The Flop


The Difficulty rating on these dives must be at least a 2.3.

Pup Flop:

Kitten Flop:

I love how the Corgi keeps paddling with paws out of the water, Clare H. Kitteh flop sent in by Warrior Rabbit.



  1. why do they have to be so cute?

  2. Cuteness kills and therefore I am now dead

  3. Why have the numbers 2 and 3 popped up two posts in a row? What’s the secret message here? Or are you just making a Lost reference?

  4. LOVE Corgis just love love love them.

  5. That’s hilarious! Corgi lifejackets are to~die~for. I love how he has to talk himself into jumping into the water. And the out of water paddling is epic.

  6. watch the movie “23” with Jim Carrey and it’ll all make sense.

  7. K=MC² (Kittyplop = Mass x Conceit Squared)

  8. Poor kitty! Plop! Awwwww.

  9. This is how Sully Sullenberger got his start?

    “In case of emergency water landings, your complimentary corgi may be used as a floatation device.”

  10. Epic *ehn* at the dock edge, and even ker-pup-plop in slo-mo!
    And then just when you thought cute was too overload to go back in the water: 1:22: each outboard paw on its own *ehn* mission.
    Thanks, Meg!

  11. Oh and the poor wee kitty. Hee, …there’s always one noodle that sticks to the pot.

  12. Ok, 10 out of 10 for cute but -1000 for distance.

  13. Kitten, “HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!”


    Kitten,”Maybe laters…”

  14. Poor kitteh. Who waxed the table???? And those stubby little corgi legs just keel me!

  15. hahah thanks for the laugh!

  16. Corgie flops= ADORABULS

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Launch the Corgedo, the treat seeking missile.

  18. They’re never going to make the Olympic Diving Team at this rate! (forehead smack)!


  19. Beautiful summer day, on a boat in the middle of a lake with two adorable puppehs. These people have it rough.

  20. I feel your pain, little guys–it’s hard to do anything but bellyflop with those stubular legs!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Bahahahaha! Poor little Corgi’s feets just slide out from under him. And the kitteh has the jump action down pat, just hasn’t figured out the forward motion yet.

  22. CATDOG awsome and cute!!

  23. Still not convinced that Corgipants truly WANTS to go in the water, unlike Mr. “see ya” *splash* Lab.

  24. warrior rabbit says:

    Heh, remember the Engineer’s Guide to Cats? Now he’s reinterpreting the Princess Bride w/cats. LOL!

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    Whoops, guess that didn’t work. Here.

  26. If that corgi’s leap was any shorter, he’d be belly-flopping on the platform.

  27. LEAP!! SO cute! My doggie does the same paddling thing when I am about to give him a bath.

  28. Two observations:
    I loathe the original Princess Bride movie, especially the Billy Crystal Catskills (hah!) yumour with a white-hot searing loathe, but the rest of the Engineer’s cat videos are AWESOME-O, even the ones without yodelling
    and in one of them, he proclaims his heterosexuality! (hint: it’s not the one where he’s cross-dressing).

  29. Andi from NC says:

    Corgilicious!!! And the poor, poor kitteh – EHN!!!

  30. Andi from NC says:

    …ooh forgot the mention how much I howled at the first slo-mo when you hear the guy “laugh” – original speed – “hahaha”, so-mo – “hooo, hooo, hooo”

  31. They are both so cute!

  32. I lurve corgis! I don’t blame them for not wanting to swim–my next question is how does Mister Corgi von Bellehflop get back out of the water?

    And total props to his humans for not making him go into the water without a life vest! Corgi legs are a leetle too short for swimming.

  33. JannieWolf says:

    Corgis win. My Aunt’s 9 year old Corgi, Buddy, has just decided he likes to lay in the kid’s swimming pool after 8 1/2 years of loathing water. The water is only 12 inches deep and it goes to his shoulders.

  34. I just laughed myself silly watching this over and over again. Oh, I wish I had a cute little puppy or kitty like that. Too adorkable.

    (Also, is anyone else having issues with the entire background of the site being a feline pine advertisement? I keep accidentally clicking somewhere and pop-ups for keep popping up!)

  35. There’s something magical about that little sproing the corgi takes to get off the dock.

    And don’t you love the way a dog would rather bark first than take immediate action? After my own heart with that one.

  36. CO thank you so much for the laughs! I’m crying with laugher here and inhaling my coffee!

  37. By the third slo-mo corgi flop it was all over me; I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to look away [peeks through fingers at the screen].

  38. Tears of cute in my eyes! LOL! That Corgi thinks he´s Superman! 😉

    And the kitten…. tee hee, and blesssss! 😉

  39. Alice Shortcake says:


  40. Have you seen the “Kitten can’t jump but can climb!” video of the same kitten?
    It’s almost cuter than it’s fail jump:

  41. 8/10 for height for the Corgi, 2/10 for distance… I’ve never seen a mammal lose so much forward momentum, so quickly.

  42. Perhaps Corgi can give Kitty some lessons.

  43. the first flop made me fall over

    but the chair was slippery so i didn’t win any awards for distance

  44. omg. ded.

  45. Corgis are just the best!

  46. Holy crap, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
    Good lord that is cute and funny, a deadly combination! CO should come with a warning *nodnod*

    But goodness, the Corgi water flops. The lack of leap, and that kitty! UGH my head is going to ‘splode all over the place!
    *goes back to watch it again*

  47. Heroic belly-splat from the corgi. Be proud, little doggie!

  48. I love Corgi’s. I love it how his little paws are just going going…like a wind up toy, he hits the water and off he goes.

    @Warrior… that was my favorite scene from Princess Bride. So, is this what you do in your spare time?

  49. Cutest/funniest crap I’ve seen in a long time! Talk about loss of momentum!

  50. It’s probably been said already, but God Bless the invention of slo-mo.

  51. That corglilicious little puppeh! So adorabuhls….with the flappy-flappy pawsitude and I just love the little flotation vest – so good to see on every mini-sized doglet near water.

    The engineers’ remake of The Princess Bride an unexpected bonus! Heaps better than the original!

  52. I had to watch that kitten video at least 20 times in a row. I couldn’t stop giggling! So sad and so cute and so funny all at the same time X_X

  53. Totally failed the audition for the next baywatch show, however, kudos to the pups ‘rents for purchasing a lifevest! Stubby legged dogs everywhere applaud this!

  54. The kitten meant to do that! He meant to land exactly where he did! Of course he did!

    * darned slippery table! *

  55. I CAN’T HANDLE IT *splort* *brains everywhere*

  56. OMG, the corgi in a life vest! Too cute! I love his jumping with his stubby legs!

  57. swimmer love says:

    that is so cute! i hope the poor kitty isnt hurt. 😦

  58. Is the kitty okay? I’m not nuffing, I swear, but the little squeal kind of made me cringe. I don’t really know kitty noises so for all I know he could just be yelling obscenities in kitty-nese.

    Corgi made me laugh really hard. I love them. I want a stubbular corgi.

  59. The “squeal” didn’t come from the kitty at all- it was the human behind the camera expelling air in laughter. No worries!! Any kitty would be fine from that height- they’re ninja that way 🙂

  60. LOVE the doggie life vest!!!