Network Battle of the Anthropomorphic Ruminants!

Amanda D. sent us this cute ad for Anchor Dairy in England:

… and that reminded us of the Happy Cows campaign for Real California Cheese:

… leaving us a question that can only be settled through rigorous Internet polling:


  1. Love you Birdfeed. Absolutely correct! The California cows aren’t even Californian; they’re in New Zealand.

    Still some nice looking cows, though! WANT TO HUG THEM! (not eat them or drink anything that might seep from them)

  2. Do you ever listen to music on your computer, and accidentally play said music in the background while watching a youtube video? I was just trying to figure out why the california cows commercial had overly-dramatic symphony music as the soundtrack. Heh.

  3. Caroline says:

    It’s cute, yes, but it’s just the tip of the cute cow advert iceberg!

  4. i love the country cover version of “paradise city.”

  5. i have cows in my back yard and trust me, if you tried to hug one, you’d have a fight on your hands.

    and with that, i make this announcement:

    any comments about cow-eating (pro or con) will be summarily tossed. period.

  6. terranotterror says:

    Milk is for babies. :)

  7. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    Actually, I have a more-rigorous question to posit:
    After watching the Anchor Ad, are humans useful for anything other than driving semi-trucks, in the dairy industry of the future?

  8. snoochies says:

    The original lyrics to Paradise City went “Take me down to a paradise city where the grass is smoked and the girls have titties” These girls also have one big titty!

  9. Notice how the bull dodged the question about if he would marry a cow. Clearly he has no intentions of being tied down to just one cow!

  10. OMG Caroline I love that ad you posted …. THe cow as a stalion just killed me.. HEheheheh

    and I voted for the California cows because I live in California and I love those commercials but really both commercials were full of awesomness..

    Sharpy are you MiT asked because sometimes I am not a sharpy but a dullie Roflmao.

  11. I have the pleasure of seeing those cute Anchor butter cows on my TV from across the pond, the best bit is the grass vending machine.
    Reminds me of the Cravendale adverts…

    Snoochies, I am going to use your GnR knowledge to impress my friends – I did not know that!

  12. skippymom says:

    Sharpy, If I tried to hug one of your cows I would have a fight on my hands because:
    A) The cows don’t want to be hugged and they would fight me?
    B) You don’t want me hugging your cows and you would fight me?

    Just wondering.

  13. The anchor cows have furrier ears.. which makes them win :)

  14. Nancy Hard says:

    I like these *truly* happy cows. No CG, no dubbed voices. Just cows havin’ a good time w/nice music.

  15. LOVE the earplugs and the leg wraps in the Anchor ad, and the vending machine and the packing tape. Heck, I love the whole ad. Catch of the Day is definitely COW! :)

  16. I LUFF cows. LUFF ‘em. <3 <3 <3 Grew up with them and have a very soft spot for these gentle creatures.

    Favorite part: the vending machine!!!

  17. Sharon Middleton says:

    My vote goes to the singing cows for Blue Bell Ice Cream. They think Brenham, Texas is Heaven and they are right. They also make the best ice cream in the world.

  18. I grew up in the country and I love cows, I never understood why calling someone a cow was an insult.
    In fact I never understood why calling someone ANY animal name is an insult.
    Then again I like most animals more than I like most people…CO peeps excepted.

  19. @ Sharpy : Since cow eating comments are “off the table” can we talk about
    cow tipping ? (snerk)

  20. 260Oakley says:

    Oh wow, are these from the latest season of Mad Cow Men? I love bovines with aditude.

  21. Cow are curious critters, man. Walk up to a cow pasture and see what happens. The cows come marching up to the fence and stare at you. Once when I was walking around southern England, I had to go through some cow pastures, and the cows followed us. It was like a parade.

  22. Anthropomo… Anth …wow. That’s a whopper.
    (shifty eyes)


  23. I love these ads, and I’ve seen many happy cows driving through California but I have to say that it’s not always that nice. The Land-O-Lakes cattle farm is anything but nice or happy. It was a sight that made me so sad.

  24. Precilla says:

    OMG those are the cutest cows!!! Love them!

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    My biggest question is how in the world do they train cows to do that stuff? (for example, pack up the boxes). I didn’t think cows were very trainable.. not sayin’ they’re stupid or nothin’ .. please don’t anyone hurt me for insulting cow intelligence.

  26. @KittyAdventures

    Yes, I am MiT, but no longer iT and now a full Mod aka Sharpy (in France it’s pronounced Sharpé). I’m Sharpy because someone once told me I was witty (they were only half right.)

    So yeah, Sharpy The Mod, at your service.

  27. Toni Kraft says:

    Hey, What about the Chick-Fil-A Cows? They are about as cute as it gets!!!!! And so fiesty!

  28. @skippy

    A! i tried to hug them once and close up they are kinda scary but also they got all nervous and moved away when i got closer, so i guess i was scary, too. cows have really big heads and giant teeth!

    actually, when i see cows i always hum, “i like cows. i like their skinny feet.”

    can anyone name that song? (except you, teho!)

  29. @Sharpy, holy carp, the Suburbs!!!

  30. @Nancy

    i’d be happy too if i had a big scrubby brush rollin’ all over me! and with that randy music, wahooo!

  31. @mudbug

    cow tipping? go right ahead! but no laughing. laughing is mean.

    (i heard that)

  32. @Theresa

    YAYYYYYYYYY! Nice find!

  33. @cassie

    don’t be sad! i’m sure they returned the cars before the farmers even knew they were gone!

  34. @Theresa

    someone gave me a book called, “cows are weird when they stare at you.” it was about the wild and woolly hippy days in lawrence, kansas (no lie).

  35. man, i’m chatty tonight!

    >>I voted for the California cows because I live in California

    do you remember the ads for berkeley farms milk? it was a cow saying “farms? in berkeley??”

  36. MamaLana says:

    I voted for California cows because I live in California. But actually, I am terribly afraid of cows, and I don’t know why. I’d rather be faced by a tiger than a cow. Loved the videos, though!

  37. μ

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    I voted for the Anchor Cows because they probably have English accents and how cute would that be?!

    BTW–can someone who is smarter than me link to “cows with guns”? Hysterical ROFLMAO!!!

  39. I too loved the grass vending machine :)

  40. Cow’s milk is for baby cows :)

  41. This is totally awesome! Happy cows do produce better milk too! There’s a farm that sells I think ice cream and the selling point is their happy, free roaming cows help make the best ice cream. The loyal customers seem to agree too. Wish I could remember the name. Anyway, go cows! Love ‘em.

  42. Being from Wisconsin, I say our cows are live longer than some of your California ones. also have you heard of the song “Cows with Guns” very interesting, We do have a lot of specialty diaries here. Babcock ice cream is some of the best.UW -Madison ice cream

  43. The human voices make it anthropocowfic. “Do you wanna MARRY a cow?” especially.

  44. the part that made me lol was the packing tape. loved all the vids.

  45. AnnieStuart says:

    I agree with ceejoe- the packing tape was BRILLIANT!

    mmm, butter. My life would be empty without it. Cream, milk, yogurt, cheese….. <3

  46. I had to choose the Anchor cows just because of the Grass Vending Machine!

  47. @Sharpy.. I don;t remember those commercials for Berkley farms Milk but I do love the milk.. It is yummy.

    and a to be driven through place in California is Invernes.. it is loaded with beautiful dairies.

    As to happy cows making better milk I suspect it is true.

    We have truely free range chickens, they roam our entire acre yard… no pesticiedes or poisons used anywhere on our property and those eggs are truely delicious… and there are studys that the truely free range hens do lay a superior egg. So why not cows making superior milk.

  48. HarvestMan says:

    The California cows commercials have always annoyed me just because they use cute cows to promote environmental irresponsibility. It would be one thing if they only aired those commercials on the west coast, but I used to see them even when I was living in Boston. It just strikes me as wrong to try to influence people to buy cheese (and other products) shipped clear across the country when there are perfectly good dairies with happy and healthy cows in every region of the U.S.

    k, getting off my soapbox now – the packing tape in the Anchor commercial was well-played

    @ Caroline – was that Muller commercial narrated by Mr. Ollivander?

    @ Theresa – re: Suburbs – OMFG what the heck was that?

  49. @HarvestMan, it was the ’80s. It’s OK, they’re over, you can come out now. ;)

  50. I live in California right next to a farm with cows. Many cows. And believe me they are not hanging out on rolling green grass.

  51. MeyRevived says:

    Very cute. Now how do these cows keep giving milk, something they produce for their babies? Do you really believe cows are let to fully raise their young and only then are taken for the milking? What do they do with all the calves who grow to become non-milk-giving bulls?
    Do you think cows are let to live all their lives on these farms, even when they’re too old to produce a lot of milk, or to produce milk at all?
    And what of the environment? Where does all that cow poo go to, and the methane they produce?

  52. @Theresa & @HarvestMan

    >>it was the ’80s. It’s OK, they’re over, you can come out now.

    The Suburbs were a very regional band with a few national hits. Very tame, really; that video does look sort of wild out of context. Theresa, how did you know?!

  53. I can’t decide which of these two things are most awesome: head-mounted tape dispenser or lunch room grass vending machine…

  54. MeyRevived –

    Thanks for the downer. Guess what, cows don’t get their hay out of awesome vending machines either. :(

    God forbid something should be cute in this world.

    Hey, Mey, did you know that kittens DIE? How dare people post videos of them when they are going to DIE (probably horribly)?

  55. Heyyyy! Time for a knock-knock joke!
    And, Peeps, this is one of my all time faves:


    “Who’s there?”

    “The Interrupting Cow.”

    “The Interrupting C.. ”

  56. Ooo, pyrit, that’s one of my faves, too! :)

  57. I loves me some cows. Loves ‘em! I wanna live in Anchor and for cows to work in cheese factories, and beavers to be tree trimmers, and bears to be pilots, and people to work beside them, and chipmunks to build computer chips, and dogs to…*Esplodes*

  58. brain bubble says:

    I live in California cow country….and a HUGE dairy farm area. Believe me
    the cows here are not cute. repeat not cute. It’s a scam I tell ya. a scam.
    they don’t giggle at all.

  59. @Pyrit, that’s my nephew’s favorite joke!

  60. baileysgrandmom says:

    What? Nobody else has said it yet: COWABUNGA!!!
    Whew! Glad I got that off my mind. Oh, and cows (at least the ones I remember on my grandfather’s farm 50+ years ago) are pretty awesome, also kinda smelly, and have terribly raspy tongues if they do decide to taste you–and the one bull delighted in trying to turn grandpop’s pick-me-up truck over.

  61. Uhhh, Wisconsin cows are totally more happy and awesome than EITHER. Owned.

  62. I luv the security cow… that fuzzy face and ear wiggle just killz me!

    I would love to have a little Dexter cow of my own someday. I’m just dreaming of all that wonderful raw milk, butter, yogurt and cheese…. Mmmm butter…..

  63. I wanna hug a cow too, but most of ‘em won’t have it. I think it has to do with the raising of the cow. I imagine the little cowlet waiting at the bike rack from a week or so ago will be very hugable when s/he grows up!

  64. I think the VT cows are wayyyyy cuter.