Birthday Cat is NOT impressed

His attitude will change when he sees empty BOXES after gifts are opened.

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  1. Little Lord Rumphius Wigglesworth Hugginsbottom, is pleased, just a little bit.

  2. I love his tie… so regal and elegant

  3. paulajeanne says:

    Lol! He looks like someone’s grumpy old grandpa!

  4. Don’t give Wilford Brimleycat cake! Don’t you know he has die-beetus?

  5. i love how the kids say b-day

  6. That’s no cat, that’s Wilford Brimley! And he’s obviously not pleased because the cake is, clearly, NOT sugar free!

  7. I think the worlds going mad

  8. kibblenibble says:

    It’s cute how the kids try to blow out the candles without it looking like they are doing it, and how they suppress laughter when the one candle resists being extinguished. 🙂

  9. Queen of Dork says:

    He gives bunnies a lesson in disapproval. He looks like, “blow out these freakin’ fire sticks and give me some f——- food, you morons.”

  10. what cat would be pleased with a name like ‘Puppah’?
    And meringue instead of chocolate icing? Hmph!

  11. You just found that out *now*, Scoobie!?! 😉

    What a patient (and floofy ) kitty! 🙂

  12. fatgrammafinn says:

    it is de Don-ALD, power tie and all

  13. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    I b’lieve that this edition of Mr. W. Brimley, in his Easy Chair, would be a fully appropriate Life Companion to Mme Queen of Disapproving Cats in her throne aka bedchamber, from t’other day …….Discuss…..

  14. That is hysterical! Birthday cat seems mighty confused… Perhaps he is wondering where exactly the tuna is?

  15. jordan stone says:

    I Love this cat. He seems to have a dog’s personality. Is he Persian? I would love a cat like him. Thanks.

  16. ROTFL!! The tie, the expression, the lounging kitteh in the kitteh chair! Priceless!

    (Btw I didn’t know it was a kid trying to blow out that candle, I thought it was a smoker!)

  17. LOL the Kitty Chair nay Kitty Throne is ginving me the giggles not to mention the look on the kittys fave… like hey where is my tuna?

  18. I like how he looks from side to side at one point like “What are you two doing???”
    Love this video.

  19. leaves of cat grass says:

    Winston-san!!!! How I missed thee!!!!

  20. Oh my GOSH!!! I just lost five years growth!

  21. omg this sent me into an absolute gigglefit. ohhhh man i needed that

  22. “I could not be more bored than if I tried. Where are the martinis?! And where’s my cigarette?!”

  23. Carp! I missed Wilford Brimley’s birthday again?
    Also, loving the confusion and the modesty tie.

  24. I just hope that someone lets Wilford know about this. I think he would love being referenced in this way. And I love all you wonderful and clever peeps.

  25. ” What in tarnation is all the fuss, I have a birthday every year, and these kids aint fit
    I could have blown the candles out from fifty paces, hrrrump”

  26. 😆 That kitty looks like he/she is wondering just what is going on 😆

  27. Andi from NC says:

    The cat, the singing, the fancy bowl for that “purrfect” cake presentation – the whole thing is just too good!!

  28. warrior rabbit says:

    Have to admit I didn’t even see the tie at first. Too distracted by the grumpy face, the slouch, the singing… He pulls off the annoyed/bewildered combo pretty well.

  29. Ginger Snapped says:

    Ha! I said the same thing – he looks like a feline version of Wilfred Brimley.

    “Anybody got a smoke…?”

  30. I love Papa’s tie. 🙂

  31. @ Her Imperial Majesty the Queen of Dork,
    You have expressed my thoughts entirely Ma’am
    I once had a Kitty who used those kind of words
    Then would use the “Classic Green-Eyed Stare”
    He was a Hypnotist – that cat – OMG how I miss
    my precious Sam

  32. The tie.
    The confusion.
    ‘Hoppy Buss-u-day deah Poppah!”.
    & last but nevah least, back feet toe-hawks of epic magnitude!

  33. Disapproval was to be expected… Look at that cake! First it ain’t too-nah (the stuff doesn’t look at all kitteh-edible) and, second, even if it were too-nah, there would be only a few bites of eet. Pfffttt! “Happy birf-day”…, sure, yeah…

  34. i’m surprised he sat through the whole thing. really. he just sat there, as if he knew that was what he was supposed to do!

  35. That is too funny. Wilfred Brimley is so on the nose.

    To Marie- I had to laugh, because I heard what you did…although I didn’t think smoker, I did think someone with asthma.

    The look on the cats face was if he was hoping someone would untie him from the chair.

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Patti: I live with a cat who is also named Sam. He’s always yelling at me to feed him and looks at me with utter disgust if I’m too slow about it. Or if I don’t pet him enough. He’s always threatening to send his team of SNCs (Special Ninja Cats) to apprehend and/or kill me. And his language? *shudder* I LOVE him sooooo much! 🙂

  37. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie says:

    Papa Don’t Care

  38. hahaha he looks like the diabetes commercial guy!

  39. Dude — check out Wilford’s toe floof!

  40. kitteh lover says:

    First off, there’s fruit in that – so it’s not cake.

    Secondly, somebody get that girl her inhaler for heaven’s sake before she has an attack.

  41. omg…..those poor kids don’t know how to blow out a birthday candle?? Some one must teach them…QUICK!!!!!!!

  42. He needs a cigar.