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Wired recently reported (we’re slow to pick this up, Ha) that the Horton Plains Slender Loris, once thought to be extinct, was found and photographed for the first time ever.

See the newly discovered loris here.

Photo above is of a regular ole slow loris, not the recently discovered one. By Ben 140362.) This slow news via Dave G.



  1. Pink schnoz, orange ears, bue eyes. *I’m melting……!*

  2. I’m drowning in shnorgle!

  3. Bookmonstercats says:

    *scritching away under his chinny-chin-chin*

  4. kibblenibble says:


  5. 260Oakley says:

    Cute Overloris

  6. Tickle, tickle, tickle……*slowly raises arms*

  7. Horton sees a who?

  8. A Loris called Horace was found in the forest, this was not a new discovery others had found him, but couldn’t spell tardigradus nycticeboides.

  9. knittinkitten says:

    Doris the Loris is adorables in the forest! It’s always a great thing when thought to be extinct creatures are discovered! Loves it!

  10. Amazing that something with eyes so bulbous you can still see the whites!

  11. CO Classic Flashback:

  12. OMG! I love at :14 when the person stops tickling it and it looks back at the camera like; Why did you stop?

    Thank you Theresa 🙂

  13. Here is the link to the story that was first reported on National Geographic on July 19:

    This seriously adorable little creature hasn’t been seen in decades, was thought to be extinct, and National Geographic just published the first known photo of the Horton Plains slender loris. So cute, but also such a surprise! I can just hear the HPSlender Loris conversation: “Rumors of my death or grossly exaggerated…”
    Quite a cutie pie.

  14. fatgrammafinn says:

    the world always has room for more loriseseseses

  15. He looks like he just got caught with his claw in the cookie jar. That’s OK, little loris. You can have the cookie.

  16. BStrange says:

    Horton Plains slender loris *stops for breath* has eyes like pomegranate seeds with pupils. Welcome back, HPSL!

  17. Thank God someone thought to include the ticklish Loris link. I thought I’d have to spend half my workday searching the interwebs for it.

    And I think those eyes were made huge and round on purpose–all the better to STEAL YOUR SOUL!!


  18. I like the little black dot on its nose.

  19. I love him! Want!

  20. @Gigi, when that vid first appeared on CO, NTMTOM’s hovertext was “Why you stops?” 😉

  21. I think they call it the slender loris because it’s sensitive about its weight.

  22. Just need to say that lorises are critically endangered and belong in the wild (making more lorises for the world) so don’t buy these as pets, no matter how irresistibly cute they are.

  23. Thanks Theresa! I thought I would have to do a big ol’ search on that tickley cutie. And of course Marten is right. Hopefully that was a rehab situation and at least it’s a loving, armpit scratching person that is caring for that Loris. But let me tell you friends, don’t read the hideous comment section of Wired — the article linked in the post. Ooooh, it’s horrible. Shield yourself from Loris death wishing sick, sad people.

  24. Presents? I didn’t know I was supposed to bring presents!

  25. Want one.
    Want one.
    Want one.

  26. the loris can be distinguished from other mammals, such as homo sapiens, by his perpetual “you gonna eat that” look, something the rest can only do when they haven’t eaten their bellies to bulby stuffedness

  27. In other news, they’ve also found the rare, and never-before-photographed Pipsquack Bird. No photos as yet.

  28. StormCat says:

    @Eris – Pipsquack?!?!? Seriously?! Oh you just KNOW with a name like that, it has GOT to be qte!!!!!!

    I can’t see the ticklies here at work, but when I get home tonight you just know I’ll be watching him!! I remember that video and I watched it over and over… Meanwhile I’ll just have to play it over and over in my head… *thinks about arms UP, tickle tickle stop…Arms DOWN… tickle Arms UP, repeat*

  29. OMG, more eye capsular loriseses!

  30. SOOooooo Cute. We saw that video a few days ago, and just about melted into a puddle.

  31. Ridiculous!!! Check this out!!!! I almost slowly died from loris cuteness:

  32. I too have fallen under the spell of those great, sad Loris eyes, but the truth is that the Loris, paticularly the ‘slow’ Loris is -sorry to tell you this- poisonous! I swear on the National Geographic channel a man was looking for the ever elusive Loris and in hid description, he mentioned that the Loris has poisonous glands at, believe it or not, the elbows! He protects himself by licking the poison off his elbows then when he or she is frightened, will bite and pass the poison to whoever disturbs him. I wonder if that’s the real reason why the folks keep scratching their Lorises belly?

  33. Whatever says:

    Wow. Don’t read the comments at that first link y’all. Some people apparently are so bitter that they feel the need to take their problems out on small fuzzy things.

  34. swimmer love says:

    ok! thx 4 the tip. btw, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!! *faint*