Mixmaster Mutt

Puppehs can’t deejay? Homeboy, please
DJ Mama can scratch much more than fleas
A renowned hound, laying down the sound
Dog pound for pound, she’s the best around
At mixing up what you need to get down.



  1. chanpon says:

    He just needs some grills for his teeth to complete the look. 😀

  2. Bangin’, sista!

  3. Get down with your bad self!

    So cute!!

  4. catlover says:


    Okay, anyway, I don’t really understand how that works. What’s with the disk, and why does it make that “wahwahwah” noise?”

    Still totally cute, though. Puggular face, aaaaawww.

  5. DillPig says:

    She looks like she’s happy lil’ french bulldog, having a good time gettin’ down…

  6. georgina0912 says:


    Almost got me.

    At first i thought “oh, this puggleh has some rhythm” but then i figured the mystery out.

    Ze invisible hand.

  7. BStrange says:

    Man, that is one bad dog! In the good way. 🙂

    Bulldogs (any kind) and beagles have the “I have no idea what you think is so funny…” look built right in.

  8. I dunno, Georgina, it does look like she’s moving her paw herself, though I wouldn’t swear to it. My first thought was that perhaps he was pushing it via a thumb under the armpit, but that does not appear to me to be the case.

  9. Mixmaster Mutt
    Got teh right touch
    fo’ dizzubble dizzutch

  10. I choose to believe the dog is doing it. CUTE! Look at the blasé expression on her face!

  11. earlybird1 says:

    I think some unforeseen person on the other side of the record (maybe the one holding the camera) is actually moving it. And BStrange, I have a beagle… and I totally agree! LOL! 🙂

  12. Tigress says:

    I think that the dog IS moving her paw, probably because she can feel the record turning and she’s trying to keep her balance.

    I agree, the “I’m bored now, can we do something else?” look about halfway through is priceless.

  13. Hon Glad says:

    SOS says I’m da best
    catchin my scratchin
    leaves alla da the rest.

  14. Who let the dogs out!
    Woof Woof Woof Woof!

  15. 260Oakley says:

    I’m sorry, but everybody knows that French women don’t get phat.

  16. That anyone even entertains the possibility that the dog is moving her own paw is, frankly, quite sad. 😛

    Sorry for being “that guy”. They could have made this a lot more entertaining though. Pimp her up with some cool shades and lots of bling, and they might’ve had a winner! But this stinks of an unfortunate attempt at actually pretending the dog is the one DJ’ing, and those are just manipulative, rather than funny.

  17. Hon Glad says:

    Vicky, what a sour puss, go suck a lemon.

    [Word. 🙄 – Ed.]

  18. I loved NTMTOM’s rap as much as the video.

  19. Which was A LOT I should have said!!

  20. Encore please!

  21. 260Oakley I resent you’re use of that stereotype about French women no getting fat. Of course what I really resent is that in my case it’s NOT TRUE!
    Sniff Sniff 😉
    signed: Fat and French (Canadian that is)

  22. French bulldogs are just about the cutest things ever. This little girl’s got it going on!

  23. 260Oakley says:

    I share your frustration. Despite a steady diet of red wine and chocolate croissants, my figure is still more St. Bernard than Yves St. Laurent 🙂

  24. That nuffers even entertain the possibility that CO readers *care* who is making Teh Qte is, frankly, quite sad.

    Sorry for being “that anti-nuffer.” You could have made your comment a lot more entertaining though. Pimp it up with some positive remarks or just keep your nuff to yourself, and you might’ve had a winner! But your comment just stinks of an unfortunate attempt at trolling, which is both manipulative AND funny.

  25. DJ Mama is too cool for school.

  26. Super cute, but not scratchin’ on her own. But still cute!

  27. Hey, that’s an RTI test pressing! We get our records pressed there too – they do a great job.

    Um, I can see both of the guy’s hands, and neither one is on that Frenchie’s arm – so… c’mon people!

    Once our kitty, alias DJ Thin Mooey Beats, was up by the turntable, putting her chubby black paw down at intervals on the record that was playing. She slowed it to a stop, then lifted her paw up again. rrrrrrrRT! RRRRRRRrt! My husband thought, I don’t remember this part before. Then he saw who was doing the mixing.

  28. KatieKat says:

    MC NOM-TOM’s back on the mic! Some competition for the kittehs in this post? http://cuteoverload.com/2009/04/17/meow-mix/

  29. Snoop Dogg. Foshizzle.

  30. flutterbye says:

    Dat dawg be baaaad ta da bone!

  31. BStrange says:

    Way to miss the point completely, Vicky and friends! (Of humor, and of half the internet, never mind of Cute Overload.)

    Word to the word, yo, etc. 😉

  32. BStrange says:

    Oh and kzgz, that cracked me up. “I don’t remember this part before”… 🙂 I had an older record player once and in the middle of a favorite song (on a nigh-irreplaceable record) while I was in the next room, the sound suddenly wobbled, warped, and drrraaaaagggged….. Heart in my mouth, I ran in, only to see my diminutive feline overlord had hopped aboard and was making herself comfortable. 🙄

  33. pugglelove says:

    Someone is definitely moving the record and it’s probably the one holding the camera, since the camera looks like it’s shaking.
    The french bulldog is adorable though.

  34. I prefer to live in a world where dogs DJ! I’d hire her for my next party, yo.

  35. @ShinyHappyGoth: Maybe someone’s doing it on the other side (the camera side) of the record?

  36. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!!! says:

    🙂 🙂 @ Nikki!!!

  37. And of course, there was this:

  38. countdown to the remix with keyboard cat…

  39. I’m really confused about the people “debunking” this video

  40. Theresa, that was the most redonk thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! And here I thought I’d discovered everything on the intertubes!

  41. I appreciated the people writing how they think it was done. I hadn’t thought about it and found it interesting. I like knowing how things work… It’s still cute and fun and they make a great team. It’s also funny how some of the scratching sounds like barking.

    Also loved NOMTOM’s rap.

  42. Bottle Green says:

    This is a definite contender for Silliest Thing I Have Ever Seen!

  43. Frenchies are the best dogs EVER!!! So goofy and adorable. Love them so much.

  44. BStrange says:

    Emma, agreed. I was thinking he was jiggling the paw by flexing his forearm muscles, myself.

    THAT wasn’t the flavor of comment I was rolling my eyes about, just to be clear – it’s the sour grapes I was mashin’. 😉

  45. BStrange says:

    Theresa: Cuuuuute video.

    And for some reason, DJ Mama’s vid up there, which already gave me the grins + the music from the kitten vid you linked @37 (which by the “wtf ears” at 3:05 had me giggling again) = a lethal combination for me.

  46. Brilliant!!! 😀

  47. Gloomy13 says:

    Strange that so many people are playing Inspektor on this video… It’s like complaining that you didn’t like the Smurfs because there is no such thing. Just sit back and enjoy the awesome scratching sensation of DJ Mama and her DJ Papa.