Whooo-hoooo! It’s great to be back in the Enormodome, rock-and-rollers! Now, I just have one question for you: Are! You! Ready! to POLLINAAAAAAAAATE?!

I just don’t have the heart to tell him we’re in Akron, Josh N.



  1. Why does he have a tongue? This is insanely cute. Overload!

  2. Wazzuuuuup!!! lol 🙂

  3. Colonel Jenna says:

    Relative to body size, that rocker has a tongue that Gene Simmons would envy. And talk about your hair band — *all* hair! WooHoo! Can’t wait for the four-armed drum solo.

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Sting’s latest album is generating a lot of buzz. This needs to be nipped in the bud.

  5. TrixandSam says:

    Holy Bizarre Cuteness, Batman! (Just what the heck kinda insect is that????)

  6. OMG, Jon Bon Jovi bug!!

  7. is he a furbee?

  8. Emmberrann says:

    Talk about your fly-away floof!

  9. ooh! cute little guy!!

  10. kibblenibble says:

    What IS that??????????????? Where’s bug man? ☺

  11. Any entomologists here? I *need* to know if that is a tongue…
    Aww… and he’s furry, the little guy. He’s got this lion-like mane.

  12. Did a junebug mate with a Muppet? What IS that adorable thing?

  13. OMG!!! I should know better than to be drinking coffee while checking out CO! About choked on my coffee trying not to spit it all over my keyboad from laughing so hard! This little fellow rocks ! I’m with the rest of the group – what the heck IS this cute thing ?!?!?

  14. Gah! It’s not Reality-Casual Friday already, is it?!

  15. Bizzy bee now sites on flower and sings “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. The leaves career of rock’n’roll’n’buzzzz to join the Bee Gees. Finds it is not satisfactory and decides to take a mellow career move and sings “Honey” as a duet with Sting.

    Silly bee.

  16. *sits not sites.


  17. Woohoo, Rock-n-roll …. *Devil Horns*

  18. I think that “tongue” is a flower petal maybe? No? Well then that’s just creepy! 🙂

  19. Fraggle rock!

  20. He’s trying to start a Wave! Heh, awesome.

  21. Think “human tongue + photo shop = strange bug”.

  22. Hon Glad says:

    Is it a Lady Gaga bug?

  23. TNB=too funny!
    What an amazing pic. I love his tiny fuzziness!

  24. the bug man says:

    Oh that’s Harry! He was (ready for it?) one of the early Beatles.

    Um, no, that’s actually a small scarab beetle. It’s in the species Loxodonta chromatographa, although, in the interest of strict scientific accuracy, I should point out that I just now made that up and Loxodonta are actually elephants.

    I don’t know what species it is. One out of every four animal species on Earth is a beetle, which makes it difficult to keep ’em all straight. They dread their family reunions:

    “Great-Aunt Petunia! So lovely to see you! You’re looking– oh my God, wait, you’re not Petunia, you’re my second cousin, Butch Jr. Terribly sorry, Butch.”

  25. isabelle says:

    Weehhe! Go party! \o/

  26. This. This is the best bug in the history of bugs.

  27. O NO (he/she/or it) DI'UNT!!!!! says:

    I never thought I would say this, but:

    “I love you, bug man!!!”

    very very funny!!!

  28. HarvestMan says:

    Well, I’m not an entomologist, but I have taken a class in entomology. The beetle order (Coleoptera) is really large, so without a specialist, it might be hard to pinpoint this little guy’s species. I can say for sure that that is not a tongue – it looks like some kind of collar-like protrusion from his sternum. His mouth is a that little bit above the “tongue” that’s got two little whiskers on either side.

  29. Pretty sure it’s a June Beetle, maybe a 10-lined June Beetle.
    Image search linked here.

  30. Could the tongue thing actually be two mandibles which are very close together in the bug’s current position — maybe the bug’s caught in mid-bite of nomming something?

  31. oh my god soo cute!! love the story/title haha 😀

    rock on leetle guy!! 😀

  32. He’s all bidness in the front, party in the back!

  33. Yowza! That is one happy bug. Or he had a lot of caffeine this morning.

    One out of very 4 species is a BEETLE (per Bug Man)? Always learning something new on here, while getting Overloaded.

  34. He is the coolest bug ever. He’s all swinging from a harness to the stage like Ted Nugent.

    I believe the “tongue” we are seeing is actually part of his exoskeleton that is used for defense, kind of like what we see on tortoises that have the big shoehorn type thing coming out from under their neck. I could totally be wrong though – I’m no bug expert!

  35. Too cute! OMG! I must remember not to drink anything while looking at CO!

    Rock on buggy!

  36. @ Oakley and Saffron, YOU rock!!!!! I almost spit out Twix bits reading your puns!!!

    I’m not usually much for bugs, although some of them are pretty friggin’ cool… But this little guy is too much!!! Between the “tongue”, the hair, the wave, I mean can he get any cuter?!?!? \m/ (um, I tried to make the devil horns…did it work?)

  37. possibly this beetle

    identified as a Tropinota squalida ssp. pilosa Brulle

    more info here with a few pictures

    the variety Pilosa (Pilosi) is the ones with the red fur.
    a possible similar cousin would be the apple blossom beetle which is grey rather than red.
    but then that is just what I found.
    at any rate he is very very cute from below.

  38. This is a stunning photograph!! Wow.

  39. KittyAdventures, thanks for the info! Cool. It looks like an apple blossom (or quince) in the photo, so I’m now off to learn about these hairy beetles…

    He has the same fur as the Golden Lion Tamarin. http://nationalzoo.si.edu/SCBI/endangeredspecies/gltprogram/learn/default.cfm

  40. Bugfuzz!

  41. Seriously, are a lot of bugs fuzzy? I know bumblebees are, and some butterflies and moths have fuzzy bodies, but I’ve never particularly thought of beetles as fuzz-bearing creatures.

  42. NIkki OMG the fur color is the same and those are really cute Tamarins.

  43. knittinkitten says:

    Too cute! He all vroommmmmmm! Incomingggggg!

    Weird fact: I am constantly finding ladybugs in my apartment and having ladybugs randomly land on me.

  44. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    @knittinkittin… I work on the 7th floor of an office building and I have the same thing happen all the time… ladybugs on the desk, on the monitor, on the window… I guess we’re just cute bug magnets.

  45. I never woulda thought I’d think anything about a bee was cute but their size! How many Rules of Cuteness are ON this li’l bugger??

  46. OK I don’t like bugs, any bugs. in fact I’m terrified of them, phobia you know.
    But if I don’t look at the head this bug is not so bad the fur actually looks soft and pretty a little bit like an Irish Settter.

  47. I’d say he’s one of the Beatles, but he’d fit in better with the Rolling Stones!

  48. fish eye no miko says:

    TNB said: “Did a junebug mate with a Muppet? What IS that adorable thing?”

    OMG, he TOTALLY looks like a Muppet! LOL! That’s awesome!
    Have I mentioned lately how much I love this Site? I love you, CuteOverload, and all your awesome Cuteologists!

  49. Aaah!! Why does it have a tongue?! If I saw that in my garden, I’d move!

  50. Aaah! Why does it have a tongue?!

  51. Bookmonstercats says:

    More hair action than Ozzy and Biff Byford put together.

  52. Good photo! The fuzziness ALMOST makes me want to pet it. Almost.

  53. knittinkitten says:

    @Mamadawn – too cute! The first time it happened I didn’t see it was a ladybug right away and froze as I thought it was a bee! (I’m allergic) Then I saw it was a ladybug! Cutie!

  54. That tongue goes to eleven.

  55. Wow, too cute!

  56. BStrange says:

    Theresa – Google Image Search on “Rain Beetle”. Also, bumblebees! I can’t vouch for all types, but the ones I’ve seen personally have been fuzz-AY. 😀

  57. BStrange says:

    Oh yes – and Twiddlebugs too. Hee!

  58. For some reason, all I can hear in my head is the live version of Cheap Trick’s “I want you to want me”…

    I neeeed you… to neeeed me… I beeeeg you… to beg me… la-la-la….


  59. Gangreless says:

    Looks like it may be a female Behren’s rain beetle that’s been a bit photoshopped. The fur wouldn’t look this fine and it’s missing antennae. The gray background gives me pause, too. It it was taken in the wild, it’s obviously p’shopped, if it’s a studio photo, where’s the link to the original site explaining this fuzzy thing?

  60. >>is he a furbee?

    who’s just lost his turbee?

  61. Yeeeaahhh I remember the first time I saw a double rainbow too.

  62. Is that a Fraggle, rocking?

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    I find this picture really fascinating and the bug kind of pretty but it also REALLY creeps me out at the same time.

  64. I Dunno Maybe says:

    Looks a bit like the work of photographer Catherine Chalmers:


  65. Well, that’s an odd one. Kind of a creepy-looking crawlie, but you’ve gotta love his hair.

  66. @pyrit

    LOL! i remember the first time i saw the double rainbow video (just last night, i’m so behind).

  67. coleopterist says:

    It’s a melolonthine scarab of indeterminate species. The “tongue” is probably formed by the procoxae!

  68. Rock’n’roll dude! You’re gorgeous!

  69. Thanks for the info, HarvestMan. 🙂 I didn’t even realise it was a beetle, I thought it was a bee… :-p

  70. Andi in NC says:

    This makes me think of Eddie Money (snap – an 80’s reference) – on his live album he says – “Eddie Money doesn’t have fans – Eddie Money’s got FRIENDS!!” – and the crowd goes wild!!!!!

  71. Andi in NC says:

    Another classic Eddie quote – which goes great with this pic – “I’ve got two tickets to paradise – and I’m takin’ EVERYBODY!!!” Once again, the crowd goes wild!!

  72. take him down to the paradise city, already!

  73. Dorian Baldwin says:

    He reminds me of this muppet in particular:

  74. toborzgrrl says:

    “The Creator would appear as endowed with a passion for stars, on the one hand, and for beetles on the other, for the simple reason that there are nearly 300,000 species of beetle known, and perhaps more, as compared with somewhat less than 9,000 species of birds and a little over 10,000 species of mammals. Beetles are actually more numerous than the species of any other insect order. That kind of thing is characteristic of nature.”
    — J. B. S. Haldane

  75. toborzzgirl when one thinks about all that the lowely beatle does for this Earth it is not such a surprise that they are the most varied and numerous of all the species.

    they not only polinate and provide a food source to most of the earths species but they also rid our Earth of tons of poop… and detris… yep without the lowly beatle we would be swimming in fecis and dead plant matter. Long live the beatles!

  76. I have two words for you, NTMTOM – JAZZ ODYSSEY.

  77. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    kzgz, we are not going to do a free-form jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd!

  78. NTMTOM! If I told them once, I’ve told them a HUNDRED TIMES – it should be Spinal Tap FIRST, Puppet Show second!

    [none more black]

  79. OK, holy crap…I must be one of the only people who visit this site that does not find bugs cute in any way, shape, or form – serious phobia, folks – and that scared the bejeezus out of me! I do like the saying that went with it, and it’s an amazing piece of photography, but I’m sorry, all I could see was a giant insect…gaaaaah!

  80. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Ha! This Akronite would LOVE to see this little buzzer on my flowers. He’d love it here too.

  81. Wow, he’s quite furry! Very interesting.

  82. samlovesanimals says:

    i wonder if the bee has realized that he is not wearing a leather jacket

  83. swimmer love says:

    ok, usually i dont like bugs, but LOL!!! that is cute!