Grand Opening of The Boxxy Fold Rehabilitation Center; Cardboarda Non Grata

We’re witnessing an epidemic. Is Maru to blame? We’re not sure. What we do know is that these kitties need serious treatment, and thankfully this rehab will cater to their specific needs:

1. The Fatties

2) The Oddly Lanky

3) The Contortionists

4) The Think-Outside-the-Box Guys

Curl up, Alicia B.



  1. It never ceases to amaze me how cats can just fold themselves up like that.

    The Crystal Gayle kitty greatly amused me.

  2. skippymom says:

    “Fatty” number one looks as though he was put together with parts from about five different cats!

  3. Hahahahahha. Rehabilitation Center….. Greeeat!

    My daily dose of cuteness is now furrrr-filed 😀

  4. Tragic. So sad seeing these kitties hooked on boxes. Whether its cardboard, wicker, plywood, or plastic, no box is a ‘safe’ box. As a Mom to a box-hooked fatty, I know.

  5. knittinkitten says:

    These poor kittehs. *shakes head sadly* I know how hard it is for them, having an on and off boxhab kitteh myself. If there was only a way to cure them.

  6. Simply awesome.

  7. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Which one of these is Schrödinger’s???

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like one of those cheap package tours to Catmandu

  9. Cat #2 is my fav, maybe, because it took me a while to figure out which end was which!

  10. Too many kitties in boxes! I can’t. Handle. Te Qte. !!!!!!!!!

  11. *CATGASM*

  12. Welcome to the Boneless Kitty Ranch, where we have just the right accomodations to fit your needs!

    Contortionist Kitty #1 looks sooo happy!

  13. Be it ever so humble, there’s not place like MY box!

  14. hahaha !!! This is sooo funnyyy, 🙂
    this kitties are enjoying themselves for sure.

  15. Cute kitties. Hilarious hovertext! My favorite: “The Freshman-year”

  16. I like freshman year kitty’s tail is at a right angle. Reminds me of those old cartoons (WB? Merry Melodies?) where a cat would walk underwater and use its tail like a snorkle, and periscope.

  17. D’oh! I just got the Boxxy Fold/Betty Ford reference.

  18. Cat no. 2 is my fav, because of the resemblance to my sweet departed Stinky. 😥
    I used to keep a box full of crumpled up paper for him, and he loved it so much. He would tip the box over, and pull all the bits of paper out. Then he would shove them back in. I would set the box back upright, and he would rummage around in the paper for awhile. Then he would climb into the box and smoosh all the paper down, and go to sleep. Oh my cutie boy! 😥

  19. The best yet! What a great series. Bring more! Especially love the Fatties.

  20. This popped into my head….

    Though those guys probably don’t think they’re trapped :O

  21. Too marvelous and fantastic these pictures! Clearly, Maru fans.

    Instant mood lifter. 😀

  22. The first cat under “The Contortionists” should be named Hobbes.

  23. With apologies to all of the fabulous cats pictured above, I think this kitty is a shoe-in for boxy cat. 😉

  24. Boxxy rehab? She clearly states that she doesn’t do drugs. And no ADD either.

  25. skippymom says:

    @Theresa, every time you talk about Stinky, I feel as though I, too, miss him terribly, even though I never met him.

  26. Kitteh #1 looks like a super-sized version of my little guy. ❤

  27. @Skippymom, Stink had a remarkable ability to make friends wherever he went, online and offline. 😉
    Here’s a blurry little visit with my boys: Dante is the darker, fatter one. Stinky is the one with more white on his body, and the pink nose. I’m the one with the squeaky voice and Brooklyn accent. 😉

  28. AuntieMame says:

    Now this is a scrolldown!

  29. @Xen

    You totally beat me to it. My thought exactly!

    All the contortionists are my favorites. But it’s awfully close with all of all of them!

  30. The best way to deal with this is for the kitty to never get started in the first place. I have what may be the ONLY cat in the world who does not enjoy boxes. It’s true! She’s gotta flop that belly out as big as possible and take up as much room as she can.
    However, nothing is cuter than a kitty in need of boxhab. Not to encourage addictive behavior, but come ON! Adorable.

  31. I love the black kitty in #4. He’s got this don’t make me open my other eye or else glare in that golden orb.

  32. These boxes don’t stand a chance against Maru and his prodigious girth.

  33. DebbyDowner says:

    Perhaps you think it’s appropriate to label the larger creatures (cats in this case) as “fatties” but I think it’s very offensive. Some people (and cats) can’t help their weight, and some have struggled with it for a long time and have had to endure being called “fatty” since childhood. I’m never going to visit this site again. If you ever….ohhh a cupcake!! *omnomnom*

    Ok I’m better now.

  34. Hmm, is the last contortionist Señor Monkey Pants?

  35. @Theresa. Stinky and Dante are adorable. And just like Skippymom, I feel like I knew him too. Now as for your Brooklyn accent, that’s a surprise to me, what with your lorgnette and all…(and I still crack up at the thought of your dad giving your face a spitbath on the streets of NYC… 😀

  36. This would make a great calendar.

  37. @ Theresa What a loving boy Stinky was.
    It made me giggle when he objected to Dante cutting in on his petting time. I have two girls Mia and Penny who don’t like to share me either.

  38. @cyberpunkrocker: Pull the tails and find out!

    Great post, great comments, my Friday is complete. Thanks, Prongs et al!

    I do wonder what was in the box that Mr/Ms Oddly Lanky has taken over. It looks like a Converse All Stars box, but those would be for some big skinny feet…

  39. @Lejon: I don’t think these ladies know who Boxxy is…
    Also “Lejon”? I see what you did there. :3

  40. JHGRedekop says:

    Cat #1 is Grendel. He’s also big on laundry baskets:

    You can see more of him at

  41. @Sarah: Totally agree! This would make a great calendar! Great idea!

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  43. @JHGRedekop : WOW! He’s gorgeous!

  44. @260Oakley, what can I say that hasn’t been said? 😛

  45. @Gigi, he was the Cat of Cats. 😉 They used to divide me up. One would sit on one knee, the other on the other knee, and they would swat at each other. 😛 And at night, Stinky would sleep near my head, and Dante would sleep behind my knees. 😀

  46. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    and this *WASN”T* orchestrated by Meg????


    or, alternatively,


  47. Kitty in a Box!

  48. I love it! My cats will try to squeeze themselves into any box, no matter how small!

  49. Hey! The last picture is from Evil Mad Scientist’s post on computing the volume of a cat. And everyone should recognize the first commenter.

  50. Awww. I think the first Contortionist is my favorite — he looks like he’s smiling.

    I have two box fiends in my house — my cat Penny started to get into boxes at an impressionable age and was a lost cause from there.

    Back in the Box
  51. @Calliope– I LOL’ed. 😀

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE this but I especially loved the oddly lanky picture! I once had a cat who loved boxes and paper so I made him a paper “crib” out of a bunch of paper put in a box. He loved to lay on paper. Also, Theresa, I really like the video of Stinky and Dante. I didn’t realize that you lived with the two of them at the same time. I’m sorry you miss Stinky so much and feel your pain. It was really cool to hear what your voice sounds like! It felt like hearing the voice of a friend that I’ve never actually met. 🙂


  54. Now this is what I call a kitteh poast.

  55. @Strayer Apparently not. I even provided a link to it. And whats up with my name? It means “lion” which is a cat. But it is also my real last name. I always use it, not only on cat posts…

  56. @Theresa, I & my partner in ResQte just got married and thus have many containers for our 3 rescue kitties, who seem to add up to your dear Stinky & Dante. I’d like to put out a box with crumpled paper, in honor of your many hilarious comments and the epic STINKIN’ CUTE!!

  57. Peeps, don’t forget to look at the hovertexts. Go back and look at them. Every. Single. One. Now! 😉

  58. @Theresa 😦 I wish I could of given your dear sweet Stinky pets 😦 From the way he smacked Dante, he wanted you to give him all the pets 😆

  59. 😆 Those kitties all look like they are badly spoiled to be allowed to lay in those boxes 😆

  60. So young. So many. So sad.

  61. I could have sworn the last one of the Fatties was my Janelle!!! Deadringer!

  62. Janelle in basket with floofbelly not showing, not here is the link:

  63. The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway. . .

  64. 1. what a gorgeous bunch of kittehs!! they’re all so beautiful.

    2. the hovertexts killed me. crystal gayle? freshman year? baron baptiste!? ROFL

    3. thank you CO!

  65. aaawww…. what a cuteness!!! kitteh overload…. i can’t…

  66. My Cat does not like boxes either. what’s wrong with him? lol

  67. 😆 Nicely done, Oakley! 😆

  68. lime lady says:

    What’s CAT!!!

    very cute. I can’t stop watching them ArrrrrrrrrGs

  69. *waving to QoD*

    @Teresa , he did!

  70. @Sharpy, sort of a cross between James Joyce and Engrish. 🙄

  71. Baron Baptiste…bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha!

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    I was sort of trying to figure out why cats like to squish themselves into boxes. But then I saw some huge, empty boxes at work the other day that something had been delivered in and I remembered moving (Army brat) from place to place as a child. My sister and I DID THE SAME THING when we were little, making forts out of the huge boxes that appliances were packed in. I guess boxes are just…fun!

    *waving back at Theresa* 🙂

  73. Too many toebeans and tummies to tickle.

  74. kibblenibble says:

    Barbarella, Janelle is pure, gorgeous, awesomeness! 🙂

  75. Love it! An entry into the ‘fatties’ category.

  76. fffffff- LOLL

    the contortionists were my favourite. Mostly because I sleep like that xD;

  77. @Theresa 😆 I have a couple of pictures of our kitty Badger squishing herself into a klenex box when she was a kitten 😆 I wish I knew of a way to uploaded to the group 😆

  78. The one with the hover text that says Go. Away. made me LOL!! hahaha!

  79. It’s a pandemic. It’s totally out of control. There is no cure in sight. The only thing left to do is just sit back and enjoy the floofitude!

  80. the cat in the third cat -a-gory the secound cat is bee-u-tiful

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps: my cat is just so adorable! After I feed him (which I just did) he RUNS out of the kitchen. I don’t know why he has to run after he eats but he does. Then, he sits in the livingroom next to me and licks his lip about 873 times. Then he washes his face and paws and then he goes to sleep. Does anyone else out here live with a kitty who must prance/run after eating? What the heck is THAT all about?! I don’t know but I love it! 🙂

  82. This is so funny! I thought only my cat loved boxes!!

  83. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ QoD: are you entirely certain that it was eight hundred seventy THREE times?

    I thought that it was only 75 times, when I counted

    (shifty eyes)

  84. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    and @ Theo
    (in case he hovers nearby on Sunday): item # 75 (ish?) is a GINGER kitteh in a box that is TOO SMALL FER IT!!!

  85. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    um, Sharpy….I noticed!!!

    wondering if ennybody else did but they’re probably too suave to bother to point it out and so I’m just setting myself up to be the target of blah blah blah and furthermore blah blah and then…..

  86. Queen of Dork says:

    O No: For sure…it was exactly 873 times. Sam told me so.

  87. Fantastic. Tiger Woods would be so lucky.

  88. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Q: So noted; I’ll submit this report in triplicate to all relevant departments, IMMEDIATELY.
    Will Hillary Clinton need a duplicate copy as well??

  89. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    and BTW, Q,

    while it didn’t follow his feedings, my beloved Salinger (RIP) used to do a series of perimeter runs *INSIDE THE APT* (approx 4x) daily, when I got home from wk each day. I believe that his statement was something, to the effect of:

    **TAKE NOTE: THIS is how you wind a hoomin bean, around yer little pinky and get him/her to do your every bidding & whim**

  90. Not only do my kittehs enjoy getting inside boxes but my Ollie cat also enjoys hole punching the edges of them with his teeth. No box enters my condo without getting marked by the Ollie teeth. Makes sending gifts through the mail a little more exciting. It is difficult for me to send somebody a gift in a box without Ollie leaving some tell-tale tooth marks in it.

  91. @paula

    >>marked by the Ollie teeth

    he was just trying to save you the trouble of fetching the macerated knife!

    i know. it’s a terrible joke. but i couldnt’ think of any better than, “omg, i love ollie’s name and i love that ollie bites boxes and that gifts come with ‘the ollie teeth’ marks!!!!”

  92. @O NO

    thank you very much. that’s all i needed. just one person to care.

  93. @kibblenibble thanks! And yes she is! 🙂

  94. Ooh, that last one looks exactly like my kitteh Fox! I swears! And his tail really does look like a duster! ^_^

  95. This is a form of boxing I would enjoy watching.

  96. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ HonGlad: gooooooooood one!!! 🙂
    also: Guten Tag, meinen Freund!!

  97. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Sharpy: 🙂

  98. @QoD, no post-eating rampage around here, but Stinky used to use the litterbox, then explode out of the litter-box room like a bat out of hell, and go flying down the stairs. It was as if something weighing him down had somehow been removed. 😛

  99. My big maine coon cat what ever the size box he has to get his big but in it, no matter how much he hangs out on the side, he stills trys to fit his body into it even a small shoe box he will sit in for hours like look at me I fit He will work at it till he gets his body into it and then be very proud of his seif.

  100. graci8807 says:

    This is the cutest most creative use of the BOX EVER!!!!!
    yes, I am squealing along like everybody else!

  101. Theresa, I kid you not, when I viewed the video of your kitties, the song that was playing on iTunes was Steve McDonald’s “I Will Return.”

    “From out of the night and into the light I will return one day, one day. And I will die in your arms And all my sorrow, will be gone. And all the things in my life, I held so dear, must leave me now. But I will live on long, after the silence, ends the song.”

  102. Of course, the next song in Shuffle was the Bee Gee’s “More Than A Woman,” so don’t read too much into it. 🙂

  103. Crystal Gale (kitty #5) is Grizabella!

  104. Queen of Dork says:


  105. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: SamKitty also does that. When he’s finished in his litter box, he BURSTS the heck out of there as though he thinks his stinkies are going to crawl out of there and kill him.

  106. The second video of the little dog jumping in the water is so funny; he takes a big leap and lands so close to the dock. At first I thought maybe he was scared of the water as the bigger dog jumped in, he didn’t. Turns out that he just needs some motivation from his owner to jump in, so funny.

  107. terry grieco says:

    i love this box and so wont my cats