Annoying, He Is It

Ladies, wouldn’t you like to live in an opulent mansion full of poker-playing pooches and itty-bitty giraffes? Well, if you think you can handle the occasional TV night with Boris Jerkinov here, we’ll put your name on the waiting list.

Sent in by new moderator Shirpy… no, Sharpei… erm, Slurpee? Ah, heck with it.


  1. OMG! Tiny giraffe is on the top of my list of DO WANT <3

  2. Answer to the question, yes, yes I would.

  3. I LOVE this commercial so much.

  4. Yes, I do, yes! Espesh a tiny CHEEK-KISSINGSKS gy-raffe.

    Isn’t there any way we can substitute the Old Spice Guy for Boris?

  5. I want a tiny little giraffe!!

  6. brinnann says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you guys posted this. Everytime I see this commercial I think, “That wee tiny giraffe belongs on CO!” I love heem!

  7. I’m so glad someone likes this commercial!!!! I don’t know what’s funnier the tiny giraffe or the little dance he does after it gives him a kiss!!!!!

  8. PS: I believe opening a sentence with the word “Ladies” has been officially trademarked by aforesaid Old Spice Guy®. I believe that is his lawyer on the phone . . .

  9. I’ve about died wanted a tiny giraffe since I first saw this commercial. I begged my hubby to make it happen, but alas, he has not.

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Oh imagine the sweet kisses from mini G raffe.
    Oh dolci baccio languida caressa.

  11. @SFrench, is your husband . . . *shifty eyes* . . . connected?

  12. I want a tiny giraffe sitting on the couch with me! Loves him.

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    I squeed the first time I saw this! My son looked at me weird. Then I explained “I want a tiny giraffe to kiss!” and he said “Yeah, that’d be cool.”

    Is anyone else embarrassed by the fact that you know the scene from the movie is from “Twilight”?

  14. fatgrammafinn says:

    you sometimes find that the mini breeds of giraffe can be highstrung and yippy, but this one is very calm and well behaved, and Snorgleriffic!

  15. @Hon Glad!

  16. Kind of related and my personal fav:

  17. flutterbye says:

    Want girafflet!

  18. brinnann says:

    This is currently my favorite commercial. I sent it in, but alas it must not be cute enough.

  19. BrieBrie says:

    I have seen this commerical many times and just noticed dogs playing cards in the background.

    Also, I like that he waits for the wee giraffe to kiss him and then he’s tickled pink about it.

  20. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa, Grazia tante, I think i’ll pass on Tosca’s kiss.

  21. What, no one’s mentioned the poker playing goggies yet? Is it because they’re so cliched that everyone is all, like, “meh.”?

  22. zippythepoet says:

    @ brinnann — I don’t watch much teevee, but I’m with you – I love that Kia Soul Hamster commericial! It’s brilliant, IMHO!

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    @Jinkies–I actually LOL’d at that. Hadn’t seen that one yet. Too funny.

  24. I am usually busy doing something else at commercial time, I have never seen the dog party before only the gold busts and onward. What a hoot. The giggle and dance that guy does after the giraffe kiss makes me giggle every time.

    I really like that Kia commercial someone has added in comments. I have only seen it a couple of times on the tube so I am not annoyed yet. :)

  25. @Martha in Washington — I didn’t catch the Twilight/Victoria scene the first time so I had to go back and watch it again!

  26. Oh yeah – i second the Old Spice Guy ! Or that cute hunk that does the Geico commercials.
    Squeeee at the tiny kissing giraffe!

  27. When I saw this commercial I nearly fell off my chair! And the Kia hammy commercial? Yeah, I’m sure my little Saffron would totally drive that car considering she has parties when we’re not home in her tiki-hut.

  28. kibblenibble says:

    All commercials should be so packed with silliness like the ones posted here. :-D

  29. I think its – Opulence, I haz it. Sorry NTMTOM. Not to correct you, because you really are brilliant.
    P.S. This is my favorite commercial. I jump in it.

  30. I think this commercial is hilarious simply because of the last few seconds, where he reacts with girlish glee to the giraffe’s kiss.

  31. The question is, what’s that creature running across the TV screen? Chewbacca in a track suit? Terry Pratchett’s librarian hustling overdue books back to Unseen University in his backpack? Whatzit?

  32. mamabear says:

    @Martha in Washington’s #13 post: “I squeed the first time I saw this! My son looked at me weird. Then I explained “I want a tiny giraffe to kiss!” and he said “Yeah, that’d be cool.”
    Is anyone else embarrassed by the fact that you know the scene from the movie is from “Twilight”?

    Dear lord, are you my twin seperated at birth?! This EXACT thing happened to me. I ‘squee’ (I love that term, BTW, cause that IS what it sounds like) too when it comes on (in addition to fist, toe, and booty clenching).

    Your son isn’t 18 and named Nat, is he? Cuz then that WOULD be nutz!

    And yes…to the Twilight embarassment. lawl

  33. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Colleen: Oh, no problem. I don’t title the videos, anyway; whoever posted it to YouTube wrote it that way. And I agree: “haz” is the, er, teh proper Internet spelling. ;)

    @kathyp: That must be a scene from the recent “Twilight” movie, because it says that in the fine print at the bottom of the screen while it’s playing.

  34. Dammit science, WHERE IS MAH TEENEH GIRAFFE!!!!??? Space travel will never be as awesome IRL as it is in Star Trek, but teeny animals – THAT we can do! Priorities, people.

  35. paulajeanne says:

    when I first saw the commercial, my mind went wild. Why couldn’t there be mini hippos, mini zebras, mini elephants…well, before I knew it, I had populated my whole apartment with mini critters like these!

  36. Tiny kissing giraffe, he has it. :D I want it! I do love how he starts gleefully curling up and pounding his knees after he gets a tiny giraffe kiss!

  37. marthava says:

    @NTMTOM – New moderator…?

  38. I agree with the all the above that love his little knee-pounding dance of delight when the giffaffelette kisses him.

    I took me about ten viewings to notice the goggies playing poker.

    Also, in the KIA ad, did anyone notice that it takes place on Hamsterdam Ave? A definite nod to the Bronx.

  39. MarthaV mod In Training is now Sharpy our new moderator and she is doing a bang up job! :)

  40. The best part of the commercial? When the giraffe licks her lips after the kiss….

  41. Welcome new moderator! Enjoy!

  42. I need a tiny giraffe because my house hippo is lonely!

    Opulence, I haz it!

  43. Gotta love that good ol’ Tetris theme… ^_~

  44. Stephanie says:

    Every single time this commercial comes on at home, I get extremely happy. Not like smiling happy. No. Just-gave-a-child-a-huge-bag-full-of-candy happy. That giraffe is beyooooooond adorable!

  45. Gangreless says:

    YAY I’ve been waiting for someone to put this commercial up here. It’s worth having to suffer through those 20 or 30 seconds to see the tiny cgi-raffe and boris’ squee reaction to the kisses

  46. HanksMom says:

    Seriously, it’s time to get the genetic engineering going. I need me a mini giraffi. Get the chromosome cocktail going!!

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    @mamabear–nope, mine’s 16 and named Alex. I always thought it would be neat to have a twin though. (And coincidentally, I have a nephew named Nathan who is a twin. Weird huh?)

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, I never liked this video before but now that I’ve watched with the CO eyes.. I can see some merit.. poker playing dogs are pretty funny. The tiny giraffe is the only qte but too obviously unreal. And some of the other videos . yikes!

  49. So sorry NTMTOM, I realized my faux pas after I posted. I leavink now.

  50. Oooh, is this post a tribute of sorts to CO’s newest moderator?
    I like Sharpy. She spells my name right!
    Sharpy, por moi, your name, it rhymes with parfait. Not out loud, of course. In my mind. And only when I read it here. Other places, it rhymes with harpy. But other places it’s not your name.
    Parlez vous Sharpy la roo!
    Hee, NOMTOM said shar-pei.

  51. warrior rabbit says:

    I really had never noticed the goggies before. Too busy waiting for the giraffe, I guess! And the Geico peeg, when I first saw it last week I cracked up so loud I startled someone in the next room. The hamsters I saw as a commercial in the movie theater before it was on TV, and I loooooved it. So much detail! So creative! I’m almost tempted to buy the car, just because of the commercial. (And… house hippo? Where does that PSA air? I’ve never seen it. And I watch a *lot* of TV.)

  52. paulajeanne says:

    susanova, I love the house hippo! Thank you so much for posting that! Just how I imagined it!

  53. hehehe heheheheh hehehehehehhehehehe hehehe hehe boris jerkinov.

  54. p.s. i has a house hippo…but iss a kitty. just named hippo. :D

  55. That is totally the reaction I would have if I found myself sitting next to my very own mini-giraffe- it’s perfect!

  56. BrianFowler says:

    @Jinkies (#16): Piglet’s gute, but I miss the gecko.

  57. cubbybutt says:

    this guy is like borat, but with hot babes.

  58. FuriousFurryFour says:

    But has anyone notice the doggy that’s CHEATING at poker? Look at the paw under the table.

  59. It’s hard to accept that the house hippo PSA has only been around for about eleven years – it feels like I’ve been seeing (and loving it) my whole life.

  60. Brittany F says:

    My favorite part of the commercial is at the end when he laughs hysterically. My boyfriend hates that I love this commercial…but its just so awesome!!
    *looks at two identical statues* “Dat one.”

  61. @warrior rabbit The house hippo is native to Canada only. They were first video’d in 2000 as a PSA. Now ALL Canadians have house hippos! :)

  62. kibblenibble says:

    FuriousFurryFour: Good noticing the doggy that’s CHEATING at poker! CO peeps are so observant! Besides the cheating dog, there’s the giraffe licking his lips, the poker dogs, and the Twilight clip. When you appreciate the amount of detail they put into this 31-second clip, it’s impressive.

  63. Daphne Moss says:

    I love the tiny giraffe, too! And the schmarmy Russian guys is hilarious….but THANK YOU for posting the house hippo ad, which I had never seen before!! How have I missed it??

  64. @everyone who noticed

    thank you! now that NTM surprised me by posting my new favorite commercial, i can give the remote back to my husband. he long ago surrendered it to me when i need to replay funny bits over and over and over and over until i splode. now i can just bookmark it and loop it all day long.

    i’m so glad that i’m not alone in my absolute freaky LOVE for this commercial. and it’s not just the happy russian at the end, but the way the tiny giraffe pauses and then decides to stretch a bit to give mr. opulenz his kiss.

    as for pronunciation, i think of my name as Sharpy, like the permanent marker, Sharpie. i like to proclaim things for all eternity and THEN think about what want to say. i always do this. always. for the most part. oops, now it’s on the internet. see?

    i think shar-PAY is the prosh version of my nick.

    plus Sharpy sounds a little like my real name.

    so, hi!


    and i didn’t even notice the poker players OR the twilight. it’s that denial helmet, i swear by it, except it makes it hard to see stuff sometimes.

  66. i knew

    how did i know?


    that’s how i knew.

    teh qute jest gravitates to teh

  67. I love how that’s the one thing that makes him giddy like a little schoolgirl.

  68. Space Cowgirl says:

    Hrr Boris Jerkinov.

  69. (“Ladies”? Why just ladies?) I wuv the widdle giraffe that gives kisses!! (The Russian guy isn’t that unattractive himself, actually, but to each his own.) <3 <3 <3

  70. That’s almost TOO AWESOME for words. Actually, I think it is. I haz no words.

  71. sapphie, I’m with you — the little excited dance he does is my second-favorite part, after the actual giraffe + kiss. I would have had the exact same reaction as him!!

  72. Ok love this commercial, the little giraffe is beyond cute. I too squee every time this one comes on the tv! But the real genius is all the detail in this one:

    -King Tut’s sarcophagus on the back wall behind the dogs playing poker
    -Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting on an easel behind the sofa
    -a framed photograph of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich on the side table with two Chelsea footballers (he owns the team)
    -What appears to be Hank Marvin’s original Fender Stratocaster in an alcove next to the sarcophagus

    Can anybody help me pick out what’s on the red pillow in the glass case at 0:03?

  73. Also, the couch they are sitting on is the same one used in the Lady Gaga “Paparazzi” video – not sure if that was intentional or just using the same props!

  74. mamabear says:

    Anyone else think he is strikingly similar looking to Viggo Mortensen? Google some images of him. Personally, I think he needs to ALWAYS look like he did in the LOTR movies!

  75. 'tis herself says:

    If my husband truly loved me I’d have a mini giraffe sitting next to me RIGHT NOW.


  76. Oh, sure. Opulence, he haz it. Mini-giraffe, he haz it, and it iz kissingk him. But does he haz cheezburger?

    I watch this commercial every time it comes on, just waiting for that little giraffe!

  77. Bettie Jean says:

    GAK! Must have a house hippo to go with my teeny tiny mini giraffe! (And the new Soul commercial? LOVE it!)

  78. blair knight says:

    that tiny giraffe is the cutest thing ever! love it!

  79. sjdierks says:

    Dis commercial? I loves it!

  80. “I jump in it!” ahahahahah

  81. knittinkitten says:

    I love that this is on CO! The leetle giraffe is too prosh! I guess you would have to name him Stretch! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Virginia says:

    Also a fan of the gold-plated grapes…

  83. Paunchie says:

    You know, I never noticed the dogs playing poker before.

    I always laugh at that peeg who goes wee wee weee! All the way home! hahaha so silly.

  84. TS, you’ve just made me love it even more!!

  85. JannieWolf says:

    I love this commercial!! I’m so focused on the giraffe I forget what they’re selling. My grandmother loves giraffes and hadn’t seen it, she actually squeed too!

  86. You guys know that this guy’s character is based (I’m assuming) on that Russian billionaire playboy who bought the Nets?

  87. When I’m rich and famous, I will have a house full of mini-giraffes, and a 24-7 doggie poker game.

  88. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: When you’re rich and famous and have the mini-giraffes in your mansion, may I please come and play? I’ll bring tiny, little bonsai plants for your mini-giraffes to frolic in. I’ll also bring a badminton set so we can play while the giraffes frolic. :)

  89. If we’re sharing our favorite commercials…

    Although, the marketing department screwed up on this one. It makes me so happy, that I don’t pay attention to who it’s advertising…

  90. @Queenie, when I am rich and famous, OF COURSE. There will also be trampolining bears in the back yard.

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, okay. If we’re doing commercials, I still really like this one even though there’s really nothing cute, animal about it. (Stand by for the version with lyrics to read)

  92. Queen of Dork says:

    Sort of catchy, eh? ;)

  93. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Cool! We could do trampoline and badminton at the same time while eating ice cream and cake! SCORE!

  94. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you for all the commercials. I don’t know whether it’s because I watch very little TV and haven’t seen them, or they don’t play in the UK, but I’ve had a wonderful time watching them.

    The mini Geeraffe is amazing. I must have one.

    Calling all opera buffs. Was Callas really that tiny? I’ve listened to her, but never watched her.

  95. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    (giggle) I KNEW without even seeing the signature line, when I scrolled UP from the empty comments box (which is how I check for new comments on an item that I’ve already scanned previously)

    that a comment that said “score” “ice cream” “trampoline” and “badminton” could ONLY BE from Her Majesty, the Queen of [well, y'know...]

    Big, Goofy, Affectionate Grin on Face.

    PS: Izzn’t she Keyooooot?????? :)

  96. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, O No! I hope you liked it!
    Bookmonster: Not only do you love books, but opera as well?! I LOVE this site!!! :)



    How to give your opossum a pedicure:

  98. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    ….ps in re M. Callas physical size: I just did a reference librarian’s approach to a quick-research (ie I just spent 15 minutes in the most in-depth 3 articles which came up on ….the most-specific detail that I could locate thus far mentions the following from an interview with an Edward Downes in Wikipedia:

    She commented that she was a tall woman, 5′ 8½. and also
    ” I used to weigh no more than 200 pounds.”
    When someone commented to Callas that she was eating too much and was allowing her weight to become a problem; she protested that she was wasn’t so heavy.

    In 1968, Callas told Edward Downes that during her initial performances in Cherubini’s Medea in May 1953, she realized that she needed a leaner face and figure to do dramatic justice to the roles she was undertaking
    [in her performances]. She added, ” I was getting so heavy that even my vocalizing was getting heavy. I was tiring myself, I was perspiring too much, and I was really working too hard. And … I couldn’t move freely. And then I was tired of playing a game, for instance playing this beautiful young woman, and I was heavy and uncomfortable to move around. In any case, it was uncomfortable…………………I’ve studied all my life to put things right musically, so why don’t I diet and put myself into a certain condition where I’m presentable.

    During 1953 and early 1954, she lost almost 80 pounds (36 kg), turning herself into what Maestro Rescigno called “possibly the most beautiful lady on the stage.” Sir Rudolf Bing, who remembered Callas as being “monstrously fat” in 1951, stated that after the weight loss, Callas was an “astonishing, svelte, striking woman” who “showed none of the signs one usually finds in a fat woman who has lost weight: she looked as though she had been born to that slender and graceful figure, and had always moved with that elegance.” Various rumors spread regarding her weight loss method; one had her swallowing a tapeworm, while Rome’s Pantanella Mills pasta company claimed she lost weight by eating their “physiologic pasta”, prompting Callas to file a lawsuit.
    Callas stated that she lost the weight by eating a sensible low-calorie diet of mainly salads and chicken.[13]

    Some believe that the loss of body mass made it more difficult for her to support her voice.

    [The article continues in discussion of further events in her later career]

    — from Main Article, Wikipedia, as of today Sat Aug 7, 2010

  99. @Bookmonstercats: RE: Callas: Do you mean across, or up-and-down? ;)

  100. The leetle giraffe is genius, I tell you, pure genius.

  101. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Theresa & Bookmonstercats: pleeez refresh this page a few times..and/or wait awhile….I’ve already done a pretty Vigorous College Try at locating data about M. Callas …and word-processed about 2 paragraphs from Wiki ….on the topic ….

    “under moderashun” probably due to the lengthy length of my excerpt
    (2 paragraphs)

    The Research Kid
    (That moniker from QoD) :)

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, Theresa, that was quite strange I must admit. But what the hell is this?!

  103. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    Q — I just BUSTED out laughing WHERE did you FIND THAT??

    (of course as a Librariologist, that’s my main concern!!)

  104. Theresa & QoD thanks for the laffs. looked in at the snickering lounge as I hadn’t
    been for a while and it was like a morgue, maybe a of of peeps are on holiday, the schools are on holiday here. My next holiday isn’t till October.

  105. bookmonstercats says:

    Queenie, I love books, opera, rock music, jazz, poetry….. I sing (sort of) hack soprano (more hack than soprano) with a choral society and I scribble a bit. I know you danced, and that’s one thing I really wish I could do. Can’t tell you how much I admire that.

    O NO. Can’t wait.

    Theresa, I meant side-to-side. I’ve just spent the afternoon at a youth production (ages 18-30) production of Iolanthe and the youngest member of the chorus had more girth than La Callas in that clip from Tosca. I mean, what did she expand her lungs into, what did she use for support….?

  106. Bookmonstercats– she was not a short worman. But a big weight loss is one of the salient features of the Callas Legend.® In the fifties, nobody expected an opera singer to be skinny, but Callas disliked being fat; and she always paid great attention to the textual and dramatic side of things, and she didn’t feel like a fat girl should be playing all these frisky young characters. She lost a LOT of weight, and it was rumored that she swallowed a tapeworm to do it. She became very skinny and glamorous, and her value went way up, even as some critics say her vocal quality went down. I’m not prepared to judge– there are millions of reasons why opera singers lose their voices– not least, the fact that most top tier opera singers’ lives are completely ridiculous, and have nothing to do with what is good for a voice. :P

  107. Awaiting moderation! The shame of it!

  108. What is going on here? :cry:

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad, Bookmonstercats, Theresa, Oh No and everybody: Let’s go to the Snickering Lounge to sing, dance, read books, write books, eat chocolate, chips and dip, talk, eat some more food, watch movies, read some more books, take naps and stretch! And then after all of that, we can take another lazy Saturday afternoon nap! (with that puppy thing from the Star Trek thread).

  110. warrior rabbit says:

    @TS, wow there are a lot of details in there that I lost due to the fact I that I only have eyes for the tiny giraffey.

    But I did notice that at the end (when the giraffey is gone) it says, ‘more on the FacingBook,’ which made me giggle.

  111. Oh moderate me! Please moderate me!

  112. @QoD, it has something to do with this:

  113. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: How do you do that? :)

  114. @Queenie, I don’t know, but you’d think somebody would pay me for it. :P

  115. warrior rabbit says:

    That possum lady rocks! And she has more videos!

    (Really, she should be featured here. I think the humor is a good fit.)

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    Marketing!! Oops. I mean Theresa: How about marketing?! Wow, you would be so good at that and make money as well. (And so this isn’t a thread grab, I ALSO WANT A TINY GIRAFFE TO KISS!)

  117. fatgrammafinn says:

    the reason the giraffe was so hesitant about the kiss is that Boris the Oaf woke her up when he sat down

  118. Had this commercial been adapted to the Quebec audience, they’d have hired René Angelil and his familie. Under the watchful eye of body guards, Jean-René would have been playing poker in the back with the poodles (hired as his playmates) – he’d have been the one cheating, by the way. The busts would have been Celine’s, of course. You’d have seen in the place several tokens of their wealth. René would have announced: “J’ai de de l’argent! Beaucoup d’argent!” Celine would have been waiting for him on the couch, wearing her most diva-like attire. But does he kiss her? Noooo! He bendz and kissus the tiny giraffe and get a thrill out of it. But Direct TV don’t do business in Quebec, so they needn’t bother asking René Angelil. Oh, and, is the couch giraffe aksually Direct TV’s official mascott or is it just for the exotic opulence effect?

  119. Ick… commercials like this are one of the key reasons why I don’t watch television.

  120. WHY are my comments being moderated? :cry:

  121. @Bookmonstercats. I tried to answer you about Callas, but I’m being moderated. I sowwy. :cry:

  122. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I know. I have a comment up there somewhere which is STILL awaiting moderation. However, I really like our new moderator Sharpy and how she tells about her life, i.e. shoes, husband and stuff! So I don’t mind. But I also really miss Theo. :( And I wish a new picture would pop up. (teeny-tiny hint, hint). (tinier hint with whispering font size…i miss meg) :) he-he.

  123. Angela W says:

    The tiny giraffe is super cute. My favorites though are the KIA Soul hamster commercials. I’ll even stop fast forwarding through the commercials on my DVR for those.

  124. Angela W says:

    Teresa – that possum video is hilarious. The comment about “hoary faces” almost killed me.

  125. the whole thing? really? :(

  126. um. @theresa? i have a few questions about your opossum video:

    1. WHAT??
    2. WHAT??
    3. WHAT??
    4. WHAT??
    5. WHAT?
    6. WHAT?
    7. WHAT?
    8. WHU–?
    9. “i prefer the natural colors when it comes to wildlife?”
    10. WHAT????!!
    11. WHO?
    12. HOW TH-?
    13. WHAT????

  127. @fatgrammafinn

    >>the reason the giraffe was so hesitant about the kiss is that Boris the Oaf woke her up when he sat down


    i haven’t learned so much from 30 seconds of video since senior film study!

  128. @theresa

    patience, patience. maybe go for a walk? or take a nap, like i did?

  129. Katiedid says:

    want… Want.. WANT! O.o I will keeess baby giraffe every day! (and even do the little dance too!)

  130. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Sharpy:

    I agree with and second, each of yer questions re. possom pedicures.
    However, MY PERSONAL list of questions BEGAN WITH a very simple one (and yes, it is one of those attributed to news reporters/ journalists for many years)

    :”why?” ;)

  131. warrior rabbit says:

    @Angela W, yes the ‘hoary’ comment about making moral judgments cracked me up. I’ve now watched all four vids and visited her web site. Never give an opossum pepper!

    I suppose I should have saved all that for Monday at work, but…

  132. @amy

    >>Ick… commercials like this are one of the key reasons why I don’t watch television.

    are you allergic to laughing?

  133. @QoD

    >>But I also really miss Theo. :( And I wish a new picture would pop up.

    i’m sorry. we’re running on weekend hours. was theo faster to get things through moderation?

  134. Queen of Dork says:

    Sharpy: Not at all! I think you’re doing GREAT but I was just saying that I like you very much but also miss Theo. Here! *Handing Sharpy new Prada shoes* (Only in cyberland…I could never afford them in real life) :)

  135. @o no

    >>:”why?” ;)

    that is definitely the first question, but it’s not the one i’d want an answer to, would you? it would just be “oh, they’re so cute,” or “you really have to get to know one,” and it’s more fun just staring and wondering at whatever world that lovely woman is living in. and how long she was going to wait before peeling that grape.

  136. @Sharpy, I just didn’t want Bookmonstercats to think I was neglecting her. All is well. :D

  137. PS:
    um. @theresa? i have a few questions about your opossum video:

    MY opossum video? Oh don’t I wish! lol

  138. @theresa

    >>MY opossum video? Oh don’t I wish! lol

    you brought it, you own it!

  139. @Theresa

    oh, okay, i get it! i see comments out of order, so i can’t always keep up with the intra-CO gallery conversations! okay, wait, someone is at the the back door… RUN RUN RUN…. PANT PANT PANT…

  140. Queen of Dork says:

    O.M.G. Peeps. I just stumbled upon this show on Animal Planet called something like Cats 101. How come nobody ever told me about this?! HOLY CRAP! They’re showing kittens and cats at the shelter who need to be adopted! Me = one cat and plenty of room. hmmmmmmmmmm. Shelter = lots of cats who need a home with plenty of room. hmmmmmmmmmmm. Shelter is magnet. Stef is piece of scrap metal. hmmmmmmmmm. *putting on shoes and checking bus schedule.*

  141. thelibrarianne says:

    I LOVE this commercial. My dad and I saw it together the other day and we immediately stared at each other in open-mouthed wonder, because when I was a little girl, we created lap animals: wild animals the size of lap dogs. We spent many a car trip discussing potential choices. A lap elephant was always my choice, but that giraffe is mighty cute. My dad claims he’ll get one for me for my upcoming 23rd birthday, but we’ll see. He obviously needs Russian connections.

  142. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ TS i suspect the glitz on the red pillow in the glass case are part of the romanov dynasty crown jewels, probably faberge

  143. @QoD

    >>*putting on shoes and checking bus schedule.*

    do eet! hang on, i’ll give you a ride! unless you already have too many cats. then you’ll have to be on Hoarders, which would suck. but you won’t and we’ll cover for ya, so GOOOOOOooooo!!!!!

  144. @thelibrarianne

    i love your dad.

  145. ~/semaht\~ says:

    Thank goodness for you all!
    I have been terribly embarrassed at how much I love that miniature giraffe!!
    Now I am proud. Sort of.

  146. fatgrammafinn says:

    *H*O*K*A*Y* (said in hyman kaplan voice) i now know why the giraffe deigned to kiss Boris… for the same reason that the pink and teal alien critter loved Mr. Zorg so much even though boris and zorg are deespeecabuhl.. for, even tho fancy feast minigiraffe formula cans and iams canned formula for pink and turquoise whatzits don’t require canopeners, said mini- giraffes and lavender desktop heffalumps just can’t manage the pull tops

  147. I’m working on the micro-giraffe. Will keep you updated. Sorry, but as a professional sience type geek, I must point out that the tray of gold bars with the remote control would weight about 200 pounds. When the giraffe is the center of attention there is something on the background screen that looks like a giant squid or sea monster ( ~ 25 seconds) ??

  148. OMG. The guy knows cute talk! I think I want to marry him. And the sexy Bond villain accent, uhhmm yummy. ;)

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    Sharpy: Actually, I only have one kitty living here. SamKitty. But, um…er, my neighbor’s cat Boots visits on a very regular basis. He just comes in whenever he wants through the cat door. (Boots, not the neighbor. Wow, would THAT be awkward).

  150. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. I just have to try this because this screen name is really hard to do. ‘kay. (shoot. where’s that thing on my keyboard? hmmmmm) I don’t have the wavy line on my keyboard. I just really looked for it but I can do this part:
    /semaht\ : Good heavens. Your screen name is REALLY hard to do. :) And I’m a really good typist but that is difficult. :)

  151. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh wait! I found the wavy line!


    I did it! (can’t figure out how to make it Bold, though)

  152. mamabear says:


    Only Betty White could have made it any funnier!

  153. Queen of Dork says:

    THREAD GRAB! I’m sorry about this off subject in advance, but I couldn’t think of anypeeples better to share this with: It Rained! Yay! Here in the Mojave desert, it just rained! Really hard! I heard it from inside the house and had to go outside and get rained on and step in rain puddles in my flip-flops! (I’ll go take a shower now :))

  154. bookmonstercats says:

    Thanks Theresa @#s 122 and 137. I’ll wait.

    Sharpy, you’ve got big shoes to fill (bearing in mind that Theo’s feet are probably bigger than yours anyway, him being a guy an’ all ). We’re all with you. It’s always a bit unnerving when the “your comment is being moderated” pops up.

  155. Katiedid says:

    Dave T- I think that is someone’s shirt or jacket on the TV when the guy kisses the little giraffe…

  156. PS: The Facingbook.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Reminds me of the time very earnest (sehr ernst) German tourist came up to me in midtown and asked “Is this a good place to be away from staying?”

  157. @Dave, thank you for updating the board of the tiny science grant foundation. i believe the “squid” object may actually be a detail from the ‘twilight’ sequence mentioned previously. please continue to update us on the progress of your invaluable work.

  158. fireflyez says:

    I noticed the goggies playing poker first thing! I’m a goggie gurl tho…
    My fave is when goggie on left pushes all chips in.

    Altho the teeny giraffe is cute too. Espesh how it’s his decision to kees…

  159. Oh, yes, goggies, kittehs and teeny tiny giraffes are qte. I will not deny that.
    …but what is the mostest awesomest creature on Earth???


  160. Forgot to post warning on above…has bad CGI effects of people being killed by SHARKTOPUS. Don’t watch if silly blood special effects disturb you… :D

  161. Northstar78 says:

    Cute little giraffes…I has its…was wondering when this would make it onto CO!

  162. fatgrammafinn says:

    @theresa re: german tourist, this is sort of off topic, but i find english as a second language (but not very) endlessly fascinating… i once bought a plastic tupper like something from the dollar store… with this helpful instruction “To Use as a Container Remove Lid”

    [Hey, some folks need the clue. :| - Ed.]

  163. @saffron

    ! i loves eet!

    roger corman is the real deal (after the master herschell gordon lewis, of course)! i would go to san francisco so i could watch it in a chinatown theater and snarf on squid snacks! ARP! ARP! ARP! (that’s my superfast gobblering sound)

  164. @saffron

    that’s funny, i forgot to put a NSFW tag on my link for really atrocious fake blood images.

    ’nuff said, ’nuffs?

    ['snuff. Heh. :twisted: - Ed.]

    [YIPES! quit sneaking up like that! - Jr.]

  165. *whistling innocently* :roll:

  166. Queen of Dork says:

    fatgrammafin: I once saw a sign on an obviously closed gate at the end of a road which said:
    Gate Closed.

  167. Queen of Dork says:

    P.S. I also just yesterday saw a sign at McDonald’s that said something to the effect of:
    If you pay more than what the register says you should pay, please call this number.

    [That's to make sure no shady cashiers can charge you a little extra for their own wallets. You know, like skimming. - Ed.]

  168. Queen of Dork says:

    I know, but does there really need to be a sign about it? Like, I wouldn’t pay attention to the change given me? I just think that’s kind of funny. :)

  169. Queen of Dork says:

    Also: If you bothered to read that sign and all…and well…you realized you’ve paid too much to the bully cashier…and you’re standing right there at the moment…well…gosh.

  170. BeckyMonster says:

    I completely SQUEEEEEEEEEEE every time I see this commercial!!! I need that giraffe, super stat, and I’m not kidding!

  171. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay you guys. My cat is so cute after he eats. (This just happened which is why I’m thinking about it). I’ll go in the kitchen and feed him and after he eats, he does this totally adorable RUN out of the kitchen! It’s I guess you could call it, his Happy Prance. He’s so funny. :) He’s all, “Yay! My food was so yum! Yay! I must prance because of it!”

  172. MamaLana says:

    Who would have thunk it: a Russian mafioso stars in commercial. The Cold War is REALLY over!

  173. fatgrammafinn says:

    DISCLAIMER!!!! if implied as opposed to actual ickyness offends anyone, skip the rest of this post

    not long after i started working for “slaveway”, a little old southeastern asian lady came up to me, she was holding a can of friskies “chunky kitty stew” and managed just enough english to ask me if the kitty stew was made out of morris, who was the cover-boy for friskies at the time. so, my question is, do marmy kitties taste different from, say, abyssinians? don’t answer that, it was just a hypothetical question, musing from a mind that desperately needs a lube oil and filter change

    btw, did anyone else notice that the two gold busts have bo derek in 10 style cornrow doodads?

  174. Queen of Dork says:

    fatgrammafinn: No offense taken by your story. At least not by me. I once worked at this saloon/restaurant place in Michigan’s U.P. This Hispanic guy came in and asked for what one of the waitresses’ thought he said was an onion drink. Well, we were all trying to figure out what the heck that is so that we could happily satisfy this customer and finally realized he was requesting onion rings. P.S. No badness meant to anybody here. I really love/dislike all humans of every race in a totally equal way.

  175. MY FAVORITE warning label: On a hair dryer: Do not use in the bath, or while asleep. :P

  176. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: Dang! And I was JUST getting ready to dry my hair but I wanted to do it while I was sleeping so I could dream I was drying my hair! :)

  177. Martha in Washington says:

    @Teresa–My favorite is the “do not eat” on the desicant packs inside new shoes and electronics boxes. You know, like “Oooh, they included a snack!”

  178. OMG that commercial makes me want to make a shrink ray and shrink a graffie and make it my pet…thats the most cuteist thing ever.

  179. lest we forget

  180. Sharpy comment #65 – “Sharpy” is a great *pen* name! Names are fun to play with I think. And words.

  181. You have to admit his little dance after getting a kiss from the giraffe is cute in an incredibly bizarre and demented manner.

  182. just the fact that he sounds like a walking, talking lolcat I think qualifies this for awesome. and the teensy giraffe at the end really got me!

    that, and the word “Facingbook”. :D

  183. I just love that the guy is seemingly so blase about his “opulence,” and then reverts to complete squee-ful bliss–as would any of us–at being kissed by the giraffe. Happy bum-wiggle dance!

  184. @Martha, well to be fair, there are people who might be inclined to stuff a random object in their mouths. But those people, i.e. TODDLERS, CAN’T READ. :roll:

    @QoD, What a shame. Like the time I was walking in the park and saw that CURSED sign: No Bongo Drum Playing. I wondered if they had recently sustained a Beatnik Attack. Or Matthew McConaghey.

  185. Curses, moderation again!

  186. Huh. The first time I saw this ad, I was so hung up on the “I haz it” meme that I missed the teacup giraffe.

  187. Daphne Moss says:

    Still marveling at rain show in the desert…sounds like a lovely surprise.
    I miss Oregon’s rain…it’s been dry since early July…

  188. I LOOOOOVE this commercial! it cracks me every time! I love the little dance he does at the end when he gets excited….hahah so funnny

  189. I JUMP IN IT. <3

  190. Bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve just found all the Callas info, so thanks Queenie and Theresa. I’d always thought she was a big heavy lady, so was a bit surprised to see her looking so slender and gorgeous too, of course. I have some of her recordings, most notably a live recording of La Traviata and, even allowing for the fact that it’s old and not digitally remastered, I find her voice unpleasantly shrill on it, so assume she’d lost her support.

  191. swimmer love says:

    i dont get it.

  192. When I saw this on tv I was like *squee!* tiny giraffe!

    Spend time watching tv with that guy? Nah, I’ll lock him in a closet and play with the tiny giraffe. Forget tv. ^_^


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