Slow-Mo Maru

Maru’s owner, who we suspect buys large household gadgets just to get the boxes, is getting much better at this slow-motion stuff. Here we see the Weightless One from new angles, and enjoy the rare Slow-Mo Maru Box Entry Fail!

Ssspppooottteeeddd bbbyyy Jjjooossshhh Nnn.



  1. Maru is amazing!

  2. I love Maru. A beautiful cat and entertaining beyond words to boot!

  3. So graceful- love that first landing! I felt like he should have stood up on his hind legs and held his front paws in the air like a gymnast who just stuck a landing.

  4. I just love love love Maru. Sproing!!! I especially love 0:36 shot from below, and 1:06 to 1:12, in which Maru is a very slow motion Jack in the Box. And where, exactly, does Maru’s mom put all of the things that come in all of those boxes? Her house is so streamlined and uncluttered…

  5. knittinkitten says:

    Maru!!!! I think he needs some music to go along with the video.

    I found Maru’s website and it’s supercute!

  6. Love the paws at 1:10 ! Eep! so cute!!! 🙂

  7. Andi from NC says:

    Love some Maru! The “evil eyes” at 1:10 totally freak me out!!

  8. I love the CM series computer cases. Great video about the box!

  9. I LOVE MARU!!

    As the video started, “When I See an Elephant Fly” started to play. It’s surprisingly appropriate.

    “I think I will have seen everything when I see a kitty cat fly…..”

  10. Long live the QTE Maru!!


  11. Love the “peep” from 1:11 thru 1:28…. Wonder what he’s thinking???

  12. The fail is the best part.

  13. gosh, cats are amazing. (i realize i’m stating the obvy)

    i love maru!

  14. Slow-mo is hilarious! I love this! Next time Maru needs to wear a red cape!

  15. Maru slo-mo “growing” out of the box is the best part!

  16. Naturalady says:

    What a genius cat! And he does all this with a straight face! The paws in the handle hole, peek and duck is just too much. I am shutting up just speechless in awe of this cat.

  17. deathqueen38 says:

    i ♥ maru. the whole world loves that silly kitty

  18. Hard to believe would fail at such a small box entry considering his pedigree.

  19. he is truly one of the most amazing creatures on earth.

  20. Kevin B. Halse says:

    Directed by Stanley Kubrick:

  21. don’t forget to vote for maru in the urlesque catfight finals tonight! he has been kicking ceiling cat’s butt all day though so dunno if he really needs the votes haha. as of this post 1688 to 643 😀

  22. Holy carp, this is at least 144 different kinds of awesome!

  23. fatgrammafinn says:

    he’s so graceful for being such a big boy-i heart maru

  24. I sit here in awe of not just Maru but all Kitties everywhere who are so much better gymnasts than we mere puny humans could ever hope to be.

  25. Charleybrown says:

    Love Maru! Seeing his paws – adorable. Seeing his face pop up – hilarious!

  26. I just ordered the camera she used to take these videos. CANNOT wait to tape my own cats jumping for toys!!!

  27. Maru is one of the 8 wonders of the internet universe. Maru 4ever!!

  28. Had bad news about my dog’s cancer. Didn’t think I’d be able to laugh, but I came right here and Maru did me in. Personally, I think the guy levitates!!!

  29. Fern, I’m so sorry to hear about your doggie’s health. Best wishes to you.

  30. @kat – Maru vs Ceiling cat? No contest. Now Maru vs Winston would be a worthy battle!!

  31. So funny…

  32. 1:22!! 1:22!!

  33. Fern-my thoughts are with you and your dog.

    A haiku for Maru!
    Flying thru the air
    This cat has talent to spare
    Maru RULES,hear?! 😉

  34. I’m sorry, but I won’t be happy until this video is set to music, specifically the Blue Danube waltz. Anybody?

  35. Anyone else hear Also Sprach Maruthustra at 1:23?
    DUN dun DUN dun dunn dunnnnnnn dunnnnnnn [alzo sspprroinnggen] DUN DUN!!!!

  36. Yes, 1:22! Like a creepy co-worker who keeps looking over into your cubicle.

  37. 1:12 = ❤ and lulz. What a charmer. Maru! The most famous cat on the internet! You totally deserve it.

  38. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    personally, while I”m ready to head the Maru Must Rule the World Yesterday
    Committee…..I wouldn’t mind, if someone could establish physical proof, that Maru does actually exist in organic form.

    What if Maru (the image) is actually a computer-generated special effect, designed to lull all of us into a false sense of security while the conspirators….[please fill in the blank] ????????

  39. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    and @ fern: best of luck that the bad news is changed to a less-stressful diagnosis or is suddenly determined to be an incorrect test reading…

    or that you are able to get some recuperative sleep and peacefulness.
    Wishing the Blessings of the Universe, upon you and household.

  40. i love him so at 1:15. best kitty ever. 🙂

  41. kibblenibble says:

    Maru is wonderful, especially in slo-mo. He would not have failed at jumping into the box if it hadn’t been for that dad-gum flap getting in the way. 😦

  42. I shall have Mmmmmmaaaaaarrrrruuuuuuu dreams all night now. Ahhhh.

  43. The only thing that would make this better is the theme music from Chariots of Fire.

  44. See what I mean?

  45. Love when he peers over the top of the box, so awesome in slo mo…..he looks so silky soft, I just want to pet him!!!

  46. @Fern 😦 I am sorry to hear about your dear dog

  47. @Kat 😀 I agree with you about setting this video to the Blue Danube waltz 😀

  48. I just want to squish him so badly

  49. With one bound he was free, he may be round but he’s still athletic.

  50. Wow, this is visual art. Well done to whoever made the film.
    And Maru is gorgeous, but we already know that.

  51. Absolutely, perfectly AWESOME!
    1:09 nearly killed me. Stealth kitty!

  52. No @Carolyn, I think it should be “The Flights of the Valkyrie” for this Maru video! 😉

    And LOL Maru, you are the best. Love the peekaboo at 1:10. 😀

  53. I love love love this cat!!! mmmmuahhhhhhhhh!

  54. Aces all the way! The paws in the hole before the trajectory slayed me. I am slain.
    And giggling. But slain, none-the-less. Oh, yes, very slain.

    HI everyone!

    Flight of the Valkyrie, yes. With some Rhein music interspersed, and some Rhein Maiden music, too. Maru will like that, he’ll think they’re fish!

  55. @chanpon – yeah they should have had winston and basket cat as well! looks like no official post up yet but the numbers on the site show maru winning by a landslide! 😀

  56. Emmberrann says:

    Oh, Maru, Maru, Maru! ROFLMAO! How absolutely cattitudinal – “I meant to do that.”

  57. I really like Maru — but what I LOVE LOVE LOVE is that super-clean, eat off the floor spotless apartment!

  58. The Cat Foundation says:

    What’s left to say: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Maru, Maru rulezzzzzzzzzzz. I’m a Maru fan… 🙂

    Where’s the Maru website?

  59. Shaylin Meadowbrook says:

    Maru rocks da box!!! Sorry Winston.. Maru is ahead by a tail! KISSES TO MARU!!

  60. woo hoo maru won! he is now the internet’s most famous feline 😀

    and to honor him, my fav maru post:


  61. does anyone know what kind of cat Maru is and how i can get one of these awesome Asian cats in the states??!! i mean, for the love of God, why are cats in Asia so much more adorable than they are here. ughh. it’s killing me.

  62. i would just like to say thank you to maru’s person for sharing him with the world and spreading the joy of maru with us all!

  63. Maru. He’s what the Internet is FOR.

  64. Aunt Kitty Kittenplace says:

    Okay, I’m ready to confess I have a total crush on Maru. If I owned this cat, I would never be able to leave the house, so its a good thing I don’t. He is the most adorable, scushy, wonderful, silly….oh, I could go on forever! Someone stop me!

  65. @liza

    in maru’s introductory video it says he is a “boy of scottish fold” – maybe a scottish fold mix? see 0:39

  66. Maru has some serious up’s. Imagine sitting in a box that’s taller than you.. and then taking a vertical leap up and out. This cat is amazing. Plus he looks really squishy.

  67. I think he needs some music to go along with the video.

    Indeed! (Let’s hope this doesn’t break CU):

    YouTube Doubler

  68. Well, click the link at the bottom. The embed is just the same video as the original post. (Never tried putting YouTube Doubler here before, so I apologize for any inconvenience).

  69. And then I find I missed this being posted earlier. Hey, mods, go ahead and delete this and the previous two posts, ‘kay?

  70. LOL, he’s is so determined. Very funny!

  71. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Carolyn: I thought “Chariots of Fire” muzik, as well….

  72. Maru in a silent movie!! Except that it’s colour & instead of going fast, it goes slow. But even without “mew-zic” and “meows”, a Maru video we shall watch til the end. Love the white mittens sticking through the box hole – he sure knows how to ‘handle’ the qte.

  73. Soni Pitts says:

    I made a mashup too. Very fitting: Maru vs Inception’s ‘Mind Heist’

  74. Baroo digs Maru!!!

  75. Colonel Jenna says:

    I vote for the Blue Danube Waltz. And does Maru’s Human do professional organizing? I would simply die for an apartment like that, so nice, so clean, so uncluttered, so — unlike where I live.

  76. @Josh N. – what camera is that? it’s pretty sweet slo-mo for a consumer…perchance pro-sumer? need to know!!! 🙂

  77. MamaMclain says:

    I keep expecting to see the ground shake every time he lands, like the rippled pond effect on the floor. He’s so hefty, but in a squishy, ” I’ll hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George!” kinda way.

  78. I Love Him too. He makes my husband laugh, which is saying something!!!!! And the little white feet threw the hole Awesome!!

  79. I love the part where Maru’s paws peak out of the box..then his face.
    The slo mo is great way to observe how amazing cats are. They are the most graceful creatures god put on tis planet. Now matter the size, they are all so amazing.
    Carolyn I am there with you about Chariots of Fire music…would be purrrfect!
    Fern so sorry about your dog! My heart goes out to you.

    Here is Mpls it is 91 degrees, heat index is can imagine the humidity.

  80. Bunny Feets!!!

  81. @Soni Pitts – very nice. Set that kind of music against anything slo-mo and it can make it seem profound (Watchman – Wall-E mashup):

  82. The little Myrmidon says:

    Teh “Slow-Mo Maru Box Entry Fail!” had me reduced to making “unladylike” snorting noises..

  83. For such a big kitty, Maru has some serious leaping height. No run-up, and he’s clearing that box with ease.

  84. Best Maru Everrrrrrrrr!!!!

  85. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Maru is the best!

  86. I’ve been bored by Maru for some time, but this video is quite cool. Somehow the slow-motion is more interesting because, in a strange way, I feel like I know Maru.

    Now I want Maru to officiate when I finally convince NTMTOM to marry me.

  87. @Sparkly

    >>I’ve been bored by Maru for some time

    trying to stir up trouble, eh? 😉

  88. On the principle of better late than never, and having just returned from vacation…. MARUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Love ya, big guy!

  89. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! i love it soooooooo much