Garfield and Heathcliff Come to Dinner

Look, I’m about to open the door; so prepare yourself. We’re about to dine on a lasagna served on a hubcap.

Better lock your car doors, Maddy T.



  1. *cue Mission Impossible theme as kittehs try to “McGuyver” the door open*

  2. Wait, am I allowed to use “McGuyver” as a verb?

  3. I can haz opposable thumbs?

  4. Watch out, the cats are getting smarter.

  5. No no its two turns left one turn right, you nincompoop.

  6. Cats seem to know that if they could only unlock the secret of the doorknob they would be free.

  7. I’m thinking more like “Lady and The Tramp”–maybe they’re going to lock lips over linguine.


  8. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    …..I’m SO tempted to linkup Simonscat “Let me In” cartoon here ……

  9. TrixandSam says:

    “I told you, I left the adverts for the lever-handled door knobs right where she could see them…”
    “Well obviously that wasn’t good enough, Houdini. Now how are we going to get out?”

  10. @Brinn: Yes.
    Chocolate covered kitteh: “So the combo must be Bottom turn 4 times Top turn 1 time, open right?”
    Tuxie: “No no no, it’s top one turn 3 times, THEN bottom one turn 2 times, then the door opens, I’m sure of it!”
    (unseen kitteh in my imagination) “Guys, Guys…the combo is Stand at the door and Mewow over and over until teh stoopid hoomin opens it. Sheesh, you guys gotta make everything so difficult!”

  11. “Ok, Jasper, …now! She just stepped outside to talk to the mailman. Quick turn the lock.”

  12. Sadly, the jam plate indicates that this door opens inward. However I have some left-over lasagna at my house they can have if they’ll come over!

  13. Top Kitty: Uh oh. If I actually do succeed in turning this knob, I’m going to lose my balance and squish my buddy down there.

  14. mtkees, if you’re right about the door opening inwards, I suspect Mr. Tuxie is about to get a nasty knock on his nose!!

  15. I’m not sure what’ scarier, that they can open the door or that my car keys are missing. Hey— where’s the checkbook?

  16. Emmberrann says:

    Bottom Cat to Top Cat: “You’re sure you don’t need any help with that? I’ll be glad to lend a paw… I can help…. Awww, let me get that, I can do it….”
    Top Cat: “Aww, shaddap, I almost got it that time!”

  17. Brinn LOL Score
    and I think they have now officially added MaGuyvering as a verb to the dictionary.. if not thye sure ought to.

    and this is double trouble.

  18. Open Sesame!!!???

  19. Thanks Annie!

  20. Alohamora!

  21. Good one NT Mel!!! 😀

  22. Bat-Snake says:

    Garfield and Heathcliff…now THAT’S a crossover XD

  23. AuntieMame says:


  24. This is why we install round doorknobs, instead of the handle-type ones.

  25. smart kitties!

  26. My girls can get the bathroom door open. There’s nothing freakier than opening the shower door to find the bathroom door mysteriously and suddenly ajar (high-pitched squealing of “Psycho” violins!).

    Or they just open the door while you’re helpless on the toilet, make one pass around the room, rub up against your legs, then leave you exposed to any passersby. “My work here is done. As you were.”

  27. Theadosia says:

    Ah, fond memories of being awoken by blood-curdling screams after my cat let himself out of my room and then into my flatmate’s room, so he could jump on her head at 3am…

  28. 😆 Those two kitties are ready to explore the great outdoors once they can get that door open 😆

  29. Not only do mine do the “stand on the door knob” trick…the ring the doorbell occasionally!

  30. bottom kitteh (I am going with female): “Would like the directions dear?”
    Top Kitteh ( A tom): “I don’t NEED directions, I can do this…trust me!”
    bottom kitteh: “Yeah, right, that’s what you told me last week when we got locked down the basement all night…an nooo litterbox.”