everyone… just… back… away… slowly…

He’s been fed, so he most likely won’t randomly attack. Then again, this one’s completely unpredictable; so please proceed with caution because “Jakey” La Motta‘s a real beast.

I hope you have body armor, Daniel S.



  1. Kitten: “I. Own. You.”
    Me: “….ayup ayup ayup!”

  2. ha ha so funny

  3. That’s the “sexiest” kitteh stare I eva seen. Wowsa.

  4. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    ……If Teh Ed’s are up to a thoid Tag, I’d go for “Matchingks” in re. carpet color….. Just a thought….

  5. OMG lookit the floofy whiskerses! So luscious, so dainty, so purrfectly groomed.

    Methinks kitteh has been watching Shark Week and is now convinced she is a tiger shark, stalking her prey.

  6. omg the hovertext. {snort

  7. Go ahead, make my day

  8. Squee!!! 10 pounds of attitude in a 2 pound package…

  9. You talkin’ to me? Then who the h-e double hockey stick else are you talking. to? Well I’m the only one here. Who the “meow’ do you think you’re talking to?
    Oh yeah? Well OK.

  10. Ali-baba says:

    You want te qte? YOU CAN’T HANDLE TE QTE! 🙂

    also….where exactly is the OTHER hand?

  11. I think she blends so well into the rug as to camouflage herself…better to stalk her prey.


  12. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    Butt wiggle and pounce in 3…2…1…

  13. Is that the ‘blue steel’ or the ‘magnum’?

  14. @chanpon – You just made my day!! lol, it’s definitely Blue Steel, no doubt about it!

    I wonder what kind of kitty this is? He/She has such pretty fur colors!

  15. annodyne says:

    OMgoodness a “tuxedo siamese.” How cool is that? *sigh* I don’t get out much.

  16. Wowie Zowie.

  17. knittinkitten says:

    That kitteh will have her rewenge………………………………………

  18. You do have to admit. The papparazzi were always more pathetic and less involved in reality than the Olsen twins ever were.

    It’s part of the reason we need teh cute to ground us now.

  19. Hon Glad says:

    You think I’m just a floof, well I’m a mean lean fighting machine, put em up, put em
    up, pht pht.

  20. Tiny hooligan in the making… Don’t be fooled by the qte, although he wears white mittens, he means business!

  21. Ruffian9 says:

    With those wee clawses out, might she be stuck to the carpet?

  22. A ferocious ragdoll, nah, not posibl….


    The cuddles, they burn!


  23. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ HonGlad:
    dialogue from Wizard of Oz, the [allegedly] Cowardly Lion as Thug…
    “Put’em UP….put’em UP!!!”????

  24. O no – You’ve got me every which way. (Witch way)

  25. Oh.my.goodness she’s cute! Is she a snowshoe?

  26. Its World Cat Day today people!!!!!

  27. “You woke me up….to take this picture??….I would so check your shoes before you put them on!”

  28. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!!! says:

    @ HonGlad: “I’m mellllllllllllllllllting!!!” 🙂

  29. flutterbye says:

    Oh my… the feets, the clawses, the muzzlepouches and wheeeskers! That one is pure-dee trouble! Curtain-climber extradordinaire, I’m sure!

  30. 😈 I will NOT back away 😈 I will GRAB this little kitty 😈 and snorgle, snorgle, snorgle her 😈

  31. Wow, it’s amazing how one photo at a certain camera angle can make a cat look downright frightening.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  32. My 10-year-old niece was staying with us last week, and our power went out Friday night due to a storm. So we took her out for dinner, and then we went to a pet store to kill some time until the power came back on. Niece is a sweetheart, a real animal lover, so we went to the back of the store to visit the shelter kitties that they keep there for adoption. There were two adorable kittens, but the cat that really stole our heart was 3-year-old “Wayne,” who looked just like the kitten above. He gave us squeezy eyes. HE GAVE US SQUEEZY EYES.

  33. Chanpon, I believe it to be Le Tigre, personally.

  34. looks like kitty is ready for a bullfight.

  35. She’s a… ragdoll.
    Little… ragdoll.
    Such a pretty face
    Should be dressed in lace.

  36. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    very nice @ Mega!!! 🙂
    YAY for song appropriateness!!!

  37. Hovertext FTW.

  38. swimmer love says:

    aww! cute kitty!