On Zuh Prowl

I am a Baby Kittayns

On zuh prowl…


I shall find eet.

Tank the Kitten as captured by John Z.



  1. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:


    (or WAS, very recently)
    (looks quickly in both directions)

  2. Prowl no furthair. Je suis ici!

  3. fatgrammafinn says:

    i weeeeeeel provide all de lof you require, just don’t tell my other cat

  4. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    YAY pour le francais et les pour les chats
    (ou pour les hommes ou les femmes, meme plus) qui parlent avec outrrrrrrrrrrageous fransch accents (aigu or otherwise:) )

  5. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    i tried to put a smiley face there…
    lemme try that partic’lar bit, agin.


  6. fish eye no miko says:

    I zink, as cute as are vu are, vu weeel not have to look long!

  7. “Accroches-toi a ton reve,
    Accroches-toi a ton reve,
    Quand tu vois ton bateau partir,
    Quand tu sents — ton coeur se briser,
    Accroches-toi a ton reve…”

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    pyrit: What the heck did you just call me?!

    (kidding of course) 🙂

  9. Cholmondeley says:

    Smooch smooch smooch smooch SMOOCH and MWAH, bebe kittayn!

  10. I want to worship at the feet of this kitty, and give him his just due for his total awesomeness.

    I also feel like a member of the Coffee Generation. How embarrassing that I actually had the album with “Hold on Tight” on it, peformed by ELO. Gah.

  11. Lookit da little toes.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Ze blue eyes, ze splayed toesies, ze pointy tailio….Look no further kitteh:

    ♥♥♥♥♥ I LOF YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥

  13. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    ….something ’bout a boat leaving, a broken heart, a loved-one… (sigh)

    and @ gryt:
    don’tcha mean “da WIDDLE toWs”???? 🙂

  14. “Tank the kitten as captured by John Zorn”

  15. I blame Cute Overload for my use of ridiculous accents when talking to my two cats. And it’s getting worse. Now I catch myself talking zis way to my friends’ dogs and cats, too.

    I tell them I LOFF them, and that zey are ze most HAHndsome KEEtens in zee galax-see, or “Who is de most bee-yoo-ti-ful pup en ze wourld?” Kind of embarrassing when I realize I’m doing this in public… 😉

  16. “Some peeps call me the space catboy, yeah,
    Some call me the catster of looove.
    Some peeps call me *Meooowurice* !
    Cause’ I speak, of the pompetous of looove…”

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Calliope: LOL! I use a variety of silly voices when talking to animals, whether privately or publicly. People DO sometimes give me a hard time. But I am so full of joy just being in the company of these purely sweet critters, I don’t care!

  18. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    pyrit: what, sir, IS the “pompetous of luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv”?????

    Anonymous Coward

  19. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    O NO: The “Pompatus of Love” comes from the Steve Miller song “The Joker,” and for a much fuller explanation, I direct you to this article from The Straight Dope.

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    like, OMG, you want me to, like (*angst-filled sigh*) go read an ARTICLE????


    (go read the article, I guess )

  21. Funny how most newborns do that belly crawl all the time. I also love the blue eyes they have until they get their “real” color.

  22. Zee LOF for Dis Kittayn is Over whelmming My Heart.

    Melts into goo puddle!

  23. “Pardon me, do you have any grey poupompatus?”

  24. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    (*snerking* @ pyrit’s rejoinder)

    (and sulking justabit…I dun’ rea-yud the whole article….not so pithy….but I
    do appreciate the researchology, Mr. Mike) 😉

  25. Ahhh, ze out-RAAAAZH-eous Fronsche ack-SONT! Je l’aime et devant la mort même, je répèterais que je l’aime!

  26. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Theresa: Well-pronounced, mem sahib!! “Vive la revolution!!”

  27. Funny, I always heard it as “properties of love”. Whatever those are, this kitty has them.

  28. *getting carried away* Vive la France! Vive la democratie!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    But of course eet eez zuh Fronsche! Fronsche ees zih langwahze of lurve!

  30. Now go away or I shall taunt you again.

  31. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Theresa: “we’ll ALWAYS have Paris….” (sigh)

    (waving an OUTRAgjious Fransche Flagge)

  32. Mon petit chaton, je t’aime

  33. 😈 Come to me, Tank the kitten, for lots and lots of snorgling 😈

  34. @josh Whadya mean their ‘real’ eye color? They don’t stay blue? I never knew…..

  35. warrior rabbit says:

    Tank has crushed my defenses. I guess they were just a Maginot line…

  36. Meg eez ze bestest. I lurve Mèg et le chaton aussi. Et Hon Glad aussi. 🙂

  37. Et les Peeps aussi.

  38. I love when kittens practice their pounce.

  39. Emmberrann says:

    @Decca: Zees petit chaton practices ze stalk of ze prey, and ‘e ees after ze leetle chaton in ze lens of ze camera, and ‘e ees in for ze beeg surpreez w’en ‘e tries to pounce ‘eem! But ze lof, ah ze lof, ‘e does not have to ‘unt for ze lof! I, c’est moi, ‘oo will pounce and pat him, and love him, and call him Tankie-poo.

  40. <—- loves pyrit for making ELO references. And "Tank" the kitten? Lofs it, lofs it I do. My niece and nephew named the largest of a litter of kittens "Truck." 😀

  41. The best part is that this teensy bit of floof is named Tank!

  42. PRRRRRRRRRRRR! Wook no furrther lov is white here.

  43. aww I love kitties in this stage! so wobbly… so innocent! I give it 6 more months..:D

  44. Tinee tabbee,
    Tinee tabbee,
    Tinee tabbee,
    Who could ask for anything more?

  45. look at those paws with all the claws outstretched. so determined and so cute.

  46. i want to sqees its lil’ cheks and eat you all up!

  47. Oh, where eeese eeet, l’amour? I cannot sees… I am sooo yooong and it eeese blooorry.
    Meet “Aimé d’Amour”, the kitteh!

  48. Helloo my dahling, looook into my eyes.

  49. Tu shall soccomb to mes yeux de la bleu impossible – immédiatement!

  50. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    ….hm, le Franglais ici, c’est…..”veddy interestingk” …. 😉