Welcome to Chinchy Burger!

May I interest you in the 3/4-pound Super Chinchy today? Or perhaps the Chinchy Combo: A Chinchy with Cheese, Chinchy Fries and Chincher Ale? Or would you prefer the Roast Belgian Pheasant with Beurre Blanc Sauce, served with baby asparagus in a Cognac reduction, rice pilaf and a 32-ounce Chinchy-Cola?

Update: GMTA, Lizzy (who also spotted this)!



  1. Chincher Ale – snerk!!

    I don’t want to know where it comes from though.

  2. and the hat is SO carefully balanced – he looks like he is trying hard not to disturb it.

  3. “Um, yeah, I’ll have the chinchy burger, no pickles, a small chinchy cheese fry, and a medium Chinchy Cola.”

    ‘Tis a good thing that the clerks at the local fast food places aren’t nearly this cute and fuzzy. I’d weigh a whole lot more than I do now if they were…

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, I’m seeing something more nautical. Like he’s the captain of the HMS Chinafore.

  5. Ooh, I’ve never been first before!
    That is a lovely piece of real estate that chinchy has. It looks like a cottontail cottage. Do chinchies have cotton tails? I’ve never petted one before.

  6. That was weird. There were no comments, and then there were five.

  7. I’ll take the waiter, thanks.

    SSSSyyyyyyUUUUUUPER Soft!

  8. “Chinch” in my mind, refers to one of these:


  9. welcome to chinchy-burger
    home of the chinchy-burger
    can I take yer orrrrrrder?

  10. That Chinches it! I’m going back to school to become a Chinchologist!

  11. I’m with Oakley on the nautical chinchilla. Perhaps he works at a Long John Chinchers?

    (Also, no sender-inner credit? I’m beginning to think you guys don’t like me… )

  12. I think he is all “It’s on top of me, isn’t it? If I hold really really still maybe it won’t notice me down here.” He’s about to go all “Getifoff getitoff GETITOFF!!!”

  13. tiny paws curled…. hat on a chinchilla…. i’ll take a #4, with potato cakes and a mocha shake! Thank you come again.

  14. at 8 seconds… he does the dramatic prairie dog thing, doesn’t he? lol…

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Lizzy: Did you send this in? I stumbled across it myself, but I’m happy to share credit! 🙂

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    I was about to order the pheasant except that I don’t like cola. Can I have a nice wine with that? A Chinchardonnay, perhaps?

  17. @Oakley, absolutely!!

  18. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    …and don’t forget our x-tra special grill platter with our signature Chinchi chimichurri sauce! (Say THAT ten times fast)

  19. His hat looks like a sailboat!

  20. katiehov says:

    hat hypnosis…and suuuuch pretty fur. he must be well cared for.

  21. Oh dear, …someone ordered the Pheasant.

  22. LOL, thanks NOMTOM!

  23. Hon Glad says:

    I think she belongs to a Chinchilite order of nuns, she definately has the right habit.

  24. @260Oakley
    So give three cheers and one cheer more for the fuzzy captain of the Chinafore!

  25. Brittany F says:
  26. @NTMTOM, you’re on a roll lately! You’re on fire with the humor 🙂

    And @Oakley and Theresa, speaking of Nautical, try to say “Toy Boat” 5 times really fast…I dare you…


    (with apologies to Saturday Night Live….)

  28. MamaLana says:

    What a cuteeeeee!

  29. … Here on Chinchilligan’s Iiiiisssslle! *sings* 😉

  30. Desi from Hell says:

    i totally get the English Major thing from the hovertext…
    does anyone else get it aside from me?
    Change careers now or you’ll be like that Chinchilla!!!

  31. @Hon Glad…i agree!
    Sister Mary Query Chincilla -just a shout out to all my Hey Nunnie Nunnie peeps!
    D’ya think she’s the Singing Nun or the Flying Nun?

  32. Chin-chinimee chin-chinimee chin-chin-cherooooo….

    Good luck will rub off when I make poo for yoooooooo….

  33. Anyone else hearing Gilbert and Sullivan when they look at this behatted nautical chinch?

  34. Matahari says:

    @260Oakley: I’m with you … felt like I was on a ship in bad weather watching that vid …

  35. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    “Cheeeboigah, cheeeboigah, cheeboigah….No Coke; Pepsi….”

    Not Ready for Primetime Players

  36. Hey, I’m an English major and I like my job. It pays more than enough for me.

    Now an anthropology major, OTOH… 😛

  37. I just wanna bring a chinchilla home. Have a little bowl of dust for it to roll around in. How utterly adorabuhls!

  38. Dramatic Chinchy! Someone needs to add the Duhn duhn DUN! music.

  39. I think if I tried this with my chinchillas, they’d rip it to shreds and throw it at me. :3

  40. A typical line at McDonald’s…
    “Uhhhhhhhhh… I will take the….. uhhhhhh….. uhmmmm….”
    A typical line at Chinchy Burger…
    “Aaaaaaaw! He swo cute! Since woo swo cute, I will make meh choice right away! Wet’s see, a Chinchy burger deluxe wit extwa Chinchy hot sauce, and Chincher Ale with extra ice!”

  41. Squeee cute! I wish I could keep my chin Charlie in a little pen like that – he’d just jump over the sides of that one!

  42. fatgrammafinn says:

    the lovely heather grey fur, is this perchance a lead-pipe chinch?

  43. Grasshopper Pantyloons says:

    “Could I have extra dust on the side with mine?”

    He always gets the order wrong, but he is SO freakin cute 😀

  44. He’s looking dignified in the freeze frame with his little chefs hat on. He’s also got bugs bunny’s coloring I bet he’d kiss Elmer Fudd on his widdle bawld heeahd. And run away.The cheench has found his nieche as a chef.

  45. @sleeps

    >>I bet he’d kiss Elmer Fudd on his widdle bawld heeahd.

    do you know why your comment was held in moderation today? no? well, i’m afraid i’m going to have to issue you a citation.

    Please see CO Glossary entry, “Widdle (Widdew, Wuddow, etc.)” (Theo The UberModerator edition)

    you are free to go, but please remember to comment safely.

    [Oh hi. I might be feeling just the slightest bit mischievous. 😉 – “UberModerator” Ed.]

    [ooh, you must be learning new sneaker-upper-onner maneuvers! very nice! -Ed, Jr.]

    [Damn skippy. 8) – Ed.]

  46. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!!! says:

    ooooooooooooooooooh Ed used a foah-lettah woid …………….

  47. that is soooo CUTE !!

  48. Michelle says:

    @ sarah
    He’s actually like, 2 feet in the air on the top tier of the cardboard cottage. So the playpen is 2-3 feet high. I think he probably won’t be able to jump out. (My rabbits had the same exact pen/cottage before we moved).

  49. He’s not doing much and I’m squealing. And I’m loving how he managed to balance that boat-like hat of his.

  50. oh, ho ho! I’ll see your citation and raise you a question…what is bleen?
    and I’ve already looked at your glossary and it just says bleen. Is it anything like squee?
    And I has your attention! *swoon* but I also has your? disapproval *sob*

    sheepish in seattle

  51. Napoleon!!

  52. @sleeps

    >>oh, ho ho! I’ll see your citation and raise you a question…what is bleen?

    well, the story of bleen is a long one. first you have to go way back in time. so far back that you almost forget you are awake and actually paying attention to what i am saying. so go ahead, close your eyes and let’s take a journey to the time and place where “bleen” was born.

    in the clearing we see a lovely cottage. smoke is curling from the chimney and cheerful music can be heard softly playing. a kitty sleeps in a window.

    a young girl appears out of the forest. she is dressed in rags and yet she is beautiful, innocent yet wise beyond her years. she knocks on the door and when the door opens, a little old woman greets her with a beaming smile. the young girl asks the old woman, “old woman, what does ‘bleen’ mean?”

    and the old woman answers the young girl’s question and the girl embraces the woman and wishes her good day. she returns on the trail back into the wood. she arrives home and lies down for her nap and has a most peculiar dream.

    the end by sharpy now go to sleep.

  53. Brittany F says:

    @blair “Chin-chinimee chin-chinimee chin-chin-cherooooo….
    Good luck will rub off when I make poo for yoooooooo….”

  54. this vid made me seasick.
    someone get him a tripod! stat!

  55. swimmer love says:

    welcome to chinchy burger, may i take you chinchy order? 😀