Damn Slippery Branches!!!


Sender-Inner Cheryl C. was doing dishes when she looked out her window to see this little guy who attempted the old roof-to-cherry-tree jump and and miscalculated!



  1. bookmonstercats says:

    He’s bendy. I shall love him and pet him and call him Lucky.

  2. Lucky it is, could have a stomach ache after landing like that! Oof! It’s like those youtube videos where someone says “watch this!” and it doesn’t end as planned.

  3. Stripey Mc Striperson ment to do that.

  4. earlybird1 says:

    Beautiful photo! Great work – those little guys are fast! Hard to capture on film!

  5. Cute little guy. I wish I had that kind of wildlife outside my window too!

  6. Enh! Looks like a little gymnast chipmonk working out on the uneven parallel branches. This judge gives him a 9.0 for degree of difficulty and an eleventy-million for degree of cuteness.

  7. “Missed it by that much” say agent Maxwel Squirrel wile attempting to sneak up on Control’s Headquarters.

  8. I love chipmunks! And skwerls and the like! Bring on the backyard peanut cam!!!

  9. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:


  10. I’ll see your “Ehn!!” and raise you an “OOF!” and a “UGH!”.

  11. Oh…he’s so cute. What a great photo! I can never take a shot of animals. They are too quick!

  12. baileysgrandmom says:

    Wait, why does this skwerl have stripes? Or, why is the chipmunk up a tree? Or, what exactly IS it? (I mean, besides a cute li’l beastie with a fierce tummyache.)

  13. That’s weird. I’ve only ever seen chipmunks on the ground. IS it a chipmunk?

  14. I yam okay, I yam okay!
    I yam on my vay
    To join Cirque du Squirreleil

  15. oooh, i theenk i broke my sacroiliac…

  16. We have a hoard of Eastern Chipmunks that live all around us, and I can attest that they can and do climb quite happily. They are not the best jumpers though.

  17. @Ratchic, since the dawn of time, only disaster and tragedy have followed the words “Hey guys, watch this!” 😛

  18. Oh, my achink belleh!

  19. knittinkitten says:

    Today Lucky McStriperson attempted to break the chipmunk world record for high jumping. He missed by only one branch. What an intrepid and cute leetle guy Lucky is! (Good call on teh name Bookmonstercats! He is a lucky leetle ‘munk!)

  20. flutterbye says:

    I’ve seen these li’l stripers hanging upside-down by one hind footsie after a branch-to-branch jump fail! Always wish I had a camera handy at those times…. but we all know how that goes! Lucky for us, Cheryl was quick and smart enough to get this shot. Bet Mr. Chips licks his front paw, as in ‘I meant to do that’ after his pic was taken!

  21. The Capitol grounds in Austin are overrun with squirrels. My dad says he saw one once fall out of a tree, just completely miss the branch and fall straight to the ground. He said the squirrel was fine but looked embarrassed and ran off the way cats do when they fall off of something.

  22. I was confused for a second as to why a ground squirrel was up in a tree, then I realized that the ground squirrel was really a chipmunk, and life was good again.

    And he totes has the “I meant to do that” look in his eye.

  23. My comment has been awaiting moderation all day. ?? Sigh.

  24. Jonathan the hamster guy says:

    That looks like the flying squirrel I caught! If I knew how (Which I don’t know how because I’m only 9 years old.) I would post a picture of ours spinning on a hamster wheel!!!

  25. My dog is sitting underneath, with his mouf open wide.

  26. Cheryl Charette says:

    Ty all for the comments, they are so funny. It is a chipmunk, he lives in our shed, and we are pretty sure he/she has a family. Mom/dad brought one of the young ones out to the bird feeder for their daily take out dinner but I didn’t get a shot of it.

  27. Such a delicate smoked-eyeliner look. Chipmunks look so graceful, when they’re close up.

    And now can we take that link off the top of the cat having a dump? I get the point, I don’t use clay and I get to see enough of that sort of thing onto my bathroom floor.

  28. fatgrammafinn says:

    one of my daughters’ neighborhood chipmunks got into a bit of a pickle… he was raiding the squirrels peanut feeder, the kind that has the little acrylic window in it.. anyway mr chips got in it, but the level of the peanuts was too low and he couldn’t get out… melissa came home from work to find a very well fed chipmunk pounding on the acrylic with his little tiny fists screaming “let me out of here!!!”

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Meg’s captions are really funny! They’re somehow always so uniquely Meg-ish. 🙂

  30. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ fatgramma: now THAT is a photo, for which I would pay
    untold meeeeeeeeeeeellllions of dollars !!!!

    (IF I HAD untold millions of dollars……)

  31. Hang in there, Mr. Chipmunk! We all miscalculate sometimes but that’s no reason to let go. When you’re securely on the branch, just get moving.