Sweet Jack Tripper Action

THIS JUST IN: A remake of your fave sitcom t.v. theme set to PUPPEHS

This Puppy Party brot to you by Carey B.!



  1. I have never been a big dog person…like playing with them well enough, but not enough to want to own any. I think this may have finally changed my mind! (And made me like Three’s Company…is that getting a bit carried away?)

  2. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I assume that the humans in the background are Mr. and Mrs. Roper.

  3. Get that BELLEH !!!!!!!

  4. They are cute, soft and cute.

  5. Hon Glad says:

    Music track is a bit of a botch but puppies are cute . I don’t feel a great loss not
    knowing the sitcom.

  6. Grass gremlins!

  7. gooeyctr says:

    ♫ Where the nomming is
    furry balls of bliss
    three puppies for you! ♪♫

  8. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Stubbulance! Chubbulance! Fluffulance! Call me an ambulance!

  9. Stressfactor says:


    Okay…. “You’re an ambulance”.

    As for the rest… never really liked that theme song but the puppies are delightful little Fluffmuffins!

  10. Nostalgia! Puppies! Twangy synthesizer (I think??) music!!! This video has it all!

    Now waiting for Welcome Back, Kotter with kittens. Hurry, please.

  11. Gooeyctr LOL too funny!

  12. And then Mr. Furrrrly comes in and the one in the middle has to pretend to be a…kitteh…

  13. I’ll bet it’s 2 girls and a guy, just like in the sitcom.

    Sigh. Living’ with a couple a’hot babes…some dudes have all the luck.


  14. flutterbye says:

    Such cute puppular boinging and sproinging…. Shih Tzu puppehs are small, bouncing bundles of pure joy and happiness. A friend of mine used to breed them – all happy and outgoing, even into adulthood!


  16. They’re so stubbular and qte!

  17. @blair

    or is he really is a kitteh just pretending to be a puppeh? mr. furrrly, LOL!

  18. The camera operator seems to have trouble keeping all three puppies together. Which makes the music a lot less appropriate.

  19. sigh…
    this video makes me want to look into having my shih tzu’s spaying and neutering reversed. They can do that, right?

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for playing with my grown-up shih tzu pups.

  20. I feel light headed. Might pass out from watching this video. Aren’t they just the most adorable little things on the planet. My Lhasa apso has that white and golden coloring and looked a lot like that as a puppy. my shih-tzu X cocker mix was all bouncy just like that when he was a baby. Oh, wait, he’s still bouncy at 5. Why r u torturing me? I can’t have a puppy.

  21. @ Blair ROFL… you just killed me!

  22. @chanpon – I love the grass gremlins name!
    My Siamese cat found this video unbearably disturbing – had to abandon my lap and go complain in the corner!

  23. Three’s Company!

  24. This music is actually making me cringe… literally……lol

  25. Peanut's mama says:

    I SO need some buddah bellehed pups to roll in the grass with. *SIGH*

  26. they are so cute<3

  27. Puppy heaven!!!! SO FLUFFEHHH