  49. OF course, in the CO Owl Pantheon, there is also the lovely Kitty!

  50. fatgrammafinn says:

    me luv kitty… sorta like the tickle-me-loris… they look so disappointed when the scritch-tickling ends, like that’s all there is *sigh*

  51. PS “Fluffulence” sounds to me like a fluffy form of flatulence. *running away*

  52. 260Oakley says:

    I agree. Sort of gives a whole other meaning to “give a hoot”, doesn’t it?

  53. I love owls…this ones cute too. Also I just stumbled upon a site called and it’s a funny, if sarcastic look at the “real” thoughts of owls. its kind of funny..check it out!

  54. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (enjoying *snerk* @ both Theresa & 2600)

  55. @250Oakley, I would snerk, but I want it to be very clear that it’s with my mouth.

  56. @260, that should be.

  57. Theresa – You snerk with your mouth? Ew!

  58. omg cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! he’s gorgeous 😀

  59. *feathers pouring out in all directions*

  60. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (starting to worry, about pyrit’s question to Theresa …..)

  61. What a beautiful bird! 🙂

  62. kibblenibble says:

    I think I assumed that “snerking” was when you laugh so uncontrollably that little “snort” comes out. 😆

  63. @Kibblenibble, me too! *more feathers flying around*

  64. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    so, Meg, you say he’ll peck my face off?

    That might be bearable, in xchange for burying in that elegant floof.
    This face ain’t gettin’ me no calls from the TV or film industries, so …..

  65. knittinkitten says:

    You’re welcome O NO! Glad to help!

    Teh Malay Eagle Owl is teh cutest! I love the crek-crek-crek sound she makes when petted!

  66. but if it pecks my face off I can stay in there forehhhhhhver

  67. Theresa and O NO – That was the fartest thing from my mind!

  68. 260Oakley says:

    Ah pyrit, you are the wind beneath CO’s wings.

  69. AHHHH! *dead*

  70. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    (rolling eyes)

  71. Thar she blows!

  72. NSFW. Be warned, cubical dwellers, that the captions in the hungover owls website are Not Safe for Work due to the omnipresence of the F-bomb. If there was a warning, I missed it. :}

  73. Well, owls are well known for being silent but deadly. :mrgreen:

  74. Drat! Moderated again! What did I say? 😥

  75. This is an amazing pic! What a white fluffy toy!

  76. @Theresa

    >>Well, owls are well known for being silent but deadly.

  77. @Jennifer

    Sorry you weren’t “warned”; Can we just assume that cuteoverload is NSFW and chill the fluff* out?

    [*Made SFW

    –Ed, Jr.]

  78. Love the sender-inner dance! I am practicing hard for the day that I am a successful submitter! (dance-y, dance-y, shake, shake, shake)
    We do know that without his/her feather fluffulence, the owl in the post probably looks like a stick-figure with a beak. Probably a bit shiver-y too.

  79. Emmberrann says:

    And don’t forget, peeps, owls are raptors, like eagles and hawks. That hooky beak and those long curving claws are meant to tear into prey, but if you ever have a chance to stroke those owl feathers, it’s sheer heaven, so, so soft. I love owlies.

  80. oooo snowy owl!! so pretty *snorgle* and dangerous! hee hee *evil laugh*

  81. Theresa – “Who’s on farts?”

  82. @all

    NSFW usually is a warning that says, ‘look out, your screen is about to be filled with images large and offensive enough to be viewed by co-workers and bosses for miles around.’ CO goes the extra distance by adhering to a PG standard for language.

    i checked that hungover owl link and opted against the NSFW label, because the bad words were in small fonts. and it was funny.

    i hope that helps,


  83. Thanks, Sharpy. But I want to be made whole again! I want all the giggles, snorts and snerks I missed because of being moderated. Oh, Judge Judy! 😆

    @Pyrit: I don’t give a rip. :mrgreen:

  84. They are wise and wonderful.

    From what I’ve read, owls are actually considered to be pretty dumb as far as raptors go. In order to make room for those humongous eyes, they have a much smaller brain cavity then similarly sized birds.

  85. BatBlaster says:

    Corvids are the smartest apparently, and anyway the fluffyness reminds me of this blue parakeet. I wanna pet u……
    The parakeet that is.

  86. HAH ! @Stormy Dragon : I used to think there was some truth in the phrase “bird brained” but booooy was I wrong. Birds, and owls too, are among the most intelligent of creatures. Read about Wesley the Owl or Alex the African grey parrot.
    Oh, and there’s Wol, of course. Even though he can’t spell. 🙂

  87. Apparently chez les birds size doesn’t matter. Brain size.

  88. has anyone commented yet on the eyleliner? Very perfect.

  89. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ alissa: I AGREE!!

    In re. your question….YES — ME!!!
    comment # 33; Item # 2

    Yay Owl Elegance.

  90. This owl is cute, but every time i see him, i see him speaking with this voice.

  91. @theresa

    if i had my wish, you and the other half-dozen regulars would have carte blanche. i can only check the moderation bin every few hours, so if i trample on some good comic timing, forgive me. i’m trying to put together some possible remedies for the COverlords to consider, but until then, bear with us.

    the CO forum seems like a good place for real time conversations that don’t need the entire CO audience, mais non?

    adorable in my big fluffy protective helmet,


  92. @Sharpy, seriously, no harm done!

  93. owls is da best – specially puffer owlpants here…

    Oh, know it’s a snowy, I just like the idea that she’s all “FOMPFH….you alarmed me, now I’m all puffy”

  94. I don’t know why…but as soon as I saw the owl, I thought of Orson Wells. Don’t ask me why, like word association, only a picture, it was the first thing I thought of.

  95. @mplsdeb

    i like to think that we at CO freely associate with only the finest (although we may reserve the right to whine before it’s time.)

  96. WendyPinNJ says:

    I would soooooo do eet, and totally love having my face pecked off. I love me some snowy owls!!!

  97. That’s a very pensive look. Owl looks like it’s in the middle of writing its master’s thesis.

  98. Yes, I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, and yet my first mental reference at the mention of Hedwig was The Angry Inch, not the snowy owl. 🙂

    I thought the Hungover Owls were pretty funny, language and all. Spot on for what we interpret as miserable expressions.

  99. warrior rabbit says:

    I love the hungoverowls site. I’m so happy CO pointed it out for me! It’s for the people who make it to enjoy, and those like me who are right there with them. For those who aren’t as enamored of it, instead of complaining about the swearing and imploring them not to, just don’t go there if it offends you. You were fine before you knew of its existence, and you’ll be fine never visiting it again as well. If you need an owl fix, you can get it some other way… There’s always if you want owl abundance. I don’t think you’ll like the site someone else suggested, either — similar language.

  100. “You were fine before you knew of its existence, and you’ll be fine never visiting it again as well.” Yeah, there’s a few websites whose existence I wish I could scrub from my brain so easily… 😛 But good advice all the same!

  101. P.S. Owl abundance! Hee!

  102. Un harfang des neiges! This is a brother of miiiine!

  103. Don’t know if I did this right but this one is even cuter!

  104. oops


  105. @ sharpy…lol I love it!

  106. I don’t know the owl looks kinda cute but also very dangerous like it’s already planning on poking my eyes out even if I don’t snuggle my noise in it.

    Now the owl in Ekajati pictures looks cute and not as deadly.

  107. Pic for #104