Consternation and Befuddlement!

After a relaxing brandy in the members’ lounge, Lord Mumphrey left the exclusive Cat and Mouse Club for his rendezvous with Miss Penelope Hoosterwooster.

Emerging into the gaslit evening, it dawned on him that the check clerk had given him the wrong hat. “This can only mean,” he mused, “that somewhere, a mouse is attempting to hail a carriage from within the confines of a size seven bowler.”

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  1. cool orange eyes

  2. Viola de Lesseps says:

    Whoever wrote the text here–I feel you are a kindred spirit. Would you care to join me for a game of shove-ha’penny followed by dinner at Simpsons? (Lady Fritellaria Spasm’s pearls have been stolen. AGAIN.)

  3. who knew that NTMTOM could do impressions? awesome wodehouse!

    (lof teh kitty too)

  4. LifeCoach says:

    “I have a Fred Astaire tap dance number I’m doing right after this.”

  5. Caption:

    LOL wut?

  6. 1. NTMTOM, you are en fuego lately.
    2. That kitty looks like a stuffed toy. So darling.

  7. That cat had better watch his ass around Speedo!

  8. Venerable Bead says:

    I’m still chuckling over “Hoosterwooster”

  9. That qualifies as “Sad not Cute.”

  10. But oh, the snowy whiteness otherwise!! Dazzling.

  11. What ho, it’s Gussy Fink-Nottle! How are the newts, old bean?

  12. Top hat not bowler and most excellent P.G. Wodehouse impression NOMTOM!

  13. My only question is….where are the steampunk specs?

    ok, ok, two questions….can i has the cat? MUST beep!:-)

  14. Brooklnfemale says:

    Someone’s got to retrieve that topper! The poor boy might go about razzing the fuzz again, and he needs another night in the clink and a £5 fine like a hole in the head. And then Aunt Gagatha would kill him.

    There’s no other way round it: Hoosterwooster needs to give Heeves a jangle immediately.

  15. oh wow. I needed that

    NTMTOM you crack me up in the best way possible. Thank you 🙂

  16. BWAHHAHAHA… that is all. 😀

  17. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ……The ONLY drawback to the awesomeness of NTM’s tapestry of befuddlement and consternation (and BTW, who *doesn’t* love the words “befuddlement” and “consternation”?????)
    ….is that NOW I NEED A PIC OF Penelope!!!!! I’m all worked up into a dither now.

    Yes all the Soap Opera Stars on TV have established Restraining Orders on me.

    (JUST KIDDING!!! I”M KIDDING about that last bit….)

  18. AuntieMame says:

    One of my favorite Wodehouse quotes:

    It is no use telling me there are bad aunts and good aunts. At the core, they are all alike. Sooner or later, out pops the cloven hoof.

  19. I kinda wish NTMTOM would have worked in the the word “kerfuffle”. Aside from that “brillllllllll-eeee-ant!!!!” (sing song voice)

  20. Da Ritz…he haz put it on.

  21. Kitty Doffs his hat to you!

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    I say, my good man, this is spot on amusing. What, what.

    @Nomtom–I know that you receive marriage proposals all the time but how about a nice simple torrid affair with me instead? Cause you are just too funny!!!!

  23. I am happy to read so many people enjoy Wodehouse. Have you all seen the Jeeves & Wooster TV shows with the jazzy theme music and the fabulous Stephen Fry (Jeeves) and the young Hugh Laurie (Bertie Wooster)?

  24. All this dapper gentleman needs are his gloves and cane. Which I’m still searching the pic for, b.t.w….


  25. By jove, this is marvelous! Simply smashing.

  26. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    snerk @ “nice, simple torrid affair” BWA HA AND HA to YOU


    Kitty-cat PAW FLOOF!!!

    also also @ Noelle # 18 — now, see, we’ll just have to have a one-on-one commentroversy (altho I’ll prob be moderated for using that word)
    cuz actually I was always instructed, that the “correct” (?) term was actually
    “kerFLUFFle”, rather than kerfuffle.

    OK everybody, getcher Mint Juleps reddy!!!

  27. 260Oakley says:

    Wodehouse for Cats, featuring the adventures of Peeves and Floofster.

  28. I…I am done in. The kerFLOOFle, (winks @ O NO), the eyes, the brilliance of teh wordage & hoover (yes I know) text, the extra extraordinary ear floofs, the eensy jauntily perched top hat with the tuft of hair gone astray giving him the air of dashing ‘ner do well with a heart of gold. Nah, I don’t read bodice rippers do I?
    Nay folks, I am done in. Kerpfloof. *raises hand to forehead in dramatic gesture before falling back to strategically placed fainting couch*

  29. Not that Mike the Other Mike, my crush only deepens and deepens and deepens…

  30. This reminds me of the video of a kitten wearing a hat being swatted at by a larger cat.
    That is one awesome cat in the photo, though- it wears a hat wherever it goes and the hat will never fall off!

  31. If Miss Penelope is anything like Lord Mumphrey then she must be shown to us all. Am I the only one that wants to pick him up and put him in my pocket forever?

  32. Ahhh, Wodehouse-i-ness!
    My other million favourites include:
    He ‘uttered a stricken woofle, like a bulldog that has been refused cake’.

  33. What kind of cat is this?? Soo cute!

  34. Most PROSH I’ve seen in weeks!!!!!

  35. i say, lord percy, i feel such a fool!!!

    “miss penelope hoosterwooster” ?? unbelievably hilarious. NTMTOM should receive some sort of award, between this post and the snow leopard post which was insanely redonk!!

  36. No, no, if he’s in trouble with the fuzz, he’s ‘Ephraim Gatsby’.

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    @O NO–
    re: Mint Juleps.
    Are you from Kentucky by chance?
    Just wondering,
    Originally a Kentucky Girl

  38. @AuntieMame, my fave:
    “Honoria †is one of those robust, dynamic girls with the muscles of a welter-weight and a laugh like a squadron of cavalry charging over a tin bridge.”

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, blow me over. That is the cutest hat on the cutest cat I’ve ever seen. The Cat in the Hat indeed. *now I must go shove smelling salts up my nose to keep from passing out as I surrender to the urge to look at this picture over and over again*

  40. Copperbat says:


  41. “Goodbye to All Cats” by Wodehouse is one of my favorite short stories of all times!

  42. Meg, whatever you are paying NTMTOM, it simply isn’t enough. The man is pure genius – I mean, utilizing literary refs to cleverly enhance teh Qte – no wonder he gets so many marriage proposals, and, erm, the occaisional invites to torrid affairs! 😉

  43. 😈 I want to snorgle that kitty so bad 😈

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! #16: Restraining order? Don’t you mean “criminal stay away”? That’s what Dina Lohan has against Michael, don’t you know. (Today show interview w/Matt Lauer.) Sigh.

  45. Teddiepants says:

    I say, I’m awfully sorry to go all Nancy Mitford on one’s arse, but a Lord would never wear a bowler, what? Beyond the pale old bean….. One’s Butler would, but a member of the aristocracy? Quelle Fromage! Perhaps a Boater, in one’s youth, but a Bowler, not bloody likely! So non-u….. Get it together chaps!

  46. thelibrarianne says:

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Granted, I am extremely intoxicated, but I just laughed for like 10-15 minutes. Also: I think I’m the only one who chooses Cute Overload over drunk texting. That’s either sad or awesome Idontknow.

  47. is it a real kitty?? i thought its a toy,,huhu,, so cutee

  48. Teddiepants says:

    thelibrarianne makes an awesome choice, I think we all agree.. Course, you could try texting Lord Mumphrey……………

  49. kittens not kids says:

    wot ho, old bean? I started *Mike and Psmith* just today (oh i say! NOMTOM, are you THAT Mike?? Chumming with Psmith and making centuries on the cricket pitch in between your cute-overload work?)

    a topper is needed, indeed, and I think an eyeglass (monocle) would not be amiss here, either. Miss Penelope needs to have her image shared, immediately [I start envisioning a cuteoverload version of Cat Town {}].

    well, cheer-ho, all! time to toddle off to bed.

  50. freetomato says:

    Amazing punkin colored eyes on a cute yet disturbing kitty mug (his face doesn’t quite….seem….right….. bute cute, I swear!!!) Cute indeed. I’d have to meet punkn eyes in person to be enamored, me being a crazy dog lady and all ( 5 dogs – just got two brand new pups, sibling rescues, German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix – 9 weeks and at max puppy thunder cuteness). Must “make a picture” (as they say in the South) for some pup competish to this overload kitty cuteness!

  51. I say, losing one’s topper is just not cricket.

    Hmmm… a cricket right now would be quite tasty…maybe one in aspic with a nice spot of catnip tea.

  52. Cholmondeley says:

    Yes, NOMTOM is all that, but my heart belongs to 260Oakley. I can has Peeves and Floofster on BBC America?

  53. OMG. That kitteh is precious. And so stylish. HA.

  54. @thelibrarianne

    i’m impressed! as tea party (no, not that one) bouncer, i would say you could easily be a designated commenter any time.

  55. @kittens

    if i may kittens, master NTMTOM may be tempted away from his study with a tray of watercress sandwiches around tea time.

  56. When her mustache comes in she will look like hitler.

  57. AuntieMame says:

    Another favorite is when Bertie Wooster describes his aunts communicating, aunt calling to aunt like mastodons bellowing across the primeval swamp. LOL!

  58. Surrealle says:

    Ok, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but between the story and the cutie cat, I’m most perplexed by trying to figure out what he’s sitting on that looks like carpet but has a reflection.. *sigh* I’m odd, I know

  59. Give the Governor a HARRUMPH!

  60. Brilliant, as usual, NTMTOM. *giggle*

  61. @Thelibrarianne, I think it’s just you and me. Confidentially, I received 4,539 drunk texts last night. 😛

  62. Oh, I bet this cat has the most awesomest of laser beams in the dark! 😮

  63. ‘e looks a bit flabberdashed and baldergasted by it all.

    Ah yes, Miss Penelope Hoosterwooster. Plucky proprietor of the Ear Hair Club for Men.

  64. luvstehQte says:

    Oh 260 Oakley–you own this site! Peeves? Floofster? I’ve started searching through the archives just to soak up your lexical brilliance!

  65. Hee hee, that really does look like a tiny top hat!

  66. knittinkitten says:

    @ffleur-what ho old chap! Of course I’ve seen this cracking show! Must go now, off to meet Bunty at the Club. Jeeves, have you seen my hat? Where did I put it?

    Teh kitteh is adorables with his eyes and puzzled express!

  67. thelibrarianne says:

    The panel, led by Lord Mumphry, is in. Cute Overload > drunk texting. Also: Cute Overload > everything.

  68. BrianFowler says:

    Holy backwards Dr. Seuss, it’s the Hat in the Cat!

  69. @ Surrealle: looks like a polished red granite floor to me.

  70. that is one cut lil’ kitten

  71. Miss Penelope Hoosterwooster.

    SO my next online nickname

  72. those eyes had me so mezmorized, that it took me a good five minutes to see the tiny top hat…

    I’ve never liked long-haired cats, but…
    *grabs kitten and runs away*

  73. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    uh oh now corianne

    has the same tendency to “borrow” the Kyoot,
    as Metz does …. we’ve just GOT, to get a uniformed rent-a-cop
    around CO, now that Theo’s gone ….

  74. @corianne

    okay, this is far beneath the superlative commentary i’m supposed to provide, but i heard your running-away feets and LOL’ed.

  75. What ho Mumphers you were my fag at Eton, dontcha know. You were useless then,
    so you haven’t changed.

  76. The eyes match the wood. The eyes match the wood. Agggh! (falls over dead)

  77. If this little kitten needs a home he can come to my house with four other cats to play with he would have lots of fun! my cats have there own play room and a whole wall kitty condo to play in and two toy boxes plus there own bath room with the biggest cat litter box I could find it holds over 50 lbs of litter well with 4 cats you need a big cat box! so if this little guy needs a good home he can come to my house and play with the other cats.and have fun!

  78. Is that a cross of Turkish van and persian?