Don’t Wake the Beast

What an adorable baby skunk! Look at him, all shmooshy and sleepy!

He’s just the *sweetest* little guy in the whole wide world!

Oooh, my favorite little fella’s waking up!

No kidding, I’m waking up. I bet it has nothing to do with your insipid yapping. And FYI: Dreams don’t come true, because guess what? I’m still here…in the House that Beige Built.

Now, why don’t you put me down and run and get my lunch. And sweetie? You may want to rethink that lipstick, because it’s only enhancing that trout pout.

Don’t you love that new skunk smell, Sara?



  1. Aww he’s so cute!

  2. He is a cutie. Is he an orphan?

  3. Lookit his little claws! Cute little stinky one…

  4. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Really. Who knew? A baby skunk. SO so so cute!

  5. willendorfVenus says:

    I want to kiss that baby skunk’s feet.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Baby skunk is so relaxed, sleeping on his/her little back, with feet pointing every-which-way. 🙂

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot to say: I ♥ the hovertext on picture number 2.

  8. *politely raises hand* “can you ‘de- smellify’ a baby skunk and then keep him to love for ever – or is this a ‘bad’ thing to do” , thanks, inquiring minds want to know

  9. AuntieMame says:

    *honk-pew* *honk-pew* *honk-pew*


  10. I LOVE skunks.. I’d have one as a pet if I could.. I even like the smell! (Although I’m not sure I’d love it if I were sprayed in it…)

    And am I the only one seeing a heart on his little tummy??!!?!?!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Thelonious Skunk shows us his jazz hands.

  12. Yes, you can de-scent skunks by removing the musk sac and the associated glands.

    However, many states prohibit owning skunks as pets.

  13. Oh, it’s that a little white heart on his belly? So cute.

  14. leaves of cat grass says:

    is it safe to beep??? better not…. but can’t resist…. must risk it….


  15. freetomato says:

    I’d name it Flower. I knew a lady who kept descented skunks (beige and white or gray and white – apparently it’s illegal to own a black and white one in Georgia) and showed them at skunk shows. They behaved very cat-like, and when you pet them they flatten out like rugs.

  16. One of my teachers in high school raised an orphaned skunk, had him descented (he couldn’t live in the wild at that point – and this was in the 40’s, so they basically raised him or he died), and kept him as a pet. She said he was as tame as a cat, and a wonderful pet. Obviously the best option is to keep them in the wild where they belong, but I have heard they can be very sweet 🙂

  17. oh my god. I am utterly captivated. I am its servant forever. what does my baby skunk overlord desire?

  18. Um, this actually is stinkin’ cute.

  19. @Theresa – is it stinkin’ cute ?

  20. I love his little grin in the second picture! 🙂

  21. hellochicadee says:

    So adorable!! And the little heart on his chest is killing me!

  22. Lovin’ the clawsies and the utterly boopable nose.

  23. Wuyizdi, that would be affirmative. 😉

    PS: BEEP!

  24. oh good lord i can’t handle this much cuteness all at once. be gentle with me, CO!!!

    lerve the hovertexts, lol

  25. PPS:
    Did you know that “skunk” in German is “Stinktier”? Literally “Stink beast.” 😉

  26. knittinkitten says:

    OMG! A bebbeh skunk! And I agree, there is a leetle heart on his teeny tiny chest! *boops bebbeh skunk gently on nose* Beeeeep!

    I did see a special on PBS about skunks. I had always thought they were stinky but according to it that’s only when scared or threatened so I guess you don’t have to de-skunk them if you don’t want to. I think they’re also legal to keep as pets in a lot of states. By the end of the program I was already to adopt a leetle skunk but the cat vetoed it.

    Rooane, please let us know if you’ve found your kitteh yet. I am hoping you have.

  27. You can de-stinkify them but they have a strong smell like ferrets do. You cannot, however, de-cute-ify them.

  28. I like skunks, there is one that comes in my backyard in the evening looking for grubs (and sometime the peanuts the squirrel didn’t eat)

    She is all black with just a little patch of white on her head. I call her Miss Mouff (sounds like moose) because in French skunk is mouffette.

  29. Snerkymom says:

    OMG!!! So freakin’ adorable!!! And, is that the bebeh’s little toy on the floor? Okay, that’s it….I’m done for. Cute Overload for reals.

  30. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    aw, cute l’il stinker!

  31. Skunkies are soooo cute!!!! Unfortunately you can smell ’em a mile away. Lolz.

  32. fatgrammafinn says:

    hear that splashing sound? my brains just sqeeeeeeeeeeeeed out my ears

    had a destunk skunk years ago, when they get their ‘tude on they bounce their front feet up and down – pretty *fierce* for something that weighs about 4 lbs

    they also dig through houseplant dirt looking for bugs and grubs, and when the houseplants are all dead they start in on the insulation under the fridge- but the cuteness factors makes up for their little quirks

    flower went with me to the mall one day, the nice waitress at woolworths told me no animals allowed, so i took off my glasses and told her that it was a seeing eye skunk

  33. Since when has Cuteoverload been so mean? Even when joking they’ve never been mean about it.

  34. Oooh! What a little sweetie!! I just love how cozy he looks asleep with his little feet going every which way. His teeny nails are growing in all sorts of directions, so adorable. He needs a mani/pedi post haste! And here’s a little BEEP for that sweet nose.
    (The “honk pew” hovertext was especially hilarious.)

  35. @Elisa, do you mean the tone of the post itself? Prongs in particular tends to be rather sardonic in her tone in many posts. I did not find this one any more so than others I have seen.

  36. Skunkito! How prosh!

  37. awwww pepe lepu i will be your girlfriend lol

  38. Awwwww!!! Little skunkular toebeans!!

    I would totally date Pepe le Pew if it wasn’t for his BO problem. And his chauvinism. 🙂

  39. baby turtle, baby rhino, and now a baby skunk??!?!?

    BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. luvstehQte says:

    Does anyone else think that teh bebeh skunkette, particularly in photos #1 and #3, looks exactly like Frances of children’s book fame (Best Friends for Frances, A Baby Sister for Frances, etc…)? I think that maybe Frances was actually a badger (she also bears a friendly but striking resemblance to the mascot of the U of Wisconsin/Madison), but still, as soon as I saw the picture I thought, “Oooooo, it’s bebeh Frances–let me get you some bread and jam!”

  41. @luvstehQte, Did you ever see the children’s book “A Kiss for Little Bear”? There are two kissing skunks in it, who get married at the end!

  42. ooh! I want one! I love #2, looks like he/she ‘s smiling. So cute that they flatten like rugs when you pet them. Reminds me of my bun, but she only flattens when I’ve been chasing her around the yard trying to catch her and she gives up. 🙂

  43. But how could something so small and cute be so full of sass and snide remarks? Cheeky little guy…

  44. @Nismo, it’s a mustelid trait! Don’t forget the votin’ stoat, and the dirty dancing otter! 😉

  45. Skunks are adorable. As others said, I hear they behave a bit like house cats when kept as pets. I’ve also heard comparisons to pet rats. I’d love to have one.

    Also, I say this from time to time, but I’m so glad this site is here. Some days need a little supplemental sunshine, and CO be bringin it. *ahem* I mean, I like the site.

  46. so very very cute he is.

  47. My dad used to put out food for the numerous feral cats in our neighborhood. A lot of times a skunk would come and eat it too, quite fearlessly, in front of us.

  48. @260Oakley


  49. skunk playin’ possum?

  50. We had some family friends who had a de-scented skunk. Really adorable but not really affectionate.

  51. 260Oakley wins my vote again, buy Kabbie comes in with a photo finish on this one.

  52. awwww baby skunk! i think it’s so qte it deserves a nickname of sorts. how would one name a baby skunk? a la: lamby / puppeh / peeegy … skunky? .. that doesn’t really work. it sounds more like an insult…. skunkito? gah! it’ll drive me crazy..

    oooh, how about an impending doom tag? you know, for … er. just in case? =)

  53. The most beepable nose in christendom

  54. Does he smell? Just a little.

  55. died and gone to heaven. again.
    and it’s only early morning in london!
    thanks, CO.

  56. Soooooooo cute!!! I want a pet skunk!

  57. Emmberrann says:

    @JoshN.: Q: How does he smell? A: With his nose!
    A name for a skunk, hmmmm, how about “Sharky?”

  58. Skunks really are quite friendly when not scared. I had one adopt me (kinda) when I was 13. I crashed riding my bike down a hill and looked up to see a young skunk less than a foot away, I thought I was toast. Nope, he/she just sniffed me and my bike and sat there watching me get up. From then on every time I rode my bike around there he/she came and watched me.

  59. Too cute for words. I *heart* his little fuzzy tummy 🙂

  60. Skunky Brewster!

  61. laugh my a$$ off. the house that beige built.


    can I have a beebee like that one??? he sure is a cute little handful.

  62. I have a pet skunk – sent some pictures in to Cute Overload not so long ago so hopefully she’ll appear on here soon. Believe it or not, she still has her scent glands – it’s illegal to remove them in the UK – but she’s never, ever shown any inclination to spray. She’s my little sweetie! Also, I think she smells lovely; she has a very mild, musky smell that is very pleasant. 😀

  63. Colonel Jenna says:

    What a trusting little beebie, to snooze in the human’s hand. And the little toesies! And the nosie! THUD! (sound of me fainting with sheer delight onto the hard floor)

    Brings back fond memories of The Skunk, a descented display animal at my high school. Doc said that skunks just don’t know when they are full as a survival trait, but when you have all the meals your little skunkie heart desires not to mention whatever else you can scrounge or beg — he was the size of a basketball I am not making this up, except that his back was flat if very, very broad.

  64. Colonel Jenna says:

    More fond memories, of Uncle Ralph and the baby skunk. Their farm was surrounded by woods, and one day he found a baby skunk and called his children over to see. Uncle Ralph assured his family that skunks cannot spray if they don’t have their front feet on the ground, so his trusting children leaned close — and all five of them plus Uncle Ralph discovered that he was wrong wrong wrong.

  65. @lisa

    >>looked up to see a young skunk less than a foot away

    did s/he take you home? how does this story end?

  66. i never knew a skunk could be sooo CUTE!

  67. @lisa

    She came out to watch hoping to be entertained again by another bike crash! 🙂

  68. luvstehQte, yes indeed Frances of the children’s books is a badger. If I ever had a little girl, whatever her first name, her middle name would be Frances in honor of my mother and my late grandmother, and I would read her the Frances books. 🙂

  69. @KnittenKitten – No, I’m afraid I have had no luck finding him. Thanks for asking. I don’t think I have to describe how I feel… but I have flyers everywhere and I am not giving up. But rats in the alleys (and mosquitos) are NOT cute.

    Little skunk IS very cute.

  70. I remember when we were driving along and stopped cold as a bebe skunk came on the road, only to have the little stinker and his 4 brothers and sisters PLAY ON OUR CAR TYRE! Man. We had to wait 20 minutes before they got tired of playing around our car and left.

  71. I love it! How adorable!
    All I can hear in my mind right now is… Bambi “FLOWER!” giggling Thumper: “That’s not a flower!”..and the skunk in the sweetest shyest voice “You can call me flower if you want to”.

    Not sure if shyest is spelled correctly.

  72. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! CUTE BABY SKUNK!!!!!!!!!!

  73. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Mel: pardon my opinionated opinion, but THAT WAS A PROBLEM????

    I mean, unless your mom was impending birthing another sibling *right now*???

    Sorry if this seem pushy of me, but ….you are on a website of peeps who
    luuuuurrve kyooot animaux …..?

    hope this isn’t uber-icky of moi.

  74. That little skunk is cute and SASSY…a winning combo!

  75. I must have one! Can I get it de-stinkulated?

  76. Ok so now I want a skunk. Great. It’s going to cost me a husband.

  77. @noodles

    i know! even if it grows up past the extra cute size, they sound like they would be awesome! wasn’t there a pepe le pew cartoon with a cat painted to look like a skunk? maybe you could tell your husband that’s what you did!

    what is a baby skunk called? a kit? a pup? a niblet?

  78. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ sharpy, i just wiki’dd, they are called kits, which is very close to cute… ” a litter of cutes”

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    I had no idea baby skunks were so adorable! Wow! How Sweet! But if you’ve ever been camping, had your dog get skunked, and then burst into your tent with you, you’ve never been awakened by an eye-burning stench that causes you to retch! But dang! That’s still co cute! 🙂 (I think skunks have one of the greatest defences on Earth).

    Rooanne: I’m hoping your kitty will come back!!!!!!

  80. Queen of Dork says:

  81. Never seen one that small before. Thanks for sharing. Wonder what they’ll do with it once it matures.

  82. FEET!

  83. Just as a PSA, don’t bring a cute baby skunk home from the woods – there’s a family in Iowa that is undergoing rabies shots this summer after the cute baby skunk they brought home turned out to have rabies ( … If you must have one, find a breeder – yes, they do exist. Also, that way you can talk to someone with experience about raising skunks.

  84. Cute little stinker.

  85. when I was growing up I had a pet skunk for a pet it was cat box trained and walked on a lease we got it when it was very young some one ran the mother over and saw the babies on the side of the road and took the babies to the vet and had them de-pewed or fixed and gave them all the shots they needed and sold them , so my Dad bought one and we named it Flower after the skunk in the movie we walked her on a lease all the time the only thing is a lot of times when she used the cat box she would dig and dig and the litter would go all over we had her for a long time for a pet she was a nice pet becauce we got her when she was a baby

  86. I just love this little skunklet! I showed this to a co-worker and she made stink face and did not find this baby skunk cute at all. Nor did she find any of the other animals cute. I’m very afraid now, because if she is missing cute receptors, then what could she be capable of??? Should I be scared???

  87. @Melinda


  88. He’s P-U-tiful.

  89. @RR

    >>He’s P-U-tiful.

    it’s up there!

  90. swimmer love says:

    that is SO cute!! who knew, a baby skunk, ADORABLE! awww! i luv it!!!!!