Scaleless Sender-Innering by Danielle S[sssssssssssssss].



  1. Zs00zsa says:

    Eeeeeevil eyes by the way..

  2. curious creature says:

    sorry, not cute. and what’s with the dead kid in the background. scared to death i suppose :]

  3. Allumielle says:

    Looks like the snakey’s about to shed!

  4. Is that a snake or are you just happy to see me?
    [someone had to say it]

  5. 260Oakley says:

    That must be one of those new CoBras. Underwires are hissstory.

  6. Eeee…a heart attack inducing moment! 0_o

  7. chanpon says:

    Rack trap. 😮

  8. Stressfactor says:

    Nice staging. I like the guy in the background pretending to have fainted when the snake popped out.

  9. rdhwyalane says:

    where’s the cute here?

  10. So this is a low-budget production of Alien, then?

  11. Just like in Alien!

  12. Many folks feel that snakes are cute… including myself! For a bit of info, the snake’s eyes are cloudy looking because it will be shedding soon. Snakes are very cool creatures and I love seeing them on CO. Go serpents go!

  13. I love how he’s already claimed one victim. He’s all “All shall collapse on a grassy lawn before my fearsomeness!”

  14. TrixandSam says:

    @Oakley – you are too much. My head just ‘sploded from the peerless punning.

  15. I miss teho. Content-less posting would have been vigorously disallowed. The guy in the background is hilarious. I suspect he was just chilling on the grass and it happens to look like fainting.

  16. falnfenix says:

    alternate, artsy-sounding title for this series: “Colubrid in Blue”

  17. flutterbye says:

    Hahaha ! The puns and comments are keeeling me. Sssssssso punny y’all!

  18. Some people just can’t get it in their heads that snakes are cute for other people. Anyway, I think it looks right snuggly in there. I think the eyes probably look that way because it’s going to shed its skin soon.

  19. flutterbye says:

    Fang you very much!

  20. I love snakes, always did. My mom not so much, I used to walk around with a little Garter snake around my neck. Mom was not amused.

  21. Boy, the comments pile up so fast here that everyone’s already said what you’re saying before you say it! Did anyone mention it’s going to shed soon? 😀

  22. Malinki says:

    Cute? Sure.

    Pet? No. More like prop.

  23. Chinchillazilla says:

    The little eye caps are so cute to me.

  24. Hon Glad says:

    Before thou can pet me, thy must answer questions three.

  25. Ridley Scott is not impressed.

  26. Snakes! Yaaaaay! It always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart when a critter that’s not considered traditionally ‘cute’ appears on here, especially one of my favorite animals!
    Poor little dood’s going to shed soon.

  27. OMG! this is scary!

  28. Jiffknee says:

    @Honglad – Thanks! I was trying to place that spooky milky eye . . . perhaps today will be a Python-esque day whilst I recover. Seems quite appropriate for the post.

    “What is your favorite color?”

    “Blue! No, yaaarrrrrgh!”

  29. schmoopiepoopie says:

    AGH! Warnings for snake pictures pretty please!!!!!!! Me snakey no likey!

  30. Well, I guess a snake coming out of your lungs is better than the movie where an alien comes out of that guy’s stomach…


  31. OMG, I LMAO!!!! I needed that so badly. Now where did my butt go? 😛


  33. Emmberrann says:

    There’sssss jusssst sssssomething about the sssssssound a zzzzzzipper makesssssss, even on a hoodie.

  34. @kasia – excellent!!!

    Cute little snake! Funny fainted guy!

  35. Aw! I’ve only recently been swayed by the snake- I usedto have crazy nightmares about them but recently I stumbled across a beautiful garter snake on a walk in the woods (first time seeing one) and now I’m in love!

  36. Rachael says:

    Snakes & Racks?

    I’m not much of a snake fan but why not show them on CO? Something for every taste.

  37. Hey – did anyone mention the snake is about to shed it’s skin? 😉

  38. Not where I was expecting a snake to pop out from. 😉

  39. Why so much snake hate? 😦 They are cute and cuddly and easy to transport.

  40. I don’t care for serpents myself, but it snakes all types to make a world…

  41. CoconuCheez says:

    eek! so cute. I love things furry, and i also love things scaly and cool. Just don’t put those two things together and everything is ok 😀

    ps: i’d love to have a tiny little snake one day! but it will probably freak out everyone else who live under the same roof w/ me 😛

  42. Aundrea says:

    “There’s a snake in my boobs!”
    (Said in Woody voice from Toy Story)

  43. So weird! I just had a dream this morning that I got bit by a snake.

  44. We’ve been getting quite a few fur-less animals as of late… and I must say…. I think it’s adoeebal!

    Snakes are really cool, they have really round faces and come in all kinds of pretty colors.

  45. That is going to give me nightmares. Brrrr.

  46. BStrange says:

    Ohh, OAKLEY. They heard my groan across the street on that one! *appaluds*

    Also, chanpon’s “rack trap” = me snorting my drink on the desk. Thaaanks. 😀 (Traps ‘n’ Racks?)

    I heart non-pyzonous snakes, so of course I love this post! Slither-slither EHN. I want to cuddle heem – once he has shedded and is less likely to be cranky, that is. ….Guy on the grass is on his own when he comes to, though. (Love the “claimed his first vickytim” shot here, too. Not to mention the mode of transport.) 😉

  47. psychethos says:

    Snakes aren’t particularly cute in my opinion, but I’m glad that CO is catering (cutering? I had to get in on the puns somehow) to a variety of tastes.

  48. GingerBean says:

    I think snakes are cute! They have tiny heads and always look like they’re smiling 🙂 Funny what different people consider cute. Yeah, snakes are dangerous, but so are leopards and polar bears and who doesn’t think they’re cute? Who, I ask? No one, that’s who. 😛

  49. Teenygozer says:

    I adore snakes, and that one’s gonna have a shiny new coat soon! Pet snakes love being close to their owners because they love the body-heat.

  50. Those cloudy eyes definitely make it a bit more creepy!

  51. Fleurdamour says:

    Looks like either 1. Something from Alien or 2. Someone’s a Death Eater.

  52. pushy mcshove says:

    trussssssst in meeeeeee….jusssst in meeeeee/close your eyesssss…and trussst in meeee….

  53. BStrange says:

    pushy mcshove: S’pose this scene is what Sir Hiss was daydreaming about while he was shut in the barrel getting sauced? 😀

    ….Apparently I watched that movie WAY too many times… 😯

  54. pushy mcshove says:

    hi b! how’s jigsaw renaissance? it’s from ‘the jungle book’ and kaa sings it to mowgli in order to hypnotize him. my favorite disney movie next to mary poppins.

  55. Not a great snake fan, but just look at his smug face…aaaaawwwww….

  56. @cashew

    hey! i have feelings, ya know! where is this missing content? i crush it!

    love, sharpy (the mod)

  57. Snakes… are creepy. Sometimes cute, always creepy. The fact that there are cloudy eyes and that means it’s about to shed it’s skin…. creepiest!

  58. Brittany F says:

    “There’s a snake in my boobs!” (Said in Woody voice from Toy Story)

    Bahaha I love you.

    @pushy mcshove
    OMG Jungle Book FTW!! Did you know that the guy who voices the snake is the same voice actor for Winnie The Pooh? Also, pretty sure he was the mouse on Aristocats.
    Fun Jungle Book fact: Walt Disney toyed with the idea of the Beatles voicing the Vultures, but he didn’t want to date the film with a band that wouldn’t be remembered in coming decades… XD Oh Irony, how I love thee…

  59. AuntieMame says:


    This very thread commences with one.

  60. Bat-Snake says:

    Suumon’s ’bout to sheeeed!

    Mine hasn’t done that in a while. He got to big and he might stick his tongue in my underarm. I doubt either of us would care for that XD

  61. heather says:

    Um, why is that snake being handled? It’s opaque and going through the shed cycle. it’s best NOT to handle them unnecessarily at that time. Can cause issues with digestion and future sheds. not cool.

  62. bookmonstercats says:

    I must admit, I might have jumped out of my skin (no pun intended) if a snake’s head had popped out of a hoodie. Jut sayin’. I didn’t know their eyes cloud over before they shed. Why?

  63. @auntiemame

    why, i don’t know what you’re talking about. i don’t see anyone posting one of those pernicious “1st!” theo-baits around here. I wonder what could have happened to eet?

    thank you for pointing it out. i will NOT be fooled again!

  64. I have one of those in my pants.

  65. workin’ blue tonight, @DJ?

  66. 260Oakley says:

    One what? A zipper? I have one too! Bet mine’s longer than yours.

  67. BStrange says:

    pushy mcshove: Yep, I know! I had to add a “Robin Hood” (cartoon animals version) “Sir Hiss” reference on top of that. Those are still two favorites (along with the Kipling Jungle Book – loved my copy with the ink line drawings to death, sadly).

    It was rather jigsawed thanks to me forgetting to SAY that, which I blame on a severe lack of lunch. 😛

    Sharpy: Huzzah! The dragdumb is slain! Thanks. 😀

    And bookmonstercats: Because they cast off that outer layer over the eye along with the rest of the shed skin. They have no eyelids, see, just eye-armor in the form of an eye-shaped scale!
    If you look at a snakeskin, an intact one, it does not have eyeholes – this is why. Unless the snake has a condition which causes it to retain that bit (not supposed to happen and has to be feexed by a snake friendly vet).

    Snakely shedding – The ULTIMATE in exfoliation. 🙂

  68. BStrange says:

    Kaa trust-in-me song—Sir Hiss “soothing Little John” hypnosis (hypnohiss?) – if you wonder why I was associating the two. 😉

  69. OMG I can't believe this!!!!! says:

    omg THIS IS A SNKAE this is so not cute at all i am crying tears of uncutness right now i am telling all my friends to stop visiting this website because its not longer cute because i come here for my daily dose of cuteness and then i find a SNAKE omg

  70. Snake!! **ran away from computer in terror** Not cute! 😦

  71. Kelloli says:

    Looks like someone bumped into a Sohma again. Poor Aya.

  72. I LOVE SNAKES! If you love snakes, then a moment like this is truly cute. 🙂 I like when they get the milky eyes right before they shed.

  73. OMG, this looks like a scene from Alien! LOL! I ❤ snakes!

  74. Valerie says:

    I had a nsake in high school. I took her everywhere in her own little purse. I had to stop after she escaped onto a sweater rack in the Gap…

  75. bookmonstercats says:

    BStrange, I thank you. Such serious animal knowledge on this site.

  76. BStrange says:

    I like to joke that I’ve collected random animal infotidbits the way kids these days collect Pokemon cards. Seems a common trait among CO’s regular readers. Great minds gravitate alike? 😀

  77. BStrange says:

    Oh, and Valerie: Ssso you’re ssaying ssshe wasss a sssucker for a sssale? *ducks fast*

  78. Wolfwatcher says:

    Mr. McSnakerson has a smile on his face!

  79. @Gigi 😀 I used to bring a Garter Snake into the house to show my Mom that the ground must be thawed out for the snakes to come out which usually was a sign that Spring had come 😀 I could always bring a snake into the house as long as I took it back out 😀 😈 That way the snake could catch its fill of mice 😈

  80. My snakes name is stanley! I get so excited when I see snakes on CO because no one ever thinks they’re cute but quite the contrary, they have some very silly cute moments too.

    He was probably so scared since he was practically blind and out and about in public. Poor guy. He should go back and hide in the boobies where its safe

  81. Cleopatra with an asp at her breast?

  82. Visitor says:

    THIS is the new category that CuteOverload needs:

    Snakes ‘n’ Racks!

  83. alexand says:

    ohh. about to shed, he is… (a la yoda)

  84. Bookmonster: Their eyes cloud over because the eyecaps are getting shed, too, along with the rest of their skin. If that doesn’t get shed, their eyes get crusted over and they can go blind.

    Hee, this pic’s awesome. Love the “first victim” in the background, and the snake’s cheeky grin. Yay reptiles!

  85. snoopysnake says:

    Beautiful snake! Snakes are so lovely and shiny after they’ve shed. Our littlest corn snake is about to shed any day now. All four of our corn snakes are amelanistic (no black pigment) and have red eyes, so unlike most snakes whose eyes turn blue just before shedding, our snakes’ eyes turn purple!

  86. NOT cute. Not even a little bit.

  87. Oh hooray! He’s so adorable and looks so cuddly in the hoodie! My four snakelets wave their tails hello! 🙂 Thanks CO! I’ll definitely visit more often if there will be more snakelets!!

  88. luvstehQte says:

    I love how his blue eye perfectly matches the stripey blue hoodie!!!1


  89. aww cute snake
    lol at the dead guy in the back