Let’s Go to the Hop!

There’s a big hop going on in the gymnasium, but it’s not what you think. It’s highlights from this year’s Danish Rabbit Show Jumping Competition, in which rabbit owners all over Denmark vie to see who can make the best “chik, chik, chik” noises — oh, and also get their rabbits to jump over stuff.

I have just one word for you, Gwyn R.: Boiinnnggg!


  1. hop hop hop kiss

  2. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    nah, I got another word (and ackshually I wonder, why it hasn’t gotten its own Tag?)


    (and yeh, I know that this entry doesn’t have the whole hidden approach aspect, but…meh. Lurkensproing, ennyway.)


  3. 260Oakley says:

    I hope the winners get to take a victory lop (before they hit the hoppin’ john).

  4. So when are the Cute Overload Olympics?

  5. I love the little pep-talk-psyched-up moments where the human pauses the rabbit before the jump. Once before the long jump I even saw little twitchy paws like “I’m ready mom, let me go jump”

  6. No so impressive… Rest assure these bunnehs could jump higher, longer and oftener if they’d wanted to. But since they disapprove of olympics in general, they performed just enough to satisfy their hoomans (and hop-fully be left alone with a carrot) without actually losing their dignity.

  7. kewp kewp says:

    Sooo much better than horses jumping. WHY is this not in the olympics?

  8. Did you not notice the huge disapproval in the last performing athlete-bunneh? How homan-liating!

  9. I meant “human-liating”…

  10. That was just absurd… I want to see more 🙂

  11. omg i love the pep talk, the gentle preparation, the coaching massage before the big jump. how sweet!

  12. We-ell I guess the Danes have some long winter nights to occupy.

  13. Peanut's mama says:

    Love how she stops and gives him a little pep talk!

  14. Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

  15. Who knew…those Danes are so creative.

  16. Pat Trenner says:

    @Hon Glad [snerk]

    “The Roar of the Crowd”

    Why, there must be at least 20 people there!

  17. That long jump is impressive! I looof the high jump too. Boing indeedio. 😀

  18. paulajeanne says:

    Never in a million years could I have imagined there was such a sport. Kudos to whomever dreamed up such events! And to the bunneez of course!

  19. This is one of the most enjoyable animal competitions I’ve ever seen. I wish we had ’em here.

  20. Those wacky Danes. Well, I guess I really HAVE seen everything now!

  21. @paulajeanne – did you sneak onto my comp & steal a pic of my Mister?

  22. According to an online translation program, “SPROING” in Danish is
    “SPROING” 😀

  23. I laid fifty krone on Mr. Playboy to clear!

  24. Pat Trenner – I guess a gathering of twenty people in Denmark is a crowd, more
    than twenty five constitutes an unruly mob 🙂

  25. AnnieStuart says:

    You’ll notice when she’s giving the bun a “pep” talk before the big jump she’s actually pointing his head at an angle so he can see better (rabbits don’t look at things straight on, but from the side, and lifting him up and down, which is what rabbits do normally when they’re sizing up an obstacle for height and depth. Or at least, that’s what our Finnegan does shortly before making a similar, glorious leap from the floor straight up to the back of the sofa. : )

  26. That last competitor looked like he was about to lead a revolt. “Hoppers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your alfalfa.”

  27. buns 1, 2 & 3, “I can’t jump over that! Oh, wait, I totes can.”

    bun #4 “Will you hurry it up, lady? I’m trying to win a race, here!”

  28. What I want to know is who makes those rabbit-jumps? You know, the things they jump over?

  29. @Saffron, I believe Danish is actually the etymological origin of “SPROING!”

  30. Last bun looks confoozled in the “crooked” run. But he’s “Too Nice To Say No” so he finishes it anyways. Schweet.

  31. knittinkitten says:

    I love the buns! Must move to the land of the Danes ASAP! Also love the moment when Medie bun is getting advice from his coach and the leetle pawses are doing the “I’m ready! Let me at it!” motions. Weird thing is when I had a bunneh I used to make the chik chik sounds at him. Perhaps this is a universal human/bun language?

  32. baileysgrandmom says:

    No, I think “chik chik chik” is Bunese for “there’s a huge monster behind you that will swallow you whole if you don’t jump over this little fence immediately!” I would jump, too, I would.

  33. paulajeanne says:

    lol FFT! No, honest, but my goodness they are alike! This is my Ms. Molly. Wow!

  34. Nice cuties, I didn’t any guess that they can jump too high and long… The big jump was awesome :-O well I didn’t understanded the “chik chik chik” language at all, but.. if they think it works 😛 But I didn’t liked the last blonde woman, she was pretty.. silly? Why did she stopped her rabbit before every jump?? He so wanted to run and jump, but she was pulling the leadrope all the time… Poor rabbit.

  35. I like that they’re allowed to stop in the middle of a run and start again. You don’t see that at dog agility competitions. I guess you have to cut em some slack when you’re having an agility competition for animals that are typically “prey” – they get spooked by all the clapping! 🙂

    I think the last lady was trying to guide her bun to the correct gates – they probably have to clear in a certain order. Did anyone notice the gate shaped like a viking ship??? So awesome!

  36. Now all the bunnies need are some jaunty neckerchiefs, and they’ll be giving those border collies a run for their money!

  37. @emerson

    >>I laid fifty krone on Mr. Playboy to clear!

    if i had a nickel for every time i’ve heard that phrase…



  38. This just in. I need a bunny NOW!

  39. brilliant bunnies!

  40. I like the really stubborn one at the end 😉

  41. @minou

    >>they disapprove of olympics in general

    is the low attendance due to a protest of some sort? why aren’t we see coverage of this protest?


  42. @yuzik

    sheesh! are you trying out for the simon slot on American Bunny Idol? (HELP! i am pundicapped! someone help me out here!)


  43. so amazing

  44. I want to look as good in leggings as the rabbit ladies did. If I ran around with a bunny on a leash would I look good in skinny leggings, too? I run around with a dog on a leash but that hasn’t made me tall, blond, thin, and Danish yet.

  45. Thank you!!!! This made my day….

  46. You mean you don’t have this in the States?! Weird…. I used to do this with my rabbit, not competing though, just at home for fun…. It actually started here in Sweden in the 70’s and there’s even a national association for it and world records and everything.

  47. I wonder how competitive Maru would be out there.

  48. I would like to be the Elite Crooked Champion. It is a fantastic title.
    And who knew bunnies could hop?

  49. @theresa

    >>What I want to know is who makes those rabbit-jumps? You know, the things they jump over?

    Chutes And Lettuce? (the Austrian division?)

    HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! puns are hard!

  50. These ladies apparently think that lightly shaking bunnies makes them jump farther. I get the impression that the rabbits are secretly thinking, “Hey lady, we’re rabbits. We jump. No instructions neccessary.”

  51. warrior rabbit says:

    Frida, I don’t know about competitively, but there are rabbit people who do this kind of thing. For instance, there’s a lady in Santa Barbara who has several bunnies and a routine and a business entertaining and/or training other people’s buns. She’s come to BunnyFest several times to demo, and I know she holds classes through BUNS.

  52. I just wish there were teeny jockeys on all of these buns.

  53. Ah, reminiscent of when the big beautiful chestnut stallion Big Ben once refused a jump in Olympic competition, and his rider Ian Miller had to tuck him under his arm and make rock hyrax noises . . .

  54. flutterbye says:

    Haha, when they would stoop down with their bunnies, there seemed to be a clicking sound and all I could think was *they’re winding them up*… how sad is that?

    Learned buns are smarter than I thought and never knew they could jump THAT high other than when in the wild and frightened into it…

  55. Bottle Green says:

    Oh my goodness, dub1, that completely killed me. Hilarious!

  56. I think I need to raise the fence on my allotment. They’re breeding clever bunnies nowadays!

  57. LisaHoneychan says:


    Bunnilympics!? Bunnastics!? Agility-Buns!?

    First, they are one leads/leashes. Never knew you could get a bunny to even deal with that! That keels me, then they start JUMPING over obsticals that look like Viking ships? I gotta say, Scandinavians ROCK for thinking up this idea. Of course in the winter they have 20 hours of darkness a day, so this explains it all! *LOL*

    What next? This just made my day, tho!

  58. Savagewoman says:

    I’m impressed! I’ve competed with my bun for a year and a half (I’m Finnish), we have a loooong way to go! Our hopping society actually has that Viking ship, only with Finnish instead of Danish flags. There’s a small company in Sweden that makes them, ones in this video seemed all to be from there.

    The ‘chik chik’ sound the owners make is our way of saying ‘mush’.

  59. that is sooooooooo amazing!!!!

  60. mimzysmom says:

    The paw action at the 2;00 mark . . .”let me jump . .let me jump” This is adorable! My daughter walks her Netherland Dwarf bun on a leash, I can’t wait to show her this video.

  61. @savagewoman

    no, i’m impressed! a woman called “savage” who runs with rabbits?! i thought the owners were using physical clickers in their hands, not with their voices. what are you saying to the bunnehs before they attack a hurdle?


  62. deathqueen38 says:

    this is cool, but in all honesty i dont think any bunny would want to be leashed and forced to jump over things. rest assure my little peppers will never endure this

  63. @deathqueen38: My buns could never be forced to do anything! To me, these buns look like they just need the barest excuse to jump over those hurdles 🙂

  64. Oh, and how sad is it that whenever somebody picked up a bunny (especially for the long jump), it looked to me as though they were getting ready to bowl with them 🙂

  65. Savagewoman says:


    I usually say ‘jump!’ except of course in Finnish 🙂 Most people say ‘hop!’

    And rest assured, it’s impossible to force a bunny to jump. There is literally nothing short of throwing them over you can do if they don’t want to jump. My girl bun point blank refuses to jump, but my boy runs through the track and all I have to do is try to keep up! And harnessing doesn’t bother a bunny any more than it does a dog.

  66. Bat-Snake says:

    When that bunny did the longjump, I shouted “WOAHH!”
    That was one awesome jump!

  67. I wish the last lady wasn’t always dragging her bunny by its neck. Otherwise, though, this is adorable.

  68. I used to do agility with my rabbit, but for fun, not in competition 🙂 He was a great jumper as long as he had a treat after! He could easily have done these jumps.

  69. I’m not sure that’s humane. Bunnies hop around in the wild, but why should they be forced to do it just for our amusement?

  70. I love it! The danes obviously love their bunnies to make a whole sport for them! lol!!

  71. This is awful. Poor rabbits!

  72. OMG! I never knew there was such a thing!

  73. I immensely enjoyed the Engrish on the website about Bunny Hoppage; http://www.kaninhop.dk/uk/

    “Teach yourself to understand, that rabbits are rabbits, and you will enjoy it the more.”

    It’s under ‘Buying of rabbit’, and I’m reading it in Sigfried and Roy’s voices (from Father of the Pride) ❤