From The Cute Farmer’s Almanac

As the days get shorter, and the carefree days of summer yield to earnest fall, it’s time to put up a supply of kittens to see you through the cold winter months ahead. When selecting a storage jar for your kitties, make sure it’s not too small.

The white ones are my favorite, Beverly A.



  1. I love this time of the year when the fresh kitten harvest arrives…

  2. Emmberrann says:

    If we could indeed preserve them at this stage… Kittayns just break me up, and then I’m lost, lost, I tell you.

  3. perfectly preserved for future snorgling..

  4. love the hovertext!!!!

  5. GingerBean says:

    What a be-yoo-ti-full kitten! Nuffing? What’s to nuff? It’s a kitten with it’s feet in a glass jar…nothing out of the ordinary.

  6. perfect hover text!

    AMG! Thaz is BAD FOR KITTEH! OMGOMG how can you support this CLEAR animal abuse!

    lawl ❤ i love CO

  7. 260Oakley says:

    What, you think nuffers may find this picture jarring? I thought everybody loved nature preserves.

    (Don’t stop me I’m on a roll… a jelly roll, that is.)

  8. flutterbye says:

    I’ll take a case of them, please, an assortment would be fine!

  9. Ooh, just like my bebbeh at that age.

    Dulce de leche, yum.

  10. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    (wondering if the Ed’s are gonna consider adding the
    “I’m gonna eat you” Tag…..)

  11. (The perfect accompaniment to the best batch of scones I’ve made in a loooong time, just now fresh from da oven. Sheer luck, as I don’t weigh or measure, just throw things together!)
    :: passes plate around ::

  12. And don’t forget: It’s tickle, THEN pickle.

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, I wonder if I’m being moderated for what I think I’m being moderated for. I’m talking about the cake, you silly mod-bot. Get your cyber-mind out of the gutter.

  14. I’m waiting for the obligatory bonsai kitten nuffer. As requested.

    But that kitty, are his/her eyes looking kind of cloudy or was it the camera shot? And what’s with the grey? Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Criminal Intent” but it might be worth a trip to the vet.

    BTW, that white/pink tummy is scrumpscious looking.

  15. @260Oakley

    Cake? The mind boggles…

  16. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    I di-unt think that the Big Green Moderashun Machine was even
    ALLOWED to moderate 2600 ….. 8)

  17. So kittens really do come from the pumpkin patch. I knew it.

  18. ♫ If I could save cute in a bottle… ♫

  19. Once a kitten sprouts you can fully appreciate the full bouquet of cat personality. That’s how I like ’em.

  20. is this cat pasteurized or free-range?

  21. Now remember peeps.. always use only the freshest firmest kittens.. always examin them carefully for any bad spots… as there is nothng worse than a kitten jam made with over ripe kittens.

  22. jess&friends says:

    The trick to keeping your kittens fresh all winter long is to NOT add water when canning them. The water makes them spoil. : )

  23. Holy Carp, it’s Marshmallow Fluff!

  24. Does anyone else see that this looks like one of those munchkin kittens, or am I imagining it?

  25. Om nom nom kitteh preserves….

  26. Looks like a perfect opportunity for the “Bonsai Kitten” hoax to start rilin’ folk up again…

  27. WTF – white tiny fluffer!!

    Hey, if there’s going to be nuffing, we might as well throw in WTF too…

  28. fatgrammafinn says:

    kitten jam and nutella… truly the sandwich of the gods

  29. Do not over stuff your jars with kitten remember they need 1/2 inch of head room at the top of the jar!

  30. @Kevin – Thanks!! I’ll be singing that for the rest of the day now… LOL

    “If I could save cute in a bottle,
    The first thing that I’d like to do;
    Is to save every Kitteh I could find,
    Oh wait, I think I’ll save two….”

    (Sorry, it was the best I could do….)

  31. I don’t know about the fall, it was more like winter when I left for work, virtually black
    and pelting with rain, oh the glory that is the English summer. Still the kids go back to
    school soon, so the weathers bound to improve.
    I think this kitty may be a bit too fesh for bottling you will never get the lid closed.
    I’ve sill got some bottled plums my Mum did, about 30 years ago, there probably inedible but I do’nt like to throw them away. 😦

  32. @Carolyn, I think it looks like a munchkin kitteh, too.

    And, uh, I’ll take a pint of the ginger, and a pint of calico. Thanks so much.

  33. While I’m all for local kittayn, but for the holidays I indulge in exotic varieties such as Turkish Van at Christmas: British shorthair is just right for Boxing Day.

  34. The idea of putting a cat in a jar is DISGUSTING and I can’t believe we’re even joking about it! Everyone knows you have to _can_ kittens – their mallowey fur gets all caught up in the jar lid and doesn’t allow a proper seal to form. Jeez people… we’re trying to preserve freshness here. There’s nothing like cracking open a scritchably-tumtastic pussycat on a cold November night and settling in for a purr-snorgle around the fire with your newly uncanned bestest buddy.

  35. Heh. I’m looking for the Cute Farmer!

  36. Sigh….sad to be reminded that kitten season is almost over. I’m at our local shelter’s kitten nursery two days a week. Nothing like being covered in cuteness.

  37. catservant says:


  38. Thought he was a cotton ball.

    PS whats up with the stupid commercials above with cat taking dump? omg

  39. No ’nuffing here, NTMTOM… Just kitten floomf.

  40. I was just going to just can the tomatoes, but I then thought I’d go ahead and make some catsup.

  41. @me: I just scroll past it REALLY quickly.

  42. Aww at the kittayn belleh.

  43. @ Brinn… Me too. I scroll really fast so I don’t have to see it.

  44. Funny, I thought of Eleanor Rigby and the puss that she keeps in a jar by the door…although all of the lonely people wouldn’t be so lonely if they had cuties like this for company!!

  45. And how many references to Bonsai Kitten have you received?

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    Oakley… Did you try something with the word c… r…. eampie? I’m sure that would trip up the censors. Otherwise, hmm… cake? I’m intrigued.

  47. wannadance says:

    TUM! victory, victory..the best..

  48. I am very curious about what kind of cake Oakley was talking about….

    And my favorite way to keep a kitteh fresh is freeze dry them. Then you just had water a presto fresh kitteh to cuddle 😉

  49. 260Oakley says:

    At this point I’m hoping that my original comment remains in moderation because the joke has gotten such a long set-up that the punchline is bound to be a letdown.

  50. skippymom says:

    Re: the ads, I will admit that I kind of enjoy the one of the cat on the toilet, but the one rolling around in the diaper is really horrible and sad.
    I have considered toilet training my cats, and once brought home a book about how to do it, but never got around to actually trying it.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    This post was disappointing!

    I scrolled down and read the text, then scrolled and looked at the picture, and saw a kitten in a jar that’s too small.

    Then I scrolled down some more, and there were the credits and the comments.

    Where are the photos of the kitten in a jar that’s too big, and then the one that’s juuuuust right?!?

  52. @O NO

    >>I di-unt think that the Big Green Moderashun Machine was even
    ALLOWED to moderate 2600

    all are equal in the eyes of the great and powerful moz.

  53. hm Wondering why my comment is awaiting moderation. I din’t say nuffin’ wrong!

  54. @blair: Free range cat. LOL LOL

  55. @writtenwyrdd

    yours is the only one i’m letting through.

    like black coffee, there’s no need to stir things up.

  56. The original Bonsai Kitten site had so many more pictures than it does now. Sigh.

  57. I want to just put my mouth on that little white tummeh and go all “smooosh smoooosh smoooosh”. Is that strange?

  58. Sara-bell says:

    @260Oakley – will you adopt me? I come with two cat attachments, and we all love to bask in puns all day.

  59. @debkakes

    >>hm Wondering why my comment is awaiting moderation. I din’t say nuffin’ wrong!

    i’m sorry! i’m running as fast as my little legs will carry me!
    i'm sorry!


  60. 260Oakley says:

    Much as I’d like to take you in, I also have two cat attachments and I think that would make us gluttons 4 punishment.

  61. 260Oakley – Did you pun show up yet? Maybe you forgot to pay your CO bill?

  62. Anyone old enough to remember Bonsai Kitten ought to dang well be wise enough not to nuff on this.

  63. Daphne Moss says:

    LOL…that tiny little polar bear warrior kitteh is about a nono-second from “shred” mode…look at those ears; those pupils.
    If this was cheezburger, kitteh caption would be “Hooman … I jar you in pieces, K?”

  64. @Hon Glad 😀 On my parents’ farm, my mom had made some blueberry jam in 1975 and I had found that jar in 1990 after my mom asked me to see if I could find any blueberry jam 😀 The sugar had crystalized a little on top but, boy, was that jam SWEET and still very delicious 😀 I am sure, if the lids on those bottled plums are still sealed, that you will be able to enjoy those plums even after 30 years 😀

  65. 😈 Kitties already RIPE for snorgling and do not need to be preserved for the cold winter months 😈

  66. Teressa – The colour has changed but otherwise they look OK, one thing I do know is that plums off the same tree, are now only half the size.

  67. 260Oakley says:

    As I keep telling them, the check is in the email. I always pay my CO bill on time because I don’t want to enter the ranks of the puninsured. 😉

  68. Should have been “EleaFUR Rigby,” sorry…

  69. I don;t know nuffin’…but I could stand ti do some kitt-ayn huffin’!

  70. Kitt-ayn huffin’ cures all ills, all stresses. It’s been scientifically proven!

  71. 260Oakley – CO is very expunsive.

  72. Okay… It’s a tough job, but somebody has to nuff (since it is expected).

    This is what happens when you’re not ‘kirfool’ when canning: Beverly opened the jar after a few months only to realised the white moldy stuff has come alive! We’ve never heard of Beverly since…

  73. Oh, gosh, bonsai kitten…..I knew someone would mention it.

  74. troutmystir says:

    Jus add Waterz an u git Catfish

  75. @Hon Glad 😀 Sounds like those bottled plums are still good and twice the size of the plums on the same tree 🙂 WOW 🙂 I wonder if fertilizing and watering that tree will help it produce bigger plums 🙂 Just an idea 🙂