Cooler than the Average Bear

Ah, time for some more fun in the snow. Bonus Envy Factor: This video was shot just two weeks ago, in British Columbia, according to the video notes. (Meanwhile, you moved your bed under the air conditioner again this year, didn’t you?)

Posted to our Twitter feed by Dawn. Thanks, Dawn!



  1. enjoyyourbunny says:

    I love videos of wild animals having fun the same way we do, haha!

  2. Not fair, where’s my patch of snow to slide around on my belly? (wouldn’t look as cute though)

  3. g'day kitty says:


  4. Whoa – that made me tear up, not sure why. I think it’s the bit when he falls on his side and you can really see him use his front paws to propel himself. He’s clearly enjoying it!

  5. haha so cute!

  6. loves2sneeze says:

    wheeeeeee sledding bear!

  7. Angela W says:

    I’d belly slide through some snow right now too if it wasn’t a 101 degrees outside.

  8. Jenn in IL says:

    They’re all “he’s walking” at the end. Looks like he’s walking to where they’ll be dropped off that lift…you know, just to say hi.

    Super cute!

  9. the bear is not scary- your voice is scary!

  10. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    “Good job!”

  11. bear says, “when life gives you snow, slide on it!”

    too cute.

  12. LOL that is toooo cute!

  13. Hon Glad says:

    A slide on the snow and dinner delivered by ski lift, perfect.

  14. Birdcage says:

    Aww! It’s just a little black bear. He’s not likely to munch on anyone like a grizzly might. Of course, that’s not to say he wants to be friends either. What a great video – from a safe distance.

  15. That was great.

  16. jiffknee says:

    jealous of that bear, right now . . . a snow slide would be ever so lovely here during this heat wave. ‘course, there is the whole 9 months of winter trade off to consider. . .

  17. kibblenibble says:

    It’s so funny how the bear gives a little leap when he first steps onto the snow, the better to propel himself on the gentle slope! 🙂

  18. sunnymum says:

    Good job indeed bear!

  19. metsakins says:

    Bears just wanna have fun!

  20. If I were that bear, and I had opposable thumbs, I’d totally learn how to work the ski lift so I could reach up and smack those nosy, shouting peeps!


  21. flutterbye says:

    Tewtally awesome vid! Belleh-boardin’ bear!

  22. Creamy Goodness says:

    Just try to nuff that one ;-).

  23. How do YOU keep cool in the summer?

  24. animals playing… I so love that… read more about such instances in When Elephants Weep.

  25. mamabear says:

    I remember defending the lady narrating the micro peeg video last week. A few kept saying that her OMG’ing was annoying. I thought it was what we all would sound like when encountering such toe-curling-cuteness.

    I liked this bear video better the second time around when I skipped past the nausea-inducing camera flinging and turned the sound down to avoid the WIND BLOWING, jabbering child, and screaming parents.

    Cute bear, not so cute humans…

    I assure you that I love kids. I have 2 of my own and often get a kick outta the occasional ones here on CO with babies or kids and can’t understand why people complain that kids don’t belong on here.

    That said, for the life of me, I don’t know why this kid just grates on mah nerves today. Maybe just havin’ a crabby day.
    Better do some xtra CO’ing!

    PS Mah hubby just said he thought it was cute; the ‘wooo hooo’. I must just be cranky today >-{ …

  26. No, you’re not cranky. There’s just no denying that the kid was unbelieveably annoying!!!! I couldn’t even enjoy the very very cute video because of it.

  27. Geisha_Girl says:

    No, mamabear, you’re right. I had to turn the sound off, too, to drown out the idiots who can’t just watch nature happen, they have to YELL (in a language that, may I remind them, BEARS DON’T UNDERSTAND). It was really cute that the bear was making it’s own fun, but let’s take the humans out of the equation and give the animals room do do fun stuff undisturbed by shrill idiots who think the bear cares if they see him.

    Wild animals do not care about or understand an annoying-voiced kid yelling “WOOHOO!” at them… humans are priceless, we just think everything on the planet (and in outer space) wants to hear us jabber at them.

  28. Yay fun!!! Bears are really playful. I’ve seen pandas in zoos sled in the snow too. Grownup pandas! They loof it!!

  29. did someone leave on a faucet somewhere?

    oh, it’s the sound of irony dripping from @Geisha_Girl’s comment! don’t all CO fans have endure a bit of annoying commentary once in awhile? 😉

    (i’m sort of anti-child-outbursts/squeals/whining/crying/screaming/fighting myself, but i sort of liked that girl’s narration… better than the adult’s.)

  30. That would have been cuter without the child blabbing through it.

  31. If I were the bear, I would slide down again, on my back this time. Just to even everything out. 😉

  32. jeez louise… it’s the sound of kid having fun! yeah it’s a bit loud (and windy) but come on: you serious “couldn’t enjoy” the cuteness because of the kid’s excitement? And DUH, the bear doesn’t understand English, but I’d probably yell “WOO HOO” at him too if I saw that from the ski lift! Why do we talk to and squee at our pets? NUFF, NUFF, NUFF…

    Ahem, now that that’s out of the way, so AWESOME! I love seeing wild animals having fun. So cool that all creatures like to play! I bet that bear is yelling “WOO HOOOOOO” in it’s head. Or in bear language.

  33. Ooooooh…a bear. Hahah. The voices were simultaneously annoying and entertaining.
    But really. It seemed that the bear didn’t mind their yelling – so chill out people! Go…slide on your belly through some snow or something. Jeez.

  34. i thought the child was cute. it’s great when a kid gets to appreciate animals having fun like that.

  35. Hah, I love that he just gets back up and goes on his way as if nothing happened.

  36. starling says:


    (AC? Are you kidding? They cancelled summer here a month ago)

  37. That’s awesome! I love it 🙂

  38. I admire all the nuffers for maintaining an austere, monk-like silence while watching this video. Myself, I had to let out an “Aww!” at the slip ‘n slide action, and I broke out into belly laughs when the kid yelled “Good job!” I guess I fail at appreciating nature with the proper reverence. 😦

  39. Oooon the back stretch! …coming into home! …It’s, …it’s a close one folks! It’s Yogi Beara! Yogi Beara wins it all!

  40. Teresa in KC says:

    “Ladies and gentlemen
    Heed my advice
    Take down your pants
    And slide on the ice!

  41. OK, nuffers. If I was on a ski gondola in the middle of summer, and I saw a bear INTENTIONALLY SLIDING ON HIS TUMMY DOWN THE SNOW, I’d say “woohoo” too.


  42. Awesome, thanks for sharing Dawn! I love the voices, they’re spontaneous and funny! The bear knew long before he got to the ice that he was in a people-inhabited area and could care less. He jus’ wanted some ice slidin’ acshon!

  43. Much more enjoyable with the sound waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Bear is adorable.

  44. Methinks the commentary-nuffers are just suffering heat exhaustion and are jealous of anyone able to be in a snowy spot.

    I’m pretty sure I was born without that maternal gene thingy, but even I was saying WOOOHOOOO along with the kid.

  45. haha, i usually don’t like kids in these videos but it was hilarious! “bear!!” so funny when all these people started calling WOO HOO!

  46. These must be tourists because the only thing we in BC yell at bears is “get me a beer while you are in the kitchen…!”

  47. I have to agree with the previous comment, I’m a B.C. gal and it’s par for the course to see a bear !

  48. @ ffleur You to??
    And they say Québec and BC are so different, not so much I think 🙂

  49. Daphne Moss says:

    Bear is sooo ultra cool and casual, as if to say … Yeah, you humans pay a whole lot to slide. I know best; let me show you.
    I love that bear!!

  50. Ha, and as soon as the bear notices the humans he coughs, gets back on all fours, and goes “umm….roar….ahem…”

  51. @Gigi: mais oui mon amie.

  52. I like bears and all but there’s nothing to beat a snowy owl going “O rly?” and a brown owl going “ya rly!” (espshaly if the screen is switching back and forth between the two owls)
    …or is there?
    hahaha! take that English teacher!

  53. oh… no. I thought the kid voice was cute. A little kid, having fun. That’s what I thought.

  54. @Teresa in KC, a true classic! My dad used to say that all the time.

  55. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    Teresa in KC, great M*A*S*H reference! I always liked Sidney Friedman. And what the hell, the bear’s having fun, the people are having fun. Let’s all just have fun!

  56. @LeAnn, that little verse was around long before Sidney Friedman. I guess you just had to be from Brooklyn. 😉

  57. what a SHRILL, obnoxious “commantary.” BARF..just let me enjoy nature…humans are gross.

  58. Must weigh in and give a thumbs down to the humans.

  59. Okay…I’m 2 hours from Whistler, why is it so fricking hot here, yet there are patches of snow there??!? Where’s my patch of snow?? *turns AC up*

    I remember going up to Whistler for the biathlon. The weather in Vancouver was nice and warm – sweater weather – yet we needed parkas and mittens in Whistler. Aaah, the mountains. I’m tempted to jump in my car and head up there to do some tummy sliding with the bears.

  60. Wow, these comments would be SOO much more enjoyable if it weren’t for all the WHINING.

    I dare you to see a bear – especially doing something like this – and keep your yap shut. I saw a bear in the wild a couple of weeks ago, fortunately a friendly encounter, and haven’t shut up about it yet. Heavens forfend we should express our pleasure.

  61. Stephanie says:

    Pure Awesomeness!!!!!

  62. That is soooo cooool – best video clip evaaaar!!! :oD

  63. I bet the bear would like to be friends with them, like in this comic