Simon on ‘The Box’

Well it’s ABOUT TIME this controversial topic (leaving kittehs alone with empty boxes) was discussed over at Simon’s cat. Press play, people:

Stay safe, Toborzgrrl.



  1. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (said similarly to the requests from the pulpit)

    “Kin I get a YA-Hoooooooooooooo?????”

  2. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    PS: HI MEG!!!! How’s things???? 🙂

  3. The crash at the end! What could it be? Oh the suspense. I will not rest until the truth is revealed. A sequel is required. Soon.

  4. My favourite bit is the look of absolute overwhelming joy on kitteh’s face as he swats about the torn bit of cardboard. That is a look my kitteh does very well. “OMG SWATTY THING!”

  5. LOL My favorite part is the I meant to do that bath in the middle.

  6. Perfect, just perfect.

  7. Gangreless says:

    I’ve loved these short films for so long. It’s great to see a new one out!

  8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just feel that every fiber of my being tells me that Simon owns a cat. There is no way a non-catowned person would know about the daily trials we all go through. And we love every minute of it. (I should know my wife has forced me to take on way more cats than we *should* be able to handle..12 (and a litter on the way)).

  9. I think it’s time that Simon get a dog.

  10. I was gonna spill the beans on another post when I saw last night that he had a new one out, but i didn’t want to steal CO’s thunder, cuz I just KNEW you’d be posting it. I was literally bouncing in my chair, “Simon’s Cat Simon’s Cat Yay ay Yay!”

  11. knittinkitten says:

    Cute! As the person of a boxhab kitteh I commend Simon on his efforts to bring this addiction to light. These poor kittehs. Don’t do boxes!

  12. I love simon the cat … nom nom nom…card bord tast funny

  13. Hurrah! A new Simon’s Cat! But where oh where is kitty pointing to his mouf in a ‘feed me’ kind of way at the end, like in the others?

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the way the cat looks around to make sure no one is watching the undignified fun he is having with this box and sheds of cardboard!

  15. Sigh, so true.

  16. and the obligatory stretch before box trying to be all nonchalant about it. but gotta have box!!

  17. frogboots says:

    arms through the hole. yep. if there is a place for a cat to stick her arms or paws, she will do it. repeatedly.

  18. umm I did not get the pic in my CO! I don’t even have an empty square
    box just all the words. any clues?

  19. voila now I see it…cute

  20. The truest piece of fiction I have ever witnessed…

  21. (Especially self-licking posture of self-composure after the unexpected fall. Hilarious, and oh, so, so true.)

  22. My husband and I just howled over the latest edition of Simon’s Cat. He’s got his cat – and ours – pegged. Thank you for the belly laughs. : )

  23. Love it!

    Today, I put my kitteh into an open empty box and she freaked and jumped out 😦

  24. where is simon moving to?

  25. I was so expecting Simon to try to pick up the box and get stealth-attacked.

  26. At long last I know Simon’s cat’s name : MARU !
    Thanks Simon !

  27. Ha! My cat Shadow totally takes bites out of any and all cardboard boxes he finds – I love that Simon’s cat did that too! LOL

  28. @KittyAdventures, that is my favorite part too! I love it when my girls totally crash and then just lick their paws with that “I meant to do that” look. Classic cat!

  29. The paw lick, dignity must be preserved at all times.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    @ingemary, I too made the connection from Maru to Simon’s cat (although since I think Simon’s cat is male, I was picturing kitnz that are half Maru and half S.c. .. HOW cute would they be?!)

  31. Anna/minigoth says:

    Bryan M: Apparently he has several cats, 3 I think, and Simon´s Cat is a mish-mash of them.
    And some Maru thrown in for this one 🙂

  32. Crying with laughter here. Go Simon’s cat! I missed the feed me at the end too…

  33. OMW!! He’s got cats NAILED!! I LOVE his Cat!!! Although my kittehs would be meowing for help if it toppled on top of them lol! Time to go and give my kittehs a kiss an’ cuddle ❤

  34. Another classic!

  35. Genius. 🙂

  36. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Tanden Films.

    wait, what!?

  37. Aw, too bad Videos not available. Will have to head over to Simon’s channel.

  38. What the heck? Tandem Films has a whole page devoted to Simon Tofield with a link to his youtube page. OK, the box film is not there. But it’s been posted to youtube twice by other people. What does it mean? Tofield’s chums posted it while he wasn’t looking to scoop it before he had a chance to post it?

  39. These days, your videos get banned faster, than you can embed them to you blog.

  40. love simons cat.

    competition for maru.

  41. Genius, as always. I always wonder, “hey, how’d he get into my house and film my cats??”

    Like a few others above, my favorite part (other than the whole thing, LOL!) is the paw-lick after the tumble. Trying to look nonchalant. Love it.

  42. @Kitty Adventures- I was going to post the same exact thing!

  43. Isn’t it so great when you have a crappy Monday morning on a Friday, and then you come here and see that Meg has posted a new Simon’s Cat video? It’s the best. 🙂

  44. I was waiting for this to show up.

    Personally I think that Maru would be puzzled by the box shredding but otherwise they could have picnics and wear crab hats together in the summer and throw snowballs at birds in the winter.

  45. So awesome… I gave my kitteh a cereal box opened at each end the other day – and he was totally doing the ‘Maru dive’ with it! Arms in first, like Superman! Hilarious.

  46. I don’t own a cat and even I can see how nicely cat behaviours are captures. I like the way he draws his cat going around corners in that snakey way that cats do, hugging close to the wall (or box in this case) …… Brilliant!

  47. Aunt Kitty Kittenplan says:

    While I love Simon’s Cat….he’s no competition for Maru–the real thing! But then, Maru is au natural!!! Personally, I will never recover from Maru’s insane dives and slides into the boxes. I love, love, love the one where he has a box around him, dives into another box, and then the box that he’s wearing gives out…maybe because he’s so roly poly???? Just too much, if you haven’t seen that one.

  48. Bunny Cookie says:

    Oh, Simon’s Cat. How wonderful you are to stop at just one. My cat will play in boxes at times, but she LOVES to tear off pieces and spit them out. She doesn’t play with them. Just shreds off a bit, spits it out, shreds off another bit . . . I’ve never vacuumed so much in my life. Every morning I leave behind a clean apartment and every afternoon I come home to cardboard bits everywhere. But, I’ve taken away so many fun toys from her, my socks, the crocheted doll my friend gave me before I moved to Japan, the phone cord, the remote . . . (Why does she do that? Isn’t that a DOG thing?) I just can’t bear to take away her boxes. Besides, they keep her from storing her catnip mice under the fridge. (Which is a mini-version, so when she retrieves it, she often opens the fridge door and that is not a fun surprise at all!)

    Ahhh, I love my lil species-confused kitten. 🙂 *bliss*

  49. Get thee to boxhab! Just say “no”!

  50. Spot on! Makes me miss my kitty, Lydia.

  51. Simon is a genius!

    BTW, is he ever going to name his cat?

  52. OMG, Simon has a camera in our apartment! That’s the only way he could have perfectly animated what our Mister goes through on a regular basis…

  53. @Aunt Kitty Kittenplan, seen this fanvid?

  54. I just love this … I had to come back this morning to view it again and as you all have mentioned it is so spot on.. although I have never had a kitty do deconstruction box art, I had one, Magneato, who loved to completly tear apart anything paper… it was her own speacial brand of kitty art. which involved intricate rips and shreds that would then be played with.

    Anyway this video makes me smile.

  55. KittyAdventures – I remember you telling us about Magneato! Awww.

  56. Our cat Lucky does that, any box around our house for any length of time quickly aquires that “nibbled in” look all around the edges. Left for too long and big chunks start appearing too. 😀

    Simon’s Cat reminds me so much of all of our cats in various ways, and this particular one hits our newest addition right on the nose.

  57. AustinOriginal says:

    I need the “feed me” sound and paw motion at the end! It makes the video complete…

    And allows me and my friends to anticipate and act it out as we show others the video. OMG, I am that person.

  58. Although I admit to being surprised at first that the feed me part wasn’t in there, I actually like it just as much without it. So very like a cat, you can’t *always* predict their behavior.

  59. I love that Simon’s Cat is so obviously based on a real live kitty! I mean, do you ever wonder who on Earth Garfield the Cat is based on? Garfield is truly a fake cat. Simon’s Cat is so, so real! Love you, Simon’s Cat!

  60. dawnkeyotie says:

    Anyone who says cats are not as fun as dogs has never spent any time with one. Cats are amazing to watch. This vid made me and my husband howl. The paws through the holes… they keeeeelll me.

  61. Aunt Kitty Kittenplan says:

    To Theresa:

    Oh No!!! I hadn’t seen that!!!! Now that’s the best of all worlds!

  62. slappy squirrel says:

    Homage to Maru….

  63. genius

  64. Sasha's Mum says:

    Another great addition to the pantheon. (And you beat me to it, Theresa, I was just about to post that fan vid mash-up between Simon’s Cat and … well I won’t spoil the surprise for those who haven’t watched it yet.)

    My kitteh is 18 and still well and truly box addicted. However she’s never done the chewing/shredding thing. She does, however, rub her cheek on every single box corner every single day … even tho no other kitteh has ever set paw in our premises to threaten her territory.

  65. When did CO become a propaganda machine for Feline Pine/Cats Against Clay? I’m kind of appalled.

  66. @theresa re: simon fanvid

    oh, yay, that was good!

  67. @sasha’s mum

    >>My kitteh is 18 and still well and truly box addicted

    can i just say? old cats rule.

  68. @annilau

    >>When did CO become a propaganda machine for Feline Pine/Cats Against Clay? I’m kind of appalled.

    okay, i’m probably sticking my foot in it here, but is feline pine/cat against clay controversial? i’ll happily jump in, take sides, become appalled and begin lobbing assaults, i just need to know if i’m a-furrt, or a-ginnit.

  69. @ Sharpy… … my take or rather my kitties take on it.. they hated it but I do have to say it was great at absorbing odors… and of course every kitty has their own preferences….but what good is it if the cats decide to poop and pee in the potted plants in least that is what mine did…. they need to make the pellets smaller is my guess. At least for my little ones.

    anyway we are trying a new kind of corn cob litter right now that seems to be working just fine.

    I tried Swheat but it does not disguise the urine odor rather it magnifies it.. at least for my Little one. And I am firmly against the clay clumpable right now as it irritates Lilacs nose .. She has an inner nose tumor so we try to keep away from irritating litter. As to the add.. Good grief could they not have found something besides a kitty dumping in the toilet to make thier adds know?

    My two cents. Plus some odd change I found under the sofa cushion.

  70. I forgot to add that my co-workers cat loved the feline pine… so to each kitty their own choice in litter.

  71. he knows cats so well! i’ve been looking forward to a new cartoon! yay!

  72. AnniLau 08.20.10 at 12:44 pm
    When did CO become a propaganda machine for Feline Pine/Cats Against Clay? I’m kind of appalled.

    The concept is fine, the new ad bothers me though. Opening CO to find a pooping cat in all its glory is Not Cute, pixellated or not.

  73. You know, I think Simon’s Cat & Maru would get along well.

    Yeah, the poopin Cat ad can go byebye.

  74. *big sad kitten eyes*
    N-n-no new post for my birthday? *sniffle*
    I would be happy to share a Bella pic or two iffen you guys need. 😉

  75. Queen of Dork says:

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Meeeettttzzzz……

  76. I posted the new Simon’s Cat cartoon on my Facebook page and described it as “the best-spent two minutes you will have today.” 🙂

  77. Metz, hope I’m not too late! Happy Burpday!

    Here is a little birthday entertainment!

  78. @Theresa – I laughed so hard I almost coughed out a lung! (Childhood whooping cough will do that to you…) TOO FUNNEH!

    How oh how can I train my kitteh to do the Maru run-dive-slide??

  79. warrior rabbit says:

    @Gail (51): Simon’s cat is named Hugh. At least his real one is.

  80. warrior rabbit says:

    Also, I don’t have a cat and can’t make any sort of observations about Feline Pine as a product. (Though my rabbits and I have always liked CareFresh. Not that I use it, of course.) Generally speaking, I do prefer semi-clothed hamsters, ad variety, and less in-your-face, overt advertising. Also, have to agree completely with others who have voiced complaints about the cat taking a dump on CuteOverload.

  81. Felicityanne says:

    I just love the bit in the interview where Simon does the miaows to the mic…my Skimble came tearing in to see where the interloper was!

  82. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Theresa: wow.
    Your selection shows such….breeding, discretion, and…..elegance!!!!

    Are you already fond of, and familiar with, Ernie Kovacs’ biography or some clips of his program…I believe that I might have read that M. Python might have mentioned his legacy….?)

  83. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    Theresa, I wrote a comment to you and ….(sigh) The Big Green Moderashun Machine GOT ME. Please return later to see my comment/ question (assuming, that the FBI and CIA don’t knock on my door to kill me later)

  84. ONHSID: I’m saving “Seegareets and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women” for the appropriate occash. :mrgreen:
    I saw some Ernie Kovacs shows years ago on PBS, and almost busted a gut laughing. Thanks for reminding me of him– I’ll have to work him into my repertoire.

  85. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    hip hip heeray the BGMM lemme GO!!! QUICKLY this time 🙂

    @ Theresa: from what I’ve observed, I felt that EK really was rather a Dali for TV!!!!

    (as in surrealism/ ahead of his time, at least in re. those audiences
    who were looking for Uncle Miltie & Andy Griffith…)

  86. I think my favorite part of the whole animation is in the beginning, where he lifts his head and drops his ears just a bit in that classic “what’s this, precious?” body language of cat-curiosity.

  87. JannieWolf says:

    Question: Does Simon’s cat have a name? I looked at his website and it didn’t say.

    My 5yr old cousin discovered me watching the new box film, and now we’ve seen each and every video 5 times already today. She’s convinced the cat has a name and won’t rest until I find out.

  88. warrior rabbit says:

    @Jannie See post 79.

  89. Thankyou for the bday wishes peeps! It was a wonderful birthday! 😀

  90. I just love that durn old cat!!!

  91. metsakins says:

    The bath @ :50 gets a giggle out of me everytime.

  92. As always, Simon’s Cat is brought to you by a generous grant from the It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True Foundation.

  93. metsakins says:

    @Janniewolf comment 79 tells you everything you need to know!

  94. Jonathan the hamster guy says:

    That cat would kill a hamster! Even thinking about it made me shiver! SQUEAK!!!

  95. To the cat in the box short:
    THATS hilarious I love it..very cute.. especially at the end when ‘ like a ninja’ he scratch scratch scratches the box and pounces at something else with a quick tuck and roll as to avoid getting in trouble and looking as cute as possible doing it.
    LOVE IT hahahahahaha

  96. 100% truth to this vid. I think it was completed after 54+ years of field research on cats and boxes.